Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev
Hey gang.

So, December first is tomorrow, and I am looking over the stability report of Direwolf, and oof... It gives me no pleasure to have to make this call, but I will have to add some time to the clock for the release.

A mix of me underestimating the amount of sneaky bugs vs. overestimating how quick I would recover from my sickness results in me not being able to ship a stable product tomorrow, at least not one that anyone would fully enjoy.

I can fully understand if people out there are annoyed with all these delays, it's getting close to a meme at this point, but I am not doing it to string anyone along or in any way "stall for attention".

I don't want to push the tempting button until I have confidence that the product attached to it is good enough.

So, the new date is December 13. Giving us a bonus 12 days of Christmas development.

And to ensure we can make it in those 12 days, here is what is put in place:

- All day will be development days. There will not be a day without at least a single patch.

- All builds will be multiplatform. We set up a seperate device for building the mac builds, so they will launch simultanious and never be out of sync.

- Gecko the dev now has 3 test devices, so he can sit and play with himself (insert all puns here) and better test builds before they go on air.

- I am bringing in some outside help to look through and if needed rewrite some of the more problematic areas.

- We are holding back all new implementations of new mechanics until the build is much more stable.

On the plus side:
- We sent our first donation today to the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center. It wasn't much (144 USD) but it feels amazing to be able to help them out.

- The client is growing strong every day with quality of life implementations.

- We will still be able to hold our Yuletide Seasonal Event, starting the 7th of December.

- We will host playtests not only every tuesday, but as often as possible. Stay tuned in discord to figure out when the next hosted playtest is.
Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev
At the moment we are holding back new cards and tokens to make sure the client is as stable as can be. But every testgame we host seems to be stronger than the last, so it feels as a good time for some patch notes :)

+ The CHAOS TOKEN enters the game roster.
+ ANY TOWN is now a playable token.
+ ANY TOWN SPECIALIST is now a playable token.
+ The TROLL enters the game roster (Chaotic Attacker)
+ The HUSK joins the game roster (Wolf Support).
+ The SCOUT enters the game roster (Town Investigator).
+ The WITCH OF LIGHT (town protector) joins the game roster. More witches will follow.

