My Time At Portia - Lauren_Team17

Hey Portians!

The Autumn Festival update (‘Update 10’) is here!

First of all, we’d like to let you know that this update doesn’t contain any new story missions. Why? Well, the main story is reaching its climax and we want a little bit more time to add some polish to it.

This update focuses on the Autumn Festival, as well as new spouse, bed and house features, as well as various optimisations and bug fixes.

We’ve been receiving feedback from some players that they were experiencing a less than optimal frame rate when playing the game, even though they had the recommend graphics card. We’ve been gathering this feedback from the forums, reviews and on social media so that we can address this issue faster. We are pleased to share that we have improved frame rate performance by roughly 20% across the board! Whilst we’re pleased with the improvements, we are aware things might not be perfect yet, so if you still have a low frame rate, please let us know in the Report a Problem forum.

Below is the changelist for the Autumn Festival update. Feel free to check what else is new here or go explore and discover the new content in-game for yourself!

  • Django will help players with food recipes.
  • Players can now upgrade the factory and add more machines and remote assembly consoles.
  • Added automatic assembly capability for products made in the factory.
  • Players can move their beds freely. And the animation of players going bed and getting up has changed.
  • Added roller brush and floor brush that can change the colour of the wallpaper and floor.
  • Added cooking guide.
  • Added badge exchange place for Autumn Festival.
  • Added fishing spots in swamp and Starlight Island
  • Added sound effects to the drum, piano, bubble machine, and fireplace.
  • Added environmental sound effects for windmills and many other things.
  • Added the fourth level of the hazardous dungeon in desert.
  • Players can invite NPCs to ride with them.
  • Added a special effect when picking up a badge and when the badge has been shot down in the mission of 'Try to find the items'
  • Added voice recordings.
  • Added a new holiday - Autumn Festival
  • Players can take photo with QQ, Pinky, Scraps and Papa Bear.
  • Players can take photos with NPCs in Winter Solstice.
  • Players can have more interactions with Pinky and Scraps.
  • Added a special animation for player's spouse when making way for the player.
  • Once all missions relating to Mint are complete, Mint will go to work.
  • Players can ask their spouse to follow them once they are married.
  • Optimized the house models for Albert, Merlin, Isaac, Dr. Xu, and Higgins. Added a room for Mint in Gale's house.
  • Added new furniture items that players can interact with with their spouses.
  • Added the scene that players sleeping with their spouses.
  • Players can place items on tables and in cabinets.
  • Added a new abandoned ruin in the swamp area.
  • A holiday/activity reminder will show on the bottom left of the screen
  • Players can teleport out of the dungeon any time before they meet the boss.
  • Optimized how the grass looks in game.
  • Changed NPCs greeting words after getting married.
  • Decreased the favour points players can get from lighting up the Kingming's lantern.
  • Optimized the animation of NPC rollover.
  • Adjusted the appearance order of all diagrams. Players will get the lower level diagrams first.
  • Changed the appearance of the rifle into the toy rifle.
  • Changed the loading screen pictures.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the time counting error when crafting items.
  • Fixed the bug causing the blanket to disappear when chatting on the grass.
  • Fixed the bug preventing Mint from appearing when chatting on the grass with him.
  • Fixed the bug that when interacting with NPC in the horse racing competition, NPC might teleport from no where.
  • Fixed the display error when saving the game after the Martial Arts Tournament UI appears.
  • Fixed the bug that in the second day of the Martial Arts Tournament, the participants might change if you load the second day's file.
  • Fixed the bug that when marrying Lucy, the cutscene will show two Lucys.
  • Fixed several bugs in the mission related to Emily.
  • Adjusted the model of Tody, so that the model will keep consistant with the art.
  • Fixed the bug that NPCs will fight each other after the Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Fixed some script errors.
  • Fixed the bug that some NPCs will get stuck in some of the houses.
  • Fixed the bug preventing harbour orders from being submitted.
  • Fixed the bug that the player's horse might appear on the stage during the Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Fixed the bug that a new cooking set might appear on the second floor of the house.
  • Fixed the bug that when Ginger says she wants to change the wallpaper, the screen will freeze.
  • Optimized the way to upgrade and move the house in A&G Construction.
My Time At Portia - Jonno

Hey Portians,

Spoiler alert! We’re showing off some new content that’s coming in the Autumn Festival update.

Last week, we shared with you some information about the new holiday – the Autumn Festival. This week, we’ll be looking at the new interactions you’ll be able to engage in with NPCs and world items, as well as some new customization options for your home!

New spouse interactions and shared furniture!

When you first arrive in Portia, you’ll find a humble, single bed along with your level 1 house. You’ve probably noticed that while you upgrade your house, your single bed still stays the same size, not reflecting the wider improvements to your home. Even when you become wealthy in Portia, or got married, you still haven’t been able to upgrade your bed. On top of that, you weren’t able to view your Portian resting after a hard days work!

