Nov 7
MINDNIGHT - marcel.kogs
Is it hot in here? We just updated the Server with a small hotfix update.

This update should fix the bugged out matches that were caused by the Party system.
At this point, I want to say sorry for the issues we had and also thank you for the help in hunting that nasty bug.
Here is a Redeem as a small excuse: "0b63a26248".
As always please let us know if you encounter any bug or issue with the game. The best way to do that is to join our discord .

Also, this update brings the Community Skin Bundle III, so you can get all the skins that were added with 2.5.0 at once.

Have a nice day!
MINDNIGHT - Franches

It's now or never. You can now play with players that are similar in skill and level. With new skins, new maps created by the community and new music, it's the best time to stop complaining about noobs and start playing with real people.

Yes, noobs, we are working on a tutorial, we have heard it and we will do our best to implement it as fast as possible.

In other news, we are working on the mobile version and we will do more and more efforts to bring more players to MINDNIGHT!

Meanwhile, read those worthwile changes that will blow your mind"

  • Added new Patreon names - Auston, Cameron and Adrian
  • Added a new skin called Develyn
  • Added a new skin called Aumar
  • Added a new skin called Zakk
  • Added a new skin called Jonesy
  • Added a new skin called Claudette
  • Changed the Game Mode screen, removed Ranked, as we will not be working on it anymore now, because an ELO system with leagues and seasons will not work properly with the current player base.
  • Improved the matchmaking system to improve the general quality of games, matchmaking players with similar level and skill. We will improve the system regularly as we will observe it’s behavior and the data.
  • Added order feature in the Leaderboard Screen
  • Removed Ranked Play category in the Leaderboard Screen
  • Players can now join a custom lobby, by clicking on the IDs that are posted in the global chat. This only works for Public Custom Games, not for Private ones.
  • Added a new map selector for Custom Games where players can choose one or multiple maps in a more accessible way
  • Added a new map called the Hideout
  • Added a new map called the Skatepark
  • Added a new map called the The Sewers
  • Added a new map called the NTF-Agency
  • Added original soundtrack scores and ambient sound for each new map, composed by our amazing in-house composer Sasha Sirbu. New tracks will be added to the already existing MINDNIGHT Soundtrack DLC soon.

  • Fixed an issue where the Cadet Skin has a typo in the description
  • Fixed an issue where players were not shuffled before a match
MINDNIGHT - Franches
Congrats to all winners and awesome job! We'll implement these soon.

Noteable Mention: @TheWindowsUser92

Worst Map: @BulletBudgie!

Best Map - 3rd Place - @J-Kode

Best Map - 2nd Place - @Blearky

BEST MAP - 1st PLACE - @unwillingpudding

See map submissions, winners and prizes below:

MINDNIGHT - marcel.kogs

We just updated the game with a small patch.

- Fixed Options UI showing wrong gesture hotkey text.
- Fixed Match history was not loading when you never played a game.
- Fixed some player progression Achievements where not getting unlocked.

- Tweaked agent bots for some situations
- Show female skin preview, depending on name preference
- Show Chat and matchmaking state when hiding the UI
- Improved game log output, to make it easier finding bugs reported by players.

MINDNIGHT - Franches
Scrape together, hoard the talented, forgather the pixels and cluster your ideas onto MINDNIGHT's first Map Contest.
Since the last Skin Community Creation contest, we have been asked hundreds of times when would we organize the next community contest.

Here we are now! We hope you gathered all your strength and patience cause this will be a hard one. A lot of explanation to do and a lot of instructions to respect in order to qualify as being the Map BG King. In addition in winning a lot of In-Game Credits, your map will be implemented in the game and we will also send a shiny nice MINDNIGHT T-shirt to your house. It will smell of indie developers, we apologize in advance. You should wash it before wearing it.

In order to participate you need to create a map background for MINDNIGHT in 2 weeks.
The contest will be over on the 22nd of July.
Current map backgrounds are two, Subway and Backalley. You can see them here.

Technical instructions

In order to create a map you need to know the following technical instructions:

  1. The map size in pixels is 789px X 338px
  2. This size represent a wide version, in order for the background to support wide-screens
  3. Here you can download a .psd, in case you use Photoshop. In the .psd you will be able to see the folowing layers:
- Subway_BG and BackAlley_BG for your reference
- Instructions layer group with: 16:9 Visible area on screens with that aspect ratio, a safezone of the Character Area aka where the skins and players reside with their chat bubbles and last but no least Players Layer, where you are able to see the layout of a full 8-man game session
- Also you will be able to see a HUD layer, where we have the HUD elements accordingly to a 1920 by 1080 resolution.

