Adam Waste - Blackturn
Since the release, we have made many updates. We read all your feedback and criticism of Adam Waste.
The second episode will appear after we correct all the errors and problems. All we want is the best gaming experience for you.
Thank you for support!
Team Blackturn.
Adam Waste - Zeroni
Welcome to new Adam Waste!

We invite you to shape the future of all 5 episodes of Adam Waste with us! Play the demo or the full game today and let us know of your thoughts, ideas and encountered bugs at

Your experience is very important to us!

As a thank you gift, we're working on a FREE weapon DLC for all the testers and the best and most dedicated members of our community will receive a free Adam Waste copy, with all 5 episodes unlocked, as they release.

Let's create something amazing together!

Change log v1.01

+ Modified AI behaviour
+ AI health changes
+ Added weapon zoom
+ Movement improvements
+ Camera update
+ Collision event improvements
+ Bug fixes
Adam Waste - Blackturn
Just claim them again on or or contact us! -

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