Madcap Castle - Titoncio

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Also we are releasing soon our Developer and Publisher pages, you can follow us now:

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Dec 12, 2017
Madcap Castle - Titoncio

After 1 year, 10 months and 13 days, finally Madcap Castle is released!

A message from Diel Mormac:
"I want to thank everyone who believe and invested in us, either by buying the game in collector's edition or just following the project and encouraging"
Madcap Castle - Titoncio

Hello everybody,

We know that much people was waiting for the Madcap Castle release today, but we had to change the release date to december 11.
We think the game had not enough quality to be released today and we do not want to disappoint in the launch, even causing such feeling by delaying.

We will open the pre sell soon on Steam, stay tuned!
Madcap Castle - Titoncio

Hello everybody.
I'm here to say thanks to everyone who bought Madcap Castle in our first pre selling at Brasil Game Show.

We received lots of positive messages and support for the game launch, and... So much thanks ːlufː
Oct 13, 2017
Madcap Castle - Titoncio

Hello old school games fans!

The demo for Madcap Castle is alreadly available to download.

The demo has 45 levels, this mean you can test about 33% of the game!

You just have to click on Download Demo button at right on the Store page.

Any questions feel free to talk with me.

Madcap Castle - Titoncio

Hello old school games fans!

Madcap Castle is coming to Steam soon. We are working to launch the demo this week.

About the game:

Madcap Castle was originally created for BaconGameJam 10 (and won!) in 48 hours by DielMormac, containing 4 colours inspired by old Game Boy games. Back in the day the game was called Mad Mage Tower. After winning the jam, the game was reformulated and the team raised from 1 to 4 people.

All the game art is inspirated in classic 8bits games and also the song was made in a real Game Boy® (We will talk about this later).

The demo version has 45 levels and the final game has 150 levels!

Add the game to wishlist and follow us to keep informed.


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