Disco Destruction - polaralex

Dear players,

One month after the release of our “Late Access”, we’re back with our first update.

We talked with a lot of you (some had spent many hours on the old Early Access) and asked you for specific feedback for the new version.

And according to all of that, in this update, you will find many important improvements (with even more coming later) - but let’s list the biggest ones:
  • A new level: You can now select a level for your Arcade session: Either inside the club, or in front of it.
    The level is part of the planned Story mode - but for now you can have fun making your customers happy (and making money) as usual.
  • Much better feedback for the customers’ mood changes: Whenever a mood change happens, positive or negative, you’re going to have a strong visual and audio cue.
    We think it makes it much more fun, and of course, it gives you a better understanding of how the customers feel about your playing.
  • You can now drink from the bottles!: This has been a looong-standing request - but now you can drink from the bottles around AND it will affect you. :)
  • Song names: Another very requested feature. Whenever you touch/grab a vinyl, you will see the song title and artist name.
  • A new Power-Up: A party firework to light up the mood - buy it from the Tech guy.
  • Christmas Decorations: For the next few weeks, it will be snowing in the outside level - and the customers will have their Santa hats on.

We hope you have fun with the update - that’s what we'd like the most. Also, check out a video, showing-off these features:
And we’re already working on the next one, which will include the overall most requested feature: The ability to add your own music, along with a Free Play mode.

We’re very excited for this - and we’ll be waiting to see your playthroughs, when the time comes.

Again, if you want to talk to us, to give us feedback or suggest something, we invite you to our Discord chat room: discord.gg/VkG9Xz2

Until the next update, have fun and enjoy the holidays
The Subjective Team
Disco Destruction - polaralex

After more than one year in the making, we're happy to announce the release of our "Late Access" version.

This is the Disco Destruction that you liked in the free Early Access, now built to make you love it.

We upgraded every part of the game, taking into account all of our players' feedback:
  • The visual part is totally overhauled
  • the core gameplay is improved in every way
  • the customers are much more alive than before, reacting more naturally to your choices
  • we now have first-class Oculus Rift support
  • so many small details and polishes that fill up a whole year of development....
...and we're putting the finishing touches on big features that will be coming in the next few months.

Check out our new trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NNVm-SaDXU
This is the last step, before reaching the vision for the game that we had from the beginning - and we need your support to make this happen.

Please, enjoy what we created for you, and we'll be waiting for your valuable feedback in the Steam Discussion boards and our new Discord channel.

We'll keep in touch,
the Subjective team
Disco Destruction - polaralex

-- Discord invite here: https://discord.gg/VkG9Xz2 --

Dear players,

we're very happy to say, that it's only a matter of days until the release of Disco Destruction: Late Access.

This is going to signal the beginning of the last phase of Early Access, which will take the game to what we originally envisioned, through often feature updates. And these "features" are going to be fun!

But until this happens, we want to talk to you - and know you better.

For this reason, we started a Discord channel where we invite you to join. This will be the place to keep in touch with each other, and get your feedback or solve any problems (if they arise).

Also, if you join the Discord, we'd like to send you a message to chat a little bit, and ask you some questions that will guide the final phase of our development.

Thanks again for the love that you have shown to our little game and we hope to create something that you will love even more.

The Subjective Team

Disco Destruction - polaralex

Dear players and friends,

There might be some months between our announcements, but we always try to have interesting updates for you.

This time it’s about a very big step forward: The start of our (initially internal) Beta Testing for the totally-upgraded Disco Destruction and the upcoming paid release.

Let’s take a look at them, one by one.

What is this new version about?

For the ones of you that have already played our Early Access, you know Disco Destruction's core: an arcade-style game, where you get all the fun of being a DJ in an approachable, gamified way, designed to last exactly as long as a headset feels comfortable for.

But it was also a game in the making - our first one, to be exact. And it went through a series of iterations, to help us learn how to make a (very) good VR game.

Your support has been instrumental in that: Your critical feedback helped us make the game better and your positive feedback gave us mental strength to keep going.

Now, after almost half a year of working in the new version, we’re almost where we wanted.

In specific we have:

  • A big graphical improvement from the low-poly blocky style, while keeping the cartoony character of the game.
  • A deepening of the game’s mechanics, like e.g. giving you the ability to fill your own Vinyl Case and use whichever disc you want at any time.
  • A real world, besides the disco’s dancefloor: You’ll have your own room, there’s a back alley with a shop (and an interesting character), some empty lots to explore (in coming updates), the front street to watch your customers come and go. Everything now feels more like a complete world, rather than a restricted room - and we hope you’ll get the same feeling.
  • More (interesting) customers: New types of customers, with many more appearances coming in the next updates and a reworked A.I. that will get bored when you play the same thing or get angry - and leave. One more problem for you to think about.
  • A game progression: Where there was just a repeatable night, there's a series of nights and specific goals for you to achieve.