In order for the map to be eligible for the contest it needs to respect the size.
The map can be created in any other software.

In order to facilitate other community members creations in other software we have created this album, with all of the layers separately in PNGs for your discretion to import them.

Artistic instructions

There is not much to tell here, but we recommend in using the same perspective in order to keep the map consistent with other maps. The perspective that we are talking it's a one-point perspective where buildings and objects have their sides hidden and not visible. See the other two maps for your reference.

You have creative freedom as long as it does not contain nudity, sexual and religious themes or other subjects that are perceived as being controversial topics in the world right now. You cannot depict alive or dead characters or locations with religious or political meaning.

It's a plus if the map will contain lore elements and/or it's part of San Francisco, where most of the action and story takes part in MINDNIGHT. If you are keen in using or respecting the lore, here you will find a resume of the game's lore.

Prizes and Rules

  1. The map is eligible if it respects the 789px X 338px size
  2. Any map that steals content or it's not an original creation will be disqualified and the respective player will also be banned from all MINDNIGHT servers.
  3. Any map that contains inappropriate content will be disqualified.
  4. In order to be eligible for the contest you need to submit your map file/s via Reddit, Discord (map-contest channel) or e-mail at contact [at] by the 22nd of July 2018. You can send a download link through Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer. Any other link created by any other provider will be ignored and disqualified.


1st place - 100.000 In-Game Credits and an exclusive skin that is no longer on sale, chosen by you. And a MINDNIGHT T-shirt.

2nd place - 50.000 In-Game Credits

3rd place - 25.000 In-Game Credits

Worst Map Background (but usable) - 10.000 In-Game Credits

The Map Contest starts now! Good luck and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to join our Discord and tag the devs.

MINDNIGHT - Franches
Hey there,

First and foremost thank you for playing MINDNIGHT and we hope that this update will spice up things with a new game mode that we are adding to Custom Games. The new game mode is called Mainframe and you are able to find out more about it here

Let's get into some bugs, issues and new features that are in this 2.4 Update. Enjoy.

Fixed issues and bugs:
  • Fixed an issue where the penalty given by the game to a player was not correctly displayed in the Penalty Pop-up
  • Fixed an issue where the node tooltip was displayed continuously
  • Fixed an issue where the continue button at the end of the game was not visible
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement “Speechless” was not triggered properly
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement “Not on my watch” was not triggered properly
  • Fixed an issue where sounds were played during the mission phase by pressing hotkeys, even when the player can’t do any actions
  • Fixed an issue where starting a party while being in the matchmaking queue was not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where a muted player was still able to write in global chat
  • Fixed some general typos in the game’s UI text labels
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to use a chat exploit to impersonate other players
  • Fixed an issue where skins were not sorted correctly

Changes and new features:
  • When a player receives a penalty, he is now able to see the amount of time that he is on a penalty in the Penalty Pop-up
  • Added a new Game Mode, called “Mainframe”. For more information on how the game works go here. This new Game Mode is only available for Custom Games. At this point we are not planning into adding it to the normal matchmaking. Enjoy and don’t forget to give us feedback about it in our Discord.
  • Added 7 additional female variant skins for all progression skins
  • Added 11 new in-game names (Thanks a lot to our patreons for supporting the game and believing in MINDNIGHT)
  • Added 46 new achievements
  • We have removed 3 achievements that were encouraging players to behave against the game’s rules and recommended gameplay loop.
  • Added a chat notification when a player is passing a turn.
  • When a player is being banned, a notification will be send automatically to our official Discord server, in the #bans channel
  • Players that reported another player will receive now a pop-up notification when that respective player will be banned. Thank you for being diligent and making MINDNIGHT a better place.
  • Custom games settings will now persist and be saved
  • Players that will not play for more than 90 days, they will be automatically removed from the leaderboards. This functionality is in effect as of now.
  • The Skin Deal price was increased from $0.99 to $1.99 for all skins which costs more than 10000 credits to balance out the monetization

Thanks for reading and don't forget to join our Official Discord Server to chat with developers, make suggestions and complain. ːsteamhappyː
May 17
MINDNIGHT - marcel.kogs

We just updated the game with a small hotfix.

- Fixed Match History
- Fixed Missing Discord library caused a crash on Windows 32 bit
- Fixed Chat glitch
- Fixed Skip button not being disabled after clicking
- Fixed Skip button Incorrect position on other aspect ratios
- Fixed Banned players sometimes not notified of the ban

- Changed Skin Angela price

- Improved AI
- Improved general server performance

MINDNIGHT - Franches
Hello hackers. And agents.

We just rolled a quickfix with some bug fixes and improvements.

