NOISZ - ktern
Mark your calendars! NOISZ's unique mix of rhythm game, bullet hell shmup, and visual novel is getting its full release on 8/31.

Featuring a lineup of 16 hard-hitting tracks, challenging boss fights with unique mechanics in each stage, deep and fun scoring mechanics that provide tens of hours of intense gameplay, several gameplay styles that you can choose between to suit the situation or your personal preference, a story packed with colorful characters and surprising twists, and even dance pad support--NOISZ fuses its component genres to become unlike anything else you've ever played.

The game has been in Early Access for almost a year, and we're excited to be bringing the complete experience to you soon!
NOISZ - ktern
All users are welcome in the Open channel, including demo players! The EA channels are for Early Access players only.

Come discuss the game and show off your cool scores!

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