UnderMine - Thorium

We're very excited to announce that we are working with our localization group to bring you UnderMine in the following new languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
We will continue to translate the game into other languages as we can. We're also investigating ways to get our community involved in translation. Whether that means polishing up some lines, translating announcements like this, or helping us with small, spot translations for new items and features.

If you would like to be involved please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/undermine
UnderMine - Thorium
Bug Fixes
  • The game no longer crashes if unable to initialize the Steam API. If Steam fails to initialize, you'll still be able to play, however achievements will be disabled until the problem is resolved.

    If you have encountered this problem, please check the Steam Discussion Forums for solutions.
UnderMine - Thorium
Bug Fixes
  • Swapping or picking up a new potion right as your current potion finishes drinking no longer prevents you from drinking more potions
  • Censer now blesses you on the first room of the Mines even if you already have a blessing
  • Even better fix for duplicate Blessings and Curses in the UI
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Offering upgrades from displaying correctly in the Journal
  • Added some validation to save files that had previously gotten into a bad state by purchasing too many Dibble Membership upgrades
  • Intro videos now play at the lowest volume setting set on the options menu
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Freeloader Draught to make TRANSMUT3 indefinitely free
UnderMine - Thorium

Hey Everyone!

Big week! Seriously though, we are blown away with the reception to UnderMine. Derek and I spent late nights talking through our thoughts on how the game would be received. Our biggest worry was that we would release the game and no one would care. Well... we can lay that worry to rest, because it seems like a lot of people care, which is incredible.

We are very excited for the future of UnderMine and we look forward to working along side you to turn it into something very special. And with that said, here is another update!

This will be the last update before PAX West. Both of us are attending so there won't be any time to work on the game. However, if you are in Seattle and attending the show please come by the Indie Megabooth and say 'hi' to us.

Update - Version

  • You can now mouse-over your potion and bomb for a tooltip
  • UnderMine now detects up to 3 controllers at once
  • A new secret door has been added to the HUB: Keep Out!
  • Added a few more Goldmine encounters

Bug fixes
  • Resource caps are now better enforced
  • Throwbo much less likely to get stuck in his throwing animation, preventing the doors from opening
  • Killing an awakening peep skeleton now no longer keeps doors shut
  • Skulls now die if they fall in a pit
  • Fixed an issue related to doors closing briefly when killing a Curse Wisp or skull with a ranged attack
  • Footman shield bash now hits one frame later in the animation to be more readable
  • Black Rabbit’s chest game or the Pilfer Loyalty program are now declined if you close their dialog with the close button
  • Fixed an issue related to stacking multiple +MaxHP items
  • Fixed the dungeon encounter that sort of looked like “that symbol”
  • Fixed a bug preventing your key bindings from correctly saving changes to the Journal key
  • Fixed a mine encounter that could spawn holes at the end of bridges
  • Fixed a bug causing the Goldmine music to loop too early
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from moving after jumping down a hole to the next zone
  • Fixed a bug where killed furnaces would show up in the vanquished enemies section of the game over screen
  • Waking Light and Rain of Fire no longer activate in Hoodie’s room
  • Tickers now display damage numbers when attacked
  • Opening the Steam overlay no longer locks your movement when returning to the game
  • Fixed a crash related to corrupted save data. Still investigating the cause of corruption

Balance Changes
  • Spider and Wolf Spider attack radii reduced
  • Spider and Wolf Spider hitbox increased so that they can be hit easier when leaping
  • Spiders now appear in lower quantity
  • Arachnophobia curse only releases 1 spider, down from 1-2
  • Peasant no longer loses gold when picking up the Summoning Stone, or Stone of the Recreant
  • Noori’s health has been increased
  • Elixir now heals the player to full
  • Catalyst now heals the player for an additional 1 HP when healed from any source other than Catalyst
  • Each Berry upgrade now adds an extra 20% base potion duration instead of a flat 15s
  • Auglycerin now spews more gold but for less duration
  • Shop in a Bottle now has a lower discovery chance
  • Health lever encounters now scale their cost when they are used
  • Health lever encounters now have more generous and varied rewards
  • The first relic room is now always unlocked
  • Rewards (items dropped from the ceiling after combat) have been reduced in frequency
  • Rewards can now include steaks (ceiling meat)
  • Moving diagonally while using the keyboard no longer causes you to move faster
  • Blackguards deal slightly more damage
  • Blackguards now ignore the peasant’s damage grace period

Other Changes
  • Some special encounters are now labeled on the minimap
  • By default, Interact is now E, Bomb is now R, and Craft is now F. Apologies to all the people who dropped bombs on themselves while trying to talk! Note that these changes should not overwrite existing binding configurations
UnderMine - Thorium
  • The minimap now hides during combat. This functionality can be disabled via the options menu and is on by default.
  • Intro videos can now be skipped by pressing any button.
  • Clicking outside the game window when running in full-screen no longer minimizes the game.
  • The Journal and Crafting keys are now remappable via the options menu. The default Journal key has been changed to Tab.