Well, things are changing in this update! First of all, we’re adding a queen size bed! After all, we felt a bit guilty keeping you in that small bed when you’ve been fighting, farming and adventuring all day. But wait, there’s more! You can even claim the side of the bed you want! (Which as we all know, is integral to the sleeping experience!)

The new bed is more than just a model though, we’ve added new animations to make sleeping more meaningful to the player. For example, if you have a male spouse, you’ll see yourself get into bed and snuggle up to your spouse’s arms.

When the morning comes and you wake up, you’ll find that you’re no longer automatically stood in front of your bed. Instead, you’ll see yourself snoozing with your spouse (or with plenty of bed space if you’re single). When you’re ready to wake up, you can simply press the get up button. Just remember, you won’t become Portia’s #1 builder by staying in bed all day, so you’ll automatically wake up after a set period of time.

To compliment the addition of the queen size bed, there’ll also be other furniture that both yourself and your spouse will be able to interact with. Examples include the double lounge chair, rocking chair, and the mini-carousel!

We’ve added these as we agreed with the feedback we’d seen from the community that you’d like to be able to interact with your spouse more, allowing you to act more like a couple, rather than your spouse being a helper around the house/workshop.

We hope the furniture that you can interact with will make the Portian experience more genuine for you. If this new type of furniture is well received, we’ll add more of this type of furniture in the future – so let us know what you think!

New decoration options!

To further empower our players to customize their home, this update will give you the ability to place food, toys and other small items on top of tables and draws. What will you have on display?

New wallpapers and flooring options!

Are you wanting to give your home an Autumn makeover? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got some good news for you! In the Autumn Festival update we’re adding two new tools – the floor rush and the roller brush. These new additions will allow you to change the colours of both the wallpaper and flooring/patterns as you desire!

It almost feels like you’re moving into a new home!

That wraps up today’s update! We hope you like what we’ve revealed, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below, over on the Steam forums or via the My Time At Portia Twitter account!
My Time At Portia - Jonno

Hey Portians,

Today we’re excited to share with you a new trailer that shows off the wide range of crafting that you can engage in during your time in Portia!

Whether you’re a long-term resident of Portia, or someone who’s recently joined us, we hope you enjoy our spotlight on all things crafting!

Whilst we’re on the topic of crafting marvellous creations, we love seeing what you create!

If you’re particularly proud of any of your creations, from your Workshop, to your farm and garden, we’d love to see it - Simply pop us a tweet to the official My Time At Portia Twitter! (Just get in there before Higgins does!)

We hope you all have a great week, we’ll be in touch again soon!
My Time At Portia - Lauren_Team17
Hello Portians,

We’ve been in early access for almost a year now, adding new story and side quests along the way to bring you hours of gameplay! We’ll be adding even more content closer to the final release!

Our next update is almost ready, and we cannot wait to share it with you! This update will add a brand-new holiday to the game – Autumn Festival.

Autumn Festival
This new calendar event takes place on the 20th day of Autumn every year. You’ll receive a letter on the 15th day to remind you of when the festival will start, and let you know that there is a vegetable growing competition.

Portia Cook-Off
A cook-off will be held after the Autumn Festival. On the morning of the cook-off, you and the NPCs will need to provide food to the activity organisers. You’ll be rewarded for doing this, and when the activity begins you can get involved with the cooking!

So, does this mean you will have to remember lots of recipes? The answer is yes, you will need to know a lot of recipes to win the cook-off. But don’t worry, because in this update we’ll be adding a new feature to help you! You’ll be able to ask Django for recipe information… Better start building that friendship with him now!

This update will also focus on bug fixes and optimisation, to better improve your My Time At Portia experience.

Stay tuned for more news on this update, coming soon!
My Time At Portia - Lauren_Team17

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My Time At Portia - Lauren_Team17

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My Time At Portia - Lauren_Team17
Hey Portians!

Today we've released another patch to fix some crashes and bugs, and adjust some features. Please see the full changelist below.

  • Fixed the bug causing Higgins workshop scores to increase unexpectedly at the end of each year.
  • Fixed the bug that when a commission is failed, Higgins’ workshop score will not be reduced.
  • Fixed the bug preventing photos from saving when there are special characters in the name.
  • Fixed the bug affecting gol costing in NPC commissions that reward favor points.
  • In the settings menu, only changes on the resolution need the final confirm button.
  • Fixed the bug preventing materials from being returned to the player when they cancel production on the textile machine.
  • Fixed the crash when using controllers to move storage boxes.
  • Fixed the crash when returning to the main menu after cutting a tree.
  • Fixed the crash caused by NPCs' behaviour.
  • Fixed the crash in the horse racing competition.
  • Fixed the crash caused by animations.

As always, please continue to report any issues in the Report a Problem forum.

My Time At Portia - kkiablo
Hey Portians,

Today we’ve put out a small patch to address a few more bugs that have been found in My Time At Portia.

