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Grand Theft Auto V - (John Walker)

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Dec 7, 2018
Raft - Quire


Hello everyone! Christmas is creeping up on us fast, so we felt it was time to give you some more in-depth insight into what is going on at the Raft HQ! Our technicians, pencil wielders and polygon pullers have been working hard in order to produce the exciting stuff we have to show today! We have posted some stuff on our social medias, but we have been a bit secretive about what they entail, so let us tell you more right away!


We feel this is a big one, and we hope you feel so too! Having animals on the raft has been requested for a long time, and it is something we have wanted for a long time as well. It will bring more life to the raft, more purpose to walls and fences - but most importantly, it will make the rafting life less lonesome! It is a big feature, which we knew would take quite a lot of effort and time, and we wanna make sure it is not simply crammed in, hence why it's been taking some time. However, we are now ready to reveal that it is finally on its way!

There are a lot of systems involved in making these animals come to life - so far, we have got them walking and finding their way on both the islands and the raft. On the raft you will have to make sure they do not fall into the ocean though. They can find grass to eat and you can catch them and bring them to your raft. You can get resources from them and if you do not take care of them… they die..

In order to have animals on your raft you will have to do some preparatory work. You need to make sure the animals are happy and comfortable on your raft, otherwise they might not feel too good. And catching them will not be easy either, but we will get into more detail on this in a future post!

So, who are these creatures? Well why don’t we show you?


This majestic creature will provide you with wool, which you will be able to use for new equipment - soon to be announced!


The goat is a good friend when life is lonely, and it also produces milk, which is great!


This little creature might be a tad erratic but produces great tasting eggs!


Lastly, we have a new defender of the large islands. Chances are you will have to fight this one before claiming the loot or catching animals to bring onto your raft!

There is going to be a lot more new things added together with these animals so stay tuned for more news! Hope you are as excited about this stuff as we are!

Until next time! Remember to follow our Twitter and Facebook ːtinderː

//Raft HQ
Nov 8, 2018
Raft - Quire


We have listened to you guys, and are now bringing new game modes to make for more exciting gameplay in Raft, as well as some much requested gameplay features!


Peaceful mode is now a thing. This mode has the same settings as easy mode, but with the added feature of all enemies being passive; so you can enjoy the calm breeze without having to worry.


Hard mode have gotten a makeover: there's now a chance of multiple sharks spawning when you kill one, and the sharks health has been increased a bit (5 hits instead of 4) for it to go away. The shark will also attack in a more frequent, but random pattern, which should make for more exciting gameplay. We aim for this to be a mode where you should think and calculate the chances you take - before you take them. As always, we appreciate feedback, so yell at us if it's too hard. :) Food and Thirst is also harder to sustain, and all enemies have had their damage increased.


Third person mode has been added to the game (default key is comma ,) - just take a look here:


Upgraded game modes, upgraded security. Bruce is annoying in late game, and isn't really a threat to those well equipped to fight him off - for this reason, we have decided to make foundation armor untargetable for the shark: so you will now be able to completely fortify your raft, and not have to worry about pesky shark attacks any longer. Enjoy!


This one is quite amazing, and we're really looking forward to see how people utilize this. This is only available in creative mode, and allows you to fly around to view your raft, or even build/paint in noclip if that's what you wish to do (default key for this is N) - take a look:


ːGreen_Plusː Added peaceful game mode and updated hard game mode.
ːGreen_Plusː Added 3rd person view in all modes and noclip mode in creative.
ːGreen_Plusː Updated foundation armor to be untargetable/immortal to Bruce.
ːGreen_Plusː Added schools of fish around normal islands as requested by you guys.
ːGreen_Plusː Added some fall damage to all game modes besides creative.
ːGreen_Plusː Shark bait now lasts 30% longer in hard mode.
ːGreen_Plusː We improved loading times when loading into a game.
ːGreen_Plusː Modified food and thirst decrease a bit to be more fair.

ːorwell_checkː Fixed an issue with the seagull attacking crops in creative.
ːorwell_checkː Fixed an issue with lighting (no lights at night).
ːorwell_checkː Fixed an issue with multiple sharks spawning in non-hard modes.

That's it for today! We hope that you enjoy the update just as much as we have enjoyed making it - if you have any questions, feel free to hit us up in one of the Raft Communities:




This awesome Llama is just one of many new animals that will roam the large islands - this one is friendly, and can be tamed - more on that later on. For now, here's a picture!

