Bless Online - Bless_Cheshire
We are aware of the issues with the update, and we will have more information on maintenance soon. Thank you for your patience.
Bless Online - aysha1908
Dear players,

We have found some issues after the Rift of Space and Time update on September 5th and have decided to fix them during the October 4th maintenance.
  1. Fixed an issue which prevented the effects of some bracelets from being applied normally.
    • Red-Eye Snake Bracelet
    • Bracelet of Patience
    • Brhan Forest's Barrier

  2. Fixed an issue which prevented the effects of one of the items obtainable from the Attendance Check event, the Hilan Wind Binding Ring set, from being applied normally.
    • This item will be replaced on the maintenance date with a ring which has normal set effects (its enhancement level, location, and properties will all be maintained).

We have also discovered a bug that made Mixed Grudge of Dimensions, an item obtainable from the Migra Turris (Normal) dungeon, be dropped in great amounts. We have since fixed this issue, allowing players to obtain only one item.

However, taking players’ feedback into account, we decided to modify the drop rate back to 8 for a limited amount of time, allowing players to obtain a greater amount of this item from 0:00 PDT / 3:00 CEST September 22nd until 0:00 PDT / 3:00 CEST October 31st.

Thank you,
The Bless Team
Bless Online - Ginny

Greetings, players!

We will perform regular maintenance today as follows:

Duration: 70 minutes
  • 01:00 ~ 02:10 (PDT, September 20)
  • 10:00 ~ 11:10 (CEST, September 20)

  • Server stabilization

Maintenance duration is subject to change depending on the situation. We will update you if there are any changes.

Please follow us on Twitter/Facebook to stay up to date!

Thank you
The Bless Team


The maintenance finished at 1:43 PDT / 10:43 CEST
Thank you for your understanding!
Bless Online - Bless_Cheshire

Dear Bless Online players,

Today, our parent company, Neowiz, announced that the Bless Online servers in Korea will be permanently shutting down on 11/19 at 7PM PDT (11/20 at 3AM UTC).

In light of this announcement, we’d like to reiterate Neowiz Bless Studio’s commitment to launching in North America and Europe later this year, and let our fans know that as well as maintaining the KR service until its closure, the team’s resources will be turned to assisting us in preparations for Bless Online leaving Early Access on Steam. The Steam version of Bless Online is our sole focus, and all of our efforts are going into making it successful for years to come.

While we will all be hard at work, you can expect news and exciting announcements in the coming weeks about the official Steam release of Bless Online.

Always at your service,
Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer
Bless Online - Bless_Cheshire

The Great Bot Purge of 2018

Hello players!

As part of our team’s efforts to ensure Bless provides a fair, balanced, and overall positive play experience, we have recently doubled down on our efforts to identify, target, and remove bots, cheaters, and other accounts in violation of our Terms of Service.

On August 30th, we completed a wave of removal, during which time numerous offenders were eliminated, and we don’t plan on stopping there. We take these violations seriously, and will continue to remove those accounts and individuals who we determine to engage in activities through which they are knowingly degrading the play experience for others, and ultimately contribute to toxicity within our community.

As we continue these efforts, please feel free to submit further tickets letting us know of anything you see or think we might have missed. We appreciate any info you share with us!

Emissary Applications Open Now

Additionally, as part of our mission to foster a diverse range of Bless-related communities, we’re encouraging all of you who have a passion for creating positive and entertaining content to apply for an Emissary role! Anyone who wants to partner with us for giveaways, fun in-game and out-of-game events and more as we near launch should show us in their application that they want to help us reach new players around the globe!

Emissary applications are now open, and will remain open until Sept. 16th.

If you have questions about the program, please refer to the Emissary Program Overview for additional details.

Maintenance Compensation Plans

Though we always strive to provide sufficient notice for maintenances, there will still be occasional instances where we need to perform emergency maintenances or updates with limited notice. In these cases, we want to make sure impacted players are compensated for the inconvenience.

