Next Up Hero - Aspyr Nathan

Thanks to the combined power of crossplay, we are happy to announce that over 10,000 Rare Divios have been defeated within the month of April. You fought hard and came out victorious.

Now for the loot…

All players who have participated will receive Mixtape's Quickfire in their inbox within 48 hours of the end of the event.

We would like to thank all who participated in the event, we hope you enjoyed hunting down the BIG GREEN MEANIES.

Please stay to tuned for updates for the next event we have planned. Good luck and Happy Hunting.
Next Up Hero - Aspyr Nathan

Hey Heroes,

In celebration of Spring, we are here to bring you a new challenge. In the spirit of the season, we are hunting the BIG GREEN MEANIES, 😈 that’s right folks we are hunt down Rare Divio! Once the community has destroyed 10,000 Rare Divio, Mixtape's Quickfire will be unlocked for those Heroes who have participated through April 30th.


One thing to keep in mind for this challenge, when initial engaging in combat with the Rare Divio is their clones will start to stack up quickly. If left unchecked they will outnumber you and end your adventure before it really begins. Try to target the Rare Divio himself instead of working through the clones to get to the big guy.

If the challenge is completed by April 30th, the full CrossPlay community will be awarded Mixtape’s QuickFire. The timer is ticking so let’s get out there and get to work!
Next Up Hero - AspyrBash

During the Steam Lunar Sale, you're given a complimentary $5 bonus coupon to use. If you're looking for a selection of our favorite horror titles on Steam, you'll want to use your $5 bonus on our custom bundle, the Lunar Horror Bundle.

Here's how to claim your $5 bonus
Add Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2, Layers of Fear, and >observer_ to your cart on Steam.

On your cart page, you'll see a $5 bonus applied to your cart.
Start installing these games, turn the lights off, and turn the volume up!
Next Up Hero - AspyrBash
It's the Year of the Pig! This year it's predicted to be very powerful for your finances, so put your money management to the test with Sim City.
For the Ox: Use your patience to your advantage. Prepare for the future and lead your Civilization to victory. Watch your opponent rush and over-extend, while you play the long game.
For the Dragon: Stay fearless! Follow your heart and power through this epic journey to find your son. You're not scared by a cyberpunk dystopia are you?
For the Rat: Wit and charm will lead you well in Borderlands 2. Interact and complete every side quest, networking with all of the people of Pandora.
For the Tiger: Your courage will serve you well. Don't be afraid to step into the mansion and to question everything around you. Let your intense nature push you to keep exploring.
For the Horse: Travel through ancient skies and abandoned oceans. You are in control of your journey, and you prefer it that way. Explore and don't let your impatience get the best of you.
For the Dog: You're faithful to your family, but your alone on this dark and stormy night. Your gift to the world is your art, and you plan to keep on giving, even if it means sacrificing it all.
For the Monkey: You need to stay active, so push yourself to face greater challenges. There's always another dungeon to conquer and another enemy to defeat. Stay energized and reap the rewards.

Next Up Hero - AspyrBash

The community has collectively unfriended Friendzy, and MixTape’s Accessory will be yours in the next 24 hours.

We feel bad for Friendzy now…

Never fear though! February is a month to bring the love. Stay tuned for our next community challenge.
Next Up Hero - AspyrWoo

New Year’s is a time to let things go. Hit the gym, empty the closet, and maybe send a few unfriend notices. Friendzy has made the list, so let’s get to work.

Starting December 18th, you’ll have until the end of January to “Unfriend” 10,000 Friendzy. If you can’t read between the lines here, we want you to savagely destroy Friendzy. We’ve all had enough of them.

Do this, and all Heroes will receive MixTape’s On Ear Accessory!

Happy Holidays!
Next Up Hero - AspyrBash


We asked you to go dark and defeat 50,000 Divio for our October CrossPlay Challenge. Good news. Everyone crushed it (We also gave y’all over a month, but we digress).

As a reward, the Next Up Hero community will receive DoubleDown’s Gauntlets! Check your inventory over the coming week to claim your item.

Stay tuned for our next Community Challenge coming in December.
Next Up Hero - AspyrBash

✅Wallet Prepped
✅Wishlist Updated
Aspyr Gaming Deals LIVE!
Next Up Hero - AspyrBash

We're all getting ready for turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, and a LOT of glorious gravy covering the plate. BUT, don't let that distract you. Aspyr's Publisher Sale is live on Steam right now.

You have until Friday morning (November 9th!) to score deep discounts on your favorite games. Act fast!

Check out the sale now!
Next Up Hero - AspyrBash


Our October CrossPlay Challenge is live!

For this challenge, we want you to go dark! Smack down 50,000 Divio, and we’ll reward the community with DoubleDown’s Gauntlets. You have until Nov 13th. Good luck heroes, and Happy Halloween.

If you're looking for a COOP partner, we put Next Up Hero on Sale! Celebrate Halloween together and Cross-platform!

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