Raft - Quire

Do you think this majestic creature will be friendly or hostile to the players? Comment below!
Raft - Quire
Raft - Quire
We are changing up the game modes a little bit! The current plan is to turn "easy" into a "peaceful" mode (passive enemies), "Normal" will stay "Normal", and then a much harder "hard" mode will come. What sorts of features/modifications would you like to see in the new hard mode?

Feel free to comment below, or join the Discord to participate! ːtinderː
Raft - Quire
Hi all!

We have pushed a hotfix that have fixed the bow being stuck, saving issues should have been resolved, you no longer spawn inside of large islands, adjusted the screecher (longer pickup time, it now also screams and drops feathers when hit), fixed an issue multiple sharks (sorry), you can now properly repair triangle foundations and polished translation errors!

EDIT: We also fixed an issue with clay not appearing!

We apologize for any inconvenience these bugs may have caused you ːtinderː

Raft - Quire


We're extremely happy to announce that the Large Island Update is finally here! We have worked tirelessly to get a lot of awesome content and new features in the game for you to enjoy. Read on for a detailed description of each feature, or watch the quicker update video right here:


The large islands are now in the game! You will be able to find them by following the beep on the receiver after getting to the radio tower. The large islands will play a key part in the new advanced cooking system, containing many natural resources exclusively found on them.


The screecher is now in the game, and can be found roaming (and protecting) the new large islands! It will attack you on sight, bombarding you with rocks if you get too close to the island.
You can shoot down the screecher with a bow and arrow, or try to face it in a spear battle!


This cute, but extremely toxic and deadly pufferfish will roam around the reefs of the large islands, protecting the loot and resources it contains. You can either try to sneak by it, or you can face it in a deadly battle - but be vary, it will go boom if you get too close to it!


We've implemented advanced cooking this update, which allows you to sustain your hunger much longer. There's a total of 11 new recipes, which are found in crates at rare locations.


A chat is now available, so you can chat with your friends from in-game with ease!


We have reworked the trophy boards so you can now show off all your foes and catches.


Small, cute schools of fish will now swim around the reefs and create a more aesthetically pleasing environment. These fish will not be catchable, but will swim away if you get too close to them!


You can now throw rocks at.. things (and birds)! We're not saying you should throw these at your friends (but you should definitely throw them at your friends) - have fun, and watch out!


A toggleable option has been added to the setting menu that will turn off swaying and waves completely, so those of you who get seasick / motion sick can now go on a rafty adventure!

HATS 2.0

Hats.. hats... and more hats! You can now decorate your head with a greater variety of "hats".


ːGreen_Plusː Added two new enemies, the pufferfish and screecher.
ːGreen_Plusː Added large islands and the secret rare island (uuuhhh)
ːGreen_Plusː Added berries, mushroom and other food items to large islands
ːGreen_Plusː Added new achievements for doing exciting new stuff
ːGreen_Plusː Added the ability to color your sail using paint
ːGreen_Plusː Added a metal arrow that will deal 150% more damage
ːGreen_Plusː Added a lot (11) recipes so you can make amazing meals
ːGreen_Plusː Added advanced cooking pot and bowls to hold the food
ːGreen_Plusː Added new throw animation so you can throw rocks at things
ːGreen_Plusː Added an in-game chat so you can talk with friends with ease
ːGreen_Plusː Added motion sickness mode as a toggleable setting
ːGreen_Plusː Added new schools of fish that will swim around the reefs
ːGreen_Plusː Added algae decals around the reefs that will contain loot
ːGreen_Plusː Added new weather feature: rain now waters your crops
ːGreen_Plusː Added the ability to paint all the cropplots

ːorwell_checkː Reworked Light System to improve optimization/performance
ːorwell_checkː Reworked Trophy Boards so you can show off all slain foes
ːorwell_checkː Reworked the health bar to support the new cooking system
ːorwell_checkː Removed blur when underwater, it was just annoying
ːorwell_checkː The basic bow durability has been increased by 50%
ːorwell_checkː You can no longer paddle and reach islands in creative
ːorwell_checkː The shark can now attack triangle foundations (was a bit OP)
ːorwell_checkː Fixed an issue where you could "grab" at an empty item net
ːorwell_checkː The seagull has now been removed from creative mode
ːorwell_checkː Fixed an issue with players being stuck in air when writing on a sign

That's it for today! We hope that you enjoy the update just as much as we have enjoyed making it - if you have any questions, feel free to hit us up in one of the Raft Communities:



Psst.. can you find this?
Raft - Quire
The large island update is just around the corner, coming to your PC tomorrow! We've collected the features of the update in a video for you to enjoy - just take a look here:
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