Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
1. Chang Zoom In/Zoom Out function. Now player can view the whole map.
During eraly development I thought it's bad to reveal the ugly backgroud because designed map can not cover every size of screen (4:3,16:9,16:10,etc), so I choose to restricting the zoom range, I guess it's bad decision for a strategy game...
2. Add Russian language in the game. Special thanks to Maxim Kabatsky(Максим Кабацкий) for translation.
3. Balance Adjustment: Improve some laser effects: Purple and Yellow.
4. Minor bug fixes.

Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
1. Reassign shortcut, move all shortcut to left hand. Please check the screenshot or operation hint in game.
2. Adjust difficulty balance, including price punishment of repidly building same tower, power of black laser, Combination tower etc,.
3. Fixed minor bugs.

Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
1.New Function: Hover mouse to check enemy property
2.New Function: Tab key to Hide/Resume upper and bottom UI
3.Modified Function: New Space key only toggle Pause/Resume
4.Fixed: During building press tower shortcut can pickup another tower
5.Fixed: During toturial, do not move mouse cause operation hint show up
6.Fixed: Demo version's game achievement can be inherited to Full version, be Steam achievement can not.
Aug 22, 2017
Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
1. Add Pause function. Give player more time to think or build and adjust towers.

2. Now press Space will change speed 1xSpeed > 2xSpeed > 4xSpeed > Pause > 1xSpeed and so on.

3. Add direct Shortcut for speed control, in Number keypad section. Num0 = Pause, Num1=Normal speed, Num2=2xSpeed, Num3=4xSpeed.

4. Add enemy escape path line on the map for a few starter missions, to help player get familiar with it quickly and clearly.

5. Add function to match the font size to player’s screen resolution. Because previously some text won't show completely on small resolution, especially the Tutorial. It should be better now.

6. Add tower name and function description when move mouse over tower icon in bottom build section.

7. Add shortcut key for quick build tower, 10keys from "Z" to "/" in the keyboard line represent the 10 towers.

8. Add operation hint when select the tower first few times in mission 1.

9. improve some of tutorial description.

10. Fix a few minor bugs

Also Russian language pack is on the way, will be release soon.
Aug 20, 2017
Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
- Add range indicator to Active Command Bomb
- Fix Tech Upgrade doesn't work issue
Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
- Update game icon both in Steam and OS (previous icon is too ugly, I can't take it anymore...)
- Reduce the difficulty to get steam achievements
Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
So silly I forgot to replace the Tutorial text for other languages. It should be match the whole game now.
Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
Tech detail that nobody cares: After Unity Engine updated, it doesn't reconize non-UTF8 text file anymore, so it shows default text index which look like #1234
Aug 19, 2017
Lethal Laser - DigiFeather
Fixed Content: Game shows Reach Max Level at tech level 1 in Doctor Mode

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