Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs
Hey everyone,

We're adding a few tweaks and fixes to improve compatibility for certain resolutions, devices, and operating systems that have been trickling in while working with our porting teams.

MacOS Notarization and Mod Support
Mod support for MacOS will become incompatible starting v2.1 due to updated notarization requirements.
To play modded Slay the Spire, the game must be played on v2.0 branches. This can be accessed via Steam's branches.

Patch Notes

  • More MacOS notarization-related updates so future builds will run on MacOS Catalina and beyond.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where continuing a save at the event after the 3rd boss would resume the game timer if not going to the final act.
  • Fixed bug where Controlled Chaos mod would give you Unknown cards.
  • Fixed issue where Watcher data may not delete properly upon deleting a profile slot.
  • Fixed letterboxing asset placed above Gremlin Wheel spin button at certain resolutions.
  • Fixing highlight asset for View Upgrade button in card library when using controllers.
  • If Bigger Text mode is on, the main tutorial's text raised so it's not hidden by the Next button in certain aspect ratios.

UI and Effects
  • Re-adding longpress support for mouse and touchscreen modes (enabled in Settings), off by default.
  • Adding support for ultra high resolutions for various aspect ratios. NOTE: Font textures scale to resolution, increasing memory use.
  • Dropdowns in Run History screen are now left aligned so it works with Bigger Text mode better.
  • Locked characters are now grayscale in custom mode screen.
  • Seed shown in the Run History Screen is now anchored in a specific location.
  • Shifted much of the Run History screen slightly right so it's more spacious for some languages.
  • Updating credits screen timing as there's more credits.
  • Updating Gremlin Wheel event so arrow is placed better based on aspect ratio.
  • Updating rich presence string so that Ascension and Floor number can be seen.
  • While in touchscreen mode, certain strings now say tap instead of click.

  • Fixing issue with Fairy Potion displaying incorrect value for VIE.
  • Increasing card width space for CJK languages in Bigger Text mode.
  • Updates for DEU, DUT, FRA, IND, ITA, JPN, KOR, RUS, SPA, TUR, VIE, ZHT.
  • Updates for DEU, IND, ITA, JPN, RUS, SPA, THA, TUR, and VIE.
  • Updating credits for SPA, TUR.
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Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs
Hey everyone,

Turkish language support was added last hotfix but wasn't enabled in the Settings and caused some other issues. This is quite embarrassing, but now it's fixed. Hooray!

As always, feel free to contact us at if you run into issues or have suggestions.

Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed Vietnamese displaying Ukrainian in the main branch.
  • Fixed Turkish not showing up in main branch.
  • Removing Upgraded tooltip from Cunning Potion as the Upgraded keyword isn't in the description.
  • Adding updated logic so Fasting power's description works properly in various languages.
  • Updated the main English font from Kreon v1 to Kreon v2.
  • Updates for languages ITA, POL, PTB, TUR.
Dota 2 - (RPS)

Below you’ll find the list of the best PC games we recommend you play right now. These are games that are new, that are being freshly updated, or that are stone cold classics of their respective genres. This is a living list, which means we’ll be updating it throughout 2020 as we fall in love with new games.


Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs
We've added a new branch, fixed some things, updated some translations, and more!

macOS Notarization
The mac version of Slay the Spire is now notarized so it won't expire on newer versions of macOS (Catalina) come February.

Libgdx199 Version for Main Branch

We added a separate branch "libgdx199.main". This is the updated engine version of Slay the Spire using the main branch save files. The other libgdx199 branch utilizes your beta save files. This version is incompatible with some older devices; this may be preferred for some users as it comes with a few features, fixes, and performance improvements:

  • Mapping support for much more controllers. Such as the Steam controller.
  • Improved display resolution recognition, preventing an annoying screen offset bug.
  • Screenshake support for non 16:9 resolutions.
  • Multi-monitor support, pick which monitor you want Slay the Spire to use from the Settings.

Previously, fighting the Act 4 boss was not possible unless you cleared a standard run. As this is not the case with the Watcher, some players unlocked Amethyst+ without Amethyst. How peculiar! This fix remedies this issue.

  • Amethyst achievement now unlocks if you achieved Amethyst+ via opening Stats screen.
  • If Amethyst+ achievement is unlocked, Amethyst is now also unlocked simultaneously.
  • Weave card is now locked for the Watcher as the second set of unlocks contained a deprecated card. If this was unlocked previously, it will unlock when starting the game. Nope, apparently it's already Foreign Influence.