Here are the planned gifts for different types of maintenances:
  • Regular maintenance over 5 hours - Premium buff extension for the equivalent maintenance time

  • Regular maintenance that lasts longer than the projected time by more than 30 minutes - Box(es) of temporary buff items in accordance with maintenance duration

  • Unplanned emergency maintenance - Premium buff extension for the equivalent maintenance time, and box(es) of temporary buff items in accordance with maintenance duration
We also want to compensate players in cases of critical errors within the game. As such, in the case of these errors causing players to lose items or buffs, we will restore the items and give an additional gift of Lumena to the player according to the severity of the error.

Compensation will be given to all players affected by critical errors, and the case of maintenances, to players who have logged into the game approximately 24 hours before and/or after the start of the maintenance.

Always at your service,
Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer
Bless Online - koddak04
“Doubling Event for Items Dropped in Level 45 Dungeons!”

3 Days of Special Event!

The number of items dropped by level 45 dungeon boss monsters is doubled during this event.
Enjoy Bless Online by exploring the dungeon with your party members and obtain more items!

1. Event Period:
- NA: 9/6 (Thu) 23:00 ~ 9/9 (Sun) 22:59 *PDT
- EU: 9/7 (Fri) 02:00 ~ 9/10 (Mon) 01:59 *CEST
Start and End times are different per region, but total event period is same as 3 Days (72 Hours)

2. Event Dungeon:
- Patala Ruins (Normal)
- Urutus Mine (Elite)
- Migra Turris (Elite)

3. Event Notes

1) Applicable only to items distributed (Obtained freely/obtained in sequence/rolling a dice) among party members when the Level 45 dungeon boss monster is defeated.
2) This Doubling Event is an event where although the drop rates will remain the same, twice the normal amount of items will be dropped.
3) The amount of items distributed between party members will increase once the monsters included in this event are defeated. However, the number of times in which the items are distributed will not be increased and are not affected by this event.
4) The event will start and end according to the event time regardless of the dungeon entry time.

Bless Online - aysha1908

Bless Online v2.1.0.0 update
[New Content: Rift of Space and Time]
Check out a preview here!
  1. Updated the new content “Rift of Space and Time”
    - The Rift of Space and Time is a wave defense type content where players in small groups fight to protect the relic from approaching monsters every round.

    - Minimum player level: 45
    - Number of players: Maximum of three people.
    - Entrance limit: 2 times a week.
    - How to enter:
    • Can be accessed through the entrance of the dungeon located around Bleached Desert > Black Gate (1-3 players).
    • Can be accessed by clicking on the Rift of Space and Time menu from the “War (B)” > “Competition” on the System Menu (3 players).
    - Stages: There are 2 stages each with different maps, and there are a total of 10 rounds per stage (Total of 20 rounds).

    - How to play:
    • The round will begin once players activate the defense equipment located in the center of the Tower of Distorted Dimension. Each round is cleared when all monsters that appear from specific areas are defeated.
    • Players can use the “Marks of Space and Time” obtained by finishing the rounds/defeating monsters at the Shop NPC to obtain the useful Summon Scroll item.

    - Main Rewards:
    • Players will get Challenge Points based on their results in the Rift of Space and Time after the dungeon is cleared. Players can use the points to purchase bracelet enhancement material, “Fighting Spirit Magic Stone” from the Bracelet Enhancement Material Merchant by talking with the NPC Priest Gatarina.
    • Quest rewards: Players can obtain a new bracelet item “Old Iron Bracelet” if players accept and complete the quest where they are asked to successfully defeat the boss of the 5th round.
    • Players have a chance to obtain one bracelet item if they defeat the bosses that appear in either round 10 or 20.

    - Ranking System:
    • Players’ rank will be determined based on the number of the cleared rounds and play time and the top 100 players will appear in the ranking UI.
    • Ranking rewards:
      • The day which the rewards are provided: Every Tuesday
      • Players can obtain different amount of Challenge Points based on their rank, and if they are placed in a higher rank, the players can obtain “Rift of Space and Time Lucky Dip Box” which will randomly give a new equipment bracelet.
      • Even if players are placed in the ranking for multiple times, they will only receive the rewards for their highest rank.

[New Content: Random Dungeon]
  1. Updated the new content “Random Dungeon”.
    - Minimum player level: 45
    - Entrance limit: 2 times per day
    - Equipment Point Entrance Limit: 6,190
    - How to enter: Can be accessed by clicking on the “Dungeon” UI > Random Dungeon menu on the System.
    - Rewards list: Players will receive receive additional rewards for the Random Dungeon in addition to the standard dungeon reward If players defeat the final boss for the dungeon they are in. The rewards for Random Dungeon will always be the same regardless of the actually cleared dungeon.

