OM6N - CJaywesTT

Omens are awakening... It has been awhile mortal and it is time for me to step out of the shadows. I've been quietly reworking om6n from the ground up. From an all new level system in the form of Acts and Chapters. Visuals will always be improved with every update. No more crafting & building anymore - just pure blood shed and not to mention horror.

Achievements will be facing a rework as well, old story-related achievements have been removed. New ICO's and conditions are still being set with future chapters. Expect newer ones once Act I is completed.

I take far way to long with levels and I apologize for this, with little times from work full time and my ocd to detail every little corner of a level consumes far to much time. I'll be cranking out Act I which will consist of chapters I-VI this year so stay updated!

I have released chapter I for testing on the main branch if anyone is interested in how the rest of development will on-go. If you'd like to still play eav 17, you still can on the test branch - See you in Hell.
OM6N - CJaywesTT
The breath of death grows closer, don't turn back..

A huge update for us not to mention a re-branding. For the past months I've struggled with a name but have finally pinned one perfect for our demon slayers.

Birthed from Hell's embers I present you OM6N - darker twists & greater dungeons for you to explore! Most notably I have incorporated a tutorial for new players entering the fray. It will definitely shapen you mortals up, this isn't for the light hearted & slow pokes.

Along with the tutorial came a slew of tweaks to many core mechanics, further refining them. I worked majority of my time on Multiplayer this update, though its not finished, its looking pretty damn good.

More information further detaling all the changes can be found in the patch notes, stay slayin'. Oh the demo is shortly unavailable - I apologize but I am working on a more refined one so your not left in the dark, cheers.

As always
Thank you all!

Apr 22, 2018
OM6N - CJaywesTT

April is a breakthrough month for us. I've shifted focus into networking capabilities and have been working hard on the game's net code. Co-op has been something I've wanted to have for a very long time. Eav 017 might take a little bit longer to put out but sure damn will be worth it!

If development times start becoming lengthy, I'll expedite reasonable segments of single player updates regularly while quietly working on multiplayer in the background. Bear with me mortal for divine times shall flourish!

OM6N - CJaywesTT
EAV 016
  • added new items; supply_drop_signal, cooking_pot, gun_parts, hell_stones
  • added new guns; mp40, makarov, boomstick
  • added new food items; ravioli, bread, cream_cakes, raw fish/meat, cooked fish/meat, fish_soup, meat_stew, baked_pie, cereal
  • added new drink items; soda, beer, dirty_water
  • added new build menu_UI
  • added new build_objects; campfire, forge, workbench, master_workbench, storage_crate, bed
  • added fortification reinforcement, costs resources
  • added item/ammo carry capacity, when over limits your player_speed will be significantly reduced
  • added new skills; lumberjack, miner, encouragement, juggernaut, pack_mule
  • building cost resources now instead of souls, could cost wood, stone, metal, concrete
  • control_menu text_UI's now match primary font
  • equipping weapons with one already equip will now exchange your weapon and toss it onto the ground
  • doubled current playable area size, opened up office districts and additional residential/buisness districts
  • pressing 'tab' now will open your inventory, changed from 'i'
  • pressing 'v' will open your build menu, 'b' will turn off build mode (preview highlight)
  • removed stair build_object
  • sorted death_menu UI elements, more structured now
  • +adjusted bush_pickup trigger colliders
  • +added a handful of additonal crates, pickups to the world
  • +changed overall stamina consumption amounts as according;
    - hp_gain = 10
    - raw_spgain (include eggs) = 5
    - bread_spgain = 10
    - bean_spgain = 15
    - cereal_spgain = 20
    - creamcake_spgain = 25
    - ravioli_spgain = 30
    - cookedfish_spgain = 45
    - cookedmeat_spgain = 50
    - bakedpie_spgain = 75
    - fishsoup_spgain = 100
    - meatstew_spgain = 125
    - dirtywater_h2gain = 5
    - cleanwater_h2gain = 15
    - soda_h2gain = 25
    - beer_h2gain = 35
  • +fixed pickaxe_rigidbody
  • +fixed a few ore node colliders, can be mined now
  • +fixed storage_crate raw_fish_UI amount, now displays correctly
  • +fixed an issue with cream_cake eat button, works correctly
  • +fixed an issue with item cap not decreasing when opening locked doors
  • +fixed an issue with summoning_stone amount not decreasing after use
  • +fixed an issue with binding_stone amount not decreasing after use
  • +fixed certain obstacle scripts, now can be purchased
  • +fixed hammer scrap_button, scraps for correct amounts
  • +fixed an issue with secondary weapons dropping when weapon switching
  • +fixed an issue with bed prompts showing while resurrecting
  • +fixed workbench cooking_pot button, disables properly now
  • +fixed resurrection item/ammo_storage counts
  • +lowered demon spawn counts to help performance in late game
  • +increased hatchet_damage from 9 to 20
  • +increased pickaxe_damage from 7 to 20
  • +increased boomstick_damage from 160 to 200
  • +re-enabled steam achievements
  • +removed giant table blocking walkway in mp40 house
  • +reduced brute demon_speed from 10 to 7
  • +reduced hound demon_speed from 11 to 8
  • +updated death_menu UI buttons

