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First, thanks for all this wonderful support! The amount of comments, feedback, videos, twitchs... is simply amazing! There are players that are making colonies that we have never seen in our play testing. Just look this one with almost 16K colonists!

We are glad to see our game engine moving softly these huge scenes with thousands of colonists, hundred of buildings and dozens of thousands of zombies.

And here goes a quick update to inform you of the game’s development progress.

Since the release on December 12th, we have been very busy working on several important technical aspects of the game:

Solving Installation Issues

With so many players and computers, sometimes some components required by the game are not correctly installed. Therefore, some players have had problems starting the game.

DirectX: It seems the Microsoft install is not always the correctly installed version, so we have added the exact libraries to the game folder and DirectX is no longer needed.

Visual C++ Runtime 2017: The same issue here. This has been the source of a lot of problems, giving the error HRESULT: 0x8007000B (thanks, Microsoft). Now the libraries are compiled statically, so that installer is no longer needed anymore.

There are a few more technical issues that we are studying such as problems with some monitor refresh rates.

Solving Bugs and Crashes

We have fixed a lot of small bugs detected by the players and refactored some parts of the code to avoid random crashes. This new version should be the most stable one.

Multi-language Support

As They Are Billions is being played massively in all parts of the world, we have worked on implementing the multi-language support. And furthermore, we have implemented an automatic system that allows the translators to update the game with their changes very easily. So, all the languages will always be up to date and won't delay the development at all.

For notifying issues or errors in the translations please use this forum. We will create a pinned topic for every language and the translators will take of them:

Spanish Available

Spanish is the first language added and is now available on the options screen. It is available in the Version 0.5.

New Languages Coming

We expect in two or three weeks to have the next languages: Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Japanese, German, French, and Russian. We are also trying to add Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Italian.

New Content Delayed

Unfortunately, because of all the work related to the technical aspects we have delayed the development a few weeks for the new building The Tavern and the feature Challenge of the Week. But don't worry, it will be ready very soon. All the developers want to test our skills against all the players playing the same map. That is going to be very fun!

Thanks for all the support! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break and a happy start to 2018.

See you soon!
They Are Billions - (Alice O'Connor)

Video games certainly went za-za for zombies a few years back, during a time when we could kinda sorta still daydream that the annihilation of the human race won’t be caused by greed and hubris, but that’s no reason to discount every game with zombies in it. Look at They Are Billions, an interesting-looking real-time strategy game which sends thousands of the shambling devils against you and your steampunk settlements. It launched into early access last week and slammed right into Steam’s top 10, which is quite an accomplishment. Go on, let’s have a peek. (more…)

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy - (Father Christmas)

Ho ho hello readers! It’s Father Christmas here! I hope you’ve all been good boys and girls this year! Now, let me see, what have you all been wishing for? Goodness gracious, it’s all PC games! Well, I wouldn’t know much about those I suppose, but let’s have a look… (more…)

They Are Billions - Numantian Games

Greetings! Finally, They Are Billions Survival Mode is available on Steam! We know lots of people have been waiting patiently to play the game, especially the backers after we ran out beta keys. We have worked as if we were being chased by billions of zombies to launch the game much earlier than originally anticipated.

This version is now much more polished than the original. We have implemented lots of improvements suggested by the beta testers and also fixed billions of issues and bugs. This process will continue during the Early Access phase while we work on the epic Campaign Mode.

For the Backers of They Are Billions

The backing period and special editions are no longer available. Thank you so much for your support and patience. The overwhelming support for our game was so much more than we had ever dreamed of.

Your Steam key(s) are already available on your download page in Humble Store. Just use the link from the email you received as: "Your Ranger Edition is Ready.”

In January, we will start creating the special rewards for the Sniper, Lucifer, Thanatos, and Titan editions. We will contact all of you directly by email.

Last Version: V.0.4

From now on, we will announce the new versions and what's next directly on the Steam Store updates section. As many of you may already know, these were the last changes to the game:

New Mayors System
Now the colony can choose a new Mayor when the colony reaches specific population levels. There are about 100 mayors with different levels and features.

The awesome Thanatos unit is now available. He can be very narcissistic, but his rocket launcher can blow up dozens of infected in one shot!

Veteran Units
Rangers, Soldiers, and Snipers earn experience and can level up, improving their attack power and speed.

Targets Selection Priority
For the units, you can set the mode for auto-targeting enemies. Currently, it is only "The Nearest Enemy". There will be another mode, where you can set the priority "High Level Enemies first".

What's next for V0.5?

New Building: The Tavern of Lost Souls
Would you like to attract mercenaries and strange travelers of all kinds to your colony? Nothing better than offering a beer by the fireplace.

Competitive Mode: Challenge of the Week
Every week you can play a specific map that will be the same for all players. All players will compete on the same map and their score will be registered on a Leaderboard. Players will only have one chance to play the Challenge of the Week.

New Languages Coming Soon!

We have decided to anticipate the translation of They Are Billions, so the Survival Mode can be enjoyed by all the players:
- Simplified Chinese: 汉语
- German: Deutsch
- French: Français
- Spanish: Español
- Russian: Pусский
- Polish: Polski
- Italian: Italiano
- Japanese: 日本
- Korean: 한국어

The Campaign

Don't forget that the main mode of They Are Billions is the Campaign. Though the Survival Mode launch has taken us a lot of time, the development of the campaign is a bit delayed but don't worry, it is going to be like a whole new game with a great story, characters, missions, and lots of new features like the steam trains, the old fortresses, the infected mutant... We expect that it will have about 40-50 hours of gameplay. And of course, it will be included for free for all the Backers and Early Access buyers.
We will talk about the campaign in the next updates!

