Apr 6
b - u&i
update #12


  • "white" flowers petals fringe narrower
  • red flowers leaf orientation steeper
  • grass texture resolution lower

  • fireflies light range reduced
  • fireflies casting shadows disabled
  • 2 to 5 fireflies instead of 4 or 6 fireflies
  • one less to one more tree having fireflies now

  • hard shadow options removed

  • nightsky scintillation
  • animated 3D flowers brightness increased


  • fireflies, tree drawing order

the changes performed ought to benefit framerate
Feb 24
b - u&i
update #11

  • middleware and plugins

  • added animated 3D flowers, reduced density of 2D flowers, initial number of dandaelions halved
  • meadow audio volume reduced to 1/3.
  • asteroids emitted lights color changed
  • shadow resolution increased, reduces shadow flickering

  • rain freezing mid-air on meadow size change

  • texture and audio license screens

  • b mod support intent documentation

known issue
  • "hard shadow" options performance worse than they used to be
Aug 11, 2018
b - u&i
update #10

this is a refresh where some values have been reset to hopefully solve an issue some people have in the previous version

the previous version is available from the BETAs as usual.
Jun 8, 2018
b - u&i
1 year ago today b is greenlit!

update #9

  • nVidia Ansel
  • fog lighter, lifts from morning to noon and descends from evening to night
  • lighting slightly adjusted
  • fireflies light range longer
  • space beyond stars
May 21, 2018
b - u&i
update #8

  • asteroids at night
  • beach option

  • night sky stars high-res, not moving
  • leaf wobble distance increased
  • outer space stars parameters slightly changed
  • maximum meadow edge/2 length reduced to 12
  • number of dandelions = 40 by default
  • HDR rendering enabled
  • tree bark color modified
  • space dust stream color darker
  • sun, moon and lighting parameters slighty changed
  • mist distance at time modified

  • ladybugs landing on leafs now smoothly

known issues:
  • some resolution not possible as fullscreen selectable, defaults to native display resolution when selected
  • game can crash on exit, captured by crash handler

Asset additions:
  • LowPoly Asteroids Pack
  • Mesh Effects
  • ESO/S. Brunier: The Milky Way panorama, 18 MP

The previous version is available from the BETA branch 9_update7version (Steam library -> right click game -> properties).
Mar 11, 2018
b - u&i
new beta version available from Steam library game properties BETAS tab, branch "8_experimental"

middleware to latest beta version (Unity 2018.1 Beta 10)
Plugins to latest versions

sun lighting, affecting grass and trees
trees stem color darker
outer space stars colors
flowers are 3D models, this might be the first step to interactivity such as "breeding" new flowers by pollinating

Note: Press "Alt + Enter" on your keyboard twice to enter full screen mode. Flowers 3D models having a fixed orientation lets meadow appear less colorful. Frame rate increased on my machine by 50 % in the start position.
Jan 14, 2018
b - u&i
ceasing development on b

the middleware with which b is build with, s current latest version halves the frame rate.

Frame rate improvement being the only area of interest with regards to further development of b this is the end of considering Updates.

Anything else is as intended, like beings, controls and collidables.

Aug 5, 2017
b - u&i
update #7

  • menu appearance slightly changed due to preparation of possibly coming mod support
  • "disable elastic camera" moved to new "F1" key menu
  • "ladybugs blow rooted dandelions" disabled by default, now all options are by default like in the original released version
  • dandelions seeds get removed from air when changing number of dandelions
  • meadow size can now be changed during a recreation
  • "move wings to upward flight direction" mechanic changed: now press and hold the assigned key for it to instantly fly upwards when having flight speed larger 0

