Witchkin - Coven Games
We are very proud to announce the full release of Witchkin!

In addition to the final level- The Attic, where you meet the Candy Lady and the story concludes (if you survive), a number of improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

Among them-

Windowed Mode is now available in the options menu

Low Difficulty setting is available (same scariness, but the toys move a little slower and have a harder time detecting you)

We are so very grateful to the players who have joined us on this journey and provided such valuable feedback as well as getting the word out through playthrough vids and write-ups :)

Thank you all so much!

Hope to see you in the House of the Candy Lady!

Witchkin - Coven Games
After watching many playthroughs and hearing valuable feedback, I have made some adjustments to the Basement Level (Trappy's Level).

- Players no longer need a key to unlock the door at the top of the stairs.
- Players can be much closer to Trappy when their flashlight is off before he sees them.
- Players are more well-hidden when in the cluster areas from Trappy outside the area.

These changes should make the level easier to complete.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Witchkin - Coven Games
No more flashlight batteries! Flashlights can be on indefinitely but you might want to consider turning it off because now it's easier to be seen when it's on!

Former battery meter (upper left on screen) now is a LIGHT METER- watch to inform you of how easily you can be seen! When your flashlight is on, the meter is up all the way :)

New camera animations for crouching and climbing.

New Intro Movie Music

Mechanics tweaks to build tension better

Marcy might now be waiting in a room to surprise you!

Reduced length of readable scraps.

Gamepad functionality now on every menu- game is playable from start to
finish without touching a mouse :)

Many, many bug fixes.
Witchkin - Coven Games
Thanks to everyone who has given Witchkin a try! I am hard at work making adjustments based on all the awesome playthroughs that have been put out.

I am also working on the mechanics and game flow of the Attic level :)
Witchkin - Coven Games
This initial Early Access build features the first 3 levels of the game: the Basement, 1st Floor, and 2nd Floor. I have added two new toys that offer unique ways to terrify players--Trappy Bear (Basement) and Hooks the Clown (1st Floor). Marcy’s 2nd Floor level has many improvements from the demo including bug fixes, altered mechanics, and new scares. I plan to complete the final level (Attic) in the next few months and have it in game by the end of the year.

The feedback I have gotten from players and by watching let’s play videos has been hugely helpful to me; I look forward to learning more so I can make Witchkin the most fun and scary game that it can be. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Witchkin - Coven Games
We'd like to thank everyone for trying out the demo!

Watching all the great playthrough videos has given us a tremendous amount of insight into what improvements we can make.

To that end, I have fixed a number of bugs, added more clear gameplay hints and messaging and added the ATTIC LADDER to the final room.

We look forward to more feedback from the community which helps us make Witchkin a more engaging, fun, and scary experience:)

We are so grateful to our players- thanks so much to all of you!


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