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Hey all!

Thanks so much for playing in the Nowhere Prophet beta! We had over 5,000 people download the beta, and more than 80% of players gave it 4 or 5 stars, so we're happy to know that the game is moving in the right direction!

We've put together the above image to showcase your feedback -- you'll want to open the image in a new tab to read it.

Here's what happens next:
  • We take your feedback, and make the game even better
  • After we've sorted out the issues, we do some final testing
  • Then it's time to announce the release date, and get it out there!

In the meantime, we're about to start the new Nowhere Prophet Meta-Game on Discord -- feel free to join in, and maybe you'll get to make some big decisions about the final game :)

Thanks all!
No More Robots + Sharkbomb
Nowhere Prophet

Slay the Spire masterfully fused deckbuilding with a roguelike structure, giving us one of the best games of the year so far. It’s great to see more games bringing their own takes on a similar formula. 

Like Slay the Spire, Nowhere Prophet has you moving between nodes on a map to trigger random events and fights, but instead of building one deck full of abilities and attacks, in this game you build two. One represents members of your convoy, the other the skills of its leader. There’s also a spatial element to battles. You play convoy fighters into slots onto battlefields where only the front row can attack.

I’ve played through the first of the game’s five acts in this weekend’s beta period and enjoyed the game’s fresh ideas. Warriors have familiar attack/defence stats that Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone players know all too well, but the cards carry their wounds between battles and need healing at rest sites to come back to full effectiveness. 

The battlefield allows for neat ability modifiers that might affect an entire row, or buff adjacent cards that come into play. It's nice to see some new special card effects in addition to archetypal MtG/Hearthstone effects like a 1-cost +1/+1 buff or Taunt, which forces your opponent to attack the taunting character. There’s also terrain, which can block parts of the battlefield and create awkward situations. If you have a mountain on the front row, you can be denied some damage output until you zap it with an ability.

There’s a lot to think about, but the angular art and big, chunky UI smooths things out. There are lots of nice visual flourishes, like the way unit portraits flinch and change as they take damage. You’re traversing across a wasteland, but it’s a colourful future that’s full of flavour. In one encounter I was ambushed by an army of taunting lizards who were particularly tough to shift.

My only problem is the AI, which sometimes makes some odd choices. I fought one battle where my opponent had me beat if they just attacked my prophet directly—I used that turn of grace to win. There will be 300 cards in the final game, which means there are a lot of potential synergies for the AI to process. Hopefully this beta catches most of the quirks.

In the final version of the game the maps will be procedurally generated to encourage lots of runs. Based on my brief experience with the first area I'd like more ways to earn cards so I can take my decks in a different direction sooner, but there are a lot of other features to experiment with, like gifts that give your convoy extra 'Hope' (which you spend to move around the map). Your decisions in text adventure skits also earn you morality traits that unlock new decisions further along the map, and nodes sometimes reveal new adjacent locations, which creates a stronger sense of exploration than similar systems in Slay the Spire and FTL.

Nowhere Prophet is due out this summer, and there's more about the game on the official site.

Nowhere Prophet - TinyPixxels

The beta is here and the keys have been sent out - Check those inboxes!

Grab your convoy and head out across the wastes to get a taste of the adventure to come. We've opened up a part of Soma for you to explore and some convoys to unlock (as well as a challenging foe for those who are brave enough!)

Good luck, have fun and don't forget to let us know how you get on! If you're looking for somewhere to share feedback, swap decklists or report any bugs you might find, don't forget you can check in with our discord -

If you would like a key and you don't already have one, you can use this form to sign up and you'll receive your key within 24 hours -

Stay safe out there

Sharkbomb Studios & No More Robots x
Nowhere Prophet - TinyPixxels

Hey there everyone!

Are you ready to receive your message from the fallen star and head out across Soma? The Nowhere Prophet beta starts TOMORROW!

Set out across the wastelands with the Forgotten, the Horde and the Explorers over the weekend and lead them to victory through tactical card-based combat.

Make friends, vanquish foes and lead your convoy to greatness, just sign up here to receive your steam key tomorrow -

We'll see you in Soma,

Sharkbomb Studios & No More Robots x

Nowhere Prophet - (Katharine Castle)

It’s been over a year since Sharkbomb Studio’s rad-looking card-based roguelike Nowhere Prophet last made camp at the RPS Treehouse, but since then the game has disappeared from its early access pilgrimage on Itch and set its ever-expanding caravan towards a full release later this summer. Based on a recent build I played at PAX East recently, I’d say it’s shaping up to be one hell of a trip.

In case you missed Adam’s Nowhere Prophet preview last year, this is an open deck builder where the members of your caravan are the cards you play across two-to-four-lane battlefields as you lead them toward a fabled land known rather ominously as ‘The Crypt’ – the last peaceful stronghold on your home planet of Soma. Yes, there are probably ‘metaphors’ aplenty ahead with a name like that for your final destination, but even after my brief time with the game it’s clear there’s a lot more to this post-apocalyptic sci-fi world than meets the eye.


Nowhere Prophet - (Adam Smith)


A large dog-like creature had been sniffing around our camp while we slept. The road hadn’t been kind to us and our food supplies were running low. Truth be told, my own altruistic streak was responsible for most of our problems; we’d picked up stragglers and waifs wherever we found them, and had far too many mouths to feed.

But this dog-thing was not joining us, it was trying to steal from us. One of my medics reckoned he knew how to deal with it, no confrontation necessary. To my surprise, he got a group together and simply dragged its bulk away from the camp, and then tipped it into a ravine.

As far as I can tell, it remained passive right up until the moment it hit the floor. Nowhere Prophet is a beautiful game set in a strange and ugly world.


Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
Nowhere Prophet is finally available in First Access!

Head on over to the Nowhere Prophet store page on and check it out! There's some cool exclusive rewards available there.

In matter of fact this announcement is a bit late, as the game's been available for an entire week now. I've just been pretty busy catching up. But now there was some time to catch my breath and plan the next steps.
Check out the video above for an update on the development so far.

Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla

Nowhere Prophet is going to be in First Access starting October 10th!

And what does that mean?

Well, for one, it means that people will have access to the game while I’m still working on it. There’s still content to build, interfaces to tweak and systems to be balanced before I will call a wrap on this.

Also since the game is still being built it gives you the opportunity to contribute. You can just follow development along or go for one of the crowdfunding-like rewards and get your face in the game, among other things.

Starting October 10th the game will be available on the store. If you support us during the First Access you will of course get a Steam key once the game launches here.

From then on there will be regular updates and, if all works out according to plan, a release in the first half of 2018. Stick around to stay up to date.

And in the meantime: Stay hydrated,

- Martin
Jul 21, 2017
Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
Game development certainly can be a roller coaster...

When I started the very first prototypes for what would become Nowhere Prophet back in 2014 I thought I'd be done and released by now. But things change, features get added, systems don't work out and there's always a need for more iteration to make it as good as it can be.

But looking back and forward from where I now stand, getting the game up on Steam definitely feels like a milestone of development. I've still got a way to go until the game is ready but the end is in sight.

And if everything pans out we'll even get to start something Early-Accessy still this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

Until then, stay hydrated!
- Martin

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