New Power Icons
We've updated the Fasting and Pressure Points power icons with suggestions from the community!

Bug Fixes
  • Fixing total unlock count for cards and relics on the stats screen (didn't account for Watcher).

While many mods will still need to be updated to be compatible with V2.0, we restored some old functions to make it easier.

  • Adding back old ExhaustAction constructors (backwards mod compatibility).
  • Adding getColor() helper method for CardHelper.

We received an updated translation for Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish! A big thanks to Felipe "Xcution" Requejo, Ertürk Yılmaz, and anyone who helped out with feedback and further refinement for those translations.

  • Brazilian Portuguese is now available in main branch.
  • Turkish is now available in main branch.
  • Updates for Thai, translating the Strike and Defend cards for Watcher.
  • Updates for Russian.
Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire's The Watcher is the game's fourth playable character, and she's finally here. This blind monk heads into battle wielding a staff, but much of her power comes from her ability to enter different stances, each of which drastically changes the way she plays. 

Correct use of these stances holds the potential for incredible power, but also make  Slay the Spire's 4th character tough to master. Here’s how to get to grips with her, as well as a couple of deck ideas to get you going.

How to play The Watcher in Slay the Spire

The Watcher’s most important mechanic is her use of stances. There are three different stances which allow The Watcher to use other cards; Calm, Wrath, and Divinity. The Watcher cannot have No Stance.

The Watcher starts each encounter in No Stance, which has no effect on her other cards. The two most common stances are Calm, which grants 2 energy once you leave it, and Wrath, which causes The Watcher to both deal and receive double damage as long as she remains in it.

The final stance is Divinity. When The Watcher enters this stance, she gains 3 energy, and while in it, she deals triple damage, but will automatically leave Divinity at the end of her turn. This is the most powerful stance, but the most difficult to enter. While Calm and Wrath can be entered and exited by a number of cards, Divinity is only activated by gaining 10 Mantra, a resource only gathered by a small number of cards, or by playing the card Blasphemy, which kills The Watcher at the beginning of her next turn. 

Timing is key when playing as Slay the Spire's Watcher. Many decks leverage her ability to retain cards until they can be used most effectively by swapping stances. The easiest way to do this is by using Wrath’s damage multiplier, but doing so makes it easy to open yourself up to unnecessary damage. 

It’s a good idea to keep a card to hand that will let you enter Calm: not only will using that stance help avoid any extra punishment, it’ll provide extra energy ahead of your next move. Similarly you can use Divinity to empower your attacks more with less risk, but be careful not to overcommit.

The best Slay the Spire Watcher decks

Like the other three classes, The Watcher begins each run with a starting relic and a basic deck. She starts with four strikes and defends, and one card for entering Wrath and Calm—Eruption deals 9 damage and enters Wrath, while Vigilance grants 8 block and enters Calm. Your starting relic is Pure Water, which grants another card, Miracle. This, at the start of each combat encounter, costs nothing, but grants 1 bonus energy. Miracle is automatically retained at the end of each turn, but is exhausted on use.

Retain Deck

This kind of build requires plenty of patience: it build up to an extremely powerful attack that aims to sweep your opponents aside in one. Naturally it relies heavily on Retain cards, but also on Establishment, a Power that reduces the cost of a card by 1 each time it’s retained.

Offensively Retain decks benefit most from Windmill Strike, which gains 4 damage every time it’s retained. If you can hold a sufficient amount for long enough, they’ll not only be free, but also capable of dealing huge damage, especially when you’re in Wrath. More importantly however, you’ll need cards that'll keep you alive long enough for this deck to ramp up in power. Perseverance and Protect are key to this, with the former's effectiveness over time being particularly helpful. 

Retain also requires the ability to swap between stances quickly. While Eruption and Vigilance are helpful for this, Crescendo and Tranquility are useful alternatives. You’ll also want plenty of draw, for which Scrawl is likely to be a crucial card: it'll help fill your hand with important cards.

Mantra Deck

While Wrath and Calm are the most common stances, Divinity shouldn’t be overlooked. Like Wrath, it allows for increased damage output, but it’s less risky and provides bonus energy. Entering Divinity costs 10 Mantra, and the aim of this deck is to gain this resource as often as possible, to help you quickly enter Divinity without suffering the risk attached to Blasphemy.

