MuX - Bunnybacon
New Features
  • Components
    • lerps (utor, uton, rtou, rton, ntor, ntou)
      Linearly interpolates between unit (0 to 1), range (X to Y) and normal (-1 to 1).
    • uknob & nknob
    • toggleboard
    • randomdispatch
    • pass_in & pass_out
  • Wiki
    • Added a series of 'wiki' scenes. to enter the wiki, type:
      loadx wiki
      or use press the i button in the Hub.

Changes / Improvements
  • Updated interaction system
    • Fixed a issue where pressing a button really fast will cause it to not register a press.
  • L_IZA
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • New command:
      print "text"
      makes L_IZA write some text to the console.
    • The txt command now accepts argument:
      txt src:"source.txt"
      - where source.txt is the path to a text file relative to your save folder.
    • You can now paste text into L_IZA's console. simply copy some text to your clipboard, and press ctrl+v while in MuX.
    • You can now save your scene using the ctrl+s keyboard shortcut.
  • Palette / Keyboard
    • Added the up, down, left and right buttons, for navigating in the console. (Also works on your physical keyboard).
      Up and down cycles between previous and next in your command history.
  • Components
    • Many of the components now light up when firing an event.
    • Various visual changes.
    • Theremux
      Visual updates, and now also outputs the angle of your trigger.
  • New Hub
    • The hub has been redesigned with a lot more example scenes, featuring two scenes by community member Zymf
  • Lift
    • The playspace has been rotated 90 degrees, to better match the player's room-scale setup.
    • The floor has been raised slightly, to better match the player's room-scale setup.

Known issues
  • Some of the spawning positons are incorrect
  • Sometimes L_IZA and the Palette goes out of range of the Play Area
  • Slides and wiki pages incomplete.

Developer's comments
Dear MuX-icians:

With this new update, along with a bunch of new components, we have reworked the Interaction system, resulting in a much improved button-pressing experience. Instead of having to carefully touch a button, you can now press, poke, whack and slam to your heart's content!

We also added a major improvement to the visual feedback. Event components now light up when firing, making it easier to follow what is going on.

We have also added the first version of our in-game Wiki. In the Wiki, you can read articles about all of the components, as well as various important concepts, such as connections, signals and commands. Some Wiki pages also feature examples, to help you understand the various concepts and components in MuX. To enter the wiki, either find the i button in the Hub, or type loadx wiki into L_IZA.

Please note that MuX is a work in progress, and everything is subject to change.

We hope you have fun with the new update, and we'd like to give a warm welcome to all of the new players who have joined us since the last update. Please feel free to share your thoughts and creations here in the steam forum, on reddit, or on social media.
Stay MuX-y!

-The MuX team
MuX - Bunnybacon
MuX Beta 180314 Patch Notes:

New Components:
  • Sin
  • Cos
  • Floor
  • Round
  • Abs
  • Sign
Changes / Additions:
  • More settable types for Compare, Ifel and Watcher
  • The knob board and the toggle board are now writable!
  • HUB
    • Added a bunch of new Demo scenes
      • Now features a scene made by community member TiG3RMaST3R
    • Various changes to the Intro tutorial
  • Keyboard
    • Added an "up" button to the keyboard, to recall the last command.
    • Added "save" and "load" buttons on the keboard.
    • Added a "HUB" button to the keyboard
  • L-IZA
    • New Command: info_mode (true / false)
      • Disable to hide info display when hovering a component.
    • Removed the "console mode" button
      • Now automatically displays console when typing.
      • Now automatically displays info display when hovering a component.
Bugfixes / Improvements:
  • General stability, usability and cosmetic improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where event connections would become very large when passing a large number of events simultaneously.
MuX - JM
Dear Muxillians,

We are doing another live stream today at 7pm CET / 10am PST

Topics will be:
  • change log
  • mux creation of the week
  • demo building step sequencer
  • coming up in MuX
MuX - Bunnybacon
Hello MuXicians,

This Saturday at 10am PST / 19PM CET, we are doing a live Twitch stream.

We’d like to meet our community, so feel free to join and ask us any questions you might have.

If you can't make it for the stream, feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments below, and we'll do our best to answer them on stream.

Click here to view in your time zone.


See you there!

Update: the stream has been canceled due to technical difficulties.
MuX - JM
MuX Beta 180128 Patch Notes:

  • Double Precision Floats
    • All streams and events now use double precision floating point numbers.
  • Set Type Osc
    • Set the Wave Type of the oscillator with an event.
  • Set Phase Osc
    • Set the Phase of the oscillator with an event.

MuX - JM
MuX Beta 180121 Patch Notes:

  • Renaming:
    • octupus -> octopus
    • buton -> button
    • min -> s_min
    • max -> s_max
  • Adding missing L_IZA Entries (still missing: dispatch, e_mul)
  • compare/ifel comparitor selection
  • navigation offset pallet/liza on load
MuX - Bunnybacon
MuX Beta 180119 Patch Notes:

  • New mobility option: Dragging
    • When not touching anything, hold TOUCHPAD + GRAB (side buttons) on one of your controllers to move around the space.
    • Your world position is retained when loading a new scene, unless specified in the save file.
  • New Commands
    • New Command: cmd
      Creates a cmd component. Shortcut for “spawn cmd” command.
    • New Command: txt
      Creates a txt component. Shortcut for “spawn txt” command.

      For more information on commands, see the Command List Forum Thread.
  • Various UX improvements
  • Various performance/stability improvements
  • Fixed an issue with the elbow and spacer
  • Octupus
    • Octopi can now be “rooted”. If rooted, it, and any components attached to it, will now follow you around if you move around using the new dragging feature.
    • In order to root an octopus, touch it and click the left button on your touch pad.
  • L-IZA
    • Fixed an issue with some pages not showing in Info mode.
    • Added missing pages to L-IZA.
  • Demo Scenes
    • Added a new demo scene featuring musical scales.

Click here to view this announcement on the MuX official Forums.
MuX - Bunnybacon
Hello MuXists

This Saturday at 10am PST / 19PM CET, we are doing a live Twitch stream.

We’d like to meet our community, so feel free to join and ask us any questions you might have.

Click here to view in your time zone.


See you there!

Click here to view this announcement on the MuX Forums.
Dec 20, 2017
MuX - JM
MuX Beta Patch 171220 Patch Notes:

No dialog box:

  • The game now launches without the resolution dialog box

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