    Item Name
    Pure Moonlight Powder
    Mysterious Material Lucky Box
    Mysterious Food Lucky Box
    Mysterious Mount Lucky Box
    Mysterious Puzzle Lucky Box

    - Player level and equipment stats will be automatically scaled to the appropriate level for the dungeon upon entrance.

[Modified Contents]
  1. Combat
    - The chain combo buttons (R/T/Y) will now be activated at the actual time when the skills are available.
  2. UI
    - A system message will now appear on all servers when an enhancement is successful only if the item is over Heroic grade or over +13.
    - A system message will now appear on all servers when an item is registered on the Market only if said item is over Heroic grade, over +13 or over Transcendent Enhancement.

[Bug Fixes]
  1. Combat
    - Fixed an issue where the Chain Combo Skills would not appear when using the Chain Skills after repeatedly clicking on the Tactic Switch Button.
    - Fixed an issue where some skills would be disabled under certain conditions.
  2. UI
    - Fixed an issue where the schedule of Capital War appears differently from the actual time on the UI.
    - Fixed an issue where the icons for the pet skills “Crafter’s Delight” and “Collector’s Delight” would appear differently.
    - Fixed an issue where the Healing reduction effect caused by “Bleeding” during the additional switching effect of the Assassin class’ “Raid” skill would not appear on the tooltip.
    - Fixed an issue where the system message “This is a dungeon for solo players” would appear when party members that were outside a dungeon were summoned inside it and even when the dungeon wasn't meant for solo players.
  3. Dungeon
    - Fixed an issue where it was possible to obtain a big amount of some ingredient items in the Migra Turris dungeon (Normal).

[Special Currency Shop]
  1. Added a new costume, pet, and mount to the Special Currency Shop.

    - Costume: Golden Appolt Costume Set (2,600 Lumena)

    - Mount costume: Aslan, the King of War (1,500 Lumena)

    - Pet costume: Qarywing, the Sun’s Messenger (1,500 Lumena)

  1. The Level Up Event to celebrate the release of the Assassin class which started from August 8 has ended.
  2. The new Upgraded Level Up Event will take place starting on September 5th. [Event details]
  3. The new Doubling Event for Items Dropped in Level 45 Dungeons will begin on September 5th. [Event details]

*The content in this patch note is subject to change during maintenance. The patch note will be updated in case of any changes.
Bless Online - Ginny

Greetings, players!

We will perform regular maintenance as follows:

Duration: 90 minutes
  • 01:00 ~ 02:30 (PDT, September 5)
  • 10:00 ~ 11:30 (CEST, September 5)

  • Added new content: Rift of Space and Time, Random Dungeon
  • Fixed some bugs and modified the frequency of system messages related to Market and enhancement
  • Added new costume set, mount costume and pet costume

Maintenance duration is subject to change depending on the MA situation. We will update you if there are any changes.

Please follow us on Twitter/Facebook to stay up to date!

Thank you
The Bless Team


The maintenance has been extended by 10 minutes.(~02:40 PDT / 11:40 CEST)
We apologize for the inconvenience.


The maintenance finished at 02:31 PDT / 11:31 CEST.
Thank you for your patience.
Bless Online - Bless_Tailypo

Hello players!

We’ve been hard at work on the next update to Bless Online, and today we’ll spend a few moments talking about the coming update (v2.1.0.0), set release on Sept. 5th! The focus of this update is new level 45 content: Rift of Space and Time, and the Random Dungeon.

Rift of Space and Time

The Rift of Space and Time offers players a new type of end-game quest: a wave defense challenge featuring two stages with differing maps, random monster waves, and a whopping 20 rounds! Better yet, this challenge is one of the ways to obtain a new type of equipment, bracelets!

Bracelets can be obtained by completing related quests, killing boss monsters, and as a ranking reward in Rift of Space of Time. The efficiency of bracelets can differ depending on the acquisition method.