    DEMO EAV 016

  • updated current playable area to a newer, slightly larger one
  • unlocked all standard demons types except for horrors
  • +decreased spawn rates for new players
  • +increased spawn rate timers from 60 to 100
  • +increased 9m_ammo_pickup amounts in spawn
  • +increased amount of all ammo_pickups from 60 to 185 for demo
  • +fixed fire demon spawners, no longer spawn outside map

    Anything marked with a '+' is POST patch.

    Slay Hard!

Mar 18, 2018
OM6N - CJaywesTT
The Darkest of Days are upon us Mortal...

EAV 016 is here and you are in for one Hell of a ride! Many mechanics of the game have been changed to better suit longevity. With the introduction of a improved inventory system, comes an all new micro-management styled resource and crafting system to compliment our revamped build mechanic. Below will detail more specifics on each of the topics.


Gone is our old text based menu for much improved 016 template. Some item may have different 'functions' such as scrapping for additional resources, equipping items, and consuming food. You may also drop items by simply clicking the arrow located beside the value amount.


Known before as 'Perks', they will just be known as skills from now on. The 4 base skills from earlier versions still persist, just with different names. 5 brand new skills will be introduced this update to account for melee damage, item carry capacity, and more!


What was suppose to be the major highlight of this update - ended up taking back seat overall, but still received the rightful attention it deserves. No more pressing 0-9 keys and praying for the right object you wanted, you can now see object costs, names, and your inventory amounts with the new menu! You may also upgrade any fortifications with a hammer, utilities may not be upgraded though. (e.g. campfire)


A important, game changing element that really just improves the overall quality of survival. To prolong your survival for late game - your going to need to setup a base and get your utilities up and running. Stock your forges with various ores to smelt for crafting recipes. Workbenches can be used to produce ammo while a Master bench can craft weaponry. During your travels you will become encumbered eventually, build storage crates to store your loot!


Who would have though there were other survivors you could count on? Have airlifted supplies dropped to your location containing a random weapon. Keep in mind, you may have to search around the area to locate your package!

More in depth information detailing this update can be found within the patch notes. Refer to my Plebian Guide for additional tips to help get you going in this cruel world. EAV 016 is hardcore, no joke.

As always,
Stay Slayin'

Feb 24, 2018
OM6N - CJaywesTT
Well done mortal...

EAV 014's transition to EAV 015 has been successful and work in the next chapter begins. EAV 015 will still be receiving optimizations/bug fixes while work on EAV 016 begins.

Expect tiny patches to still trickle in here and there, whenever there is one I will always be updating the notes. Check there for more information on specifics.

As for EAV 016, development time should not be a 3 month window gap this time around, so expect sooner news posts and game updates.

Introduction to a improved building system will be a major highlight next update. I will also be finishing up all firearms, explosive, and melee weapons that I couldn't get to for 015's release. Major UI improvements will surely occur, inceased item list, more demons, revamped skill system moved on over to a tree like system, saving, customizable options - again!

I'll post more info in the coming week, as for now just slay hard, report bugs and have fun! Oh - and earn those achievements too!

I will also post helpful starting information in our guides tonight to help our new players out. If you are purchasing in expectations of a true 'Horror' experience, such as Outlast or Amnesia - this is NOT the game for you.

Just addressing it now since I have received a couple e-mails regarding this, no - it is definitely a shooter.

