Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
Dear players:
Thank you for your support of our game and feedback to us a lot of game problems, the following is an update:
1. Fixed the protagonist attributes interface and some parts of the blood-less interface UI display
2. Fixed Jinyang Town BOSS has a low probability of falling below the surface line of the problem
3. Fixed the press RB in North Handle to activate the problem of failed blood-print operation
4. Fixed the issue of being attacked by monsters after the death of the protagonist in certain situations
5. Adjust the activation of blood, the crystallization of the items when the message is not enough, in order to avoid confusion [lack of concept of crystallization] to [lack of crystallization]

About the handle issues:
Currently available to support the XboxOne Xbox360 Windows emulation mode PS4 handle, as well as some of the North Handle.
Since the version publish , we are attention has been paid to some feedbacks concerning the abnormality of the handle. Now the problem of the handle is solved uniformly, and some solutions to the problem are attached.

It is currently known that some of the handles (especially the PS4 handles) are prone to confusion in the input buttons when configuration support for various handles in "Controller Settings" is enabled in the "Steam Big Screen" mode.
We have confirmed that some of the Northbridge handles are supported for some problems with the Northbridge handles, but given the large number of Northbridge devices, full support may not be achieved in the short term. For Beidong Handheld devices that have encountered support problems or unusual button recognition, it is recommended that you use keyboard mapping software to map or simulate it as an Xbox handle. We apologize for the problems with the handle support on the company and the development team is paying close attention to it and will soon complete its support of the North Handle.
Finally, thank you for the "ANONYMOUS ME" support, follow-up we will bring more and better game content
Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
Dear Players:

Thanks for the support, We have feedback to a lot of game problems, in this version update, we have joined the handle adapter. The following is the update:

※ complete the basic support to support the handle, the current support for the mainstream handle adapter. Specific adaptation models are as follows:
XboxOne, Xbox360, PS4 handle and part of the North handle.

※ adjust the performance of the mission within the hidden effect, after loading the file Fan Lingwei can also follow the protagonist moved.

※ Optimize the task NPC logic.

Then we will be optimize the other handle adaptation as soon as possible , thank you for your support!
Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
Thanks for the support . We have feedback to a lot of game problems, with the help of everyone, we fixed some of the problems, please review.

About the handle adapter problem, we have done the final debugging, we will be updated in the next version.

Optimize the sound of the protagonist and enemy's sound.
Optimize the performance of the scene after done the missions.
Adjusted the non-standard surface configuration in some scenes.
Adjust the description text of some UI prompts, make it easy to understood.
Fixed music sound volume problem
Fixed an issue where some of the scene sounds were abnormally terminated
Fixed the blood bar showed abnormal results when the protagonist have resurrection
Fixed some problems of the UI display exception
Repair the main character may be stuck in the vicinity
Fixed the problem of missing background sound in some scenes
Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
Dear Players:

Thank you for feedback of game problems, with the help of everyone, we repair some of the problems, please review.

Patch content:
1. Adjust some of the English text content beyond the screen range
2. Adds part to the description of the fighting favorable information when you meet centurion battle
3. Fixed a problem where the protagonist had to re-enter the import and export in a particular act to be able to deliver
4. Optimize some of the UI content display abnormal problems
5. Fixed some of the scenes in the story of the body disappeared
6. Optimize some of the white text issues
7. Fix some of the problems that could lead to a crash
8. Fixed some monster skills abnormal problems
9. Optimize the performance of some of the story shows abnormal problems.

Thank you for your support.
Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
Dear Players:

Thank everyone give us a lot of feedback information in the weekend, whether it is good or bad, which is good for our follow-up development in the next time.

The next time we gradually submitted a response to the information that everyone was concerned about.
1, the adaptation of the gamepad problem will be promote the highest level of development content, we will gradually on the Xbox One, Xbox360, PS4 three handles to complete the adaptation, including steam, North Tong (Betop) Brand controller .

2, We are still constantly debugging the operation and combat, if you have more feedback in this regard or suggestions., please generously give us,thank you very much.

3, About the change keyboard function (including the keyboard and handle), we have joined the development process which will be delivered to the version as soon as possible to experience.

Thank you again for giving us lots of feedback and support during the weekend.
Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
Dear players,

Thanks very much for your support and feedback about our issues which help us find and fix some problems. And these are what to update, please check them:

1. Temporarily cut down the combination to handle. We apologize of making decision like this, that’s because we’ll firstly optimize the handle of Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4 to our game and other handles step by step.
2. Remove some music which are non-compliance.
3. The BOSS part can be skipped.
4. Add guidance in somewhere that may get lost.
5. Add guidance of ‘↓+ Jump’.
6. Fix some text problems.
7. Fix the issue of the Bloodstain cannot be completed.
8. Optimize some display of images.

Thank you for your support
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)


Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures. Each week, we wade through the chin-deep river of new Steam releases to find five hidden gems that otherwise would have passed most of us by.

This week: Hadoukens & cherry blossoms, a The Flash game without The Flash, sinister bureaucracy and extremely> charming elephants. (more…)

Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
We must say sorry to all players using gamepads because we bring you experience which is not comfortable.

A little bit of time is needed for us to optimize the gamepad adaption. Before that, keyboards are recommended to play the game.

We'll inform everyone as soon as the optimization is done. Please allow us to say sorry again.
Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
Dear players,

Thank you very much for your support and enjoy our Anonymous Me.

After a long time and active development and adjustion, we can finally deliver an Early Access version to you. Hope you can enjoy.

If you got any issues, please contact us through this post, or you can contact us on Facebook-@AnonymousME2017

Anonymous ME - Long Mobile
Alone amidst a vast snowy landscape, she is alone. There is no one to rely on but her wits and long sword, which shimmers out of its ornate sheath. On October 13th, Dragonest publishing is proud to release Anonymous Me, developed by RKTime: an epic 2D action slasher set in ancient China, onto Steam !

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