+ Fixed bug where hitting T would open chat regardless of your focal object.
+ Fixed bug where werewolf attacked almost always fails first night.
+ Bots now have a better understanding of Selkie and Shieldmaiden effects.
+ Fixed some deck loading issues.
+ Fixed a handful of minor UI bugs.
+ Increased chat scrollbar size.
+ Fixed some issues with scrollbar dragging.
+ New posts no longer force scroll the chat downwards, unless the chat is already at the bottom.
+ Added a instant-scroll-to-bottom button to chat.
+ Tweaked some AI voting behaviors.
+ Tweaked AI claiming behaviors.
+ Fixed bug where player placement in the circle suddenly was complete nonsense.
+ Fixed a bug that could cause the tutorial to freeze up.
+ Fixed player count leak bug in multiplayer.
+ The Cultist Hood now drops correctly from treasure chests, and can appear randomly on the market.
+ Cleared some memory issues in texture loading process.
+ Improved spam protection on treasure code claims.
+ Fixed issue that could cause the Shieldmaiden ability to never trigger.
+ Fixed issue between patron and the incubus.
+ Implemented leveling rewards on a handful of roles.
+ Added lore and player guide to the Seer.
+ Fixed collapsing lobby issue (a scary one indeed)
+ Fixed issue where dead players and spectators could ask for more time.
+ Asking for more time now shows player name, not account name.
+ Took some heavy swings at the "unknown player" issue, should be gone now but will need some testing.
+ Optimized a TON of render pipelines and shaders, improving the overall framerate.
+ Reworked lighting in multiple sets.
+ The BARD is back and reworked.
+ Fixed issue where Blood Oak would not trigger.
+ Issue with Seer responses not showing up in chat resolved.
+ Treasure chest opening flow optimized and sped up.
+ Fixed some memory leaks on deck creation.
+ Fixed some networking issues when host is transferred.
+ Fixed bug blocking customization of certain tutorial levels.
+ Fixed some "pink issues" for offering cards.
+ Abstaining before a recount no longer makes you lose your vote in the recount
+ Asking for more time shows ingame name, not user name
+ Dead people can no longer ask for more time.
+ Added some new offering for town investigators and town survivors.
+ Fixed some listing issues.
+ Separated the Clone into a new category, Special tokens.
+ Fixed issue where Blood Oak attacking a Ghast, the blood oak died. Now, the blood oak turns to a ghast and remains that way.
+ Fixed a lot of missing bardic songs.
+ Fixed bug that could cause doublespeak in chatroom.
+ Added a button for Discretion mode.
+ Krampus moved to quarrantine until he is confirmed repaired.
+ Game lobby now shows if you have more players than cards, by displaying small silhuette cardbacks as placeholders.
+ Chat font size can be adjusted in Settings > Interface.
+ Fixed issue where Concubine insists that there must be a Werewolf in the deck.
+ Fixed issue where only-wolf-support decks with a Blood Regime card was deemed as not playable.
+ Player count is now shown in ingame lobby.
+ Fixed issue where players could claim to be House Rule cards.
+ AI will no longer suspect players to be house rule cards... (Hurr durr...)
+ Fixed some bright pink backgrounds on certain loot cards.
+ Fixed issue with wrong wolf destinations for both bard and scout.
+ Added upcoming house rule card : Floodgates.
+ Added special event card : Pumpkin King.
+ Fixed issue where victorious ghasts were shown as not winning.
+ AI now has a understanding on how to use toothfairy nighttime ability.
+ The Direwolf enters the game roster (Wolf attack role)
+ Fixed a bug where disconnected players disappeared from the player list, making them impossible to nominate, report or kill...
+ Fixed strange bug where everyone suddenly was granted Hunter's killing powers...
+ Set up a system to handle Seasonal Events (Halloween will be far from the only one)
+ Set up our first seasonal event, All Hallows Eve.
+ Added some new candy offerings.
+ AI can now call out lies during the defense speech, if they are nominated too.
+ AI Seer no longer flips out when AI raven claims seer.
+ Cleared out a handful of lesser bugs.
+ Installed chat tabs, to make it easier to follow the game activities.
+ Fixed bug that could break the "Floodgates" house rule.
+ Fixed issue where card list would disappear during game countdown.
+ Fixed graphical glitch where edge of cards ingame made annoying lines down the screen.
+ Built 15 levels of role levelups for all roles.
+ Adjusted some previous levelling rewards to be more generous.
+ Remade the treasure tooltip to be less noisy.
+ Fixed broken textures on treasure chests.
+ Added new playable character, Elijah.
+ Changed the weather in the main menu to reflect the winter season.
+ Optimized some framerate issues during deck shuffling.
+ Cleaned out a lot of old experimental files.
+ All offerings are now tradable and marketable.
+ Fixed issues where the rule card Court of Tragedy would be dealt to a player.
+ Fixed some issues with the Karura ability
+ Fixed issue that caused the Mac build to crash on launch.
+ Fixed issue where multiple Seer feedbacks would collide.
+ Added late ranked Halloween deck.
+ Added visible player cap counts in matchmaking and player lists.
+ Improved refresh rate of games list.
+ With help, we added 40+ quests to the quest roster.
+ Added levelling trees and rewards to a couple of classes.
+ Fixed issue where players could get stuck in the play lobby.
+ Added more banned player names.
+ Fixed issues where player names would appear in role tooltips.
+ Fixed Plaguelord tooltip.
+ Fixed issue with passive AI Pumpkin King.
+ Fixed issue where temporarily blocked roles could still appear in games.
+ Fixed a few cosmetic issues surrounding Elijah.
+ Usurper has been reworked.
+ Werebat back online after some extensive rework.
+ Achievement lists on card details and in player profiles have been redesigned.
+ Handful of new offerings added to the game.
+ More backstories and player guides added to the client.
+ Fixed issue where changing roles would revert right back.
+ Upgraded the Plate armor outfit to a much more realistic depiction.
+ Fixed some memory bugs during area loading.
+ Tweaked the time sets in the different phases and time settings.
+ Oracle + Bard interactions fixed.
+ Bug causing Usurper to win too early fixed.
+ Any Town now contains the Villager.
+ Fixed bug that would reset the Kitsune targeting.
Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev
Hello everyone. Sorry for not being so responsive as of late.

Last time I wrote, we were pushing the deadline 20 days. Sadly, due to Pneumonia, I lost 14 of them being sick, and still feeling the meds.

This means that I have in no way been able to make the final changes needed, and I can in no good conscience release the game as it is looking now.

Therefor, and this hurts, but I will be moving the launch to the 1st of December. This should give us enough time to finish up the game, deal with the most threatening bugs, and get things sorted.

During the month of December, we will also host a seasonal event, much like we tried during Halloween. This will mean special cards, random loot drops and general cozy times.

Tomorrow, I will be dropping version 0.8, which will have a solid list of fixes, tweaks and some very requested mechanics.

