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Today I have two important news at once.

1. Many players complained that units miss too often. Now it's over! In the options added the ability to change the "To-hit chance". Note that during the battle can not be changed.

2. Translation into Spanish is complete! It was launched even before the release of the game (almost 2 years ago!). Five people participated in the work on the translation (if I forgot someone, please write):
Gino Ariel Orsini, Javier García Martínez, Paula Sifredi, José Rodríguez Gil, Tegga21. Thank you very much!!!

Thanks to all players for their support!

If you like the game, please put your thumb up. It motivates us a lot and helps with the promotion of the game. Thanks again!
Warbanners - crasleen_games
Dear players! I plan to add to the settings the ability to change the "To-hit chance". He is now 55%, but many players complain that units miss too often. Now it can be easily fixed.
What do you think of it?


The description of the new setting will be in English and Russian only. If you help translate it into other languages, we will be very grateful to you! Thank you very much!
Languages ​​needed: Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian.

Text to translate:

To-hit chance (base)
To-hit chance when Accuracy of an attacker equals Evasion of a defender. The recommended value is 55%.

The Spanish version of the game will be available in July 2019!
Warbanners - crasleen_games
- fixed the "illumination" in the arena;
- fixed fire description;
- removed from the English descriptions a few extra points;
- before the battle begins, the icon indicates the unit that assistant Set-Shamar killed;
- after completing the game on the nightmarish level of difficulty, an additional achievement “The Story's End” is given. If you have already completed the game on the nightmarish level of difficulty, simply run the game to get "The Story's End".

Warbanners - crasleen_games
Changes in version 1.3.0:

- Fixed about a dozen inaccuracies in the names of cities in the English version;
- Corrected description of the skill "Timber!";
- a pair of descriptions was clarified;
- when a player shoots from a catapult, the camera no longer tracks the stone;
- when generating enemies in the "arena", the "weight" of the most dangerous opponents is increased, because of which the battles in the "arena" will become a little easier.

P.S. I am glad to announce that the work on the translation of Warbanners into French and Spanish has been resumed!
Warbanners - crasleen_games
- Karranak and a pair of orcs received the "Tireless" feature (Unit regenerates 1 extra Stamina every turn);
- all dwarves received a new feature "Tireless 2" (Unit regenerates 2 extra Stamina every turn);
- Fixed a bug that could occur in two missions, if the army had only nominal heroes.

Thank you all for your support, patience and kind words! Good luck in the new year!
Warbanners - crasleen_games
Changes in version 1.2.8:

- the enemies have a less wish to throw potions at the beginning of the battle. Of course, they will continue to do this, but this will not give them the same pleasure ))).

- in the mission " Dark Clouds" a hint was added.

- fixed an error when saving the game when there are already 64 saves. Now you will see a message that you can not have more than 64 saves.
Warbanners - crasleen_games
DLC "Death Speaker" is fully translated into Polish! Many thanks, Martius R!!! This wonderful man previously translated into Polish original game. Thanks again!

Other changes:
- now the lighting zone from the fire changes more smoothly.
Warbanners - crasleen_games
Thanks to everyone who continues to support us, write reviews and share advice – it inspires us to reach for new heights!

Changes in the new version:
- Redesigned lighting visualization. Evening now turns to blue, and fire flickers. I hope you will enjoy!
- A small addition to the text of one of the missions.
- Fixed a bug where enemies appearing during a battle didn't increase the reward for completing a mission.

Warbanners - crasleen_games
Warbanners v1.2.5 adds the Chinese translation for the game's ‘Death Speaker’ DLC. Many thanks to Project Gutenberg |游戏 古 登堡 计划!

Work continues on the translation of Warbanners into French, Spanish and Italian. The transfers are carried out by the efforts of volunteers, so we're not yet able to name the approximate terms of their completion at this time.

Other changes:
- Corrected an error related to when the enemy breaking the barrel with the powder died of the explosion (in fact, we corrected it a week ago, just forgot to write about it in that post).
- Added a damage display that will be applied when using the "Throw Grenade" skill.

Warbanners - crasleen_games

- Changed the algorithm for equipping enemies with potions. Enemies now have less potions thrown, but more potions drunk. This will reduce the number of debuffs that are imposed on the player's units (due to the fact that the number of thrown potions is less).

- Barrels of gunpowder now explode with one blow. Enemies are now more likely to approach barrels, as well as break them when it’s advantageous to do so.

- Arrows, potions and stones loosed from catapults now move along more natural (parabolic) trajectories.

- In Russian and English versions, the names of the difficulty levels have been changed. "Easy" is now called "Casual", and "Normal" is called "Classic". By default, the game offers to start playing at a "Casual" level of difficulty.

- The amount of gold obtained at the "Casual" level of difficulty has been slightly increased.

- The cost of Brondrin's assistant, who allows you to hire dwarfs, has been reduced from 70 to 50.

- The number of Necromancers in the "Where the dead things are" mission have been reduced at the casual and classic level of difficulty.

Gameplay Tips

- In the second mission, many players don’t seem to understand the importance of using "Liquid Fire". Illumination is one of the key mechanics of the combat system: Please, throw at least one potion at the enemies – you’ll see how your chances of success dramatically increase!

- Another hint with the Necromancers in the "Where the dead things are" mission – we’ve noted many players do not try to address the necromancers first. Necromancers are much more dangerous than zombies or skeletons, destroy them immediately for better results!

If you have suggestions for how we can better illustrate these or any other key mechanics/features, please let us know here on the Steam discussion boards, or on our Discord: https://discord.gg/EQ3VbRd -- and of course if you enjoy Warbanners, please consider telling others that might be interested, posting a review, etc. to help us continue to get the word out. Thanks for your support!


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