Door Kickers: Action Squad - Pintea

Since the weekly challenge update last week, we've been going through all feedback and bug reports and making the game as sharp as possible, so keep those emails coming!
See below for the changelist.

However, if we stay silent for a while, it's because we want to keep ourselves completely focused on...

*drumroll* exciting new add-on with lots of content!
*drumroll again* releasing the game on consoles!
*drumroll again again* new games maybe!

We can't tell you yet exactly what new content and what consoles since that would spoil the surprise, but trust us with your patience and we will deliver!

Changelist v1.1.4
- Fixed not showing level reached in Coop Infinite Mode
- Added/changed/improved sounds
- Various other small fixes and improvements to user experience
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna

Happy New Year, folks!

We've had a bit of fun with our families over the winter break, but now we're back - and here's your weekly challenge, as well as some fixes and new sounds.

To highlight a specific issue fixed, you should be able to run Vsync OFF with no more trouble.

Happy Hunting out there!

Your Team @ KHG / PixelShard

Dec 20, 2018
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna

It's Christmas! It's a time for love and giving, so give them hell in the Newly inaugurated Infinity Tower. What goes on in there, anyway? Nobody knows! How tall is it? It's still mystery ...

The real question is How high can YOU go?

Quick points:
- This is a one-way raid and there's no return. The only way is UP.
- You're cutoff from supplies so enemy kills don't give Strategic Points.
- Every five floors there should be a bunch of hostages to rescue. Higher up they become scarcer so spend those points wisely.
- We've also revamped the lighting system and its much more natural now.
- Door Kickers 2 is still in development.

Let us know how you liked this little surprise, and whether we should add more stuff to it, or maybe we should instead concentrate on more zombie stuff ... errr ... I mean handcrafted missions.

Merry Christmas - and a Happy New Year!

Your devs @ KHG and PixelShard
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna
Yesterday's update adds a bit of "behind the scenes" changes to the game and allows you to create, upload or enjoy mods of all types, not just levels as we've had until now.

For example, here's a mod that changes the in-game HUD character portraits:

And here's a little mod by sneaky Red Panda that just removes the star costs for all weapons and equipment in the game:

And here's the beginning of something interesting - Mario meets Action Squad!

You can do lots of cool stuff!

Would you like to know more? We have this handy workshop guide for you, right over here:

So, get reading, have fun modding, share with the world and ask around for advice :)

Your dev team, always here.
Nov 17, 2018
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna

And now for your regular Weekly News!

Even though we released the workshop and you should definitely check out the levels over there, we haven't forgotten the weekly challenge - and now you have it!

This time, it's Fergie that's on call. Post your Winning Screen with the medal, and the fastest time wins an extra DKAS key :)

Your devs @ KHG and PixelShard
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna
G'day you Action-hungry folk!

The Steam Workshop is ready and the Mission Editor is up in official manner. We even put one Showcase Level up in the Workshop, so head over there and download it quickly, before supplies run out. (I kid, I kid).

Shortcut this way:

The Workshop supports game levels, which you can subscribe to and will promptly appear in your in-game Workshop menu to enable/disable at will. And then you will find them in the Workshop Chapter at the end of the "Chapter Selection Screen" and you can play them at will.
The Workshop also supports game changing mods. Head over here for more info on this topic:

As for the Level Editor, it's well hidden in your Steam Install folder, specifically in this location:

SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Door Kickers Action Squad\tools\ActionSquadEd.exe

The Editor loads by default a handy "almost empty new level" that should give you a headstart for your designs. The whole tool is a little light on documentation but we'll provide more in the following weeks - though it's not rocket science, in any case. Just study or modify the existing game levels :)

Once you're happy with your work, there's a handy "Workshop Mod Uploader" button in its menu, and you can share your creation with the world.

Have fun, be creative, and expect a "Best Level" Contest soon :)

Your friends @ KHG/Pixelshard
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna
Action Squad Weekly News!

Still no workshop release today (let's just say the authorities delayed us a bit with some routine but unplanned paperwork) but your challenge for week 5 is now up!

We still have a contest but the rules are now different. Post your Winning Screen with both medals, and the top 3 fastest times win extra DKAS keys :)

Good luck - you might need it!

Your devs @ KHG and PixelShard
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna
Immediate Action Alert!

Your challenge for week 4 is now live!

As usual, the first person to comment with a link to their screenshot of the end screen with both medals gets an extra DKAS key to share with a friend :) This should even work in coop, if one of you chooses Shield, it should count for both.

But it's a tough one ... as always ^^

Next week, workshop update - this time for real!

Your devs @ KHG and PixelShard
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna

Gang, you know us... we're KillHouse Games. We're always dead serious (apart from small innocent April's Fools jokes). Our first game is used by the military to train, right? We don't do .... zombies.

But Action Squad is our crazy child, and we can't really control what it does. So this week, it stumbled into the Nowhere City cemetery, and this happened:

So, what's in our treat bag this Halloween:
- 4 zombie style enemies added. Or were they 5? 6? Be careful, reports are still garbled.
- Weekly challenge #3 is your special Halloween Level, and its a tough one.
- or you can go in "Zombie Invasion Mode" and enjoy the entire game, all levels, with extra zombie sauce. Beware, results are completely unpredictable.
- Or you can just ignore the whole thing, play the zombie-free Classic Mode and shake your fist at the screen for lack of a proper "ultra realistic Week 3 Challenge".

There's Dark Portals spawning around the world, you need to get there and close them down. Stop reading, start playing.

Let us know how you liked this little surprise, and whether we should add more stuff to it, or maybe it should be thrown into the pit and set on fire. Speaking of which, yes, do use fire against zombies.

Also, post (link) your Weekly Challenge 3 Winning screenshots in the comments below. The first players to post their Single Player / Coop screens win extra Action Squad keys, and eternal fame.

Your devs @ KHG and PixelShard

P.S. Just in case anyone's wondering, Door Kickers 2 is still in production.
Door Kickers: Action Squad - Vulpe Nebuna
Calling all Action Squaddies!

Your challenge for this week is now live! And the first person to post a screenshot of the end screen with both medals gets an extra DKAS key to share with a friend :)

We're a bit behind schedule on the workshop implementation, as there were some unforeseen extra bits to put into place. Should come as soon as possible, but for now you can download the level editor from here:

Have fun, create levels, crash everything :)

Next week, surprise update content and pumpkin pie!

Your devs @ KHG and PixelShard

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