  • VR with Oculus and OpenVR
  • key "backspace" to reset VR camera
  • menu now controllable by mappable keys (see launcher tab "Input"), default "arrow keys" and "enter" to toggle / apply, in VR press down or right multiple times to reach the bottom buttons or the scrollbar in order to change the column and access out-of-view options (this is tedious but all options can be reached)
  • "wobble central big tree" option in main menu to improve performance when disabled and flying towards the meadow center
  • "enable contact shadow" option in "F1" menu for shadow of grass blades on grass blades

known issues:
  • fullscreen resolutions other than native (most-bottom) hang the loader: press "Windows" key once, then after b loaded press "Windows" key again to focus back to b
  • rainbow visibility in VR ignores head orientation, uses b orientation
  • disabling VR leaves the resolution at the resolution of the VR display for the left eye
  • meadow creation of "meadow edge/2 length" 15 takes around 10 minutes to complete on the optimum recommended system during which framerate is very low (1 digit), it is complete when clouds fill the sky

  • moon lighting now only affected by sun
  • sun in front of other matter

new 3rd party libraries (both allow for less CPU usage and thus higher frame rates are possible):
  • MEC Threaded
  • Next-Gen Soft Shadows

VR advice:
  • enable "unknown sources" in your VR main software's preferences if available
  • best open your VR main software first and confirm any message by it in VR before enabling VR in b
  • "contact shadows" and SSAO are disabled in VR
  • be mindful of of any flight manoeuver where your body doesn't perform the manoeuver its eyes give you the impression it does

  • last Update version (update #6) now available from branches in BETAS tab of game properties in Steam library
  • that branch name prefixed by number indicating its position in order of release (which is the branch release order for that but is supposed to be the build release order in which the position is 5)

  • VR let me smile already, I doubt I add (VR) motion controls to b
  • moddability is something I would like to do but if the effort to explicitly implement it looks to be around as high as or higher than the effort done to prepare for it (2 weeks and a completely new empty Unity 2017 project recreating all management code and scene GameObjects) that might not come in the near future
  • internet multiplayer is enticing but it requires an appropriate high request/effort ratio :)
Jul 31, 2017
b - u&i
preliminary VR support without motion controls
  • BETAS branch preliminaryvr
Oculus and OpenVR supported.

Meant for a sitting experience.


dizziness inducing when attempting to roll due to eyes transmitting the impression of oneself rolling while the rest of the body likely isn't.


if using Oculus, enable unknown sources in Oculus Home preferences


1. if using Oculus, open Oculus Home first before applying VR in b.
2. enable VR ingame and Apply.
3. if your device gets initialised, VR works with it, else it probably doesn't.

  • reset VR camera behind b by key backspace
  • navigate menu by arrow keys (in VR, press key right multiple times until you are on scrollbar, then use scrollbar, checkboxes and buttons at bottom to navigate around), change / apply checkbox state / button by key enter
  • "wobble central big tree" now can be disabled


appearance of menu slightly changed

known issue:

rainbow visibility b facing direction dependant, not camera direction dependant

not hugely optimised for VR, unpacked my device only yesterday :)

optimisation and motion controls probably at next weekend.
Jul 30, 2017
b - u&i
mod candidate build available from the BETAS tab in the modcandidate branch

In a completely new empty Unity 2017 project, code has been generalised such as the former tree and dandelion only planting loop now accepting external objects which then also get automatically replanted after a meadow size change or the settings menu being extendable by code now. The latter example is the reason for one of the changes below. A mod development reference pdf has been added to the install folder of b in Steam. Note that explicit mod support itself is not yet included.

  • settings menu slightly different
  • "disable elastic camera" setting moved to player menu (key F1)
  • meadow size can now be changed even when a current recreation is in process
  • dandelions seeds get removed from air when changing number of dandelions
  • "ladybugs blow rooted dandelions" disabled by default
  • meadow can be seen getting created during initial open menu
  • fog distance at dawn and dusk
  • storage space requirement now only 140 MB !
  • memory requirement during window resizing is up to triple of the maximum observed ingame memory usage by Task Manager at default settings of 640 MB which is therefore now 2 GB

  • moon lighting now only affected by sun
  • sun in front of other matter
  • CPU doesn't appear to run at around full throttle anymore when recreating landscape after being back from moon

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