Sorry for delaying the game again, but thank you for sticking with it :)

From all of us here in the cold dark north, have a good one.
Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev
Hello everyone, and sorry for not writing for a while. I have had a massive case of health issues thrown upon me the last dozen days, and have been unable to update the game and host playtests. And for that, I apologize for leaving people in the dark.

The good news, however, is that tomorrow I should be cleared to return to my workstation, and get right back on testing and developing Direwolf.

This experience really shows how fragile a project can be when you're a solo developer, and I will soon be posting a job listing for a gamemaster/test organizer, to get some assistance on this project.

The silver lining is that the artists to the project now have delicious works ready for a solid amount of cards, plus the cards we were unable to launch during the Halloween event.

Rest assured, I will find a way to make up for the time lost and get the project back on track. Starting tomorrow, I will be back at my codestation (and Discord) and ready to put out a solid new patch.

Until then, thank you for your patience, and I hope to see you all during our next play session.
Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev
Greetings everyone.

So, it has been some tough weeks, and I feel like a developer update is in order.

First off, a great big thank you to everyone joining our growing community. I am over the moon that people want to join us at this stage in the process.

The client is getting stronger by the day, and dusins of bugs gets discovered and crushed daily, which is awesome.

However, due to a number of distractions, scheduling conflicts and just pure bad luck, I am sadly way behind on the roadmap of what should be implemented before launch.

People have been patiently waiting for this game to have its release, but looking at the board of bugs and balancing it with the time we have left, I simply feel that rushing this lap would be taking a huge risk of the stability of the game.

That is why we are pushing the public release date 3 weeks ahead. Enough time to give this game the full attention it deserves, and to be able to put out a polished and enjoyable product on launch, where you don't have to fear falling rocks every time you press a button.

The new release date is : 21st of November 2019.

This project has been delayed a lot, and now I am delaying it again. I apologize for the delay, but I think everyone will be happier to know that once the Early Access label is off, you can jump into the game and enjoy the pure experience without staring at developer consoles and glitchy components.

That being said, Halloween is still a special time for us, and after talking with Steam, we made out a sweet deal.

We are hosting our own little Halloween Festival ingame, starting tonight the 28th of October, and running until Nov 8, 2019 10:00am CEST.

During the Halloween event, we will be dropping random loot, have a special spooktacular ingame store, and unveil at least one new card for each day of the event, each with their own monstrous theme.

This will merge with the Steam Halloween event, and we will have some crossover palooza and some great sales for you in this period.

We will of course not be slacking on the actual bughunting, and the version will drop tonight with a load of bugfixes, features and neat little things.

We will still be hosting regular test games, and our community is slowly growing to a size where you with a portion of luck can find people to play with at our Discord channel.
Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev

Phew, quite a week of bugcatching, and we have one hell of a week ahead of us. The player base is slowly growing, and we now also are getting the attention of streamers and youtubers, which is nice (although also quite nervewrecking)

Theres still a long way ahead, especially on the UI and server stability part, but we are getting there, one step at a time.

+ The TROLL enters the game roster (Chaotic Attacker)
+ HUSK joins the game roster (Wolf Support).
+ The SCOUT enters the game roster (Town Investigator).
+ The WITCH OF LIGHT (town protector) joins the game roster. More witches will follow.
+ New token : Public random wolf
+ New token : Public town defender
+ New token : Public chaos

+ Added activity log to player tooltips.
+ The Cathedral location is now an option.
+ Hosts can now kick human players.
+ Reworked the voting flow.
+ First experiments with alternative card skins are in place.
+ Improved AI suspicion system.