The first paid release, which is coming in July, will contain most of the above, in an "Arcade" mode, with some twists.

Then, we'll see how that goes, and work a little bit more for the last big update, that will also have:

  1. The story: A whole Story mode, making you live through the last days of "Ouzo 54" and the battle against the evil "Italos". We already have big parts of it made, but we need to polish the experience a little more to make it feel like you live a real adventure in Miami’s nightlife.
  2. Possible new modes: We have some in mind, like “Add you own music” but we have to see how development goes and plan accordingly.

So, in a few words:

  1. We have a whole new game ready for you. If you liked the old free Early Access, you’re definitely going to like this.
  2. We start with the basic gameplay - but later there's also going to be a complete story mode ready for you.
  3. We’re going to work hard to make it an amazing game before we leave Early Access - so, your support matters a lot!
  4. Disco Destruction will have a price from now on, but we’ll choose one that we’re SURE that corresponds to the value that the game gives. And, also, there’s probably many good updates coming, with more content and game modes.

We’ll soon have more information of how you can help us Beta test the game - and when it’s going to be available for purchase.

For the moment, you can take a look at this video of the work in progress. We're already in a better state than this, but it will give you the general feeling of what's coming:


And here's an Imgur Gallery with the previous gameplay video, shown in GIFs: https://imgur.com/gallery/O7Y5twM

Thank you for all your support until now - and we’ll need all we can get for the upcoming adventure we’re getting ourselves into.

See you soon,
The Subjective Team
Disco Destruction - polaralex
Dear players,

Hello again after a few months of “radio silence”. We hope your new year started on the right foot.

For us, we think it did - and we want to share a few things about what we’re working on at the moment.

The end of Early Access Updates.

When we started building Disco Destruction, we were already programmers and gamers, but we sure didn’t feel comfortable calling ourselves Game Designers. That’s why we started building our first game right in front of you, through our free Early Access and our constant, iterative updates.

During these 7 months, we tested our ideas, got to know our players and learned some things about what makes a VR game fun.

So, we decided that the basic idea of Disco Destruction works. And now, it’s time to release what we've always had in mind.

That’s why, since the beginning of the year, we’ve been working full-time on the new version. The goal is to take what made Disco Destruction fun, and make it look better, have more duration and expand a little on the story ideas.

The work is going great and we believe that around late March we’re going to begin Beta testing it.

Around April, is also our target for the “Late Access” release: Still Early Access, but self-explainably later than the previous one. That version is going to be our full game and maybe the Early Access tag will remain to explain our plans for some more additions that we’re thinking about.

That version, also, is going to have a price - but we’ll talk about this soon.

Where we are now?

At the moment, we have done a lot of work to streamline the main gameplay to support a “nights progression”, where each night is going to vary in difficulty.

We are constantly working on making everything look better. The art style is new (forget the blocky aesthetic), the level is a whole piece of a Miami neighborhood (not just the club’s main area) and you’re going to be able to move around freely.

We know, you always wanted these (we also did), but things take time to make. :)

We’ve also reworked the behavior of the Customers to make them react to many more of your choices. They’re going to feel much more alive!

We have also changed the Disc Selection system. In the Early Access builds, the discs came in a random order after a specific waiting time. Forget that!

Now you’ll be able to select whichever disc you want and play it. You’re the DJ and it should be your choice. But, you’ll have to work hard, to make some money and buy better discs to better suit your customers' tastes and leave your mark in Miami’s nightlife.

And who’s gonna sell you those discs? We’ll talk about that in the next update.

Until then, take a look at some screenshots from our work in progress and don’t forget to watch our new trailer, that includes a teaser for the next, big version in the end.


Again, thanks a lot for your support! We’re open to all comments and discussions in the forums. We’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts on everything.

And you can always follow our Twitter account @subjectivevr for more frequent updates.

See you,
The Subjective Team
Disco Destruction - polaralex

Dear players,

How is everybody doing? We hope you enjoy your festive days as much as we do.

There are two things we want to share with you.

First of all, there’s a small update ready for you. The customers now have a better voice (text-voice, that is).

Now, they are going to give you much more specific feedback on how well you’re doing. Go on, check it out yourselves!

Secondly, this will probably be the last update of this current Early Access phase. Up until now, we wanted to test our core ideas, get feedback and, of course, learn how to make a fun VR game.

And we think we got what we wanted.

So, from the beginning of the new year, we’re going to share more about the next version of Disco Destruction: A much bigger, much more polished game, that will also have a (fair) price to it.

It’s still going to stay in Early Access, though, at least in the beginning - and we’re going to need all of you to help us make the best game that we can.

So, until our next update, please enjoy Disco Destruction, break things and get ready to experience its world as we originally imagined it.