Bug Fixes
  • Treasure from a chest partially surrounded by impassable rocks now spreads much more evenly.
  • Enemy pathing has been improved which should result in less enemies getting stuck along walls and help rats get down from statues easier
  • Gargoyles can now more reliably shoot south
  • Fixed an issue loading into Mortar’s room related to killing bosses out-of-order
  • The Fortitude blessing no longer auto-unlocks when you pick up its recipe.
  • Fixed an issue causing floors to lay themselves out in a fashion that would soft lock the player (pillars or pits blocking doors)
  • Fixed an issue with a Halls encounter that forced the player into a hole upon re-entry
  • Fixed an issue with a Mines encounter that caused a lever to not work if used upon re-entry

Other Changes
  • Changed the sprites for exploding barrels and loaded rats to be more distinguishable for color blind people
UnderMine - Thorium
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when talking to Lillyth in the Hub’s main room
  • Fixed a German localization issue preventing you from joining the Pilfer Loyalty Program or playing Black Rabbit’s treasure chest minigame
  • Fixed an issue preventing your ignited pickaxe from igniting enemies
  • Improved the particle rendering order for certain status effects
  • Added extra logic to prevent the Rockpile Mimic from clipping through the wall during his boulder move
UnderMine - Thorium
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused mouse aim to not work properly at resolutions other than 1920x1080
  • Fixed a crash that infrequently happened during the health-lever encounters
  • Fixed an issue where blueprints lingered in Black Rabbit's chest game

Balance Changes
  • Increased the gold from rocks and walls that appear after killing RPM, but before killing Selt
  • The peasant’s grace period expanded from 0.3s to 0.5s
  • Damage from the ignite status effect now ignores the peasant's grace period
  • Damage from the poison status effect now ignores the peasant's grace period
  • Damage from electrified water now ignores the peasant's grace period
  • Damage from spikes now ignores the peasant's grace period

Other Changes
  • Mouse aim is now set to on by default for mouse and keyboard controls

A quick explanation about the grace period changes:

The peasant's grace period is the invulnerable state he enters after he takes damage. We increased this from 0.3 seconds to 0.5 seconds. This will hopefully reduce some of the frustration from taking rapid hits from enemies.

Because we expanded the grace period, we needed to make sure other types of damage were not giving the peasant a "damage shield." Status effects like fire and poison now ignore the grace period, which means they do not interact with it. This is so that the peasant can still take regular hits while on fire, or so that he can't skip over spikes by running really quickly.
UnderMine - Thorium

Hey everyone!

We are proud to announce that UnderMine has officially launched into Early Access and we are incredibly excited to finally share our baby with the world.

We have worked very hard on this project and hope it lives up to your high standards. We also look forward to working with you, the community, to deliver amazing updates that continue to expand UnderMine into something you can play for years.

- Clint and Derek of Thorium
UnderMine - Thorium

Hello peasants!

Release is just around the corner and we have a brand new trailer to make sure you are as hyped as possible. It is currently listed on the store page, but you can also check it out here on YouTube:


If you like what you see, throw it a like and spread it around. We want to see UnderMine everywhere!

We'd like to give a special thanks to M. Joshua for making this fantastic trailer. You can check out more of his work here Alright, back to fixing bugs. We'll see you all on the 20th!

For more information on UnderMine, check us out on:

Discord: discord.gg/undermine
Twitter: twitter.com/undermine_game
Website: https://undermine.game
Wiki: undermine.gamepedia.com
UnderMine - Thorium

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to discuss localization with you all since we get a lot of questions about it. UnderMine is developed in English, but we want it to be available in as many languages as possible.

Our first two languages, other than English, will be German and Brazilian Portuguese. These will be available at the launch of Early Access. There was a lot of interest from both Germany and Brazil so it made sense to go with them first. But also, we wanted to test our localization pipeline with only a couple of new languages, and work out any kinks.

Our intention is to roll out to many more languages as we are able to. We’ll keep you up to date when we know more about a particular language.

Also, since we get this question a lot: We do not need help translating the game from independent sources. It is much easier for us to work with one partner. We do however welcome critique of current translations. Providing us feedback helps a lot since we at Thorium are one language North Americans (also very jealous of all you bi-linguals out there. I should have paid more attention in French class.)

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