NOKBAK - pspenc
Hey everyone. Its been awhile, but we are getting back into updating Nokbak and soon adding even more content.

We currently have a beta build that you can access and test for us, that has many optimizations (Collisions, Shaders and such) that should reduce rubber banding in games, as well as allow more people to play the game without needing a strong computer.

To access this, right click Nokbak ->Properties
Then click the Betas tab, then at the dropdown select the "Testing" beta. We will be using this in the future to test any changes we want to push onto steam. Please give us feedback on it

Hopefully soon( ie a week or two) there will be a new character, a T-Rex. Right now it is modeled and animated, and only needs texturing work done before it is finished. Right now there arent any plans to have any gameplay differences between the 2 characters.

We only have a few people still working on Nokbak, but we hope to be able to add new maps, game modes, and maybe guns.

Thank you to everyone who has still been playing the game. If there are any changes to the game you would like to see, please let us know!
Sep 2, 2017
NOKBAK - BYU Animation
Hey all!
We just pushed out our first update to address some glaring issues with the game. The biggest fix was to the graphics options. The menu option just plain didn't work on release, and players were stuck at 'Epic' graphics quality. That was an oversight on our part. Sorry about that. The menu option works now and, especially on lower graphics settings, everyone should see a huge increase in performance and framerate.

There are still some residual issues regarding server lag, so we are definitely looking into that for a future patch. Let us know of any further issues you encounter! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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