Mar 24, 2019
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - Cym-Rex
1. Reduce morale consumption

2. Remove the rigidity of the army

3. Fix bugs that the army has stuck with

4.Fix bugs that can't declare war
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - Cym-Rex
1.Fixed Bug whose GM command was not reset after quitting the game
2.Optimizing the Sea Surface and Promoting Efficiency
3. Fixing bugs that reported errors
4. Increasing taxes (requiring a new game)
5. Add a new GM directive: Increase manpower in all cities: RiseMenpower
Mar 12, 2019
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - Cym-Rex
1. Beautify Simple terrain

2. Replace some fonts

3. Beautifying the Flag

4. Add 8 pieces of music with Oriental background

5. Modify the rendering path to slightly improve game efficiency

6. Eliminate terrain error rate and optimize terrain
Feb 10, 2019
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - Cym-Rex
Here we congratulate all players on the happy Spring Festival.~


1. Optimizing the effect of FOW to fade in and out

2. Shield the Close Button to Prevent Misoperation

3. Fixed music loss bugs

4. Modify map edges
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - Cym-Rex
Big Update: new UI For NationWar
Happy Christmas to you all in advance :)

Updated entries:
1. Add performance optimization tips

2. Add version information of the game's main interface

3. Remove UI scaling options

4. Overall Replacement of Game UI

5. Modify some translations

6. Do not reduce organization on the road

7.AI modification

8. Repairing the "AI Options Bar" of the government interface can't use the Bug of the mouse wheel

9. Increase scene brightness

10. Enlarging the City Model

11. Repairing Mask's Problem

Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - Cym-Rex
Add simple terrain to NationWar for better performance.
You can select the simple terrain by Settings.
Oct 21, 2018
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - Cym-Rex
1. Optimize font definition
2. Optimize some code
3. Fix bugs in the concept of Chu
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - C.Y.M.
- Large map trees can not hide the bug
- Enabling wars economy to increase consumption
- Replaces the Sword Shield only model
- Replace the halberd soldiers
- Replaced spear soldier model
- Replace cavalry model
- Replace the crossbow soldier
- Replace militia
- Replace long ax soldiers
- Replace some infantry
- Dead king tips
- Cloud archive is not useful bug
-log prompt soldiers figure shows 0
- Optimize the late effects
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - 上上善道
Function class update:
- Draw the map trees
- The army will automatically attack a certain area of the city, can not be bypassed

Game update:
- Add brand new name base on historical facts, divided into two kinds of Central Plains and Di Di barbarians
- Add a description of the country's talent
- Add player tips to eliminate message boxes in other countries
- Add two digit display after decimal point
- Change the points that reduce the consumption of inflation to diplomatic points
- Add all kinds of regimes unique wartime economy,

Bug class fixes:
- Fix AI does not build core bugs
- Fixed the league did not relieve the ally after the bug
- Fixed orthodox buff addition error bug
- Rehabilitate the combat effectiveness of a crossbow soldier and a crossbow soldier
- Fix the initial technology bug without buff bonus
- Fixed bug where AI did not unlock advanced branches
- Fix diplomatic interface country icon can not show complete bug
Nation War:Chronicles | 国战:列国志传 - 上上善道
Function class update:
- Increase the amount of loanable according to taxation
- Highlight the icon for diplomats and traders
- Remove the city walls and replace with a new one
- Show the opponent's sovereign state against the vassal war
- Optimize HUD
- Optimize AI efficiency
- change the game exe icon
- Simplified GM instruction flow
- Draw the map details
- Add captives to death
- Replace small map texture
- Optimize individual descriptions and languages

Gameplay update:
- a new random event (except for the Lele, Lele events)
- Now all countries can choose
- Reduce the stability needed for the exchange of heads of state
Countries more difficult to align with each other in different faith groups
- Add Rong Di, Baiyue, Bashu, Qiang characteristic beliefs
- Increase part of the original faith features sacrifice
- Xian Dan consumption will increase with the national strength, and consumes devotion
- Characters must die by a certain age
- National concept completely redesigned
- Increase the minimum damage caused by the army
- Adjust wood resource output and topography
- Complex Terrain Cities are harder to be captured
- slightly increase the value of the city offensive and defensive
- Adjust Song, Wei territory
- Eliminate the prerequisites for cross-technology research and development
- Strengthening Confucius

Bug class fixes:
-buff does not disappear the bug
- Lens flashes bug
- Army encounters bugs that do not attack each other
- Army manpower does not restore the bug
- Military organization does not reduce the bug
- Fix some bugs that ui will show in the upper left when some games are running
- history is wrong, suggesting that you hit your own bug
- Lvgu has been killed in the play but the military alliance still shows the existence of the bug
- Was declared war on others did not show the war shield badge bug
-AI force is greater than the other side too, but also choose the defensive strategy bug

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