Slay the Spire - (Alice O'Connor)

Delightful deck-building dungeon-crawler Slay The Spire has added a semi-secret fourth and final act in this week’s early access update. At long last, we’ll get to give that dastardly dungeon heart a proper kicking. You’ll need to make an extra effort to face the final boss, let alone defeat it, but I believe in you.


Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs

The final act is now available.

For those who wish to avoid spoilers, simply skip over the section below.
This week's patch also includes some other news!

The Final Act
This content is accessible in Standard and Ascension runs after completing the game with each character (not including retroactive completions).

This content includes:
  • A special Final Act beyond Act 3
  • 1 Elite
  • 1 Boss
  • 4 Achievements
  • Special endings for each character
  • Bonus card portraits used during playtesting and extras by the community

Updates to the Official Soundtrack
Because new music was added into the game, it is now also available in our Official Soundtrack.
Newly added tracks include:
  • Mind Bloom
  • The Ending
  • The Heart
  • The Spire Slain
  • Bonus (Launch Trailer)

One Year Anniversary! Hooray!
Did you know Slay the Spire was released into Early Access November 14, 2017?

We're aware that in our Early Access blurb it said the game would be released by now. Well, too bad- we decided to add much more than initially planned. Also, thank you for playing the game, spreading the word, and being genuinely awesome.

I'm taking a vacation so the next patch is December 6.

Community Fan Art
So many drawings! It's really great to see all these characters drawn in different ways, doing different things. We're going to keep sharing it with everyone else :).

The Ironclad by /u/VaultHunt3r

The Cultist, Slime, and a Slaver by Red Dye No. 5

Neow by Marce Ricardo

Patch Notes

  • Lots of Final Act related content.
  • A Note For Yourself event is now out of beta.

Bug Fixes
  • Ascension 20 now correctly works on Endless mode.
  • Awakened One and Orb Walkers were not shuffling their status cards into the player's draw pile, but into a fixed position.
  • Damage taken per turn checks for cards like Masterful Stab were not correctly resetting.
  • Fix for Mummified Hand relic targeting cards with costs lowered by Setup or Forethought.
  • Fixed issue where Nloth's Face relic consumed both relics from Matryoshka.
  • Fixed issue where the seed wasn't displaying after it was set in Char Select and Custom Mode screens.
  • Fixed issue where viewing relics with Nilrys Codex' popup caused issues with controllers.
  • Fixed softlock caused if you can't remove cards in: Back to Basics, Cleric, and Living Wall events.
  • HP loss amount is now blue for Neow's Lament relic description.
  • Red Skull relic's Strength gain is now correctly applied to the cards in your hand at start of combats.
  • Turnip and Ginger relics now prevent Artifact from triggering when they nullify debuffs.

  • Daily mods that alter the starting deck like Sealed Deck and Draft now eliminate Pandora's Box as it does nothing.
  • Wing Boots relic no longer appers after floor 40 (except with the Endless mod on).

UI and Effects
  • Controllers can now view Exhausted cards during combat.
  • Controllers have better behavior when navigating up/down when viewing card screens like Draw and Discard piles.
  • Energy icon now rendered on Single Card View screen for Curses with energy costs.
  • ESC key now closes the map and deck view screens again (if able).
  • Exhaust Pile now uses a scroll bar when there are enough exhausted cards.
  • Hovering room elements in Run History now make them 2x size rather than 1.5x.
  • Icons used in Run History screen's path nodes are now sharper.
  • Regret card wording improved to clarify interactions with cards like Rupture.
  • The term Orb Slot(s) within descriptions is now lowercased to Orb slot(s).
  • Title capitalization for Cloak And Dagger -> Cloak and Dagger.
  • Title capitalization for Hand Of Greed -> Hand of Greed.
  • Title capitalization for Riddle With Holes -> Riddle with Holes.
  • Updating elite path node icon in Run History screen. Now color blind accessible.
  • Claw card gets VFX.
  • Maw enemy's bite attack gets VFX.
  • Rip and Tear card gets VFX.
  • Scrape card gets VFX.
  • The Champ's sword attacks get VFX.

