Mar 14, 2018
BackSlash - VegaMukiwa

BackSlash - Update note 1.2

Dear BackSlashers

It took a while to update since I work on a new game, but here is a small update!
A very quick brush up, a new quick match map and a bunch of things I wanted to fix for a long time. I got some precious feedback from a lot of
players and I am considering it seriously. BackSlash can be improved in many ways !


  • Added "Caves", a new map for the quick match mode.
  • The chicken now has a rare chance to be replaced by the Duck. The Duck attacks and explodes, but his meat gives a permanent melee damage buff. This actually is a collaboration we planned with our buddy Landon Podbielski, a great guy and the creator of Duck Game.

  • The AI level can now be selected (I,II,III) with the Up button, from the clan selection menu. AI level tweaks delays between input actions time and "breaks" that the AI takes, attacking range precision, etc... The AI also has a (super simple) "secret" perk that affects his general behavior.
  • Chinese beta translation is now available ingame. Huge thanks to Anjet Hsu for his translation.

    Rework / Balance
  • Reworked the Blade Whistle clan passive,"Iron Storm" as it was too random, and killed the fun. Casting a spell now creates a spirit blade that sticks around the Blade Master. When he gets midlife, all his spirit blades are lit and ready.
    At the next spell he casts, all the blade will be projected forward one at a time.The Blade Master's tactic is now to cast as many spells as possible and survive with high HP, giving him a peak of power in midgame. It forces his enemies to be very agressive on the early game or bet all on a reliable late game.
  • To counterbalance the OP passive, Blade master has a bit less base HP and move speed.
  • Power Spheres deals slightly more damage (on defensive spheres and energy wall)
  • Fluid bursts (Power Clap and Bull Clap) cause more damage.
  • The final boss was slightly nerfed.

    Fixed bugs
  • The blade whistle passive would sometimes not even work.
  • A rare bug would sometimes critically block a fighter forever. It should be fine now.
  • When a fighter was in rage state, the other fighter's animation was not working.
  • Replaced two reversed text entries into settings.
  • Missing Korean entries added.

  • Added music or jingles in menus here and there.
  • The joypad now works in menus.

BackSlash - VegaMukiwa
Hello guys ! A small update to fix minor bugs.

-Korean is now available!
-Text corrections here and there.
-Enemy skulls now properly appears in the survival mode screen.
-Shard Swards easier to cast in mid-air.

See you soon!
Aug 31, 2017
BackSlash - VegaMukiwa
Dear players,

I am so happy to finally release BackSlash.

My name is Thomas Olsson, I am the one-man team behind this game.
I worked very hard for a year on it in Skeleton Crew Studio, a small company made of incredible people who gave me their high experience, human qualities and talent.

They brought BackSlash and me here, and I am very excited to see how things goes !
It is my first game, and I am very motivated indeed. I plan to do various updates and to add things over time if all goes well.


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