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Bridge Constructor Portal

In a world of cross-platform development, one of the key differentiating factors between console and PC releases is the ability to tweak graphical settings - a necessity when a games PC can be built from a vast array of different components. Graphics menus in console games are a rarity for obvious reasons, making this discovery somewhat curious: adjusting graphics presets in Bridge Constructor Portal on the Windows Store works just as it should, but with an added bonus - your changes transfer across to the Xbox versions too and can radically alter performance.

Friend of Digital Foundry, Alex Goh, clued us into this one when exploring the Xbox Game Pass library and remarkaby, his report checks out. Settings changes on the PC version are beamed into the cloud and transfer over to both Xbox One S and Xbox One X - presumably a factor of UWP and the 'Play Anywhere' nature of the title. In-game progress is shared between Xbox and PC platforms, and somehow, your graphics settings do too. Also fascinating is that if you play the game on Xbox first, the console settings migrate across to the PC game when you load it up.

There are three major areas for adjustment: anti-aliasing, post-process effects and shadows. By default these are set to 2x MSAA and medium quality, respectively. By far the biggest impact to performance comes from anti-aliasing, where ramping this up to a maximum 8x MSAA sees both Xbox consoles collapse to a wobbly 10-15 frames per second.

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Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games

Vambrace: Cold Soul is coming to Steam 28th May 2019! To prepare you intrepid adventurers we made a 3-part feature of how the roguelite fantasy-adventure will propel you on a journey filled with memorable characters, brutal challenges, and deep strategy!

Feature #2 is all about the game's turn-based combat system and various mechanics:
Bridge Constructor Portal - (Alice Liguori)

I m going to be honest here. I was incredibly apprehensive about Bridge Constructor Portal. I didn t even play it for the first 8 months after it came out. I am a huge Portal fan and I think I was a bit offended by this game when I first heard of it. Kids these days get offended by anything, the snowflakes.


Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games

Great news for today: RTGame will play Bridge Constructor Portal including our just released brand new Level Editor today! Why not join him at his playthrough where he can create absurd test chambers!

The stream will start at 7pm BST/8pm CEST/11:00pm PDT! Watch it right here, on the Bridge Constructor Portal Steam page or on the RTGame Twitch Channel:

For more streamings - including Bridge Constructor Portal - take a look on the RTGame YouTube Channel:

And don't forget: The bridge is a lie!
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games

Greetings, diligent constructors!

The Bridge Constructor franchise is discounted heavily this week!
  • Bridge Constructor Portal 50% off ++Now with Level Editor via Steam Workshop!++
  • Bridge Constructor 75% off
  • [DLC] Bridge Constructor – Trains Expansion 75% off
  • Bridge Constructor Playground 75% off
  • Bridge Constructor Medieval 75% off
  • Bridge Constructor Stunts 75% off
  • [Bundle] Bridge Constructor Bundle* 75% off
    (*The bundle includes all franchise games and DLC, except Bridge Constructor Portal)

On top of that, we would like to invite you to follow our Bridge Constructor Franchise page here on Steam to keep you updated on news, sales, and everything else about the Bridge Constructor games!
You can get to the Bridge Constructor Franchise page here.
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games

Dear test subjects,

we are happy to announce the brand new Level Editor as part of our latest Bridge Constructor Portal update:
Create absurd test chambers, publish them in Steam Workshop and play levels from wannabe engineers from all over the world!

Please note that a few physics bug fixes and tweaks were necessary. The fixes affect some of the test chambers you already built: The anchor points in levels 35, 38, 42, 44, 51 had to be shifted slightly and thus require minimal adaptations of your constructions, Perhaps, though not necessarily, other test chambers might as well need small changes, depending on your solutions. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

We hope you will enjoy the update and are looking forward to see great content from the community!

Known issue: when you download a level from the Workshop the play button is sometimes missing. Simply restart the game in that case and you are ready to go! We will fix this issue as soon as possible.
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games
Dear Testsubjects,
thanks to your efforts we've just patched Bridge Constructor Portal to fix the Achivement Issue.
Now go and get 'em!
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games
Hello everybody!

This just in, from the the Aperture Science Enrichment Center:
From now on Steam Trading Cards are available for Bridge Constructor Portal.

Happy building and collecting to the world!
Bridge Constructor Portal - Headup Games

We need your help!

Bridge Constructor Portal has been nominated for Best "Puzzle - Game" in the 22nd Annual Webby Awards! Hailed as the "Internet's highest honor" by The New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on the Internet.

And again: Bridge Constructor Portal has been nominated! We are very proud of this - and you can now vote for us and show GLaDOS’ new employees some love:

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