OM6N - CJaywesTT

Along with the release of 015, our fellow demo demon slayers are getting a nice upgrade as well, much of sum is the same as the full games patch notes but there are some mentions.

  • added new weapons: m1911, bren, r870 short barrel, python, m1 garand
  • added weapon animations for all guns: reload, fire, adsfire, inspect
  • added a player damage indication
  • added player inventory system, you can now store items on you for a reduced yield trade off, you can now also check your scores of ammo and loot you find
  • added level up sound notification
  • build objects have been overhauled, more base appropriate fortifications at your disposal, removed ammo+weapon crate buyables
  • changed location of playable area to southern end with bigger homes
  • changed player fov from 55 to 70
  • changed currency system from money to souls
  • changed all ammo pickup models to resemble their respective type
  • demon spawning will now slowly build from night to night
  • disturbed demons are now ranged, move slightly faster, don't be so careless though they are formidable in packs
  • demons will now destroy your fortifications+builditems
  • fire demons will no longer spew a volley of fireballs rather throw just one
  • improved loot spawn chances for all crate types
  • increased range+radius of the flashlight
  • increased lighting in rooms and tight spaces
  • overhauled HUD_UI completely, not so cluttered
  • +added r870_pickup to the world
  • +added more ammo+wood crates to the world
  • +build cost text_ui color darkened
  • +decreased spawn rates for demon spawners
  • +decreased r870_weapon recoil
  • +doubled ammo_pickup yields
  • +extended demon spawn times, more nights before final horde
  • +fixed an issue with all spawners activating
  • +fixed an issue with player hand models being shiny
  • +fixed locked door obstacle colliders
  • +lowered cost of all build items, barricade is only exception increased in cost from 75 to 100 souls
  • +improved python fire sound, volume increased slightly
  • +improved m1_garand fire sound, volume increased slightly
  • +updated mainmenu logo to new logo

    Anything marked with a '+' is POST patch.

    Slay Hard!

Feb 22, 2018
OM6N - CJaywesTT
EAV 015

Finally.. It's Here!

There is something as too much sometimes, here are the highlighted core changes, if you are a day one game owner you will understand...

  • added new weapons: m1911, m1a1, r870 short barrel, python, m1 garand, desert eagle, bren, mac10, baseball bat, kukri machete. I kept the m4a1, ak47, l96 from EAV 014
  • added weapon animations for all guns: reload, fire, adsfire, inspect
  • added new tree/bush models as well as terrain texture enhancements
  • added a variety of enterable buildings from old warehouses to decrepit offices, enjoy looting these dungeon like locations, many more are going to be added to compliment story elements
  • added melee combat, new baseball bat and kukri weapons
  • added a player damage indication visual+sound
  • added player inventory system, you can now store items on you for a reduced yield trade off, you can now also check your scores of ammo and loot you find
  • added deferred lighting, improved image effects
  • added level up sound notification as well as icon
  • build objects have been overhauled, more base appropriate fortifications at your disposal, removed ammo+weapon crate buyable
  • changed player field of view from 55 to 70
  • changed currency system from money to souls
  • changed all ammo pickup models to resemble their respective type
  • demon spawning will now slowly build from night to night
  • disturbed and speed demons are now ranged, move slightly faster, don't be so careless though they are formidable in packs
  • improved loot spawn chances for all crate types
  • increased range and radius of the flashlight
  • increased lighting in rooms and tight spaces
  • overhauled HUD_UI completely, not so cluttered
  • + activated baseball_bat weapon pickup, was false
  • + added player hand_weapon models for unarmed combat
  • + added general hit sound for world objects with melee
  • + adjusted melee weapon ranges, melee damage has been doubled
  • + brute demons will now drop summoning_stones without enragement
  • + build cost text_ui color darkened
  • + centered all menu_UIs + player HUD UIs
  • + decreased shadow distance from 100 to 10, increases performance nearly doubled fps (stable 70+ fps Ultra 1920x1080 on GTX1060)
  • + decreased shadow quality slightly, help compliment performance issues
  • + fixed an issue with steam achievements unlocking upon exiting the game
  • + fixed an issue with steam achievements conflicting with story items
  • + fixed an issue with the kukri_weapon model not rendering
  • + fixed an issue with the kukri_pickup layer rendering over other layers
  • + fixed an issue with player hand models skin tone being shiny
  • + lowered cost of build items, barricade is only exception, change in cost from 75 to 100 souls
  • + improved melee combat, more responsive + increased damage
  • + improved demon AI, will now destroy player fortifications/build objects
  • + improved bren animations, weapon recoil decreased, fire rate increased
  • + improved python animations, weapon recoil decreased
  • + improved python fire sound, amplified a bit more
  • + improved m1_garand hand orientation, fire sound is amplified a bit more
  • + increased ak47 damage from 16 to 18
  • + increased python damage from 25 to 90
  • + increased desert eagle damage from 22 to 100
  • + removed key press pick up for souls, simply walk over them to acquire
  • + summonings will now reward summoning_stones upon completion
  • + spread demon spawning across more nights, you now have a week until final horde
  • + updated mainmenu logo to new logo

