Fight'N Rage - sebagamesdev
I have made some improvements and fixes in this version, however, don't worry, the gameplay and difficulty level is intact. =)

- I rewrote the TV effect, and now it looks way better and clean, specially when you use scanlines.
- Now it's possible to use Turbo Speeds at Score Attack and Time Attack (wich make those modes optionally hardest, because time runs faster too).
-Some minor translation errors were fixed.

I hope you enjoy this update and specially I hope you like the new TV filter look. =)
Fight'N Rage - sebagamesdev
I've added a new achievement when you got Rank S on Time Attack with all characters, and I've modified some time requeriment too.

These are the new time requeriments for Rank S:

Ricardo: 1:40 (because 2 minutes was too easy)
F.Norris: 1:45 (because 2 minutes was pretty easy)
Diane: 2:10 (because 2 minutes was extremely hard)

I update the internal assembly info too... because the game was internally named "F.A.R.M" for some reason ^^U

Well... that's all... as you can see, this is a pretty simple update! =)

Fight'N Rage - sebagamesdev
I have read all your posts here and I've been working on some of your requests and some other cool things... btw, here are the updates notes! =)

Update Notes (180307)

New Content:
-Added a new Time Attack mode (as unlockable) which allows you to unlock new costumes!
-Added 2 more costumes for each protagonist! (to be unlocked on Time Attack, of course!)
-Added a new Stage Practice mode (as unlockable) where you can select all previously beaten stages with different settings and infinite lives!
-Another thing that I've added, is a new... oh, wait... just... just look at last fixed issue instead. =)

Gameplay Adjustments:
-Now, cpu ninja enemies' will not cancel their rain kick into normal air kick. (Sometimes it looks weird when you play as Ricado and parry this attack.)
-Score Attack Rank S requeriment for Gal was down from 55k to 52k, however, it was possible to do more than 55k, but I must admit that's something way too hard to achieve.
-Now, you can't use continues on Unfair difficulty (they were pretty useless here, because you start with 0 extra lives, and now, if you want to practice a stage you can do via Stage Practice mode).
-Cpu partners now waits 3 seconds instead of 1 second before starts to fight against General Tigar.
-Now enemy defeat count only works for those enemies who were defeated at Arcade Mode and no other modes.

-Some small visual improvements on certain stages.
-Now locked game modes show silhouettes on main menu.
-Now "Stage Clear" effect starts with a cool zoom effect.

Fixed Issues:
-Fixed a very-interesting-to-resolve bug that was happened some times after first boss battle that don't let you choose one of the possible options.
-Now enemies that are exploding by bike's explosion will not show 500 bonus points anymore (that was an error, because those 500 points were for "the bike", instead of player).
-Some minor translation fixes.
-Fixed unaligned rectangle at How to Play demo.
-Fixed yellow energy bar minor bug at How to Play demo.
-Now mashing special button after beating a stage at 3 players mode doesn't allows you to keep hitting the boss for hours.
-Fixed a visual glitch in energy bar that was happened when you lose by timer while you were in hyper mode.
-Guess what?... I've fixed a text error in tip 32 without having to do any text modification. =)

I don't want to end this without sharing some words with you. First of all, I want to thank you all, because I already have recovered my investment in the FnR development! =)

For me, there's only one word that can explain this success, and that word is "You". You have bought an unknow game from an unknow developer without any marketing campaing behind... even, some of you started to write reviews and make videos and articles about FnR here and there, sharing your thoughts and giving it much more exposure... now, I want you to know that without your good actions this game couldn't have been a success... that's why today, almost six months after its launch, finally I can say without fear of being wrong that I feel very proud and grateful about how things have happened.

To be honest, when I was working on FnR, I already knew that making it "commercially viable" would be unlikely, you know?... so, I was ready to assume the commercial failure, in favor of create what I consider as a great game. I always believe that failing when you're working on something that you really want is certainly the best way to fail... I love videogames, as a player and as a developer too, so... finally, I did my best finishing FnR... and then, it was well received by almost all of you... which makes me feel proud about my work and you all for appreciating it. I'm really very happy to see a lot of people around the world who really enjoys playing my first big game. Really, you've changed my life for good, so, thank you so much! This update is for you! =)
Fight'N Rage - sebagamesdev
While I was seeying how a lot of people playing my game, and reading discussions I tought a lot of things about the gameplay itself. I noticed how some players try to play in the best possible way at high difficulties, while others just try to unlock all costumes and extras while playing more casually... as player, I like to play in the two ways too, it depends on how much compromise I want to have with certain games. I noticed that some players just can't finish the game on hardest settings, because they try to keep continuing in the last level (which is the hardest way to achieve it)... to be honest, I must admit that continuing in hardest levels is not a good option... maybe it can be fun on people like me who enjoy this type of "frustrating experiences" on this type of games, but not for every type of player. somewhere in the line, I was thinking about keep continues limited, but I think that will not solve the main problem... considering that usually those players who like challenges always aim to the 1cc.

I hope with this update, more type of players can enjoy my game, and could have more motivation to try hardest settings too... while those who already aim for the 1cc run or want to play on insane and unfair difficulties, keep the same challenge as before.

