Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
As our previous announcement mentioned..

Because of the severe storms we have in Florida, we had a brown out causing our services to temporarily go unavailable.. Everything is back up and running.

Thank you for your patience,
YourFunWorld Studios LLC.
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
As Bang! Howdy and all our servers are based in Florida.. We just had a brown out causing all our services to temporarily go offline for a few seconds. We're working on getting everything back up and running.. We will make an announcement again once all services are back online and operational.

Thank you,
YourFunWorld Studios LLC.
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We have updated both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in regards to Bang! Howdy and your YourFunWorld Accounts.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We have updated the beta.. You can find more information on what was updated in the Saloon on the beta server.

** The beta server is only accessible to premium members **
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
To further continue Bang! Howdy.. We have decided to migrate from free to play to paid to play by removing all micro-transactions and making the game a paid product.

This was done in order so we can continue the Bang! Howdy series and keep it up and running. You will be able to play Free to Play until Steam updates the game for us.

An update has been pushed that fixes a ton of issues that we had in our previous line. More information will be released shortly.

For up-to-date information visit our Discord at:
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
Running a game is not an easy task, but we love this game so while we figure out a plan B for Bang! Howdy. It will remain offline until further notice.. Hopefully we can bring it back to light soon. Stay tuned.

- YourFunWorld Studios
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We will be preforming full network maintenance tomorrow at 2PM EST.

This maintenance will consist of replacing all malfunctioning ethernet wires in our datacenter. We also plan on releasing a small update to hot fix some minor bugs.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,
YourFunWorld Studios
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba

Announcing XSolla our new Publishing Partner! With XSolla they will not only help with marketing but support over 400 payment methods which we are working on fully integrating with our system.

While we work out the legalities of our relations with XSolla, our payment gateway will be disabled and no new payments will be accepted until further notice. We hope with the help of XSolla our game can get back to where it should be and make Bang! Howdy Great Again!

For live updates you can join us on Discord at:

We hope to see you there,
YourFunWorld Studios Team
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba

We noticed some inconsistencies in our network data. There seems to be a shot cable causing roughly 80% packet loss to/from our game servers. Because of this, we will be preforming maintenance at 11AM - 1PM EST.. This means the game may go up & down during this time as the datacenter staff work on fixing the packet loss issues. We hope for your understanding.

Thank You,
YourFunWorld Studios Staff
Bang! Howdy - Kayaba
We will be doing maintenance tomorrow starting at 12PM EST. This maintenance will be to switch over to our new payment gateways and prepare for a marketing launch.. More information will be available soon on the marketing launch.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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