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To all our Chinese friends,

After a lot of work and a lot of help translating the game to Chinese by indienova and the good people from Project Gutenberg, it's finally ready to be shown to the world!

The Chinese language addition comes with the newest update, so if you still don't have it, just wait a bit :)

Special thanks also to our local Chinese language expert and friend Jana Krpina!

All You Can Eat - gamechuckdev
Hey all,
we're in Spain this week, as finalists of the AzPlay competition in Bilbao where we are one of the few teams nominated for the Best Game Idea award. Wish us luck :)
All You Can Eat - gamechuckdev
It's almost Black Friday and you know what that means: SALE TIME!
All You Can Eat - gamechuckdev
Our whopping 50% sale is starting... now!

The game is now also available in Russian! A big thanks to folks from NADSAT for the awesome translation!

All You Can Eat - gamechuckdev
Hi, everyone!

On September 14 we will be updating the game with the new translations module and the Russian translation of the game. To celebrate this, and our first two months on Steam, we will be putting a whopping 50% sale on the game! Zdravstvuj!

Thanks to Nikita Titov and Sergey Vedenskiy we have the whole store page and entire game content translated to Russian for September 14th. This amounts to almost 10.000 words of translated text when you include all the descriptions, combinations and everything, so that's a big undertaking - hip hip hurray for Nikita and Sergey!

The new russian version will also come with our very own cirillyc comicbook font, designed specifically for the game, along with new Russian game art.

With this new module, any other translations will be a piece of cake to integrate, as we already have 90% of the Chinese translation done, and if anyone wants to help us out in translating the game to their language, send us a message :)

All You Can Eat - gamechuckdev
Since some of the players were feeling dizzy from all the fast-paced panel scrolling, we decided to collect all your feedback and make a feature that would feel less headachy for some of you.

With the newest update you have a 'Still camera' feature in the options: it stops the camera from following the cursor, removes the 'backing up' part when moving around panels and also removes the 'speeding up and then slowing down' part of the movement.

Also, we'll use this opportunity to remind you all that our 25% sale is almost up in a couple of hours!

All You Can Eat - gamechuckdev
Hello everyone! We'd like to talk about some of the frequently asked questions and topics regarding our game.
Firstly, thanks for a great opening weekend for our game! Also, the reviews are all positive and we're very happy about that!

1. Can I has Linux Port?
There were some questions on Reddit about whether the game will be available for Linux. The answer is most definitely YES! Since the game is made in Gamemaker, it's just a matter of exporting and testing it out, so you can expect a Linux port soon. Not *very* soon, since we've still got our hands full with this opening week shenenigans :)

2. All You Can Eat for Mother Russia? Da!
Next up, there's a Russian translation in the works. Yes, you heard that right! We got in touch with two wonderful game enthusiasts from Russia who are helping us translate the game. Of course, since the in-game font is our own original work, we'll have to add the necessary cyrillic glyphs, and tweak the lettering a bit, so it's not going to be out-of-the-box any time tomorrow, but it's happening!

3. The game is so good it's making me dizzy!
But before ANY ports or translations, there's a little thing we first must address in a game update. We will add an in-game option that some of you requested - to slow down the scrolling of the comic, because it was giving some of you a headache, and believe it or not - we don't want that :)

4. I want some trading cards, badges, emoticons and backgrounds! Now!
Take it easy :) All the additional Steam content is ready and we're awaiting eligibility as per the new Steam rules. So as soon as Steam sets our status as eligible, they'll be out and you will be able to enjoy them in all their glory :)

5. What's next?
Well, after all these things are done, what then? A Mac port would be nice at some point, maybe even some mobile ports too! And who knows, maybe even a sequel? So far the interest and enthusiasm for this game (both by players and the press) has been amazing and we're hoping it stays that way, because we'd really like to take this interactive comic idea to new and unexplored heights - and lengths :)

That's about it for our immediate future, we hope you like our roadmap and you'll take this journey along with us :)

All You Can Eat - gamechuckdev
To celebrate its first week out we set a 25% discount for All You Can Eat! So don’t hesitate to buy it and start playing (and printing out!) your first interactive comic today!

We’ve added many Steam features in the game so you can gain Steam achievements, save your progress in the Steam cloud, and even listen to the in-game developer commentary track after you finished the game if you like that sort of thing! We’re still waiting to be eligible for Steam trading cards, Steam emoticons and Steam badges, but they’re all ready - you’ll get them as soon as the game receives enough traction to become eligible!

The game is pretty short (<1h), simple and straightforward, but in case anyone gets stuck, just shout - we’re standing by on the community page for questions, hints, tips et cetera!

This is our foray into the gaming world, so we really hope you’ll all like it! But if there are any hiccups in the game, don’t hesitate to tell us - we’re always glad to receive constructive feedback! :)


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