+ Syncing the OSX version with the Windows version.
+ Fixed some issues related to game creation, that could seriously break some games.
+ Fixed some reconnection issues, where rejoined players would appear dead.
+ Fixed Ai using abilities when they can't.
+ Bruisers will no longer spawn in decks without Villagers.
+ Role list can now be clicked to investigate displayed card.
+ New soundtracks added to the tavern, to give it a more distinct feel.
+ Safety measures implemented to help resolve the dreaded numbers bug.
+ Fixed some missing card headers.
+ Player list is now shuffled for each match.
+ Fixed issue where aliases could glitch out.
+ Fixed issue where half the players had a timer, and the other half didnt...
+ Lobby deck list can now be clicked to investigate.
+ Cleaned out some memory issues, freeing up more CPU space when calculating AI actions.
+ Added better flow for the triggering of the Poppet ability.
+ Forbidding bots from voting on a revote, until the vote count has been announced.
+ Wolf hunt now ends in a conclusion about what happens.
+ The AI has been educated on how the Plaguelord works.
+ Added loot drops for Riding Hood
+ Added loot drops for Prince
+ Deck balancing utility is now in the game client.
+ Fixed some role list sorting issues.
+ Added some additional offerings.
+ Fixed some UI placement issues.
+ Fixed some issues related to avatar loading.
+ Reworked some UI frameworks.
+ Added a couple of cosmetic items to the pool.
+ In the lobby, your player character can now be rotated by dragging the mouse.
+ Fixed some issues with the player activity logging.
+ Added microphone settings in preparation for voice-managed games.
+ Fixed issue where illegal characters in player names could break the lobby.
+ Fixed some issues causing broken tutorial levels.
+ Cleaned up some werewolf AI issues.
+ Dashes (-) are now allowed in player names. (hope this cheers @Dum_pap )
+ Fixed a bug surrounding players leaving, which caused crashes.
+ Fixed bug where seer results were not written in chat.
+ Fixed issue where scout results did not trigger.
+ Added some levelling rewards and offering items.
+ Fixed exploit where players could figure out other players real identities behind the aliases.
+ Fixed bug preventing hosts to kick bots (cheers @Nymirii )
+ Hosts can now kick human players.
+ Added four unique soundtracks to the cathedral stage.
+ Fixed some lighting issues.
+ Fixed some player tagging issues.
+ To fix the player/number tagging problems, tagging players in text is now done by writing their player number with a "p" in front of it, so "p10" to tag player ten ect.
+ The pregame lobby screen is now optimized for various monitor resolutions.
+ AI is now better at picking up player claims
+ Claims now visualized in the player board.
+ Fixed some legacy bugs surrounding the player board and Discretion Mode.
+ AI now understands that one card can turn into other cards, and that cards like Unsung Hero arent' ment as specific cards.
+ AI will stop distrusting itself, nor will it start to compliment itself out of thin air.
+ Fixed a bug causing a broken deck editor.
+ The Scout has been adjusted for balance purposes.
+ Fixed tutorial message, saying simply silly things.
+ Tutorial messages no longer collide with chat log.
+ Fixed some claiming mechanics.
+ Fixed player names accidentally appearing.
+ Added some levelling rewards.
+ Fixed some shader bugs in the cathedral.
+ Fixed tooltip areas that was colliding in player listings.
+ Fixed vote logs that kept saying "Voted for ..." even though the vote was over.
+ Fixed stacking claims in player log.
+ Chat input is now more "sticky", so you don't have to reenable it when you post something.
+ Improved some spam filters.
+ Fixed issue with scandinavian characters in player names.
+ Tweaked the Seer Tutorial a bit.
+ Gold distribution per game adjusted slightly.
Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev
+ The BLOOD OAK joins the game roster. (Chaos Killer/Survivor).
+ The SHAMAN joins the game roster (Town defender).
+ The CLONE TOKEN enters the game roster.
+ The PUBLIC CHAOS TOKEN enters the game roster.

+ QUICK PLAY: Queue up to join the next public match. If enough players are in the quickplay queue, a new match is automatically created by the server.
+ RANKED DECKS: the first part of a ranked play structure. Ranked decks can not be customized, and can only be played with the full count.
Ranked decks will be filled with bots if launched without a full player count.
+ PLAYER REPORT SYSTEM: Holding down shift and clicking a player opens the report panel.
+ Added a new map, the TAVERN, to the game roster.
+ New playable character, Oleg.
+ The AI has been upgraded in several areas.

+ Fixed bug that would allow special werewolf attacks to still work despite a Disease ability in effect (thanks @Nymirii )
+ Tweaked graveyard chat.
+ Hard rewrite of the voting system.
+ Fixed issue that was blocking endgame XP rewards.
+ Fixed some offering mechanics.
+ Added type offerings, such as an Attacker role item.
+ Gildenbombs now has a drop chance.
+ Fixed bug that would display you as disconnected, when in fact you were not.
+ Fixed bug where offerings would appear on the Clone info page.
+ Added a close button to the Offerings table
+ Camera now starts behind the right player.
+ Fixed bug that caused the Ghast to become undetectable by the Mentalist.
+ Fixed some achievement listing bugs
+ Tweaked the XP distribution system
+ Added player guides for some cards.
+ Card story tab now only shows if there is an actual story in place
+ Polished up the layout of the quest panel.
+ Fixed bug where certain offering types did not appear in the offerings list.
+ AI now understands how to recast votes in case of a tie.
+ AI now understands the Selkie ability.
+ Tweaked some definitions and phrasings on poorly defined cards (cheers @derUlbi )
+ Added some sound effects to certain abilities.
+ A couple of new offerings and achievements
+ If a player or AI has used a pre aimed ability on a player that dies (like Hunter's take aim or the poppet's soul bind) it will now be reset if the player is eliminated.
+ Some changes in AI behavior, especially wolf-team AI. If the human player targets a player "insistently", the other wolves retarget their attacks to this player.
+ Bots can now have beards.
+ Fixed some bugs that would disable achievements in games where they should be valid.
+ Fixed some loose wardrobe issues.
+ The Shaman is now a part of the Town Defender token
+ Clicking the highlighted card in the main menu now goes directly to the card page.
+ Added some offerings to the loot pool.
+ Added MAP option to game creation.
+ Fixed some issues with the diseased/riding hood disabling ability.
+ Mac version synced.
+ Improved network performance.
+ Cleaned out a lot of old code, to improve rendering queue and framerates.
+ Grey screen of death bug is now resolved.
+ Bots are tweaked and now vote and are a bit more aggressive.
+ The tavern map has been remodeled to reduce UI collisions.
Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev
We now have 31 days until launch, and to keep tabs on the development.

