CUR3D Maker Edition - RUHRSOURCE GmbH
Love community,
Please forgive us for the fact that we have delivered you only a few updates to the CUR3D Maker Edition (on Steam).

We will change that in 2019: There will be a completely new code base of the CUR3D Maker Edition (on Steam). For some time now we have been developing a complete new version without Steam; but that should not be a disadvantage for you ...

Because we will publish the new development on Steam and then be able to provide with regular updates! This version will replace your current Maker Edition of CUR3D, which means you will not have to buy it again.

Furthermore, the other license models (Elements, Advanced and Professional) will also be available here on Steam. The DLC "Permission for commercial use", however, will be replaced by the elements. So who wants to use the "pure" Maker Edition commercially, should now access, as long as the DLC is still there.

We hope you like the news and stay true to us.

Best regards and a nice Advent season,
CUR3D Maker Edition - RUHRSOURCE GmbH
We are very sorry that it is currently very quiet about the Maker Edition. :-(
We are working hard on the release of CUR3D Version 2.0; new features that should also be included in the Maker Edition.

To sweeten the waiting time but a bit, we have until 2018-08-31 a unique offer for you:

50% discount on CUR3D Professional, Advanced and Elements licenses.

You can buy CUR3D licenses
CUR3D Maker Edition - RUHRSOURCE GmbH

Last night we already published the long promised DLC 'Permission for commercial use'.

With the purchase of this DLC we allow you to use the CUR3D Maker Edition commercially, too.

And currently we give you an introductory discount of 15%!
CUR3D Maker Edition - RUHRSOURCE GmbH
Finally. That was a hard birth. Thanks again to all who have reported us the error and helped with the Fix. :-)
CUR3D Maker Edition - RUHRSOURCE GmbH
Another final fix will follow soon.

If anyone has problems since the Halloween update, please follow these steps:
1. Open the Steam Library
2. Steam library on "Software"
3. Right click on "CUR3D Maker Edition"
4. Open "Properties"
5. Select "Local Files" tab
6. Click on "Check files for errors"

Then a download starts and the wrong file is exchanged. Now the problem should be fixed. As mentioned above, we still publish a final fix that replaces the workaround.
CUR3D Maker Edition - RUHRSOURCE GmbH
Good morning together, unfortunately there is an unpleasant bug in our Halloween release. Thanks for your hints. Immediately we take care of a fix, which will be published today in the course of the day!
We apologize to you and let you know as soon as we publish the fix.
CUR3D Maker Edition - RUHRSOURCE GmbH

Hey Makers, :-)

for all of you, who want to try out #CUR3DME before you buy, we've good news: The demo is released since today.

You can play around with the CUR3D Maker Edition demo and test out all features. The only difference to the full version is, that we disabled exporting files.

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