Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
We're ready to release Fox Hime Zero. You can now pre-order it, no charge.
App Store&Google Play: Search for Fox Hime Zero
Sep 20
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
Due to certain file collision in the krkr emgine, some of you have experienced data loss after the update, we sincerely apologize and have fixed the problem.

Meanwhile, the gamers who experienced data loss will be properly compensated.

This update may cause data loss, please turn off Steam Cloud and backup your savedata first before you update.

Gamers who experienced data loss in the previous update can send a email to, we'll offer you a official savedata and try to solve your other problems.

We, the Operations of Tricolour Lovestory, apologize again for the inconvenience. We'll take this incident as a sign and try to avoid this kind of problem in the future.

Thank all of you for your support, have a good day and game on.
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
With the update of Coloured Episodes –Orange Side-(Daisy side), all the content is complete for the main story.

Coloured Episodes Chapter 5-The only colour I need is updated.
You can start at the 4th Chapter and choose Daisy, if you have, you can start Chapter 5 in Bookmark

More convenient:
* You don't need to go through Rough Episodes to unlock Extra.
* To prevent spoil, you can only check gallery when you've played both Sides.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed the missing voices in Chapter 5 and Chapter-Zero
* Fixed the bug that causes glitch in Voice Bookmark

OST to come:
We'll add 2 more songs from Coloured Episodes –Orange Side-(GameSize)

We're about reach the climaxof update, stay tuned, stay hydrated, and as always, have a good day and game on!
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
#△Spring is coming, Tricolour Lovestory will help you through winter#

With the Daisy Side of the game, we will bring more features to you.

▼▼▼ Schedule ▼▼▼

#△Feb 5(PST) - Update#
【Voice Bookmark】You can now bookmark your favorite lines and listen to them again with going through the whole game.
Coloured Episodes -Orange Side- 4th Chapter of the main story, free for everyone.

#△Feb 7(PST) - DLC#
《Tricolour Lovestory : Chapter Zero》Promotion price: $1.19, and with it, get 2 more keys for free.

#△Feb 8(PST) - Update#
Coloured Episodes -Orange Side- 5th Chapter of the main story, free for everyone.

#△2月11日(PST) - Event#
To celebrate the Chinese New Year, we add a little something extra for you.
Click on EXTRA on the title screen of the game, and hear exclusive voices from Violet, Daisy, Sunny, Lucien and Green.

New Year, don't forget to play#Tricolour△Lovestory#.
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
If you want to see more information about us, check our official site:
If you encounter any problem or just want to talk, please don't hesitate to contact us,, Twitter@SakuraGame_EN

There are some new features added to this game, go check it out~

Update content:
1. Add 2 new tracks to OST.
2. Fix a bug regarding backgrounds.
3. Fix the date setting when loading a savedata.
4. Minor optimizations and bug fix.

Have a good day and game on!
Tricolour Lovestory - Shippou
Paint out my heart...Paint out my heart before winter comes!
>>>Final Chapter of Violet Side is released.

***New Chapter
At Nov 27, an new update of Tricolour Lovestory that contains the 5th Chapter of Coloured Episode -Violet Side- is released.

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