Thank you for your support and patience. We will constantly listen to your feedback and without our dedication and diligence we would not be here now.

Right, let's go into the patch notes now:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where letters were typed twice on Linux Devices when writting messages in-game
  • Fixed an issue where the user interface was overlapping when closing the How to Play Video
  • Fixed an issue where the global chat was displaying the text on two lines and was not readable
  • Fixed an issue where the backstory info buttons were too small and unclickable
  • Fixed an issue where the dates were showing incorrectly in the match history
  • Fixed an issue where animations were played when using the Jukebox Skin or XmasTree Skin
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Games played always showed "0" in the player stats
  • Fixed an issue where the Node Team Rejection counter showed the wrong number
  • Fixed an issue where the current node was not displayed correctly when reconnecting to a game
  • Fixed an issue where the chat log messages were not showing displayed when looking at the Vote History Tab

New Stuff

  • Added a new emoji - The Broken Heart Emoji
  • Added a new emoji - The Hammer Emoji (suggested by ItsShero)

MINDNIGHT - Franches
Hey MINDNIGHTERS - ready or not here we have our semi, sort-of monthly update. This time a huge update with lots of changes!

Before going in the change log, we wanted to thank the beta testers that helped identifing bugs and suggesting general improvements of the new features that we have added. The game would not continue to grow without you and your constant support. Thank you!

Now the change log:

  • Fixed an issue where the XP text on the first win of the day was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where a chat bubble would not be displayed if a lot of emoji's would've been present in a message
  • Fixed an issue where the node hover tooltip got stuck during a mission change if hovered by the player

  • Complete re-design and re-implementation of user interface across all main menu screens.
  • Added a new maintaince mode message notification
  • Added user interface notification indicators for when a player unlocked something new
  • Added a Party System. Create a party and invite your friends to join the fun together!
  • Added in-game notifications where players are inviting other players in a party and/or in a custom game
  • Changed and re-designed the Custom Game Lobby with extended custom game customization options
  • Added skin lore backstories. Find out more about the world of MINDNIGHT and the characters in it
  • Added a welcoming message in the global chat in the Main Menu
  • Players can now see in global chat when a Moderator or Developer is typing
  • Moderators and Developers are now able to mute players in global chat for abusive language, harrassing and spamming
  • Added a Special Skin Deal. Each 3 days a random choosen skin will be on sale for 0.99$
  • Added level display for players after a match is done
  • Added a Redeem System. Use Special MINDNIGHT keys to redeem rewards given out from giveaway, moderators and developers. For example: 1000h4ack$. Ctrl+C, CTRL+V.
  • Added an option to display the Main Menu Background without animations for potato computers. Don't worry, we love you.
  • Added option for players to choose a Random Skin.
  • Added keybindings for gestures, Hack, Secure, Accept and Refuse actions - you can see the keybindings in the Options Menu
  • Added timestamps to global chat messages
  • Added six new skins: Raggy, Alice, Angela, Holo San, Bob and Jond Blames
  • Added five new in-game names from our beloved patreons: Loki, Andrew, Appa, Situ and Sunny. Thanks a lot for supporting us!
  • Added Discord Rich Presence Integration. Players will not be able to see when you play MINDNIGHT in Discord.

  • Players will now be redirected to the Custom Game Lobby after finishing a Custom Game with their friends
  • Players must now have level 3 in order to participate in the Global Chat
  • Increased ban durations
  • Increased penalty durations

Thanks a lot for reading and have fun playing with your friends! What friends? :(
MINDNIGHT - Franches
Prepared or not, we now have our ecquisite music now bundled into a DLC together with a shiny Jukebox skin. Together with a new small update bringing some small changes and new things.

The Soundtrack of MINDNIGHT, in "220kbps MP3's" format and also in a high quality .flac format . Over 4 tracks, unlooped, for over 10 minutes of pure synth ear joy composed and scored by Alexandru "Sasha" Sirbu, No Moon's music composer.

This package also includes a bonus track that is not implemented in the original game.

1. The Hacker (1:44)
2. Rooftops & City Lights (2:08)
3. Cyber Market (03:47)
4. City Drive (Bonus Track) (03:06)

Last but not least we have also included a super awesome surprise future-worthy wallpaper at a 4k resolution with the beautiful sunset of San Francisco.

The patch notes for 2.2.5:
  • Added new patreon names in-game
  • Added DLC with the officialy MINDNIGHT OST
  • Added the Jukebox Skin

Thank you for your support!

In other news we are working on another important update that will bring a lot of improvements to the UI and new features. More about that later.

If you have any questions or feedback pelase join our


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