  • Reorganizing RUS credits a bit.
  • Updates for DEU, EPO, FRA, JPN, IND, POL, RUS, SPA, ZHS, ZHT.
Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire has been a shining example of Steam Early Access done right. It was a clever, polished roguelike deck builder when it launched a year ago, and has only gotten better since, with new cards and characters and art and consistent weekly patches. Now, according to the latest update, the final content for Early Access is coming to the game next week.

Technically, that final content is in the game already—if you're playing on the beta branch. It's been in testing for a couple weeks now, and should go live in the main branch of the game in patch 50. Mindful of spoilers for a build-up a year in the making, Slay the Spire's developers and its community have avoided talking openly about what that final content entails. The gist is that it's Act 4 of Slay the Spire, which goes beyond the cliffhanger of current successful runs to provide a final boss and a real ending.

Given Slay the Spire's popularity, I think it's safe to say this won't be the final content for the game, period—new characters, cards, and balance patches down the road seem likely. But this update will round out the game's campaign for its release out of Early Access.

As a bonus, the developers have been incorporating unlockable "beta" card art created by the community that you can use after you've beaten the game. This started with the placeholder art Mega Crit Games used during development, before the artists came in and drew the real thing. But the devs didn't make placeholder art for every card, so the community's stepped up with some wonderfully bad MS Paint concoctions to fill out each deck. Here's one that's actually in the game:

And here are a bunch of submission from the Slay the Spire subreddit. I'd definitely play with these enabled, even though the new card art is consistently beautiful.

Void beta art by Astrolux

Perfected Strike beta art by Ketura

Sadistic Nature beta card art by Ketura

Leap beta card art by Brainpostman

Immolate beta card art by Brainpostman

Apparition beta card art by Wordsmobile

Enlightenment beta card art by Seewon

Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs

Hey everyone,

This week we spent time finishing and tweaking up some content while sorting through and incorporating beta art.

Final Content
This will be available in the main branch next week. The additional music brought in with this content will also be added to the Slay the Spire - Soundtrack next week, along with the special track used in the Mind Bloom event.

Beta Art
A ton of submissions were received, thank you! The beta art submissions will be open for 1 more week as we identified some cards with missing portraits. For information on participation and what this entails, please see the previous weekly announcement.

Community Fan Art

Full Heal! by /u/Zixzs

a Transient redesign by MrKrane

Gremlin Leader by @l3w15911

Patch Notes

  • Philosopher's Stone buffed: Enemies gain 2 Strength -> 1 Strength.
  • Removing Careless daily mod.

Bug Fixes
  • Adding a new line so Innate keyword is on its own line for Machine Learning+.
  • Colorless card mod now correctly interacts with Shiny mod.
  • Colorless card mod was causing colorless cards to be added to the card pool twice as often as they should.
  • Dead Adventurer event was not giving the gold correctly (just showing the effect).
  • Fix for boss treasure rooms incorrectly showing in the run history screen.
  • Fixed cards like Blood for Blood and Masterful Stab being affected outside of combat.
  • Fixed issue where Ambient SFX in the main menu played double upon loading a profile.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't Retain if it was your only card (controllers).
  • Fixing several display issues with the run history screen.
  • Mind Blast card now correctly works with Controlled Chaos mod.
  • Minor Snecko Eye description fix.
  • Painful Stabs power will no longer give wounds if the damage was prevented by Buffer.
  • Potential fix for card + end turn button hover causing an annoying sound issue.
  • Preventing crashes for saves that used deprecated run mods like Careless or Colossus.
  • Reptomancer enemy was receiving the Ascension 18 boost at Ascension 17.
  • The Flight daily mod now properly works with controllers.
  • Top Panel heal effect will no longer play when enemies heal or gain max HP.
  • Wheel of Change event no longer makes you stuck if the only removable cards in your deck are bottled.

UI and Effects
  • Philosopher's Stone wording improvements.
  • Can now open the Settings menu while in special card obtaining screens like from Calling Bell or All Star daily mod.

  • Updates for DEU, EPO, FRA, IND, ITA, KOR, POL, RUS, ZHS, and ZHT.
  • Updating credits for RUS, and ZHS.
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs

Happy Halloween (yesterday)!

This week we mainly worked on the final content which is now being tested in the beta branch! However, various fixes and improvements while working on this has carried over as well.

