Hand Simulator - Kolotilov

Battle up to 10 players!

Only one will survive!

Hand Simulator - Kolotilov
Now you have the opportunity to fight with the hated cockroaches with your own hands!

Playing for a man catch all the cockroaches and put them in a jar on the table!

Playing for a cockroach, eat all the sugar on the table!
Hand Simulator - Kolotilov

  • Santa Claus clothing
  • Eye movement has become more natural
  • At the level of Bomb removed the clash of hands between players
  • Changed the position of the holster at the level of the Gunfighter
  • Increased angle of rotation of brushes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player not to die when hit in the head
  • Reworked a blow from a bullet hit a person
  • Hunter85 weapons removed from random
  • You can charge several rounds in Magmum, they do not fly out when fired
  • Improved rendering of blood and bullet marks
  • In VR mode there is no dizziness, the camera is fixed
  • In VR mode, when you die, you get pain in the form of dizziness
  • In VR mode, the cursor is now over the drop-down menu[/ list]

    P.S. If you experience a significant decrease in FPS, when someone comes out or enters the room (or something else), please write to us the characteristics of your hardware, especially your microphone model, to our group in personal messages https://vk.com/hfmgames. All the new 2019 year!
Hand Simulator - Kolotilov

Now everyone can customize their character. The amount of clothing is still small, but we will work on increasing.

P.S. Also fixed various bugs.
Hand Simulator - Kolotilov

In this meeting room can gather up to 16 people. When creating a room is available a choice of 6 types of weapons including a grenade, or you can choose a random weapon for all participants.

More changes:
Also a selection of weapons is available for the "Last Hero" card.
Slightly improved menu.
After death, the hands do not fall under the texture.
The level of tanks is temporarily unavailable, we are working to improve it.
Other minor fixes.
Nov 9, 2018
Hand Simulator - Kolotilov

Perform appendicitis surgery. Carefully review all guts for appendicitis.

Other changes:
Appeared observer mode after death.
Updated models of checkers.
Changed the position of chess.
Other minor improvements.
Hand Simulator - Kolotilov
The task of the players:
Run away from Momo! (Use dark places)

Start the engines! (Rotate the knob until 4 lights come on, then pull the lever)

And open the gate! (Start 4 engines and pull the lever on the wall)

Momo task: kill everyone! (Your claws are your weapon)

Improved performance at The Last Hero.
There are nicks over the heads of players.
At levels where it is allowed to walk, walk mode is enabled at start.
Other minor improvements.
Sep 30, 2018
Hand Simulator - Kolotilov

Levels of Fast Food, Jenga, Chess and Checkers, Billiards have united in one level Sport Bar. Have fun with your friends!

The level of Shooting is completely changed, FPS is now higher.

Level Mexican Standoff changed lighting, FPS is now higher.
Correction of the error, due to which the hands sometimes fell through the objects.
Fixed animation walking.
Other small improvements.
Hand Simulator - Kolotilov

Go through the circle in the shortest time and get achievements!


Take the lever by the ring

Take the steering wheel as shown in the picture

Forward for the records!
Hand Simulator - Kolotilov

Fight in the field on howitzers. Game for up to 4 people. Survives, as usual, the coolest.


1. Take charge and shove it into the howitzer

2. Adjust the vertical and horizontal howitzer

3. Pull the lever

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