    Anything marked with a '+' is POST patch.

    Slay Hard!

OM6N - CJaywesTT
Brace yourself... your not ready for the horrors that await you..

The time has come. With death at your doorstep, there's nothing to do but survive. Finally EAV 0.1.5 is here fully loaded to the brim, if you are a current game owner, what you are about to play is an entirely different game.

A darkened, re-created vision of the new NEVRDEAD. A fast pace, classic fps with a focus on survival. The lores there... you just got to discover it for yourself. Nothings the same so come prepared as ever. With the absence of a tutorial, I can understand the confusion, proper guides, tips, and advice will be posted within our discussions.

Along with 0.1.5's release, are Steam Achievements as well! I've already activated one for you to see. Upon release the rest will become visible.

Kicking off 2018 with a howl from the underworld, you have a chance to earn two free standard copies of NEVRDEAD for a friend or family member!

To participate in earning your copies, be sure to screenshot your highest time survived (shown upon death) within Steam and share it on NEVRDEAD's community page. If enough are submitted (around five) the player with the highest time achieved will be selected as the winner.

I will contact you here on Steam and issue your keys accordingly. Wish everybody the best of luck - you'll need it!

As Always
Thank You all so much!
Stay Blessed!


OM6N - CJaywesTT
The Silence has been lifted..


2018 is here and Hell is at your throat. Darkness consumes the land around you while you fight to your very last breath. Over 20 new weapons to rip through the hordes of Hell. I'll have more screenshots in the coming weeks. As for the release date for full game owners, the wait is almost over! I apologize for all the delays, mainly the level design is the lengthy culprit. Nothing is procedurally or randomly generated other than loot tables. I'm not sure if hand-placed environments are work efficient, but I sure do hope you guys enjoy looting these places! Below is a list of mechanics in-game that has changed - along with notes.


UI has received a complete overhaul. No more pesky texts pop-ups blocking the view of your screen anymore. It wasn't needed and was just plain messy. Now upon picking up items, a text prompt will properly display towards the top of the experience bar. Side UI elements had 3D angling removed. All UI text now have consistent font style.

(Images here will be added to the artwork tab)


.1.5 used weapons from older NEVRDEAD which were way to old. They were inconsistent and needed to be tossed. With over 20 new weapons of course the issue will be the feeling of each of them. My goal is to make each feel unique in their own way so the player intentionally searches or crafts their favorite. Not all of them will release when .1.5 drops, but will surely release soon after.

  • Makarov
  • M1911
  • Python
  • Desert Eagle
  • MAC10
  • M49
  • MP40
  • M1928
  • PPSH41
  • Bren
  • R870
  • Double Barrel
  • AWP
  • M1 Garand
  • M61V

  • Fireaxe
  • Pickaxe
  • Claw Hammer
  • Baseball Bat
  • Kukri

  • Flamethrower
  • RPG
  • M79 GL
  • M202
  • M24 G
  • TnT


Yes there is finally recoil! I was going to implement a learnable recoil system similar to CS-GO or other competitive shooters but eventually scrapped it. In .1.5 there are no recoil patterns but various animations may consist of harder 'kicks' in recoil resulting in bullets being fired up or to the side slightly. Learn these to perfect your demon slaying skills, I'll provide a link to our official YouTube channel along with a video revealing the development cycle.

More news will be released over the following weeks regarding 0.1.5's release date and features. Stay around the blood shed is just beginning!

This video does NOT represent the final form of the update! Just an progressive look into it.

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