Final Content
It's currently being tested in the beta branch. It's on track to make it into the main branch this month (November)!

Beta Art!
When implementing cards throughout the development of Slay the Spire we drew and received a lot of placeholder art before our talented artists gave us finalized artwork. We've decided to share this artwork in the game but there's a problem: Not all of our cards have placeholder art.

We need your help to fill in the missing art or the beta art feature may not make it into the full release :(.

To help us resolve this crisis, please take a look at this secret document which indicate what cards are missing beta art.

For contributions, we need a 500 x 380 PNG image that match a card template based on the card's type (templates below). Anything outside of the template will be removed. Note: Status and Curse cards utilize the Skill template.

Attack template

Skill/Status/Curse template

Power template

Submission Guidelines
Though we encourage any kind of art, please keep in mind that suggestions may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Suggestive or offensive content.
  • Too little effort.
  • Too much effort, you're making us look bad.
  • Too many submissions from a single person (let other people have fun, too!)
  • There's already art for that card, we can only have one slot. Sorry :(.
  • The art is not related to the card at all.
  • It's too late (noooo).

Once your submission is ready, either post the image and tag us @Developers at our Discord server, or email us at We cannot accept submissions through Twitter as the image will be severely compressed.

Community Fan Art

The characters cosplaying each other by /u/Dragonclaude

The Silent by @nick_jeez

Deca and Donu Redesign by Mr. Krane

Patch Notes
  • Removing the Colossus mod to be reworked.

UI and Effects
  • Adjust margin for run history's path elements to match relics and cards.
  • Blizzard gets improved size, velocity, and SFX pitch scaling logic (now up to 50 Frost).
  • Checkbox to view upgrade in single card view is now much larger.
  • Improved Dagger Spray VFX readability and no longer flashes a sprite for 1 frame at the start.
  • Thousand Cuts power' now displays its VFX faster (0.25s -> 0.2s and 0.25s -> 0.1s FAST MODE).

Bug Fixes
  • Added logic to remove the Strike tip from Pandora's box (attempt 2).
  • Bonfire Spirits event now works if the only remaining cards are bottled.
  • Capitalization fix: Jack Of All Trades -> Jack of All Trades.
  • Certain enemies no longer gain extra strength when removing Piercing Wail or Dark Shackles from themselves.
  • Electrodynamics' passively triggered Orbs now resolve in the correct order and flash the orbs
  • Fixed issue where Bottled icon wasn't showing in card upgrade screens.
  • Fixed issue where Dagger Spray VFX wasn't spawning in the right spot for some resolutions.
  • Fixed issue where Maw enemy was considered elite in the back end.
  • Fixed issue where relic outlines were rendered twice in reward screens.
  • Fixed issue where seeds stopped working after completing a run until restarting client.
  • Fixed several events modifying eventRNG values, causing future events to be inconsistent.
  • Fixing some errors with event logging in Run History.
  • Gold Shrine was logging an incorrect amount of gold received on A15+ for Run History.
  • Grammar: Aside -> Beside for Black Star's flavor text.
  • Insanity and Diverse mods now work together.
  • Resolution fallback now affects Fullscreen only, allowing higher resolutions for vertical multi-monitor setups.
  • Shiny mod and Diverse now work together correctly.
  • The Lab event now shows up correctly in the Run History.

  • Compressing various over-the-shoulder and character corpse assets.
  • Removed various unused assets.

  • Adding a name to DEU credits.
  • Updates for DEU, EPO, FRA, IND, ITA, JPN, KOR, POL, RUS, SPA, ZHS, and ZHT.
  • Updating REFERENCES.txt
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs


This week's focus was on prepping the final content for next week, visual updates, and bug fixes.

Final Content?! (BETA)
It's coming to the beta branch on Monday! (October 29). We won't be giving out too much details in order to prevent spoilers. However, localization for this content will be available 1 or 2 days prior.

For information on the beta branch, click here! Keep in mind that save files must be transferred manually if you switch to the beta branch. This is to prevent save file incompatibilities.

Visual Updates

We're incorporating more visual effects!

Community Fan Art

Fat Gremlin and Ice Cream by by Katie Daniel

This amazing Donu patch by /u/JonChinaMan

Deca & Donu by 昂拉克

Patch Notes

  • Fixed issue where incorrect RNG was utilized to create reward cards.
  • Fixed issue where daily scores weren't uploading.