Only four cards provide Mantra. Devotion is a Power card that gives you 2 every turn, which makes it an integral part of the deck and extremely useful if you’re able to upgrade it or play multiple copies of it. Prostrate only provides 2 Mantra, but costs nothing and also provides a small amount of Block. Pray provides 3, as well as Insight, a 0-cost card which lets you to draw extra cards. Worship is a little more expensive, but provides 5 Mantra. One more card, Brilliance, interacts with Mantra, dealing increased damage depending on the amount acquired during battle, which offers a potent offensive solution. Equally Damaru is a useful relic, as it provides 1 Mantra per turn.

None of these cards are particularly good on their own (with the possible exception of Brilliance), which makes Mantra decks something you’ll likely want to pivot to over time, rather than something to commit to at the start of a run. If you go with it, get a good amount of Block and Draw cards, but don’t forget that you’ll also need offensive cards to exploit Divinity’s damage buff. With any luck, you won’t need to rely on Wrath at all, so using Calm cards is a better early game strategy. 

Whichever deck you choose, Slay the Spire's The Watcher benefits from a few key relics. Anything that provides extra energy, like Ice Cream, Happy Flower, or Gremlin Horn helps pull off those important offensive turns. If you’re using many cards at once, relics like Shuriken and Ornamental Fan shouldn’t be overlooked. Damage reduction or Block relics like Orichalcum and Fossilized Helix should help stall, especially if you’re going for longer-term strategies.

Slay the Spire

Mega Crit Games' superb solo card-battling rogue-like Slay the Spire - superb enough to be named one of Eurogamer games of 2019 - has just received a mammoth update on PC, introducing, among other treats, a brand-new playable character known as The Watcher.

Slay the Spire's free new update is significant enough to warrant the version number 2.0 and brings a list of balance changes and bug fixes long enough to require some hearty scrolling to get through. The big news addition, though, is The Watcher, a "blind ascetic" who "brings her training in the divine stances and a seeing staff to cast judgment upon the wicked Spire spawn".

The Watcher can scry and retain cards, but it's those stances, a gameplay mechanic unique to the character, that really sets her apart from other playable heroes.

Read more

Slay the Spire - (Matt Cox)

Run! The rest of this news post is a trap. If you keep reading I’ve little doubt you will wind up Slay The Spire‘s spire once more, and your evenings will congeal into glorious ascent. The latest character has escaped the beta branch, and is ready to tackle the spire proper. The Watcher is a blind monk who weaves between rampant aggression and calm repose. I like her a lot.

Patch 2.0 also throws in some new potions and relics, so it’s worth revisiting even if she isn’t your cup of tea.


Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire just got bigger with the official roll out of patch 2.0, which finally adds a new character, the Watcher, after months of beta testing. New relics and potions have also been added, in addition to a new Potion Lab.

The Watcher has been in testing since September, and naturally has her own cards and relics. According to Fraser writing last year she's "a blind ascetic who is paying the Spire a visit so she can 'evaluate' it". She's fond of miracles and peeping at cards in her draw pile.

A long list of balance changes are recorded over on the Steam community blog, and there's a bunch of quality of life improvements and bug fixes to look forward to. Modding support has been "improved", though it may cause conflicts for mods designed for version 1.1 - if you're a modder, it may be time to update.

Finally, there's a new Potion Lab, providing an easy-to-access resource on all spells available in the game. Which there are a lot of: this patch alone adds an addition 14.

Check out the full patch notes here. Evan loved Slay the Spire, writing in his review that it's "a strategically deep deckbuilder that, with any luck, has spawned a brilliant new subgenre". It won our 2019 award for Best Design.

Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs
Hey everyone,

Patch 2.0 is finally here, hooray! This patch brings new cards, relics, potions, balance changes, reworks, bug fixes, performance improvements, and a 4th character.
The previous version of the game can still be played by selecting "v1.1 - 2019-17-07" found in the BETAS tab within Steam.

The 4th Character
The Watcher has arrived to evaluate the Spire. She brings her training in the divine stances and a seeing staff to cast judgment upon the wicked Spire spawn.

Like the other characters, the Watcher comes with her own set of cards and a handful of unique relics.

A huge thanks to all the players who helped test the 4th character on the beta branch. All of your feedback, data, and reading various discussions really helped us test out new ideas and tweak the character rapidly!

Potion Lab

We added many potions this time around so we also created a screen that allows you to view all the potions!
This can be found in the Compendium section of the main menu as the Potion Lab.
You can even look up the rarities of all the new and existing potions.

This patch brings many changes to the main game along with some improvements for modding support. Mods compatible with V1.1 will likely need to be updated to continue working for V2.0. Update those mods!

If you need assistance with updating or want to get into modding yourself, come visit the #modding channel at the Slay the Spire Discord Server!