There are, however, a couple of bugs that will require further attention before we’re able to remove them.

There is currently an issue in-game that is caused by the new look of the workshop. Currently, the solution will lead to a HUGE patch so the team are working on a fix that should hopefully avoid this outcome.

For those of you who aren’t aware of this issue you'll find that some of the furniture in one area is missing. You may also discover a cooking set has just randomly appeared on the second floor (and doesn't work!)

If you’ve already done an appearance change but you preferred it how it was before, you'll have to change the layout back by putting your furniture in your inventory and then placing it back where you like.

Thank you for your understanding with all this, we really appreciate it.


Here's the changelist:
  • Fixed a bug related to the South Block cost being incorrect.
  • Fixed the bug with players not getting any skill points after their character levels up. Now the skill tree has been reset.
  • Fixed a crash issue in the snowball fight mini game.
  • Fixed the crash issue that occurred when loading a save during the Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the cupboard to not be on sale in the store.
My Time At Portia - AaronDeng
Hello Portians!

Thank you for reporting issues you found since the most recent update and patch.

This patch addresses those reported issues, as well as adjusting some other features, and adds support for Traditional Chinese!

  • Fixed the bug causing storage boxes to disappear on the second floor. To recover those boxes, please reload the file from the last build of the game.
  • Adjusted the tree/bush generation system so that they will only grow in yard areas without furniture.
  • Added Traditional Chinese language support. Please let us know if you find any errors.
  • Added the option for players to hide accessories.
  • Added badge rewards after the snowball fight in Winter.
  • Higgins is now more likely to fail to complete the advanced commissions.
  • Added the Nova Sword to the Total Tools store.
  • Increased the drop rate of lubricant on the third and fourth level of the sewage plant during the mission with the Civil Corps.
  • Added the functionality to manually input the quantity of wood needed from the Tree Farm.
  • Added one registration table for horse racing at the start of the Land Run Time Attack track.
  • Adjusted the appearance of the way to the Somber Marsh.
  • Adjusted the order of appearance of the Alliance Council members, and the following missions. (Changes stop when the port store is built).
  • Players will be rewarded with the steel beam diagram for completing the 'Road to the Marsh' mission.
  • The Research Center store is now open from the start of the game.
  • Increased the number of badges earned from competitions.
  • Adjusted the difficult of the horse racing competition.
  • Optimised the appearance of the grass near the marsh.
  • Adjusted the volume of working machines.
  • Special commissions on Friday will no longer be low level.
  • If an NPC has an emergency and he/she has to leave your date, then you can continue the date when the NPC returns.
  • Players between level 25 to level 50 will not depend on experience as much.
  • Adjusted the opening hours for hot air balloon rides to 7am - 9pm.
  • Adjusted the stamina consumption when using a rifle.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the advanced skiver from recycling materials when you cancel the process.
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from cutting down a tree under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the magnifying glass in the inspection mini game.
  • Fixed the bug causing the attack sound continues to play after defeating the boss in the tunnel.
  • Fixed the bug causing items to disappear when running the game at a low resolution.
  • Fixed the bug affecting plants growing in the planter box.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to get stuck in the flooring.
  • Fixed the animation error when the piggyback frog dies.
  • Fixed the issue with the horse riding sound effect.
  • Fixed the bug causing the feather duster to disappear when petting animals.
  • Fixed the bug affecting apples, honey and beeswax being sent from the Tree Farm.
  • Fixed the issue with using the relic scanner during the Day of Memories.
  • Fixed the bug affecting resolution when switching to default display settings.
  • Fixed the crash that occurs when taking pictures with NPCs in the hot air balloon.
  • Adjusted the amount of textiles needing for producing quality leather.
  • Fixed the bug causing items to float after cutting a tree.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to get stuck in the dungeon in the marsh.
  • Fixed the bug causing the game to freeze when interacting with several NPCs.
  • Fixed issues affecting Ack collecting all items in the yard.
  • Added the entrance icon of the mission 'The First Key'
  • Fixed the crash when riding a horse.
  • Fixed the crash when returning to the menu during the Day of Memories.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to get stuck in the land.
  • Fixed the crash when finishing the snowball fight.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from taking the trap out of the factory once it is complete.
  • Fixed a script error in Gust's dialogue.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from entering the final room after being defeated by the Piggy-Bot.
  • Fixed the collision error.
  • Fixed several script errors.
  • Fixed the textures of antidote,clock glass and fish tank.
  • Fixed the icons of All Source Model and Snowball Battle Badge.
  • Fixed the language issues on the South Block trade board.
  • Fixed the issue of the new look worshop taking up extra land.
  • Added a 'cancel' button for production in the factory.
  • Players will now receive experience for making products in the factory.A 'tip' pop-up will appear each morning to tell you how much experience you have earned.

As always, please continue to report any issues in the Report A Problem forum.

If you'd like to leave feedback, suggestions, or talk to other players, head over to the Discussions forum!


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