  • Council of Ghosts event now only gives 3 Apparition on Ascension 15+.
  • Prismatic Shard now sets your max orbs to 1 only if you have 0 max orbs and you aren't the Defect.
  • Smiling Mask relic will no longer spawn on Hoarder daily mod.
  • Standard Runs with set seeds now always give you Neow's Blessing.
  • Wing Boots relic will no longer spawn on Certain Future daily mod.

UI and Effects
  • Adding a hit react animation for the Ironclad.
  • Adding an updated idle animation for the Ironclad.
  • Adding VFX for Blizzard Card (scales with Frost channeled).
  • Ironclad's combat sprite updated (more color and contrast).
  • Updating VFX for Searing Blow card (now scales with upgrade count).
  • Adding 0.1s animation blend between Hit and Idle animations for Ironclad, Silent, and Defect.
  • Closing out of a Card Reward screen using controller will now reset your selection position for combat reward screens, hand position, etc.
  • Custom mods no longer have overlapping hitboxes, this allowed the player to select two at once.
  • Evoking Orbs is now 0.15s faster per orb in Fast Mode.
  • The Silent's idle animation speed is slowed by 10%.
  • Updated description for Preserved Insect for clarity.

Bug Fixes
  • Adding more information to bottled card saves to prevent incorrect card being bottled when loading a save.
  • Defect and The Silent unlocks now reuse existing character instances.
  • Fix for a scenario which upgrading cards affected by Snecko Eye would sometimes give negative cost cards.
  • Fixed a memory leak whenever player returned to the main menu.
  • Fixed bug where playing Mayhem card would alter your card rewards.
  • Fixed issue where displayed seed value was calculated every frame.
  • Fixed issue where Neow did not give anything to players who first encountered her.
  • Fixed issue where seeded runs allowed ascension unlocks and uploading to leaderboards.
  • Fixed issue where The Specimen's Poison transfer failed if the target died before the transfer.
  • Fixed issue where True Grit card was not behaving correctly with seeded runs.
  • Fixing issues with Writhing Mass displaying the incorrect intent on turn 1.
  • Game now handles monitor resolution changes more gracefully.
  • Mind Bloom event combat now correctly gives appropriate gold for the battle.
  • Poison transfer target for The Specimen is now seeded random.
  • Random Curse generating effects were marking the wrong curse as seen in the card library.
  • Reboot and Deep Breath cards no longer trigger shuffle-based relics twice.
  • Relics with counters like Pen Nib and Girya no longer display the counter offset incorrectly when the player has too many relics.
  • Thank you message in the credits was appearing at the wrong time.
  • The discard pile will no longer incorrectly shuffle into the draw pile when having a full hand prevents all of the card draw.
  • Typo fixed in Colossus mod's name (extra space)
  • Typo fixed in We Meet Again event.
  • Updated energy orb rendering logic on cards to scale properly for high res monitors.
  • Vintage modifier now correctly drops cards on bosses.

  • Fusion card works better for modders now
  • Removed rendundant dungeon scene foreground rendering.

  • Updates for DEU, EPO, ITA, KOR, POL, RUS, SPA, TUR, ZHS, and ZHT.
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs


This week we updated and added some enemies in Act 3, added various visual effects, made Neow changes, and worked on some performance improvements.

Act 3 Enemies
Several changes were made in Act 3. Some stronger jaw worms and a wriggly monster have been introduced into the enemy pool.

Reptomancer has been buffed and designated as an elite monster.
The elite encounter featuring 2 orb walkers have been removed from the elite pool and are the new guards for an Act 3 event.

Visual Effects?!

Yep. Various cards and an enemy attack have received some special effects to make them feel better to use! Some animations were added and improved for The Silent and Defect as well. More animations and effects will be coming!

Neow Updates!
We created Neow with the intent to foster creative deckbuilding. However, many have felt that the game was considerably harder without a blessing from Neow and the threshold to receive her blessing was too high (especially in higher Ascensions).

To compensate, we've added a fixed set of choices for those who don't reach the Act 1 boss (Neow's Lament or HP bonus).

