Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth

Ploughing the field on foot in Woodstock was yesterday. Today the flower farmer upgrades to a monstrously large tractor! Although some things never change, mice still frequent the granary? Now the flower farmer simply sends his smartest henchman, the cat. In addition with Power&Flower upgrade, you gain more silos, greenhouses and much more with this upgrade!

Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth

Hello everyone!

Today we got something totally different! Tech stuff and settings!

See you there!
Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth

Behold, one of the pigeons carried a USB-stick to our offices. One of the files on that stick marks these additions and changes to the game:

  • Added two brand new tractors.
  • Added new greenhouse veggies: cucumber and chilli. Also, their respective canned versions and foods are added.
  • Farm cat a.k.a. Chief pest control officer (CPCO) available in-store and correctly appearing in player yard. Also, some positions were improved (player was able to sit on the cat on the bench). A cat also visible under ES (like a dog or any other person)
New functionality: Gardening
  • Added gardening tools to be bought from merchants: shovel, rake and watering can.
  • Added four types of flower seeds: dahlia, rose, tulip and zinnia.
  • Added proper hands for tools' models and animations for a shovel, rake and watering can.
  • Added animations for garden works (three per tool).
  • Garden operations are done by hand only, no machinery.
  • Green ground on terrain can be converted into rough garden soil anywhere in the world using the shovel.
  • Rough garden soil can be further improved using a rake.
  • Seeds can be planted into garden soil.
  • Garden flowers have four distinct states: just planted (fresh, small), growing, blooming, dry. The last one should be avoided (use a watering can if there is no rain).
  • Shoveling garden soil removes seeds (resets the soil), while raking and watering does not.
  • Garden soil humidity is important. Garden humidity = wet after shoveling (not very wet - 75%).
  • If rainy, soil humidity increases automatically. It drops on non-rainy days.
  • Garden humidity drops on rainless days. It gets completely dry after 14 days and flowers start dying. It gets back very wet on a rainy day, though, but withered plants don't grow back.
  • Watering can must be used if soil humidity is low, or the flowers will dry out and die. Withered flowers have their own models, while withered seedlings just disappear.
  • Water in a watering can is unlimited. (A Decanter of Endless Water found its way into the game).
  • The wife takes care of watering the garden (but only on and near the player farm!)
  • Onscreen cursor (grey/green) indicates the proper position for gardening operations when the gardening tool (shovel/rake/seeds) is enabled.
  • There is also proper info if the player tries to work on gardening incorrectly (like trying to dig a rock)
  • Proper info on gardening tools and seeds (merchants, inventory) regarding their use.
  • Info on flowers and gardening soil humidity under Engineer Sight.
  • Added two new lines of loading info regarding gardening.
  • Flowers may grow well or poorly depending on beehive nearby. Bees love and like flowers.
  • Careful with small and large machinery: a mower cuts garden flowers. And vehicle wheels terraform a garden into a desert.

  • Flowers can be sold or be picked up given to women. They have a lower monetary value on resale (but there are more of them),
  • Given to women, grown flowers are more appreciated (they increase affection more than store-bought flowers).
  • While growing on a player farm, flowers increase daily social points by diminutive but regular amounts. There must be at least 25 pretty or 50 mediocre flowers to add daily social points.
  • Fixed a visual inconsistency between (bought) roses and tulips.
  • Beehives can be placed (mostly around player's farm).
  • Beehives are visible under ES (like scarecrows)
  • different beehives in different places
  • Beehives affect flowers growth.
  • Each beehive costs 250 Eur, and awards 250 social points when built.
  • Beehives load/save properly.