We have set at least three goals for each week, that will be completed before that weeks end.

Additionally there will, as always, be loads of updates, tweaks and fixes throughout the game.

Hope to see you ingame soon.

Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev

New cards:
+ The GHAST enters the game roster (new chaos survivor)
+ The BARD enters the game roster (town support)
+ The WATCHMAN enters the game roster (town defender)
+ The MERCENARY enters the game roster (town killer)
+ The ADMIRAL enters the game roster (town investigator)
+ The CAPTAIN enters the game roster. (Town Defender)
+ The INCUBUS enters the game roster (Wolf Attacker)

Game features:
+ Fixed bug where Steam would not fully understand that the game client was closed
+ Fixed some chest UI issues, causing the chest scene to freeze up
+ Fixed some pinkcard bugs on offerings
+ Fixed some undroppable loot items.
+ Fixed Chest count on Epic Chests.
+ Gamemaster no longer earns XP (cheers @Daniel_Tex )
+ Fixed some missing tooltips in the deck customizer section.
+ Tweaked the number allocation system to hopefully stop scrambling numbers.
+ Fixed bug where players could get stuck inside the offerings menu before the game started. (cheers @Daniel_Tex )
+ The imp ability effect can now be seen by his entire team (except the Werebat)
+ Ability effects (whooshing and burning) now has a working audio setting controller.
+ Revealed cards no longer go to the Changeling.
+ Added more granular timing options.
+ Fixed issue that would cause Game Lobby List to break and not update (what usually forced players to restart their clients)
+ Fixed bug that would cause AI players to bail/disconnect at the start of new games.
+ Fixed some flickering issues with the voting buttons during recounts.
+ Optimized some on-death triggers.
+ Recast the Troublemaker as Town Support, not Town Attacker.
+ Made the countdown animation for the round timer smoother.
+ Polished up some tooltips.
+ Players can now be tagged in chat messages.
+ Roles mentioned by the AI is now highlighted.
+ Chat default font size increased.
+ Chat can now be expanded to full screen.
+ Chat sidebar is now hidden when chat is.
+ Added some pro tips to the loading screen.
+ Repolished some UI scaling issues.
+ Added faction-specific offerings.
+ Fixed name-in-name issue with usernames.
+ Fixed bodyguard+ bard ability bugs.
+ Fixed some pacing tooltips (cheers @Soariticus )

Beta tester access:
We are still looking for playtesters, and have expanded the seat count. Visit https://direwolfonline.com/beta for more details.
Direwolf - Gecko - Direwolf Dev
Rewrote and stabilized the network code, and changed out the server for a newer stronger model.

+ Hosts can now add bots to multiplayer games and customizable tutorials.
+ Added a loading pre-screen to the main menu
+ Added "looking for players" count to the main menu
+ Fixed some tooltip typos and TBA text issues.
+ Fixed market bug that could produce empty market offers.
+ Restructured most of the client-server communication.
+ Added a handful of achievements and flair texts.
+ Hosts can now ask the server to spawn bot instances, for better playtesting and to fill up games.
+ The AI has grown slightly more clever in what they will claim and how.
+ Fixed card mentioning issue where partial words were converted.
+ Improved chat scroll and chat background.
+ Average intelligence of the game AI has been increased slightly.
+ AI now understands that there CAN be others with their own role type (like another revealed prince)
+ Improved tutorial flow.
+ Hosts can now remove and add AI players from both public and tutorial games.
+ Fixed tutorial issue where some tutorials would never start.
+ Added a wolf scenario tutorial.
+ Six new pieces of loot added.

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