The Subjective Team

(ps. Our Steam Community is always open for your comments and your additional thoughts on what you would like to see in a bigger Disco Destruction experience.)
Disco Destruction - polaralex
Dear players,

Hello again - this time too soon, as we promised.

We have a new iterative update for you, which we want you to try.

It takes all the features that we implemented in the last two updates and polishes some rough edges around them.

In a few words:

  • We made the Tutorial better, concerning its flow.
  • We changed the pacing of the main gameplay a little bit. The club now closes at 7:00 and everything is more tight.
  • We added Steam Achievements. Go on, try to unlock them!
  • We gave the intro level some festive feeling. Even developers can feel the Christmas spirit.

We hope you enjoy the small changes and we are waiting for your valuable feedback in our Steam Community forums.

The Subjective Team
Disco Destruction - polaralex

Dear players,

with the weather becoming colder, there’s no better time to use your forehead warmer of choice (Oculus Rift or HTC Vive).

Another good reason is because we have a new update ready for you. And we consider this to be the best update since we released.

Say hello to Power-Ups!

Up until now, you were working hard as a DJ, sometimes tolerating customers throwing smelly things at you, just for the satisfaction of showering yourself with fake money.

But now, you can spend your hard earned coins to buy horns, microphones, six-packs (of beer) and other upgrades.

We think It’s better to experience it by yourself. Go on, the barman is waiting for you.

Let’s keep in touch.

From now on, we’re getting into a phase where lots of things are going to change quickly - and you should expect much more frequent updates.

What we want from you, is to join us in our Steam Community. We want to listen to your opinion, be it bugs, words of encouragement, or critique. Everything has its place in an open dialogue.

Let’s make a better game, together.

We also want to start being more open about our development process. We’re a very small team at the moment (just two of us), but there are things we can share, especially from our work in progress.

To keep up with where Disco Destruction is heading, and to become best-internet-buddies with us, you can also follow our Twitter account at https://twitter.com/subjectivevr/

We are waiting for you to play the new version of the game and listen to your comments.

See you at the community forum,
The Subjective Team
Disco Destruction - polaralex

Dear players,

It’s been some months since we last talked, but we’ve been hard at work.

First of all, we want to thank you for your feedback on the first release of Disco Destruction. Even as an alpha version, many of you had lots of fun with it. And now, we have a much better understanding of where we want to take it.

This Update.

In this October Update, we have added a Tutorial scene. After watching lots of playthroughs of Disco Destruction, we noticed that the rules of the game weren’t clear enough. Please try playing it once again, but now after completing the short tutorial.

Maybe this time you can tell the Barman that “the shitty music” was his fault!

Also, from now on, we officially support the Oculus Rift. Please play Disco Destruction on your Rift and send us your feedback.

Where we are heading.

Our plan for the future is simple: Disco Destruction will be a full game.

It will have a level progression, upgrades and a (short but fun) storyline, that we hope will last at least some hours. Despite our limitations as a small team, we really want to go all-out on our first game and try to create something very fun and worth your time.

One of the reasons why we work on VR, is its ability to take you to another world. For us, that’s its biggest power.

Of course, to create this feeling, a lot of work is needed in the months towards our full-release. In the final product, the game is going to be better looking. It will have deeper gameplay elements, possibilities of customisation and, most of all, a satisfying duration.

The next months.

Until the final release, which will probably be in the beginning of 2018, we’re going to push frequent updates, using the same Alpha graphical assets as our current Early Access release. This way we’re going to test various mechanisms that will be used in the final game.

These next updates will continue to be free. We’re going to try our best to make the game better and more fun, and see your reactions and feedback to the changes.

Let’s keep in touch.

We’re doing all of this mostly for our love of games and VR. So, whatever your question or feedback, please join the conversation in our Steam Community and tell us what’s on your mind.

Every kind of feedback is taken very seriously. We do this for the players. Help us become better!

See you soon,
The Subjective Team
Disco Destruction - polaralex

Dear players,

Just one week after the first release of Disco Destruction, we have already gotten lots of interesting feedback. Today, we have our first update ready, that, among small bug fixes, adds a new and very fun element to the game: Vinyl Scratching!

So, update the game, put a disc on and start scratching! But don’t overdo it, or else the customers will get angry.

Please note that this is the first implementation of the scratching feature and we would also like your feedback on how it feels, or what would make it even better.

For a full list of the main changes in this update:
  • We added the scratching functionality. Now, you’ll feel like you’re DJing even more.
  • We added a restart button in the disco level (just press the Menu button to see it). This will make it easier to stop a night that goes bad…
  • There’s a Quick-Play button in the Intro level. It will only show up after your first playthrough.
  • The bottles now have liquid in them. Please, don’t drink it!
  • Technical stuff, in some places, were fixed.

Please enjoy our game, and remember: the discussions on our Steam Community Page are always open for you to post your experience and feedback.

We'll be back soon, with more news - and of course many more updates to Disco Destruction!

The Subjective Team

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