Additionally, two new Colorless Card-based blessings were added as these cards weren't seeing much play as they only appeared in shops and certain events.

Community Fan Art
Such amazing art. I will try to get better, too! If you want to be featured, just mention @MegaCrit on Twitter!

Silent with a Treat by Lunamazey

Ironclad by Zan the 35th


Patch Notes

  • A Writhing Mass wriggles into Act 3.
  • A horde of Jaw Worms can now be encountered in Act 3.
  • Two new Neow starting bonuses involving Colorless cards.

  • Ascension 16 shop price increase lowered from +15% -> +10%.
  • Colorless cards price decrease. 1.3x -> 1.2x price compared to regular cards.
  • Deflect+ card buff: 6 -> 7 Block.
  • Double Orb Walker elite encounter removed from the game.
  • Experimenting with how Neow reacts to the player not reaching the boss.
  • Good Instincts card buff: 4 -> 5 Block. Good Instincts+: 7 -> 8 Block.
  • Grand Finale card buff: 40 -> 50 damage. Grand Finale+: 50 -> 60 damage.
  • Hand Of Greed card buff: 15 -> 20 damage. Hand of Greed+: 20 -> 25 damage.
  • Reptomancer and her daggers receives various buffs and is now an Elite encounter.
  • Reptomancer's heal move is replaced by a high damage attack.
  • Swift Strike card buff: 5 -. 6 damage. Swift Strike+ buff: 8 -> 9 damage.
  • The Bomb+ card buff: 36 -> 40 damage.
  • The Mysterious Sphere event in Act 3 now uses the Double Orb Walker combat.

Bug Fixes
  • Energy orb now rotates at fast speed when it has energy.
  • Feed now correctly works on the Awakened One when it is in its second form.
  • Fix for proper behavior when duplicating cards like Rampage and Genetic Algorithm with effects like Echo Form.
  • Fix for Saving and Loading on Elites in event rooms with Deadly Events mod.
  • Fixed issue where health bar of bosses remain after they're defeated.
  • Fixed issue where Transient had HP/damage buffs at incorrect Ascension levels.
  • Fixed punctuation in Augmenter event.
  • Fixed various save bugs when saving and loading at Neow.
  • Hitting ESC with Singing Bowl no longer automatically chooses the Singing Bowl option on card select screens.
  • Hitting ESC with Singing Bowl when viewing an upgraded card in a reward screen no longer causes softlock.
  • Preserved Insect and Sling should now work in all elite combats including elite battles from events (like dead adventurer event).
  • Purchasing Bottle relics after removing the last possible card to bottle out of your deck will no longer softlock.
  • The Bomb card's buff icon now correctly displays numbers in blue.
  • The game is no longer stuck in a continue/abandon loop after changing slots and winning a run.
  • When viewing old run histories of runs with Brewmaster, the game will no longer crash.

  • Improved performance for text rendering. (Greatly reduces idle CPU load)

UI and Effects
  • Adding VFX for Adrenaline card.
  • Adding VFX for Grand Finale card.
  • Adding VFX for Offering card.
  • Adding VFX for Rainbow card.
  • Adding VFX for Searing Blow card.
  • Adding VFX for Spit Web attack by Louse enemy.
  • Adding VFX for Whirlwind card.
  • Forethought card wording improvements.
  • Heart icon in top panel now pulses if HP < 25%.
  • Purity card wording improvements.
  • Run History can now show what happened in events. (Only for future runs)
  • Run History path now displays 1 Act per row.
  • Sped up boss death timings in fast mode.
  • The Defect gets a hit react animation.
  • The Silent gets a hit react animation.
  • The Silent gets an updated idle animation.
  • When the Colossus daily mod is active, enemies are rendered 30% larger.
  • When using Preserved Insect, affected enemies are rendered 30% smaller.
  • Whenever the player heals, the heart icon in top panel now flashes green.

  • Updates for DEU, EPO, IND, ITA, KOR, POL, RUS, SPA, UKR, ZHS, ZHT.
  • Updating POL credits.
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs

Hey again,

This week's focus was on refining upcoming content, prepping for mod support, various bug fixes, and a new option to disable particle effects for low performance machines.

