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We are excited to announce that JetX is almost finished and as a part of pre-release preparations we are launching a Gamma Test event.

Grab your Gamma Test key here
JetX is now supporting both VR and PC so you can invite your friends and play together!

We are really counting on your feedback and bug reports. Feel free to contact us on Steam Community and Discord.

Please note, that after the Gama Test event all the keys will be revoked.

If you are a reviewer or a streamer, please note that this is not a final version of the game, so you might wait a little bit for a final review. Also, please contact us for a free Retail JetX key and a press kit.

Thank you for your time and we hope you will like JetX as much as we do.
JetX - Solessfir

New arena map: Crystal Hive

Hello Everyone!

Currently we are at the final stage of development before the JetX release. We are very excited about what’s coming and hope you are too. Stay tuned for upcoming news!

Join our Discord Serverfor more news, updates and support.


PC version
  • Now JetX supports PC, HTC Vive, Oculus and Mixed Reality. You can play with your friends all across these platforms without any limitation.
Party system
  • New party invitation system in the game makes playing with friends easier than ever! Just hop in and enjoy JetX right away!
Insane bots
  • Want to practice and sharpen your skills? Try our new Insane bots but be aware, they are named Insane for a reason.
New FX
  • Numerous visual FX added to make your experience even better.
New Game Mode
  • New Energy core game mode with thrilling gameplay. The objective is to capture the Energy core. The player who will hold it for 100 seconds - wins!
New map
  • Added fascinating new Crystal Hive map with 2 Game Modes: Deathmatch and Energy Core.

With best regards Singularity Lab

See you in the game!
Dec 15, 2017
JetX - Singularity Lab

Hello everyone!

First of all, we want to apologize for delaying the release. We really love VR and JetX is a great game for experienced VR players. But nonetheless, the reality is that VR multiplayer games have very low online which results in a quick dry-out of servers and death of the game.

We had only one idea of how to make JetX last for a long time. And now we are happy to introduce you a PC version of JetX! VR and non-VR players now can play together in our fast-paced game. Every platform has their pros and cons, and while initially the game was designed only for VR, we are really proud of how PC version feels. To keep the balance we changed some things, but overall it is the same experience.

We are polishing a few last things and going to release very soon!

Stay tuned,
Singularity Team

P.S. Check out our new cool trailer for PC version!

Long Time No See

Hey guys, how are you doing? So it's been a long time since we had a proper “update” post that would let you know all about the changes made to the game and news from the inside of Singularity Lab. We will start releasing this kind of posts, every week. So stay tuned for more awesome news!

Let's get right to business and start with some news regarding JetX. As you may have noticed, we moved the release date. During the final testing phase we found some bugs that needed our attention and after fixing them we realized that some core mechanics can be added in order to make JetX even more exciting. Here are some of the new features and updates that have been or are being added right now:

1) Matchmaking Upgrade - if you participated in our OBT, then you might have seen the way matchmaking work in JetX. We had no lobbies implemented and the only way for you to play with friends was - joining to the same server, at once. Not really the best solution for a game focused heavily on the multiplayer aspect, right?

At the moment our team is working on adding Steam lobbies to JetX, tweaking some matchmaking parameters and adding in the ability to create matches of your own.

2) Single Player Campaign - we thought for a long time about this and came to a conclusion that JetX needs a Singleplayer Mode. We did add bots, but bots won't keep you in-game for a long time. This new mode will be available for co-op as well. Our level designers are working on new maps for single player, and we are testing new mechanics that are designed specifically for this mode. Soon we will show you what we have so far and for now take a look at our new concept art, prepared by the one and only Arlan:

3) Weapon Switching - we have introduced a new way of switching weapons and the tutorial has been updated for it. This new mechanic makes switching weapons in-game more intuitive and simpler. You can check out the updated tutorial here

4) Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs - here at Singularity we strive for perfection, we want to bring you a carefully crafted, polished game that will bring you nothing but joy.

So this is it for today! Thank you for your time and stay tuned for the next update!

Signing out,



The time has come to step into the Arena - are you ready?

OBT-1 contains two multiplayer-ready Arena maps. Pick up the basics quickly with our streamlined tutorial (or stop by our Advanced Tutorial series for a more in-depth guide) and then take your pick between the zero-g, sci-fi inspired Energy Arena, or the vibrant landscapes and plentiful launch pads of the Gravity Arena. You’ll be matched with other players and dropped right into a game on the map of your choosing.

We Need Your Help

Once you’ve had your fill of zipping around the Arena and blasting other players to bits, we’d really appreciate if you’d swing by our Subreddit, Steam Discussion Boards, or the Official JetX Discord server and let us know what you think! Your feedback is immensely helpful to the team. We want to hear everything you have to say about JetX, whether it be a game-breaking bug you’ve found or just a simple “I like it” - we’re grateful for your input! With your help, we hope to create a truly wonderful experience for all players.


We’d like to issue a big, warm “thank you” to everyone who stayed up all night to get the build ready for OBT-1, and to everyone that’s poured their heart, energy, and time into the game as we worked towards this point. This is the first of many major milestones to come, and that’s worthy of some celebration. We’re all extremely overjoyed to finally let you, the players, take JetX for a spin!

Without further ado, welcome to JetX - Please enjoy the ride.

-Team Singularity
Oct 25, 2017

Who said shooters and racing games are just for boys? Meet Eva she is our player character in JetX and she breaks stereotypes!

World of JetX
This is a new topic in which we will talk about the world of JetX. Its locations and characters. Stay tuned for more!

The Shaker
Size matters! The Shaker is our shotgun in JetX. It's big and powerful! Your best friend in close combat!


The Browler
Time to bring out the big guns! Check out a new weapon from JetX called "The Browler". This one is truly deadly!
Oct 23, 2017

Before we start I would like to point out that you can already sign up to our OBT on the JetX website:

Hello, everyone!

We decided that it is time to talk about our OBT in more detail.

Whats the current status?

We are fixing bugs in our client. We are almost finished but we are surer when exactly we will be ready. In the previous post, we mentioned the OBT is planned to start on 20 of October and will last till the 23rd.

Unfortunately, we couldn't finish in time.

So when is the OBT?

Can't say anything for sure right now. The dates have been moved by 1 week, so that means we are trying our best to finish everything by 27th of October.

How long will OBT last?

The OBT will start on Friday and last 3 days. During those days anyone will be able to play and test JetX for free. We also plan to host free OBT weekends, weekly.

The Stinger
While we are preparing everything for our OBT, we decided to introduce you all of the weapons that are available in JetX! Say hi to The Stinger:


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