Aug 3, 2018
Blood Waves - Alexandr
Hi there!

New game mode "Horde" added.

In this mode, you are given 80,000 cache, 20 upgrade points and 10 skill points.

Before the battle, buy everything you need in the store. Next you need to build a defense. Further you will be attacked by endless horde of zombies.

Your task is to hold out as long as possible and earn the maximum number of points.

We also added a new leaderboard for this mode.

The "Horde" mode will be available after passing 10 waves in the "Survival" mode.
May 11, 2018
Blood Waves - Alexandr
Hey there!
We added Achievements.
Have a good game!
Blood Waves - Alexandr
Now all the control settings in a separate Controls menu, which contains 3 sections: Sensitivity, Keyboard, Gamepad.

• Key bindings
The Key bindings option is entered according to the numerous requests of the players.
Now you can easily reconfigure the control for the most comfortable game. You can assign any keyboard or mouse key to all control commands in the Keyboard section.

• Gamepad for left-handers
You can enable the left-handed control type in the Gamepad section.
This option changes the gamepad buttons for actions: Movement, Sprint, Rotate camera, Aim, Attack and Roll.

• Camera smoothness
Camera smoothness is a new option in the Sensitivity section for more flexible control settings. Also, the section already contains previously existing sensitivity settings for the mouse and controller.
Mar 14, 2018
Blood Waves - Alexandr
Change Notes:

- Added new music
- Added character animation in the main menu
- Fixed headshots with a pistol
- Increased durability of Barricade
- Increased durability of Turret
- Increased durability of Flamethrower
Feb 22, 2018
Blood Waves - Alexandr
Change Notes:

- Improved control: Added a delay in shooting without aiming
- RPG-7 and AWP now shoot only in the aiming mode
- Added training tips when you first start the game
- Increased the size of the game interface
Blood Waves - Alexandr
Change Notes:

- Added new feature – Auto-save at the end of each wave

Your progress in the game will persist until the character is dead. After the character's death, the game will start again from the first wave.

Now you can continue the game after you exit to main menu or exit the game.The game is saved exactly at the end of the completed wave, where there is a sign “Wave cleared”. If you exit the game in the middle of the wave, and then go back, the game will be loaded exactly at the end of the previous wave.

- Fixed bug with missing zombies (v.2)

- Less AWP Zoom
Feb 16, 2018
Blood Waves - Alexandr
Change Notes:

- Fixed bug with missing zombies
- Fixed bug with zombie parts that reduced performance
- Fixed bug with displaying values in the settings menu
Feb 13, 2018
Blood Waves - Alexandr
Change Notes:

- Fixed mouse problem with dual screen
- Fixed 60 FPS capped
- Сontrol improvements: more faster Roll
- Fixed bug with Skill table
- Fixed Quick change Weapon
- Loot pick-up range increased
- Fixed other minor bugs

Now we are working on adding Achievements to the game.
Blood Waves - Alexandr Krivozub
Hello Everyone,

We just released Blood Waves. The development was more time-consuming than we thought it would, and sometimes there were difficulties in different development moments. Now we are very pleased to release the game for the public and are ready to develop the game further together with the community. We are very interested in feedback and community support. Please don’t hesitate to leave any comments and advice.

In the near future we will make frequent updates to the game. At this stage, much attention will be paid to correcting all bugs and failures. After that, we will add new content, new features and introduce new game modes into the game. We will improve the game as much as possible.

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