Splitgate: Arena Warfare - CardinalSoldier
We hear you and want to be as responsive as possible with our community so we have added Team Social back. Also,our top priority is to get games quickly. We temporarily removed TDM/FFA to make sure you all get games quickly but plan to add them back. Thank you for your feedback and patience! All gamemodes are still playable in custom games.

Patch Notes - Version 1.0.6 - 6/9/2019
- Added Team Social back, temporarily removed ranked TDM and FFA playlists
Bug Fixes
- Fixed Bug where ragdoll in spectator doesn't work
Splitgate: Arena Warfare - CardinalSoldier
Our top priority is for everyone to get games quickly. We are are considering reducing to 2 playlists temporarily, 1 ranked and 1 social. A voting system will also be added in the next few updates.

Stop by our stream to share your thoughts!

Splitgate: Arena Warfare - CardinalSoldier
- Doubled number of spawn locations on all maps
- Outpost optimizations
- Pantheon optimizations
- Added Out of Bounds Zones to SAW Stadium
- Replaced rocket launcher with railgun on Atlantis
- Fixed scoreboard issue on Atlantis
- Anti-cheat improvements
- Fixed issue with frame drops on other player spawns
- Shotgun now uses a fixed spread pattern (Goodbye RNG!)
- AR spread no longer decreases while zoomed
Game Modes
- Decreased score limit of DOM to 700
- DOM and KOTH hill location improvements on all maps
- New Ranked Playlists: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, and Competitive Play (Tournament Modes)
- Removed Social Playlist and replaced with Standard Custom Games. Standard Custom allow you to create games with a set map and mode without any modifiers. Standard modes include: Team Doubles, Team Shotty Snipers, and more!
- Added Creator Codes! - Support your favorite creator when purchasing Disco Balls (Full list of creator codes and requirements coming soon)
- Changed Ranked Free for All to allow 4-6 players and will start regardless if players didn’t join in time
- Cleaned up Post Game Menu to show Winning Players
- Added Rank Up/Down UI in Post Game Menu
- Added Sounds and Animations to Post Game XP Menu
- Added Names above Heads to Line Up and Party Characters
- Tweaks to hit notifier sizing
- Improved custom game modifier UI readability
- Added Ability to Redeem Arena Alloy for specific skins. Redeem your alloy in the Locker Menu!
- Fixed sniper gray M90 skin
- Fixed issue where characters in lineup would stay as hologram
- Made enemy players solid red regardless of skin chosen
- New legendary skins!
- Fixed issue where footstep sounds wouldn’t play for enemies that weren’t on screen
- Added sound to plasma rifle projectiles
- Crouched players have reduced footstep volume
- Fixed issue where footsteps weren’t played on bottom of SAW Stadium
- Fixed missing custom game lobby audio
New Players
- On first launch, new players will be forced to watch the entirety of the tutorial and play 1 bot match before entering online play.
- Once unlocking online play, players will have to play Warm Up Games
- Players unlock Competitive Playlists after reaching XP Level 5
Splitgate: Arena Warfare - Warrior6
Patch Notes - Version 1.0.3 - 5/28/2019
- Fixed a performance issue on Pantheon causing large frame drops
- Decreased time before health starts recharging from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
- Anti-cheat improvements
- Plasma Rifle Buff: Increased speed of plasma rifle projectiles by 6%
- Fixed a major bug with the plasma rifle that caused projectiles collisions not to register
- GFuel/TFuel skin fixes
Game Modes
- Increased score limits of CTF to 5, DOM to 750, and KOTH to 250
- Increased respawn time to 8 seconds in DOM
- Don’t allow players to sprint while holding the flag or oddball
- Decreased post-game time to 15 seconds
- Added tutorial and practice against AI modes
- End matches early if the enemy team quits
- Shorter pre-game times once the match is full
- Increased ranked cancelation wait time to 45 seconds to prevent match cancellations
- Added US East and Australia matchmaking server regions
- Fixed multiple server crashes
- Increased initial connection time for players who load too slowly
- Party member characters are now shown on the main menu
- Fixed blurry skins at main menu, locker, saw pack scene, etc.
- Hide respawn timer at the end of a match
- Improved matchmaking error messages
- Added team colors to pause menu
- Better keyboard escape support on all screens
- Improved locker equip UI
- Ranks now show at the pre-game screen
- New hit indicators
- New damage overlay and directional indicators
- Optimized locker
- Pre-game now shows correct gamemode name
- Pause menu map image updates correctly at custom game lobby
- Fixed a bug when exiting paused replays
- Made enemy footsteps louder
- Louder hit, kill, and headshot sounds
- Louder enemy portals
- Decreased volume of own footsteps
Splitgate: Arena Warfare - CaptQWERTY
Patch Notes - 5-25-2019
This patch fixed all the most recurring crashes that players went through on Day 1 as well as improves the stability of matchmaking and game servers:

- Fixed crash caused by pre-game UI
- Fixed crash with pre-game players line up
- Fixed crash with party members voice related features
- Fixed multiple crash related to VOIP
- Fixed issues with people getting kicked from games
- Fixed issue with people not joining games
- Fixed a couple of server crashes
- Added the ability for party members to inspect their stats in the main menu

Splitgate: Arena Warfare - CaptQWERTY
Thank you to our fantastic community members who have made all this possible. It has been a fantastic ride and we are only just beginning. We could not have done this without you all. Thank you for helping make our dreams come true.

If you want to further support the Splitgate developers, please consider purchasing the Founder's Edition. It comes with some SWAG cosmetics!

See you in the arena!

Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Free-to-play arena shooter Splitgate is out on Steam today, giving everyone the chance to find out what Portal might have been like if it was Unreal Tournament with Halo’s guns.

That pretty much sums up the premise of Splitgate, and the game makes no effort to mask its influences, as Tyler discovered when he played an early build at PAX East last year. There’s the perspective-bending linked portals, there’s jetpacks and low-grav areas, and there’s punchy shotguns and big old rocket launchers.

The launch trailer (above) gives you a pretty good sense of how disorienting Splitgate can be, but it also gets the old brain cells churning at the tactical possibilities that Portal’s wormhole mechanics add to the high-speed arena shooter genre. Being able to constantly hurl yourself through space, changing your trajectory and sailing over opponents’ heads as you approach terminal velocity passing through portal after portal, ripping off consecutive headshots from the hip… it’s dizzying stuff, and I suspect that’s doubly true if, like me, you’re just about done packing up for the move out of your 30s.

But hey, if that sounds like the kind of trip you’re into, you can play it now for free on Steam.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare - CardinalSoldier
Hey guys, just wanted to give an update.

I promise you this is not some sort of bizarre marketing stunt or something we had planned. The dev team has literally not slept for 3 days straight because we wanted this launch to be as great as possible. We thought we were going to pull a heroic effort and get this done by launch, but we had no time to test. As a result, the build that we finally finished at 6am (3 hours before our initial launch time) had some integration bugs that needed fixing and we just didn't feel like we had enough time to fix and test things to ensure a stable launch, which is the most important thing right now.

The vast majority of these bugs are very easy to fix, but there was no way it was going to be done by 9am and we felt like a 4th day with no sleep would just lead to more sloppy bugs. The team has napped all day and is back on the grind We are doing our best and appreciate the support.

Things are looking really good for Friday!

Ian (CardinalSoldier)
CEO, 1047 Games
Splitgate: Arena Warfare - CaptQWERTY
To the Splitgate community,

No one is as disappointed as we are that we have had to delay Splitgate’s launch. The Splitgate development team has been working nonstop, around the clock since the open beta to implement improvements, take your feedback, and fix bugs. We were hopeful that we would meet the deadline. We deeply apologize for the short notice on the delay.

As gamers ourselves, we know how frustrating that is, especially for people who rearranged their schedules in order to play this morning. We also know how frustrating it is to play games that are buggy or release too soon. We really thought we were good to go, but our final build in the early morning hours had a few a problems that needed to be addressed in order for us to release at a quality that we are proud of. So again, we deeply apologize and hope you’ll stick with us. We hope it will be worth the wait! See you in the arena Friday the 24th.

-1047 Games Dev Team
Splitgate: Arena Warfare - CaptQWERTY
Steam chooses to promote game launches based on the Wishlist count. The more promotion we receive from Steam, the more players for you all to compete against! If you have a spare minute, please Wishlist our game. Thank you!

More Wishlists = More Players = Better Matchmaking = More FRAGTASTIC Fun

The feedback, support, and enthusiasm we have received from our supporters has been phenomenal. THANK YOU ALL. We would not have been able to create this fantastic game without your support!

See you in the Splitgate Arena at 9am PST on the 22nd!


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