Community Fan Art
Art is all around us. But there's also some fan art here, too!

This reimagining of the Defect by Alexander Coadou

The Silent by /u/AzoryKeron

Patch Notes

  • GAMEPLAY: Amethyst achievement now unlocks if you achieved Amethyst+ via opening Stats screen.
  • GAMEPLAY: If AMETHYST+ achievement is unlocked, Amethyst is now also unlocked simultaneously.
  • MODDABILITY: Adding back old ExhaustAction constructors (backwards mod compatibility).
  • MODDABILITY: Adding getColor() helper method for CardHelper.
  • LOC: Adding localization support for Brazilian Portuguese.

In addition to a new character, many new relics and potions were added as well.

  • Lots of Watcher cards.
  • Watcher only, Starter Relic: Pure Water
  • Watcher only, Common Relic: Damaru
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Relic: Duality
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Relic: Teardrop Locket
  • Watcher only, Rare Relic: Cloak Clasp
  • Watcher only, Rare: Relic Golden Eye
  • Watcher only, Boss Relic: Holy Water
  • Watcher only, Boss Relic: Violet Lotus
  • Watcher only, Shop Relic: Melange
  • Common Relic: Akabeko
  • Common Relic: Ceramic Fish
  • Uncommon Relic: Horn Cleat
  • Uncommon Relic: Ink Bottle
  • Uncommon Relic: Strike Dummy
  • Rare Relic: Tungsten Rod
  • Rare Relic: Captain's Wheel
  • Boss Relic: Sacred Bark
  • Boss Relic: Slaver's Collar
  • Ironclad only, Uncommon Potion: Elixir
  • Ironclad only, Rare Potion: Heart of Iron
  • Silent only, Uncommon Potion: Cunning Potion
  • Defect only, Uncommon Potion: Potion of Capacity
  • Defect only, Rare Potion: Essence of Darkness
  • Watcher only, Common Potion: Bottled Miracle
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Potion: Stance Potion
  • Watcher only, Rare Potion: Ambrosia
  • Common Potion: Blessing of the Forge
  • Common Potion: Colorless Potion
  • Uncommon Potion: Distilled Chaos
  • Uncommon Potion: Duplication Potion
  • Uncommon Potion: Liquid Memories
  • Rare Potion: Cultist Potion
  • Watcher completion achievements: Amethyst and Amethyst+

Rarity changes, number tweaks, and overhauls!

  • Calling Bell relic reworked.
  • Hovering Kite relic reworked.
  • Tiny Chest relic reworked.
  • Shop rarity relics base price reduced from 200 -> 150.
  • Black Blood relic buffed. Heal incrased from 10 -> 12.
  • Eternal Feather relic rarity changed from Boss -> Uncommon.
  • Lizard Tail relic rarity changed from Boss -> Rare.
  • Meal Ticket relic rarity changed from Shop -> Common.
  • Orrery relic rarity changed from Boss -> Shop.
  • Toolbox relic buffed. Choose 1 of 3 Colorless cards instead of obtaining a random one.
  • Toy Ornithopter relic rarity changed from Shop -> Common.
  • White Beast Statue relic rarity changed from Boss -> Uncommon.
  • Wrist Blade relic buffed. Additional damage increased from 3 -> 4.
  • Fire Breathing card reworked.
  • Reprogram card reworked.
  • Sever Soul+ card buffed. Damage increased from 20 -> 22.
  • Well-Laid Plans card cost increased from 0 -> 1.
  • Powers that gain Block at end of turn activate before cards like Burn play themselves.
  • Common potion droprate decreased from 70% -> 65%.
  • Rare potion droprate increased from 5% -> 10%.
  • Snecko Oil reworked.
  • Blood Potion healing buffed from 10% -> 20%.
  • Blood Potion rarity changed f rom Uncommon -> Common.
  • Fairy in the Bottle healing buffed from 10% -> 30% HP.
  • Focus Potion rarity changed from Uncommon -> Common.
  • Ghost in a Jar rarity changed from Uncommon -> Rare.
  • Poison Potion is now Silent only.
  • Face Trader event can no longer appear past Act 2.
  • Neow Colorless card choices now let the player choose 1 of 3 colorless cards.
  • Plated Armor power now caps at 999.
  • Mods for Custom Mode have been updated to account for the Watcher.
  • Eternal One achievement now require Amethyst & Amethyst+ achievements.

