Aequitas Orbis - Ludi Dorici
Dear pilots!

We silently uploaded a new version to the Orbis Mainframe yesterday.
It is time for a patch note.

The cathedral and the bazaar

First, some forewords on the reasons of the delay.
Our game is made with Godot Engine, a wonderful and powerful Open Source game engine.
After receiving so much from their community we decided to spend some time helping them making the engine even better. It kept us busy for a couple of weeks, but we proudly made something that we honestly believe will make a difference more details here and here.

We deeply believe in the Open Source philosophy and we feel an obligation to help spreading it.

Now back to the update...


As announced in our Early Access statement, we have started to integrate more Steam functionalities in our game. We begun with the leaderboard system, specifically at the end of the single player survival mode your score will be saved online, you'll be able to see the leaderboard with the top pilots and their score. Let's see who is the best!

You can also access this feature from the new "Extras" menu.

More explosions!

There is a new explosion animation when a planet (or a moon) gets hit by an asteroid. We hope you like it!

New single player survival map, tweak multiplayer map

We created a new survival map for single player, and tweaked the asteroid spawn formula to make the survival mode more fun.

We also updated the default multiplayer level to have better atmosphere size and density, more spacing between planets, and slightly higher spawn orbits, allowing for more manoeuvrability and overall more time for reaction.

Winter sales!

As we try to help more pilots to join the competition, we decided to celebrate this winter solstice with a 2 weeks 50% off discount!
Don't miss this chance to gift it to your friends ːsteamhappyː

Future updates

Next in our feature list is Steam achievements. We plan to first add at least 5/6 and then expand from there.
We also plan to add a tips & tricks section to help out new pilots get in the game faster.

This, and more surprises, in the next update. Stay tuned, happy holidays!
Aequitas Orbis - Ludi Dorici
Dear pilots,

with some delay we have uploaded to the Orbis Mainframe version v0.3.4.

This is a small update focusing on single player.

Patch notes

  • New single player campaign with 10 levels and hopefully a better learning curve (legacy campaign still playable)

  • Add option to play survival in single player mode (leaderboard coming soon)

  • You can now input values in numeric fields via keyboard by clicking them with the mouse (instead of scrolling the values with the controller or arrows)

  • Level editor can now create maps with any resolution ratio (max resolution is still 10000x10000)

What's next?
We are still planning to create a training tutorial composed of 2/3 levels with tips and tricks to show you how to perform base manoeuvres.

We also plan to add Steam Leaderboard to the single player survival mode.

We are also exploring the possibility of adding new enemy types in single player and/or introduce basic AI (aiming) although the latter is a long shot and won't likely happen soon.

The next release is due either end of next week or beginning of the following.

Stay tuned for more,
See you in orbit!
Aequitas Orbis - Ludi Dorici
Dear pilots,

we just uploaded to the Orbis Mainframe the latest update v0.3.3.

Quick Chat!
You can now send quick chat messages to other pilots in multiplayer matches.
It still needs some polishing, but you can now communicate with your friends and foes.
We also plan to add free text chat in the future.

Game Log!
Some times, in the fury of the battle, you might miss out that something happened, to avoid this, we equipped your on-board computer with an event log that will be displayed in the the top right corner. Try it out!

Remappable controls!
We heard you out, and we decided to spend some time to allow you to remap your controls.

We want you to orbit around in full comfort: you can now configure all the ship controls both for keyboard and joypad.

You can create multiple bindings and select the desired one for each player.
This way, you can configure your binding at your friend's place without messing up his own.

Bugfix and more
While we were at it, we fixed few bugs in the UI.
Additionally, you can now use the cancel button (XBox B, Keyboard Backspace or Esc) to focus the close button in UI sub-menus, when already selected, pressing cancel again will close the sub-menu.

What's next?
Since we didn't have time to do it this week, in the coming days we will focus on single player level design, trying to get a better learning curve.

We plan to add a tip/goal section in the single player UI, possibly add different single player modes. We also have a tutorial planned, but we want to do a short release cycle next week, to give you some more levels as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more,
See you in orbit!
Nov 4, 2017
Aequitas Orbis - Ludi Dorici
Dear Pilots,

we just uploaded to the Orbis Mainframe the latest update v0.3.2

Release Notes
  • [FIX] The music player does not show when playing (which is the only place where it should show)
  • [FIX] Ship selection in settings pops open again after selecting with controller
  • [FIX] Ship selection in settings causes focus loss when closing with ESC/B
  • [FIX] Cannot join online games if your username is longer than 16 characters (your name will be truncated, we will probably extend it to 32 chars in the future).

Please be sure to re-enter to the space port (restart steam) to enjoy the latest experience.

More updates next week, enjoy the weekend!
Aequitas Orbis - Ludi Dorici

The original sound track included in Aequitas Orbis is created by Stèv (Stefano Fagnani) as are the sound effects.

You can listen to and buy this amazing album in high quality format on his bandcamp page.

The album cover, like many of the game graphical assets, are the great work of RaphaEl (Raffaele Paolucci).

Stay tuned for more updates and release notes!
Aequitas Orbis - Ludi Dorici
Dear Pilots,

we are very happy to announce the first modules of Aequitas Orbis have reached orbit and we are now beginning assembly in space.

Our plan is to reach full capability in the next 12 months.

After that, we wish to keep expanding with suggestions from the best of the crew.

We hope you enjoy the flight.

If you need help or encounter a bug you can post in the Help & Bug Reporting forum
If you have any suggestion you can post in the Suggestions forum

More updates soon.


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