Rift of Space and Time is available for players to queue solo or in a party of three, and requires players to guard a relic which the ensuing monster waves will be intent on destroying. Monsters will appear from various parts of the map (so check your six!), and differ with each round. Once a round is cleared, new monsters will then appear.

Upon clearing rounds, players will receive Marks of Space and Time, which can then be used at the Shop NPC to obtain items such as Summon Scrolls. Summon Scrolls will come in handy when executing your strategic gameplans to clear all 20 rounds! But beware, Marks of Space and Time cannot be cached, but will instead disappear upon completion of the Rift of Space and Time, or simply when the instance ends; so use them while you have them!

Those of you who manage to defeat the boss that appears at Rounds 10, and another at Round 20, will be guaranteed one of two bracelets (different depending on rounds cleared)! What’s more, players who place in the Top 10 will receive a set item that will 100% generate a bracelet.

How do you place in the Top 10, you ask? At the conclusion of each attempt, players will receive a personal and overall rank, letting them know how well they’re performed. Performance will in turn determine the Challenge Points awarded to that player, which can be used to purchase the material Fighting Spirit Magic Stone from the shops around the Rift of Space and Time to then upgrade your bracelet. So perfect your strategy, execute flawlessly, and place yourself amongst the best of the best for sweet, sweet loot!

Random Dungeon

The Random Dungeon is a new dungeon matching option that provides level 45 players the opportunity, twice per day, to solo-queue into dungeons (excluding raid dungeons) for a shot at looting Pure Moonlight Powder, Mysterious Mount Lucky Boxes, Mysterious Puzzle Lucky Boxes and more!

If you and your fellow dungeoneering compatriots successfully defeat the final boss for the dungeon you are in, you will receive said dungeon’s standard rewards, in addition to any of the possible rewards provided by the Random Dungeon.

So what are you waiting for?! You’ve got your work cut out for you, now go forth and enjoy!

Thank you,

The Bless Team

Bless Online - koddak04
“Gifting all classes a Level 45 Rare Grade Weapon that can be equipped from level 1”

Presenting the new upgraded Level Up Event! Provides useful items every 5 levels!
Players will obtain a rare grade weapon usable by all classes when opening the Level 1 Box.
If you still haven’t reached level 45 yet, this is now the time for you to further your adventure in Bless Online!

Event Duration:from September 5th (after maintenance) until later notice

How to participate:
  1. Special Currency Shop → purchase a Support Box for 1 Lumena in the ‘Others’ category
    - to assist our players in buying a Support Box, we are providing 200 Lumena as the reward for day 1 of the September Login event.
    - the amount of Support Boxes a player may purchase is limited to 1 per server
  2. Players can obtain a variety of items as they reach the required levels.
    - if you have already passed the required levels before the box was purchased, you can open them up until the level you have reached

  • The Level 5 Support Box is included inside the Level 1 Support Box. Support Boxes for later levels are also provided to players in this way.
  • Current players may open the Support Boxes as long as level requirements are met.
  • Support Boxes owned by a player are maintained even after the event period is over.
  • Your support box items will be retained after the event period.

Event Reward List:

[Lv1] Support Box
  • Rare Grade Level 45 Weapon
    (Can be equipped from level 1)
[Lv5] Support Box
  • Magic Mount Anima (10)
  • Magic Pet Anima (10)
[Lv10] Support Box
  • Normal Taming Order (10)
[Lv15] Support Box
  • Condensed Magic Stone (50)
[Lv20] Support Box
  • Condensed Magic Stone (100)
[Lv25] Support Box
  • Whirlwind Condensed Magic Stone (5)
[Lv30] Support Box
  • Whirlwind Condensed Magic Stone (10)
[Lv35] Support Box
  • Rare Lucky Spirit Chest (10)
  • Additional Combat Point Reward Token (1 Hour) (5)
  • Growth Potion (1 Hour) (10)
[Lv40] Support Box
  • Max Durability Repair Tool (10)
  • Additional Combat Point Reward Token (1 Hour) (5)
  • Growth Potion (1 Hour) (10)
[Lv45] Support Box
  • Enhancement Material Lucky Box (10)
  • Additional Combat Point Reward Token (1 Hour) (5)
  • 30 Gold

The Bless Team

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