Omega Strike - Woblyware
Omega Strike has been out now for almost a week and has been generally well received by the players. Huge thanks to everyone for the support!

Some new bugs have been discovered so here's to first patch to address some issues with the game. Along with the bug fixes I've also added a new feature to the game: you can now check on the map screen which items are yet to be found in each area. This should make it a bit easier to find all of the items for a 100% run.
Omega Strike - Woblyware
After years of hard work, Omega Strike finally has a release date! The game has been in closed beta for the last month and has seen many improvements thanks to feedback from the testers. Bugs have been squashed and more polish has been added. New features range from small visual details such as shell casing to populating the game world with breakable items filled with coins and health drops. New sound effect have also been added and the difficulty level has been tweaked.

With only a month until release, I'm super excited to finally bring the game to the hands of the players! See you on October 4!


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