Greenhouses and silos
  • Added three new groups of greenhouses for the player to buy in the game world. Also, one of the already existing greenhouse groups can be bought now, for a total of four purchasable groups.
  • Greenhouse ownership and growth status properly saves/loads.
  • Proper greenhouse purchase menu.
  • Added four groups of grain silo in the world. These contain different amounts (2-3) of different size silos. Can be bought for respective prices as additional storage.
  • Greenhouse groups have an icon on the map. Also, map description indicates if this is bought or not.
  • Purchasable greenhouses are displayed on the compass.
  • Greenhouse seed storage is only available and functional if the greenhouse is purchased.
  • New (purchased) greenhouses have an automatic humidity control system. This provides high amounts of vegetables avoiding constant control (unless vegetables grow too old).
  • Selected seed info and icons are displayed only if the player is within his own greenhouse.
  • New buildings might have collided with player or player vehicles if saved there. This should be properly detected, and colliding vehicles and player are moved to the nearest road with proper info.
  • New greenhouse and silo groups have proper icon and info on the map. Info also changes to reflect if a group is already bought or not.
  • Spilling grain to silo not yet bought loses the grain (it does not get stored).
  • Silo group is displayed as a single icon on the compass (not each silo from the group separately)
  • Purchasable silos display proper info on their respective chutes using ES.
  • After purchase, the silo displays proper fill amount, capacity and grains stored.
  • Purchased silos have a capacity of 60 and 120 tons respectively.
  • Home silo capacity increased from 50 to 60 tons.
  • Additional home storage capacity increased from 20 to 40 tons.
  • New silo ownership and storage properly saves/loads.

Various fixes
  • Grass weighs down under cars and trailers and does not peek through.
  • Added loading info about mice eating pantry food. Buy a cat for pest control. Otherwise, fresh food may vanish from your pantry randomly.
  • Fixed bug of incorrect cucumber growth & render (greenhouse).
  • Cucumbers and chilis pickable now.
  • Added ability to cook cucumber & chilli.
  • Fixed cooking melon icon.
  • Inventory menus rescaled to display fewer icons (but with better detail).
  • Added arrows to navigate inventory menus up and down.
  • Inventory properly saves/loads line it is moved to. It does not restart at line #0 every time it is triggered.
  • Fixed an old bug of a hammer appearing for half a second before the selected tool appears.
  • Vehicle sounds are muted when the menu is active (music and ambient sounds are still on).
  • Several spelling errors fixed.
  • Optimizations to FPS after loading a saved game
  • Bride's skin tone in a wedding scene matches the married women.
  • Fixed position of one missing wedding guest. (Had to forcefully move him from the buffet).
  • Fixed several issues related to static physics disabled with distance.
  • Restored missing EN voice (Oliver quest).
  • Fixed physics for one of the old cutting machines (not usable by the player, still dropping fps when near).
  • Better blending of mechanical hand tools (trimmer, chainsaw) working sounds with their idle sounds.
  • Dragged a floating bush back to the ground.
  • Terrain near players farm gate is now smoother. Players could have stuck there with the default car sometimes.
  • Properly flattened few fields west of town.
  • Improved render of last LOD of trees. They have no outline and better lighting now.
  • Message about Social Points needed for hiring worker (when below the limit).
  • Improved display of power cables - better thickness, aliasing and lighting.
  • Power cables animated with the wind.
  • Tree billboards also cast shadows for higher shadow option settings.
  • Optimizations for detailed tree leaves shadow render.
  • Optimization: memory requirements decreased by a couple of hundred megabytes.
  • Fade in on entering/exiting vehicles.

Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth

Hi everyone!

For this week we have a diverging slot for our Farmer's Dynasty stream. We'll go live on Twitch today at 4 pm CET.

See you there!
Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth
Hi everyone!

Allow us to spread some buzz words for the stream tomorrow.


One of them does not belong on the list. Find out which one, watch the stream!
Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth


We got some new stuff inbound and want to show it to you this Wednesday on our Twitch channel.

We eagerly expect your visit there and hope you have some feedback for the new stuff by then, too.

As usual: 4 pm CET

See you there!
Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth

Another Wednesday, another stream. This time we added a small bonus. Check out the stream today at 4 pm CET.
Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth


We at Toplitz Productions conferred one of the farm kittens to the creators of Another Sight, a game we’ll publish too. If this sounds interesting to you, take a look at our stream today at 4 pm CET
Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth

Hi everyone!

We're going live in about one hour! Join our Stream at
Farmer's Dynasty - SwordsOfTheSouth

Hello everyone!

Fast, faster, farmer? We're trying a speedrun our pigeons will be proud of this Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 on Twitch. At 4 pm CET/ 10 am EDT / 7 am PDT

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