Disable Particle Effects

We added a new option that removes particle effects from backgrounds and various effects.
This should improve performance for slower devices and decrease battery consumption for laptops.

Final Call for Translations
When we leave Early Access, outdated translations will need to be removed. If there are any outdated languages that you want to see in the game, support and instructions for translation is always available at our Discord channel.

Community Fanart

The Merchant by inkywavves

The Silent by /u/cubey1234

The Silent Fire by Nick D.

Patch Notes

UI and Effects
  • Midas mod wording made to be more consistent with Fusion Hammer relic.
  • Particle effects can now be disabled in the Settings. (disables environmental effects)

Bug Fixes
  • All Out Attack card's discards now utilize seeds.
  • Confusion power will now work on Curses and Status cards that have costs.
  • Defect's starting relic is marked as seen.
  • Diverse mod and Colorless Cards mod now can correctly work together in Custom Mode and Dailies.
  • Draw Pile no longer indicates that it is a shuffled view order when viewing it with Frozen Eye.
  • Fix a bug where setting a card's cost to 0 wouldn't work on 0 cost cards.
  • Fix for colorless cards appearing too frequently for Colorless Cards mod.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed player to circumvent hand card confirmations (like Survivor).
  • Fixed issue that made enemies more common in ? rooms since some new mods were introduced.
  • Fixed Run History screen crash if the run contained 0 relics.
  • Fixes for how Eviscerate incorrectly worked with cost reduction effects like Enlightenment.
  • Flight's power description now correctly resets at the start of turn.
  • Neow max HP gain and take damage option no longer overlap (dealt lots of damage).
  • Neow's transform options now utilize seeds.
  • Some events like Pleading Vagrant did not correctly remove remaining event choices when selecting the leave option.

  • Improvements for rendering energy orbs and icons for JPN, ZHS, and ZHT (notable Run History)
  • Updates for DEU, EPO, ITA, KOR, SPA, UKR, ZHS, ZHT.
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs


This week brings a few more daily mods, several bug fixes, and we worked with a few people to update the wording for many many cards, relics, and powers. Also, some content is still planned to come into beta this month :).

Daily Mods

This week brings 3 new daily mods! Combined with last week's mods, we think this brings in quite a lot more variety into Daily Climbs and more options for Custom Mode.

Hot Fixes
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a save incompatibility crash for some custom runs.
  • BUG FIX: Certain score bonuses and achievements are no longer checked when beating the first final boss on Ascension 20, but correctly check after the second final boss is defeated.
  • BUG FIX: Curl Up power on Louse was displaying incorrect text.
  • BUG FIX: Red Skull relic now correctly loses bonus strength when healing above 50% HP.
  • BUG FIX: Timer no longer stops on beating the first final boss on Ascension 20.
  • UX: Reverting wording for cards, powers, relics: At the start of each turn -> At the start of your turn due to feedback.
  • WORDING: Frozen Core description coloring is now consistent with other starter replacement boss relics.
  • WORDING: Improving consistency for Flame Barrier and Thorns wording.

Wording Improvements
So this will be a bit of a long one. We received a huge list of suggestions and feedback pointing out inconsistencies and potential improvements to wording. While it would be hilarious to list them all out, listing out the general rules and style changes would probably be best for all of us. So here it goes:
  • Cards, Powers, and Relics that have a recurring effect or applies a recurring buff have been changed from "At the start of your turn" -> "At the start of each turn" for clarification.
  • The term "attack damage" is now lowercase, this differentiates it better from Attacks, which refers to the card.
  • Attack and Skill cards are referred to as Attacks and Skills in descriptions. However, when referring to a specific card, cards of a specific color, cards of a specific rarity, or specific types that aren't Attacks or Skills, they now have the word "card" appended to the end. e.g. Power cards, Status cards, Colorless cards, Uncommon cards.
  • Keywords are now always gold in descriptions. Block, Vulnerable, etc.
  • Boss and Elite are now capitalized in any descriptions
  • Card, Cards, Relic, Relics, Buffs, and Debuffs are now lowercase and not colored in descriptions.
  • If a relic that has counters is used up, it now has a consistent message across all relics, "This relic is used up."
  • Certain keywords on cards are now ordered so they're easier to identify. This order is: Unplayable > Innate > Ethereal > Card Description > Exhaust.
  • The word "all" is all-caps in certain scenarios. These scenarios are: When it refers to all enemies and when referring to cards that are outside of your hand (Apotheosis).
  • Updated instances of "take damage" vs "receive damage" based on who the target is, how the description is formed (condition vs effect), and a few special cases. e.g. "Whenever you receive damage, do X." is now common for player Powers and Relics.
  • Draw Pile, Exhaust Pile, Deck, and Discard Pile are now lowercase in descriptions.
  • Numbers and percentages should always be blue when seen in power and relic descriptions. However, numerical multipliers like twice and double should not be.

