Nov 19, 2017
Incline - Dreaded Kane
It was recently brought to my attention replay uploading wasn't working which has been fixed.

You now get a free token a set time after running out so you can continue playing the game for free.

Most of the past two weeks have been spent fixing the VR version of the game, here are the relevant changes since November 7:

  • Replay upload
  • Updated Unity
  • Free token when run out
  • Multiple purchase options
  • Updated lightmaps
Incline - Dreaded Kane
The Steam Workshop is up and running!

Upload replays by clicking the more button in the replay window (...). Download replays by subscribing to them in the workshop. Files are downloaded automatically through Steam and show up in the "Downloaded" section of the replay window.

I spent a few days fixing the problems that occurred when starting a race or changing tracks. Unexpected behaviour such as the race starting twice or not starting at all; races not ending; not transitioning to the next track; etc. should all be fixed.

Here are the changes since October 31:

  • Unexpected behaviour when starting race
  • Unexpected behaviour going to next track
  • Countdown timer going negative
  • Splash screen VR support
  • Rename replays
  • Upload replays to workshop
  • Download replays from workshop

I reached out to Photon support regarding the collision latency between bikes and got an answer, so I'll be working on that soon.
Incline - Dreaded Kane
Hi all,

This week has mostly been spent promoting the game and getting people to try it out. I made a press release about early access, and contacted a few outlets that might be interested in the game.

I'm going to spend money earned from the game on new content such as tracks, motorcycles, and better graphics. You can rest assured the money you spend is going towards making the game better.

I'm back on deck this week having gathered a lot of good feedback and made a plan moving forward. Several people told me they would prefer if the rider's health recharges when changing tracks so I've made that happen. I've also added traction control and ABS so the bike is much easier to control now.

Here are the changes since October 23:

  • Dashboard flickering
  • Reset lap timer on race start
  • Token dialog help button
  • Regenerate health when changing track
  • Added traction control
  • Added ABS
A community member (YamA) has made a new outfit for the rider which will make an appearance this week. It's a green version of the yellow leathers:


I'm going to spend some time looking into the Steam Workshop so people can upload and use their own content in the game. First up, I'll be looking into sharing replays. After that, textures for the rider and the motorcycle.
Oct 22, 2017
Incline - Dreaded Kane
Hello race fans,

Another week of hard work on Incline; here are the changes since October 17:

  • Replay bikes in pit at start
  • Server connection error messages
  • Cheat prevention
  • Transparent rider when game loses focus
  • Interactive health bar
  • Dialogs showing on results screen
  • Virtual reality menu interaction
  • Default graphics API
  • Tokens now last for eight hours
  • Engine revving between sessions
  • Engine volume based on RPM
  • Leaderboard paging
  • Player list in server menu
  • Cheat detection
  • Reduced heal time
  • Removed acceleration cap when injured
For those of you interested in the future of the game, this is what I'm looking into and working on next:

  • Issues starting the game
  • Collision latency
  • Spawn fragging
  • Unexpected behaviour between sessions
  • Virtual reality updates
Oct 16, 2017
Incline - Dreaded Kane
Hi Everyone,

Thank you for joining me on the first week of Incline early access. There have been a few teething problems (to be expected) but I've done my best to address them as soon as possible.

The following is a list of changes made to the game since it was launched on October 10:

  • Error finding servers
  • Exception receiving player data
  • Exception logging session type
  • Lap difference on pit board
  • Invalid lap when cutting track
  • Exceptions when playing replay
  • Triggers firing for other players
  • Server navigation
  • Centre of mass when sliding sideways
  • Disconnect not working sometimes
  • Spawn fragging
  • Update player list in real-time
  • Cheat prevention
  • Buy money now gives $30,000
  • Increased smoothing on keyboard
  • Changed default rider selection
  • Disabled collisions in pit
  • Increased crash impulse
  • Show tutorial on respawn
  • Server names
  • Enabled ghost
  • Server list scroll view
  • Increased off track grip
  • Removed hospital bill
  • Added rider injury
  • Scale engine audio distance by RPM
  • Added mouse sensitivity
  • Rider look when stopped

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