Dec 13, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
As well as multiple bug fixes and changes this update brings a whole new game mode for online and local play.

Introducing: Tag Team
A new game mode where players pick two characters to take into battle. Although this mode plays much like the current mode you will all be used to, players now have the option to switch out their current character with a pre-selected replacement. It may sound simple in concept but it opens up a whole new range of play options, such as; momentum cancelling out of knockback, double recovery and extended combo opportunities. To switch character players must first build up their Swap Meter by dealing damage, taking damage and dying. The meter also builds slowly over time.

Gameplay changes and additions
  • Changed functionality of May Rose's turret
  • Changed functionality of Empurr's side special
  • Added new Christmas inspired skins for each character
  • Removed shield bar, replaced with Swap Meter

Bug fixes
  • Adjusted freefall landing lag values
  • Increased the ending lag on Renegade's side special
  • Increased the ending lag on Metorias' side special
  • Reduced the hitbox sizes of Metorias' side special
  • Hiro can jump cancel his side special 4 frames later
  • Increased Empurr move speed
  • General online lobby fixes
  • Changed training dummy to use character swap mechanic

We are still working on a lot of the existing bugs in the game as well as developing our first additional character. If you find any bugs/issues or have any suggestions feel free to contact us on our discord at: or on our steam forums.
Sep 6, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
This patch focused in fixing issues created in the last patch and introduces extra controls for hosting custom lobbies:
  • Password protected online lobbies
  • Set player count in online lobbies
  • Custom lobby names in online lobbies
  • Steam name over associated character in online lobbies
  • Show lobbies that are currently in progress in lobby list
  • Fixed costume select bugs
  • Updated Televisor's base model
  • Improvements to other character models
  • Other menu polish
  • Rebind-able controls bug fixes
As always please contact us through our forums or Discord with any issues, bugs or suggestions you have.
Sep 2, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
This patch introduces the first iteration of two widely requested features:
  • Rebindable controls
  • Tap-jump
This update is only the first iteration, meaning that we are still making improvements to the system, especially the interface and naming of certain actions which are currently unclear. If you have any issues with this system please contact us through our Steam forum or Discord:
Aug 29, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
This patch doesn't introduce much content that will be immediately visible to players but does improve on a lot of back-end lobby and server hosting framework:
  • Adjusted lobby system to make better use of Steam lobbies
  • Added in-lobby chat between players
This patch also includes minor balance changes to certain characters.

The next few patches will provide much more content than this one, including features such as rebindable controls, player names in lobbies, private servers, password protected servers, custom players limits and more. You can expect these patches over the coming few days.

If you have any new issues that have developed as a result of this patch please contact us through our Steam forum or Discord.
Aug 24, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
This patch focused mainly on fixing gameplay bugs in online matches:
  • Hit effects replicate more reliably in online games
  • Fixed a bug where characters could not change facing after climbing up from ledge + several other flipping bugs
  • Fixed an issue where characters would play landing animation when entering the aerial state
  • Fixed some broken up-specials in online
  • Added HUD to training dummy
Aug 23, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
This latest patch includes:
  • Screen shake plays on all clients in online games
  • Pushed a fix for fonts showing characters/symbols incorrectly
  • Potential fix for crashes when loading maps in online games
  • Fixed issue where changing stocks would have no effect in online games
In this patch we have also added Steam's default DRM to the launch executable. For most people this will have no effect, however it should help players who are having trouble connecting to steam when they launch the game.
Aug 22, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
This patch mainly consists of minor tweaks and bug fixes while we continue to look into the more major issues:
  • You can no longer choose a screen resolution larger than your desktop resolution
  • Fixed an issue where certain coupons were not redeeming properly. Players struggling to redeem their BAM10 exclusive skins should have no issues now, however you will not be able to equip the skin without the associated character
  • Fixed a few abilities and movement that were not working as intended in online matches
We are still looking on ways to improve players online experience and currently implementing a menu where players will be able to customise their controls which should be ready by next week.
Aug 21, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
The latest patch focused on improving overall stability and user experience:
  • Restricted available regions for quick-matching to improve ping and latency issues
  • Fixed resolution and full-screen issues in the settings menu
  • Improved menu navigation with gamepads
  • Fixed health bars not resetting properly after player death
  • Touched up the UI in certain menus
We are now starting to look into online performance, specifically bugs involving players losing attacks and movement. Please continue to post feedback and bug reports here or on our official discord:
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
Hey everyone, this is a small post just to keep all our players updated on what is currently in development behind the scenes.

We are aware of many of the issues that players are currently having and are working on the following:
  • Fullscreen and Resolution issues
  • Crashes when attempting to join an online game
  • Random disconnects when joining an online game
Once these are out of the way we will being looking into the following:
  • Players losing the ability to move and attack in online matches
  • Health bars not resetting on player respawn
  • Issues navigating some menus with gamepad
  • Hit effects not playing properly in online matches
Also, we want to thank all the players who have been providing us with feedback and suggestions. We would like to confirm that the following features and currently in development or planned for further ahead in development:
  • Rebindable controls
  • Private servers
  • Improved keyboard controls
  • Character move lists
Aug 20, 2018
DimensionsVS - TeePee Studios
Patch implements a number of tweaks to the following areas:
  • Added correct application icon
  • Further tweaked settings menu
  • Fixed featured store not updating properly after a purchase
  • Removed ability for client to edit match settings in custom games
  • Removed ability for any player to edit match settings in quick-matches
We are currently investigating several major online bugs such as players losing the ability to move and attack. Please continue to direct feedback and bugs to our Steam forums.

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