While we understand that the language on these items won't ever be perfect, we hope this improves clarity and readability so the game is easier to play. As always, we welcome feedback and discussion!

Community Fan Art
Inktober brought us some Poisonous fanart.
Don't forget to tweet us @MegaCrit or ping us on Discord if you want to be featured!

Poisonous by @Augustanna

Poisonous by /u/Dragonclaude

Flying Poison Daggers by /u/ScruffyHuski

Patch Notes

  • New Custom Mod - Daily Mods. Allows starting a run with 3 random daily mods.
  • New Daily Mod - Colossus. Enemies have bonus HP but drop better rewards.
  • New Daily Mod - Controlled Chaos. Start with Frozen Eye. At the start of your turn, add 10 random cards to the bottom of your draw pile.
  • New Daily Mod - Deadly Events. ? Rooms can now contain Elites but Treasure room chance is increased.

  • All sources of random temporary card generation in combat (like Dead Branch) can no longer generate cards that provide healing.
  • Augmenter event transform option now allows choosing 2 cards to Transform instead of selecting 3 at random.
  • Book of Stabbing enemy on Ascension 18+ now does a single stab sometimes, but still increases its multi-stab count.
  • Brimstone relic buffed. Now gives the player 2 Strength and enemies 1 Strength.
  • Meal Ticket relic buff: Heals 7 HP -> 10 HP.
  • Membership Card relic nerf: Only applies a discount now.

UI and Effects
  • 250+ Consistency and wording improvements for cards, powers, relics, and events.
  • New tip added to indicate that healing cards cannot be generated randomly during combat.

Bug Fixes
  • Adding controller support for Wing Boots relic map navigation.
  • Bonfire Spirits event now correctly handles offering them a card with the Special rarity (like Bite, or Apparition).
  • Colorless Cards mod now correctly interacts with shops. Prevents Courier causing cards to appear in incorrect places on the shop screen.
  • Corruption and other cost reducing cards no longer make X cost cards like Transmutation and Malaise display cost 0.
  • Diverse mod and Red/Green/Blue mods in custom mode now exclude each other when choosing them.
  • Effects that trigger on damage like Masterful Stab now interacts properly with damage prevention effects like Buffer.
  • Fix for crash caused when entering the DAILYMODS seed.
  • Fix for issues caused by using the Sealed Deck mod several times in a row.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed playing the same card multiple times using controller or keyboard.
  • Gremlin Wheel event no longer causes you to get stuck if you have no cards to remove.
  • If you have nothing to offer the Bonfire Spirits, the game will no longer crash. The Spirits will just be sad.
  • Keyboard confirm button now works in card selection screens (like choosing what to discard).
  • Mushroom event now correctly shows card preview for Parasite curse.
  • Saving and Loading with Membership Card relic no longer generates a new map.

  • '.' can now be localized (for Asian languages) and fixes issues where those languages used an english '.'.
  • Mutagenic Strength, Meal Ticket, and Abacus now support more flexible descriptions.
  • Updates for DEU, EPO, IND, ITA, JPN, SPA, ZHS, ZHT.
Slay the Spire - (Alice O'Connor)

Delightful deck-building dungeoncrawler Slay The Spire‘s daily challenge has become part of my gaming routine, always an interesting climb up the roguelikelike tower with different modifiers, and I’m happy to see today’s early access patch revamps it a little. Along with removing the vexatious ‘Brewmaster’ mod, which stacked our decks with potion-conjuring cards, it adds eight new mods to the daily pool while changing how mods are selected. On paper, it sounds like developer Mega Crit Games got together and decided to make 45 minutes of my day better every day? Ta!



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