Depth - (Brendan Caldwell)

Listen, never mind that sharks are not the mindlessly violent animals we’ve been trained to fear, and simply additional victims of mankind’s global vertebrate binge. Dismiss, please, the ongoing cultural rehabilitation of this toothy swimmer, who is statistically quite poor at killing humans. Ignore also their adorable habit of falling asleep when you hold them upside-down. Forget it, forget it all. No more lovey-dovey thoughts for these wondrous aquatic beings, more maligned than malignant. This is a list about videogame sharks. And videogame sharks are the baddies. Here are the 9 deadliest sharks in PC games.


Raft - (Alex Wiltshire)

I have a real issue with the sea. That enormous blue conceals awful primal horrors which I can’t help but be fascinated by. So you can understand why I admire Raft, the survival game in which you try to stay alive on a rickety wooden craft constantly circled by a giant shark.

That shark is Raft’s principal antagonist and it sits at the centre of many of its survival mechanics (as observed by Steve Hogarty in his early access review of the game). Yet players have developed a strange relationship with it. “They talk to the shark and name it,” co-developer André Bengtsson tells me. So does his team: Bruce. “He gives you a kind of company out there, even though he’s trying to kill you.” (more…)

Apr 1
Raft - Redbeet Interactive
Hi Rafters!

Is friendly fire not cutting it anymore? Do you want some rivalry and see who is the best rafter among your friends? Now we are introducing a new battle royale game mode just for you!

Show your real survival skills, escape from dangerous obstacles and ride Bruce to victory!

  • New Game Mode: Raft Royale

May the best rafter win!

//Raft HQ

More information here:
Raft - (Steve Hogarty)

You ll have heard of Raft. It s the best open world survival crafting there is, for the singular reason that rather than having to run around to discover and excavate resources, they re all swept towards you on a never-ending tide of stuff. Plastic, wood, leaves, potatoes. All you have to do is catch the detritus with a hook on a string and then yank it towards you, so that it becomes part of your raft and your raft can grow larger and more elaborate.

Minecraft, for all its supposed complexity, is hamstrung by a rude insistence on making you walk around on foot like an idiot, checking under leaves for magic rocks or whatever the hell that game is about. Raft is a survival crafting game for the brilliant, but chronically lethargic creative mind, who would rather sit and let content wash over them than head out in search of it.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (RPS)

Ever since Minecraft got us hooked on surviving its deadly nights and sinister, snickering foes over a decade ago, there have been wave upon wave of new survival games to scratch our deepest masochistic itches. Attempting to tackle them all at once, however, would probably lead to an early grave, so we’ve put together this list of the very best survival games on PC to help satisfy those cravings for Darwinian supremacy. Whether you love punching trees, surviving against the elements or simply stuffing your belly with as much grub as you can manage, there’s a survival game with your name on it.


Raft - Redbeet Interactive

Hope you all had a great holiday season and have been enjoying "The First Chapter".
Since we got back to the office we have been working on The Second Chapter but also on another patch: The Beehive Update! As suggested by many of you, we are adding beehives and everything else you will need to produce honey on your raft!

Have a look!

Make sure to surround these with some flowers and get ready to hear some buzzing on your raft!


How to get the little stingy ones to your raft? Here is the catch! Well, literally, you will catch them with the brand new sweep net and get the new item "bee jar". Later on you can use these jars for crafting the beehives!


We have also changed the way you get honey. You will now get the new item honeycomb from the beehive and use it to make some sweet sweet honey!

Hope you enjoy the companionship of the little ones on your raft, habee rafting!

//Raft HQ

  • New Item: Beehive
  • New Item: Sweep Net
  • New Item: Bee Jar
  • New Item: Honeycomb
  • New Item: Good Healing Salve
  • Changed system to obtain honey
  • Bee Swarms on Balboa and Balboa-like islands

    Here are the bugs we have fixed in this update:
  • Holes on Balboa Island
  • 2 spots on big tropical islands where players got stuck
  • Biorefiner not accepting mango
  • Localization errors in Russian & Spanish, special letter problem in Polish & Norwegian and minor typos
  • A few underwater resources slightly above sea level not being lootable
  • Trophy Board not rotatable

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to follow the development and to get a heads up when we have a new blog post out!

Portal 2 - (Craig Pearson)

That squeaking noise is 2019 slowly deflating in the corner. You re done now, noble year. Thanks for trying. Uh-oh, I m getting introspective and thinky. I d better distract myself. With the holidays all but over, how did you manage to survive them? Tell me what you played and what sort of fun you had. I’ll go first! I survived with Portal 2.


Dec 16, 2019
Raft - Trassan
Hello again!

This time we have a few more bug fixes.
  • Disappearing islands/floating animals. (If you logged out close to a missing island there may still be "floating" animals but just continue playing and it should hopefully not reoccur)
  • Anchors were not working for some people.
  • Puffer achievement was not obtainable.

Make sure to restart Steam and Raft to get the latest version of the game.

//Raft HQ
Dec 9, 2019
Raft - Trassan
Hi everyone!

Here is another small hotfix patch which should resolve the following bugs.
  • Different frequencies between host and clients. This resulted in players typing a frequency in the receiver but no blue dot was visible.
  • Two frequencies with the same numbers.
  • Character getting squashed/weirdly scaled after being ressurected in a bed.
Make sure to restart Steam and Raft to get the latest version of the game.

//Raft HQ
Dec 6, 2019
Raft - Redbeet Interactive
Hi everyone!

We have been releasing patches to fix some bugs that you have been experiencing. Here you will find a summary of which bugs should be fixed with the latest hotfix 10.05.

Hotfix 10.05
  • Fix for the missing craftable quest items "bomb, carjack, lightbulb".
  • Having two frequencies with the same number should no longer happen. And for people who had the same frequency it should fix itself when reloading the world.
  • Debuffs such as poison should now be removed after respawning.

Hotfix 10.01, 10.2, 10.3 & 10.4.

Bugs fixed:
  • Any missing quest items (wildberries,crowbar, etc.) should now be restored when reloading the world.
  • Game screen glitching and shaking
  • Loot icon not working while looting hostile animals like pufferfish, warthog, etc.
  • Respawning with hammock not working

  • Engine model updated to show how many foundations it can carry.
  • Chat should work much smoother now.
  • The new "Open Save Folder Path" button to make finding save files easier.
  • We have fixed the save system. If your world still does not show up, make sure there are no extra dots(..) in the name of the rgd file. (for example: "Wor.ld.rgd" should be "World.rgd")

Make sure to restart Steam and Raft to update to the latest version.

//Raft HQ

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