Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
So here it is,
the first Milo's Quest alpha gameplay trailer
It's a 2D top-down puzzle/adventure

Coming in 2019 initially for Windows PC
Jun 19, 2018
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
Hey guys :) what's up?

I have a brand New Developer/Publisher Page here on Steam. It's way easier to concentrate my informations about games and stuff there. If you want to stay tuned about my games, new releases and updates, please follow me here:
May 2, 2018
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
Hello everyone,

There is a new update for Sokoban Land DX that brings some optimizations to the game, so more PC's may run the game at a higher FPS.
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
Both Sokoban Land DX and WILOO received DEMO versions that can be downloaded in game's page on Steam. Now you can try freely the first world of each game. Hope you enjoy them :)
Oct 19, 2017
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
Today, both WILOO and Sokoban Land DX were updated.
With this update, FPS should be improved on some Graphic Cards,
specially running on Windows 10.
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
The update v1.0.0.3 can be downloaded right now.
For this version the movement speed can now be changed at any time, on "Options" and "Pause" menus. By default it's on "Normal" speed, and you can change for "Slow" (-1/2 movement speed) or "Fast" (+3x movement speed).

Thank you guys for your feedbacks and support :)
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
In this version, music on/off option is saved on your save file, then, if you turn off sounds and exit the game, the musics and sounds will be turned off in your next session.

Some new cool musics were also added :)
There is some other minor improvements too.

Thank you guys for all your feedback and support!
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
WILOO, a 2D side-scrolling platformer inspired mainly on 8/16 bits eras with Graphics and Sounds updated, is now available on Steam.

Help WILOO save his buddy from Dr. ETvaldo.
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
Hi guys,
After downloading the game, please, make sure to download also the "Sokoban Land DX - PaperToy" its free!

If you already download it, don't forget to see the "EXTRAS" folder inside your Sokoban Land DX install directory ;)

After that, you will only need, a printer, scissors and some patience to build your very own Sokoban characters in PaperToy!
Sokoban Land DX - Juliano
Sokoban Land DX is now available on Steam with a launch discount of 10%. Hope you enjoy the game guys :)

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