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Hey guys, our friends at Gamefairy have launched an exciting Pre-Order for a limited* Bridge Constructor Portal physical edition.

At a price point of $39.99 (incl. VAT, plus shipping) you'll receive the Nintendo Switch version of the game plus a variety of goodies.

What's in the Box?


  • A physical copy of Bridge Constructor Portal for Nintendo Switch
  • The Nintendo Switch orginal game case with reversible cover art Inlay
  • A high quality Collector's Box
  • Three gorgeous Bridge Constructor Portal fridge magnets
  • Two beautiful printed art cards
  • An individually numbered Buyer's Certificate
  • Gamefairy Collector's Stamp #001**

For more information visit the Gamefairy website.

Limited to a fixed quantity* of 3,000 units!
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games
Hey guys! I am Matthias Hilke, Product Manager at ClockStone Studio. Since we released Bridge Constructor Portal together with Headup in early 2018, more than one and a half years have passed and we have received a lot of awesome feedback from you. We are really happy about that! We love Bridge Constructor Portal and want you to have the best possible Portal experience with it!

So, with the fresh Bridge Constructor Portal Content DLC "Portal Proficiency" you are now able to place portals on your own, which adds a whole new dimension to the game!
Here are some useful tips and tricks that might help you survive the Portal Proficiency chambers:

Test Mode: Deconstruct complex levels
Test Mode – what does it actually do? It activates the physics system but without starting the vehicles so you can check if your constructions are stable by themselves. It also activates all Companion Cube Dispensers and High Energy Pellet Launchers - as long as they don't require additional trigger mechanisms, like pressing a button for example. So, if one of your tasks in a test chamber is to redirect a cube onto a button, you can use Test Mode to focus on that before meddling with the vehicles. Of course, in some cases the path of the vehicles might cross the path of the cube so you might end up doing some adjustments after testing it in Drive Mode. However, Test Mode often helps a lot to deconstruct a complex level and solve it step by step.

In the case that a cube dispenser does not spit out a cube in Test Mode, check again if it needs another mechanism to be triggered. You can easily check this by examining if there are cables running to it. No cables mean it should spit out a cube without further ado.

Non-linear test chamber access in Chapter 3
Over the course of the DLC, test chambers are getting more difficult and complex and the later ones might take some time to solve (not necessarily though. I don’t want to frighten you unnecessarily. Hey, this is me, Matthias, not GLaDOS...). To avoid that a chamber you are particularly struggling with prevents you from enjoying the rest of the game, we decided that all chambers of chapter 3 are unlocked at once. So, if you get stuck in a chapter 3 chamber, you can quit it for a while and try another one.

The Build-all-struttings feature
This feature eases the building hassle a little bit. It allows building several connection elements (the rigid ones, not the cable) in one single step. Press ‘Ctrl’ on your keyboard when placing a new element with your mouse and it will automatically build all connections that are indicated by the dotted preview lines. If you prefer solely using your mouse, pressing the mouse wheel instead of the left mouse button does the same job. But don’t rely on it too much! It will only complete structures for your convenience. You’ll still have to do some thinking and come up with a reliable construction!

PS. Some of the more complex levels might give you a hard time but don't forget: the harder you have to try the more rewarding the feeling will be once you have solved them! ;)
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games
Hey guys! We are thrilled to announce that the first DLC for our beloved Bridge Constructor Portal is available right NOW!

In Bridge Constructor Portal - Portal Proficiency you return to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and face all new challenges as they work through 30 new test chambers, each featuring mind-bending construction puzzles.
Along with that — you may now selectively place portals, just like in the original games in the Portal series. Only the bravest (and smartest) participants will succeed and receive the Golden Condolence Letter!
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games
Hey guys! We have some good news for all of our beloved Bridge Constructor Portal players out there: The game will receive a fresh DLC, as hot as a potato on 12th of November!
In the new and upcoming DLC, dubbed "Portal Proficiency", you return to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and experience a brand-new set of challenges: face 30 new test chambers, each featuring mind-bending construction puzzles. Along with that, you can now place portals, just like in the original games of the Portal series. This feature was requested by many Portal-fans since the game’s initial release!

Find more information about the Bridge Constructor Portal - Portal Proficiency store page:
Bridge Constructor Portal - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 60% on Bridge Constructor Portal!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Bridge Constructor Portal

In a world of cross-platform development, one of the key differentiating factors between console and PC releases is the ability to tweak graphical settings - a necessity when a games PC can be built from a vast array of different components. Graphics menus in console games are a rarity for obvious reasons, making this discovery somewhat curious: adjusting graphics presets in Bridge Constructor Portal on the Windows Store works just as it should, but with an added bonus - your changes transfer across to the Xbox versions too and can radically alter performance.

Friend of Digital Foundry, Alex Goh, clued us into this one when exploring the Xbox Game Pass library and remarkaby, his report checks out. Settings changes on the PC version are beamed into the cloud and transfer over to both Xbox One S and Xbox One X - presumably a factor of UWP and the 'Play Anywhere' nature of the title. In-game progress is shared between Xbox and PC platforms, and somehow, your graphics settings do too. Also fascinating is that if you play the game on Xbox first, the console settings migrate across to the PC game when you load it up.

There are three major areas for adjustment: anti-aliasing, post-process effects and shadows. By default these are set to 2x MSAA and medium quality, respectively. By far the biggest impact to performance comes from anti-aliasing, where ramping this up to a maximum 8x MSAA sees both Xbox consoles collapse to a wobbly 10-15 frames per second.

Read more

Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games

Vambrace: Cold Soul is coming to Steam 28th May 2019! To prepare you intrepid adventurers we made a 3-part feature of how the roguelite fantasy-adventure will propel you on a journey filled with memorable characters, brutal challenges, and deep strategy!

Feature #2 is all about the game's turn-based combat system and various mechanics:
Bridge Constructor Portal - (Alice Liguori)

I m going to be honest here. I was incredibly apprehensive about Bridge Constructor Portal. I didn t even play it for the first 8 months after it came out. I am a huge Portal fan and I think I was a bit offended by this game when I first heard of it. Kids these days get offended by anything, the snowflakes.


Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games

Great news for today: RTGame will play Bridge Constructor Portal including our just released brand new Level Editor today! Why not join him at his playthrough where he can create absurd test chambers!

The stream will start at 7pm BST/8pm CEST/11:00pm PDT! Watch it right here, on the Bridge Constructor Portal Steam page or on the RTGame Twitch Channel:

For more streamings - including Bridge Constructor Portal - take a look on the RTGame YouTube Channel:

And don't forget: The bridge is a lie!
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games

Greetings, diligent constructors!

The Bridge Constructor franchise is discounted heavily this week!
  • Bridge Constructor Portal 50% off ++Now with Level Editor via Steam Workshop!++
  • Bridge Constructor 75% off
  • [DLC] Bridge Constructor – Trains Expansion 75% off
  • Bridge Constructor Playground 75% off
  • Bridge Constructor Medieval 75% off
  • Bridge Constructor Stunts 75% off
  • [Bundle] Bridge Constructor Bundle* 75% off
    (*The bundle includes all franchise games and DLC, except Bridge Constructor Portal)

On top of that, we would like to invite you to follow our Bridge Constructor Franchise page here on Steam to keep you updated on news, sales, and everything else about the Bridge Constructor games!
You can get to the Bridge Constructor Franchise page here.

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