UI and Effects
  • 4:3 aspect ratio support has been added.
  • Adding SFX for Spit Web attack by Louse enemy.
  • Bigger Text mode is now available in the Settings. This increases the font size slightly everywhere.
  • Card preview tips now allow you to see cards such as Dazed when viewing Reckless Charge.
  • Cards/powers/potions that generate Upgraded Cards now just describe them with a + in their name.
  • Champ boss now recognizes if you have his belt.
  • Fatal keyword added for cards which have effects upon killing a non-Minion enemy.
  • Increased font size of tip text when unlocking cards/relics.
  • Increased scroll speed by 3x when using mousewheel to scroll for Input Settings screen.
  • Peek button has been added, allowing you to peek at the combat while a selection screen is up.
  • Pressing 0 - 9 keys in some relic view screens now play some SFX.
  • Pressing ESC no longer exits the card reward screen from another menu.
  • Relics whose effects only trigger once per combat or run now gray out when inactive.
  • Repositioned the 'Restart game for changes' text when changing various options in Settings screen.
  • Scrollable dropdowns such as Run History can now be scrolled using scrollwheel and arrow keys.
  • Several potions now have updated potion bottle assets.
  • Some potions are rainbow colored now. It's groovy.
  • Uncommon potions now have small circle particle effects.
  • Rare potions now have gold sparkly visual effects.
  • Several power icons have been cleaned up.
  • Several relic assets have been cleaned up and have high resolution versions when viewing them.
  • Speed of several cards/relics have been increased and normalized across similar items.
  • Various cards with special requirements now emit a gold glow (like Dropkick).
  • When hovering Map Legend icons, tips now appear in a fixed position, no longer obscuring the map.
  • Wording updated for several relics, cards, potions, and powers to improve clarity.

Bug Fixes
  • Custom Mode now unlocks even if you play a Daily Climb offline now.
  • Dropkick card now resolves its actions in order of its description.
  • Egg relics now update card rewards in reward screens upon pickup.
  • Egg relics update card previews on Pandora's Box confirmation screen.
  • Entropic Brew can now be used outside of combat.
  • Fixed Armaments card not updating descriptions of upgraded cards.
  • Fixed bug where after defeating certain enemies, Block would not work against thorn-like powers.
  • Fixed Card Library scrolling up slightly when opened initially.
  • Fixed cards sometimes glowing even when they cannot be played.
  • Fixed Confirm/Cancel buttons requiring two taps in touchscreen mode for Rename Panel.
  • Fixed Discovery card showing skip button when reopening screen from another menu.
  • Fixed double-played Sunder gaining energy twice on Darklings and Awakened One.
  • Fixed egg relics not upgrading card received from A Note To Yourself.
  • Fixed elites slain scores not showing up properly in Endless mode.
  • Fixed Entropic Brew filling potions slots with Sozu.
  • Fixed ESC buttons causing unusual behavior on card reward screens (blank maps, hiding the reward screen).
  • Fixed Escape Plan gaining Block when card drawn is blocked by No Draw power.
  • Fixed Fear No Evil + Mental Fortress not gaining Block before Beat of Death.
  • Fixed Juggernaut damage not changing targets if original target is dead.
  • Fixed Mayhem, Havoc, Distilled Chaos, and Omniscience sometimes not playing cards if original target is dead.
  • Fixed memory leak when initializing Merchant assets.
  • Fixed memory leaks when initializing blights for Endless mode.
  • Fixed on-enter-room relics activating again when loading a game to a post-combat rewards screen.
  • Fixed Pocketwatch relic activating too early for effects like Foresight.
  • Fixed Rebound card not working with Strange Spoon relic.
  • Fixed Tingsha relic damage not changing targets if original target is dead.
  • Heel Hook card now resolves its actions in order of its description.
  • Slime and Heart enemy SFX no longer play when game is backgrounded.
  • Stasis move from Bronze Automaton's Orbs is now seeded.
  • Transmorgrifier event's options are now seeded.
  • The Designer event's options are now seeded.

  • Fixed card descriptions being initialized twice. Improving game start up time.
  • Deleted several unused font files, reducing memory usage and start up time.
  • Relics which gray out are now grayed out using a shader, rather than a grayscale image.

Again, a big big thanks to all of the translation help that kept the game translated while we patched and updated the beta builds for several months.

  • Slay the Spire is now available in Vietnamese!
  • Several strings such as time/date formatting is now localized.
  • Added various logic to improve card descriptions for CJK languages.
  • Patch V2.0 has been translated into the following languages!
  • Dutch
  • Esperanto
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese

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