JetX VR - Fibrum

Get your copy today and rush into the world of epic competitions and arcade battles!

Let's play together and launch "JetX online weekend event" starting this week - 24-25 August!

For our old fans we are glad to announce that we have a lot of content that you might have missed before ;)

See you in battle! Join our discord -
JetX VR - ItAllCanWait

JetX Space Edition has been released! Try different modes, ranging from classic races, ending with crazy skirmishes with monsters! A lot of people are already playing JetX. Do not miss the chance to become one of us! Funny players, adrenaline racing and even more awaits you in JetX Space Edition:
JetX VR - Vizzerdrix

Singularity Labs and FIBRUM announce that the special PC version of JetX named JetX Space Edition is available on Steam on May, 30. JetX Space Edition will be available at a special discount of -20% the whole week after the release! JetX Space Edition has all the content of the VR-version as well as the grand update that JetX VR users get on May, 30.
JetX VR - Vizzerdrix

As you might know, we are currently working on new ways for you to play JetX so we now want to tell you about two new game modes coming very soon!

The first one is a Free-For-all playground. This mode will be open 24/7, meaning that you can play anytime. Here you can test your shooting and racing skills against anyone else that enters, and you can stay in it as long you want to.

The second one is called Ghost mode. This mode is a special one created for party games! Play solo or with your best friend online! This mode will be best chose for your weekend party!

Do you want to know more about two modes? You will soon be able to try them both out in JetX!
JetX VR - Vizzerdrix

This is early gun concepts... Is it cool?)
JetX VR - Vizzerdrix
Apr 12, 2019
JetX VR - Vizzerdrix

Here you can find quick patch notes:

Added dynamic kills count scaling for DM. From 7 kills for 1vs1 to 15 kills for 6 players
Added the ability to change the intensity of effects is added to the settings
Voice chat is now off by default.
Added quick play “SET READY” Button
Energy core mode probability reduced

-Stage 3 can not play BOSS FIGHT
-Death volume on Fatal Canyon map
-Creeps do not cause damage in Boss fight
-Multiple join requests
-Tutorial invisible collision on start
-Falling under the location in the second part of tutorial
-A bug when you can't join the game when you're in voice chat
-Incorrect display of the Kill-log in Spanish
-A bug when the input didn't work

Patch already live. Just update your game on steam.
Apr 11, 2019
JetX VR - Vizzerdrix

The server will be unavailable for 15 minutes. During the next hour, some players can face with small connection problems.
JetX VR - Vizzerdrix
JetX VR - Vizzerdrix

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