Thank you to all players around the world that support me buying this game, talking about it, and writing good reviews. This update is for you! Enjoy! =)

Changes and improvements:
-Added a new costume for each protagonists (all with new styles). You must do 1cc (one credit clear) in single player (any difficulty) in order to unlock those. (Note that if you already was achieve a 1cc, it must be on this version, old versions 1cc doesn't count due the game was not known which character you were used when you got the 1cc) (another reason to play! =)
-Score Rank S costumes were modified to feel more unique.
-Gal weapon attack is slighty better than before (less startup frames and smaller passive collisions).
-Slighty incremented the attack power on some Gal's attacks. (Which means that needed Score for Rank S is higher now.)
-Added more details on the floor of Runaway Path stage.
-Added more details on the beach stage floor.
-Now the "New" mark on extra section items dissapear at 0.5 seconds of viewing instead of 1 second.
-Costume price is now 400 instead of 500 (because there are more costumes to get now).
-Hard and Hardest maintain its previous difficulty but Continues are now by section (just like Normal), so, obtain all costumes will be more accesible. (By the way, Insane and Unfair still don't use section checkpoints, but beat the game on those difficulties is not needed in order to get all costumes.)
-Pipe, sword and boomerang are slightly more powerful (now, it's a better idea to keep the weapons).
-Now, stage title gadget change its color depending on the current difficulty. (I thought it simply looks cooler! =)
Nov 6, 2017
Fight'N Rage - sebagamesdev
While I was working on some new content for future updates I did some adjustments and fixes. I hope you like it!
By the way, thanks a lot for the amazing reviews! This is a great way to keep this game alive. I really love to read such great comments!

-Now Easy Difficulty is a little more easier: I added an extra live, so it's pretty more easy than before now, specially if you use continues.
-Some texts descriptions were updated: Due the fact that Unfair Difficulty was completed by some players around the world (included me =D)!, the description in the extras section was updated!
-Now player can skip score conversion counter more faster: I notice this some time ago, when I finished unfair, but now seeying other players having the same issue, I think that's pretty annoying the amount of time you have to wait.
-Now easy difficulty is cheaper: Easy difficulty is a pretty cool way to play the game, it's a shame that some players get discouraged to buy it by prefering buy a costume instead, so, it is much more accesible now.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed an extremely rare bug that could happen on an extremely rare situation at the raft stage. Thank you Not Anonymous, for reporting it! That was a really interesting problem to solve!
-Fixed a cutscene english text that appears in spanish. (When you defeat G.Tigar with Gal and F.Norris, Gal were talking some spanish quotes!)
Oct 16, 2017
Fight'N Rage - sebagamesdev
This is my second update.
All this days I was watching videos about how people are playing my game and I must say that's really amazing. It's my intention to keep working on future updates, because there are some things that I really want to do.
Thanks for all the feedback in the forums, as like for the reviews. I'm really very happy about how you are understanding Fight'N Rage. See players around the world who keep trying and learning new ways to beat enemies is something really amazing.

Thank you for this all!

Here's a list of changes in this update:


-Two new costumes for each protagonists: Gal, Ricardo and F.Norris have 2 new costumes, each one with its own requeriment.
1- Getting a Red Belt on Training Mode.
2- Getting Rank A or better or Score Attack.

-Minor experience improvement on the minotaur fight at last elevator on Normal or easier dificulties: Now, normal enemies doesn't appear until the minotaur lose half energy, in order to let new players understand his mechanics.

-Minor translation fixes: Some lines were fixed.

-Only for people who use external programs to manage input, I've added a (non in-game) way to disable/ignore all joysticks: Now if you put a file named "disable_all_joysticks" (without quotes and without extension) in the game folder, all joysticks input will be ignored, which can be useful if you want to use external programs like joytokey or xpadder without having conflicts. (Note for joytokey users: if you want to use joytokey, you must know that it does work properly with this game, BUT keyboard arrow keys are just ignored by some reason, so you must use another keyboard keys for movement (IJKL or WASD can be good alternatives).)

Note about this last change: While the input in this game is already in-game fully configurable and auto-detectable at launch, I heard that some people with non-standar gamepads (such like custom arduino based or some ppjoy driver based ones), can't mapped it correctly in the game, (to be exact, it was reported by 3 people who were used custom-made arcade sticks) so, my idea is to provide an easy way to solve that issue for those cases, due people who custom gamepads usually works with joytokey and/or xpadder with a lot of games.
Fight'N Rage - (Dominic Tarason)


Brawlers are a misunderstood breed. The descendants of Final Fight and Streets of Rage are easy to dismiss as unfair products of another era, where they stood in arcade cabinets and where seemingly designed to drain your wallet by forcing countless retries against random attack patterns in order to get that one lucky break. But for those willing to learn their intricacies, punch ’em ups can be seen as part of a precise and demanding genre where victory is always possible despite the odds.

While there have been attempts at revival such as Castle Crashers or Mother Russia Bleeds, those offer more style than substance. I dove into recent Steam release Fight N Rage [Steam page] (debut title from solo Uruguayan indie Seba Games Dev) with some trepidation, but came out the other side overjoyed. Faithful fans of fisticuffs, this may well be the best brawler I ve ever played, and I ve played them all.


Sep 25, 2017
Fight'N Rage - sebagamesdev
This is my first update.
I have implemented some improvements and bug fixes.
Hope you like! And thanks for all the feedback on the forums!
I'm very happy to see how you discover things and understand my game... you're really amazing!
Thank you for this all!


Update Notes (170925)

Bugs Fixed:

-Fixed a gameplay bug when an enemy are throwing the characters receive a hit by a boomerang (the game fails to try to re-atach the boomerang to the player because he's beign grabbed). Thanks a lot for reporting it Hibachi!

-Minor english translation fixes.

-Now, "finished a game, winning or losing" requeriment activates even if you don't get the "game over" screen, so, if you lose, then continue and quit after, the condition will be ready too (that was leading to confusions on people who wanted to unlock training mode and quit the game after continue, instead of waiting for game over screen).

-Minor fix on ending pause.


-Now current video mode (window or fullscreen) is stored at save data.

-Now the game saves data everytime after you get coins too.

-Now (ONLY ON EASY MODE) you lose 1/4 of your life once you fall outside of screen (but don't worry, on NORMAL or harder you lose the same amount than before (1/3)).

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