Oct 10, 2017
The Little Ball That Could - naissusworks
Hi guys,

Here's another update fixing a couple of things in TLBTC:
  • Sorted out minor issues in several levels that would cause you to get trapped.
  • Fixed the issue with returning control to the player when returning to the menu.
  • Fixed the translation not being loaded in some levels.
  • Tweaked the way level times are reported to the leaderboards.
Thank you for your feedback and for playing The Little Ball That Could!
The Little Ball That Could - naissusworks
After a number of updates fixing bugs and tweaking TLBTC to your taste, we finalized our work on the demo.

The demo offers a selection of five levels from the full game, each coming from one of the game’s worlds. If you're still thinking about getting TLBTC, this is your chance to experience what the game is about!

Thanks to all of you who have shown support for The Little Ball That Could!
The Little Ball That Could - naissusworks
Hi guys,

We're posting an update with more fixes for various levels, including a change in the way the Defeat screen is organized. No more accidental level skips!

Moreover, our work on a free demo for TLBTC is nearly complete - those among you still on the fence will be able to try out the game and see what it has to offer.

As always, we appreciate your support, and hope to hear more feedback!

Sep 13, 2017
The Little Ball That Could - naissusworks
Hey guys,

We'll be pushing an update within the next couple of hours that should fix the "white water" glitch some of you have experienced. Let us know if it works fine for you after the update! Also, feel free to report any other issues you encounter on the forums - we'll make sure we sort it out ASAP.

Thanks for playing TLBTC!
The Little Ball That Could - naissusworks
Howdy folks,

As the launch day approaches, we have published a new set of gameplay videos on our Steam page! We wanted to showcase each task type in TLBTC, so we picked three random levels and made short videos of us playing through them. We're pretty happy with them, as they encapsulate perfectly what it feels like to go for that flawless speed run, find that dastardly hidden puzzle piece, or give it your best and get all the puzzle pieces.

There's some more gameplay trailer footage to be found on our YouTube channel, so go there now and take a look!

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