Canvas Quest - Chao's Playmate

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(NOTE: Screenshot features are unavailable in Integrated Graphics Mode. If you'd really like to take a screenshot of a certain event, you could disable the mode temporarily.)
Canvas Quest - Chao's Playmate
The WebGL AttachShader error that some players are reporting is a problem that can occur with computers using integrated graphics. However, there is a workaround.

Step 1

Right-click on the game in your Steam Library, and select properties.

Step 2

Select the Betas tab, and choose "integratedgraphicsmode"

Step 3

Allow the game to install the IG version, and you've done it!

Please note that features such as achievements will not function in integrated graphics mode.
Canvas Quest - Chao's Playmate
- Fixed the game crashing at random intervals. (There might be a new issue, please alert me if something isn't working right)
- ?????
Canvas Quest - Chao's Playmate
Canvas Quest - Chao's Playmate
Have fun hunting down all the achievements! Can you get them all?
Canvas Quest - Chao's Playmate

Why not leave a review or take some screenshots! I'm eager to know about your experience with the game!
Canvas Quest - Chao's Playmate
While you can't obtain them yet, expect to be collecting these very soon!
Apr 20, 2018
Canvas Quest - Chao's Playmate
Canvas Quest - Mr. Bones for sega saturn
Multiple resolutions are available depending on your monitor:











Thanks for enjoying Canvas Quest! Happy weekend!
Canvas Quest - Mr. Bones for sega saturn

For a short time this holiday season, you can get Canvas Quest for only half a dollar! Enjoy your journey with Bob and his friends, and have a happy holidays!

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