RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
RetroWar is offically supported on Windows 10, but if you have a Mac you may have noticed Steam will download and play a Mac build. This is provided on a best effort basis. (It may not be up to date, and if Apple decides to break it in 6 months it could stop working.)

As of today there is also a Linux build!
It should be considered a beta, which is why it is not advertised as supported in the store. But if we get enough feedback from Linux users we would like to eventually promote it to supported status.

RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
RetroWar is now fully integrated with Parsec for online play. Enable beta test to try it now!

See this post for more info and discussion
RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
We're going to have some beta tests of the new online mode. The first one will be this Sunday.

For the time, see here.

Join us on Discord to take part.

We will be playing via Parsec, which means you don't need a PC - you can play on Mac/Linux/Raspberry Pi - and you don't need a controller - you can play with keyboard/mouse. And you don't even need to own RetroWar!

Since this is the first test there's no guarantee it will work, and if it does work we have no idea how many players it can support. That is the reason for testing! If you can't make this one, don't worry, there will be more, posted here.
Jun 25, 2019
RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
RetroWar is no longer 'in beta', it is full 'early access' released. However we still want to add new features for you to test, and so there is now BETA branch you can opt-in.

You will need to right-click on RetroWar in your Steam library, select properties, betas, change none->beta.

Players have requested achievements, and so achievements have now been added in the beta branch. Can you think of any more ideas for achievements?
Jun 21, 2019
RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
There was a crash when selecting 'Screen Test', because no-one tested the test. It's now fixed, but you may have to reboot if you experienced it.
RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
Beta 20 is out now with lots of bug fixes.

And we have a release date: 17 June 2019! RetroWar will then be available to all and sundry, not just beta testers!

Beta testers: Your beta keys will stop working on this date. However, if you'd like a free release key to thank you for helping with the beta test just drop me a message.
May 1, 2019
RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
Beta 19 has a new 'Player Names' screen that you can use to enter your name (and the names of the other players) using controllers. (Thanks go to for Justin for inventing the design concept.) There's also a large number of bug fixes (and probably an equally large number of new bugs).
Apr 18, 2019
RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
Changes to UniBlaster game controls, thanks to feedback from Andy and Josh:
* Hopefully controls are easier for beginners without breaking any of the existing control methods for experts, please test them all!
* New option on in-game menu to restrict sticks to 8-direction - should this be the default for some games? Feedback please!
* New analogue controls for Spaceships
* Easier to play Droids and Tanks if using only one stick and one fire button
* Easier to rush
* Bombers bomb dropping tweaked

'Players' and 'Tournament' options on menu are in heavy development and dont currently work.
Apr 12, 2019
RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
* Bug fixes (especially for 8 player mode).
* SnakeEaters promoted from 'mod' to 'game'.
* Spaceship controls made easier.
* Controller rumble.
Mar 25, 2019
RetroWar: 8-bit Party Battle - Electron
Development is back on track, and we have a new beta for you to try.

  • A tutorial (single player only).
  • A Snake game (under 'mods').
  • An option for RawInput thanks to Jimbly's SDL patches. This should allow you to use more than 4 Xbox controllers. If you have problems with other controllers you can switch back to XInput, but please still report them.
  • A controller test option to see if your controllers are working.
  • Other stuff I've forgotten
  • Bugs

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