NOISZ - ktern
NOISZ's performance update is now live, addressing start of stage and intermittent lag issues! This version should cover the most common performance problems players have experienced, and we hope it ensures a smooth experience for you.

If you encounter any new problems relating to the update, please let us know! You can use the "legacy" build (in the betas menu) to switch back to the previous version if needed.
NOISZ - ktern
In order to address performance issues that some players are experiencing, we've been working on some engine changes, and we need your help to determine whether we're on the right track. If you've encountered lag or stutters in the game (especially if it affects stage patterning), please try out this beta build and let us know if it improves performance for you!

Right-click NOISZ in your Steam library, hit "Properties", then select pftest as in the image below.

If you encounter any problems unique to this build, also let us know ASAP if you can.

We hope these changes will allow us to bring the proper NOISZ experience to all players!
NOISZ - ktern
With the re:||VERSE expansion completed, NOISZ is now a massive game boasting 34 total stages (a huge amount for any shmup) and a full-fledged VN story so big, it'd count as a novel by NaNoWriMo standards (around 53k words total).

We're hoping you love what we've done so far... and what we're cooking up next:

We're reimagining NOISZ's gameplay for touchscreen, and starting a brand new standalone story. We've learned a lot in the process of creating our first independent work, and we're confident that we'll be able to use that experience to make STΔRLIVHT an even better game!

We'd love for you to join us on our next journey! If you're excited by what you see, watch our Twitter for updates. We'll be posting character bios weekly, and will reveal the new gameplay and 1st single in April!
NOISZ - ktern
NOISZ re:||VERSE is a new evolution and expansion for NOISZ, featuring 12 challenging all-new stages, Style customization for deeper scoring mechanics, and the epic conclusion to NOISZ's storyline.

After being successfully funded on Kickstarter, the expansion is now completed and live! re:||VERSE is a must-have for all NOISZ fans.
NOISZ - ktern
NOISZ's massive 1.5 update is now available! We've upgraded various aspects of the game in preparation for our upcoming re:||VERSE expansion:

  • New Story art
  • Expanded Artist Packs
  • Sprite updates
  • ADV tutorials
  • COINZ revamp
  • Style balance changes
  • UI updates

Thank you for playing and we hope you enjoy rediscovering NOISZ!

As always, if you encounter issues, we're easiest to reach on our Discord or by Twitter DM:
NOISZ - ktern
NOISZ's second DLC pack, the HyuN Artist Pack is now available for purchase! This pack launches with two songs, and will get a third in a free update:

Inferno Force / Hyun ft. Kabotya
Fallen Angel / HyuN ft. JeeE
Girl Embracing the Dark for Light 2 / HyuN (coming soon)

As a bonus, owning either the HyuN or DM Ashura Artist Pack unlocks the powerful but difficult to use Mega Style for use in all gameplay content!
NOISZ - ktern
NOISZ reV's Kickstarter campaign is finally live! The massive re:||VERSE expansion brings 11 new songs including two new Camellia originals, the epic conclusion(s) to the story, Style customization in the Style Lab, player rating system HERZ, and ultimate 5th difficulty level re:||VENGE.

You'll be able to pick up a variety of rewards including the exclusive NOISZ shirt, and even the opportunity to feature as a boss in the game!

re:||VERSE is a must-have for all NOISZ fans. Check it out here!
NOISZ - ktern
We're pleased to announce that NOISZ's first DLC pack, the DM Ashura Artist Pack is now available for purchase. This pack contains two new songs for play in Free Mode:

π·ρ·MANIAC / DM Ashura
Violet / DM Ashura ft. 森岩虎

Owning at least one Artist Pack also unlocks Mega Style for use, giving you a new way to play older content as well by using its unique charging ability!
NOISZ - ktern
Mark your calendars! NOISZ's unique mix of rhythm game, bullet hell shmup, and visual novel is getting its full release on 8/31.

Featuring a lineup of 16 hard-hitting tracks, challenging boss fights with unique mechanics in each stage, deep and fun scoring mechanics that provide tens of hours of intense gameplay, several gameplay styles that you can choose between to suit the situation or your personal preference, a story packed with colorful characters and surprising twists, and even dance pad support--NOISZ fuses its component genres to become unlike anything else you've ever played.

The game has been in Early Access for almost a year, and we're excited to be bringing the complete experience to you soon!
NOISZ - ktern
All users are welcome in the Open channel, including demo players! The EA channels are for Early Access players only.

Come discuss the game and show off your cool scores!

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