Thanks for your Review

As you know, reviews on Steam are more important than ever. If you are enjoying the Survival Mode, please consider writing a review. The game is just in an early access phase, so we need all of your support to continue developing and improving the game. Thank you very much in advance for your time!

See you soon!
They Are Billions - Valve
They Are Billions is Now Available on Steam Early Access and is 10% off!*

They Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected that seek to annihilate the few remaining living humans. Can humanity survive after the zombie apocalypse?

*Offer ends December 19 at 10AM Pacific Time
They Are Billions - Numantian Games


We would like to announce that the Early Access launch is coming soon. But first, let's talk about the beta program and the supporting campaign.

The Beta Program Exploded! What happened?

For those that have not followed the game updates, here is a small summary.
We first announced the game in July 2017. Since then, we published updates periodically revealing more info about the game. Over time, interest and popularity grew for They Are Billions. Initially, we announced Early Access would be released in Fall 2017 with only the Survival mode. Then in Spring 2018, we'd release the campaign. But after we thought about it for awhile, we thought perhaps that the Survival mode would not be enough content to justify the Early Access launch. Therefore, we decided to delay the launch and only release it when both modes were ready in 2018.

Over time, the hype grew and we received a lot of emails from people that wanted to pre-order to back the game because they loved the art, gameplay, theme... So we thought it would be a nice idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign as we did with Lords of Xulima, which worked very well.

In Update #5, we asked the players for feedback on what we should do because we weren't sure if we should run a Kickstarter campaign or just create a place to support us directly from our website at Numantian Games. We all agreed that the second option was the best, so we worked on setting up a page for players to back us directly. Additionally, we thought that it would be a great idea to let the backers play the Survival mode as beta testers to give us feedback to improve and polish the game. This is exactly what we did for Lords of Xulima. Everything sounded perfect :)

So we did it all on Halloween. We asked for a pack of beta keys from Steam and launched the supporting web. In the beginning, we temporarily restricted the Ranger Edition to avoid having too many players for the very first version of the game because of all the possible bugs. However, many fans voiced their opinion that they felt betrayed for having the Ranger edition locked. It was then that we enabled the Ranger Edition.

This is when everything really began to snowball. People started to play it, upload videos on Youtube, and spread the word. Some big Youtubers even joined the party, building even more hype and expectations for They Are Billions. In less than two weeks, the Ranger keys sold out. A few days later...the Soldier Edition, two days after that...the Sniper Edition... What?????

And during all this debacle, we, the developers were working day and night fixing all the problems and solving lots of issues with hardware compatibility. As we created a custom engine for They Are Billions, it had only been tested on a few dozen different PCs. Now we suddenly had 10K players testing it at the same time! And during the development, we also had to attend to thousands of forum posts with bugs, feedback, and thousands of emails with crash reports that the game sends automatically. We also received hundreds of emails every day of people complaining because they wanted to play the game but didn’t receive a key, or that they did not know that it was a pre-order, or that we were the most greedy company in the world for selling a game for $250 (the Lucifer Edition)... !!!

We would have loved to have the ability to save the game before the launch of the pre-order web so we could return to that point and do things differently, but the real life, as in They Are Billions, works in Ironman mode.

The Good News

First, a big thank you for all that have backed They Are Billions. We are very, very happy and appreciative. That extra income will be so helpful for creating a great campaign that They Are Billions and its players deserve. THANK YOU!!

Second, the game reception has been extremely positive from the beta players, Youtubers, and all the non-buyers that write to us just to say that they love the game and want to play it now. And this is just the Survival Mode! Wait until you see the campaign, which is the main mode that conceived They Are Billions!

Third, during these last three weeks, we have been able to polish a lot the game, solving many issues, bugs, and exploits. We now feel that it is in very good shape. But of course, we will continue the process of fixing and polishing. So, in order to allow everybody to play the game, especially the ones that have pre-ordered it, we will try to release the game on Steam Early Access as soon as possible. We expect to release it in a few weeks. We will add some additional features to the Survival Mode (as you can see in the What's Next post on the forum). Also, we will add Achievements and Steam cards. A basic tutorial for new players will also be implemented.

Initially, the game will have only the Survival Mode during the Early Access phase. We will continue to expand and improve this mode while we work on the campaign. We expect the campaign to be ready Spring 2018.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts!

See you soon!
They Are Billions - Numantian Games

Happy Halloween zombie lovers!

Finally, we have activated the supporting web for all those who wish to back the development of They Are Billions. We have prepared six special reward tiers that will be available until the game is finished.

All the contributions will be 100% dedicated to improving the game quality, adding languages, units, zombies, buildings, expanding the game goals and modes and much more!

The Six Editions

Each edition has the name of one of the six main units of the game: Ranger, Soldier, Sniper, Lucifer, Thanatos, and Titan. All of them include a Steam Key (available when the game is launched on Steam) to play They Are Billions and four cool 4K wallpapers.

Apart from that, take a look at the extra rewards:

- Soldier Edition: Your name in the Bronze Credits section of the game. The Artbook and Soundtrack. And all future DLC!
- Sniper Edition: Soldier rewards and Silver Credits mention. Your name and custom quote in the game loading screen. It will appear randomly, so write something cool and unique for to all the players to see!
- Lucifer Edition: Be a colony Mayor! Design a Mayor with your name, slogan and custom features. All the colonies have to choose their Mayor. Will you be their preferred one?
- Thanatos Edition: Convert yourself as a Steampunk Soldier, Victorian Colonist or Zombie! Our artist will draw your preferred character with you as a model for an amazing portrait.
- Titan Edition: Same as the Thanatos Edition but with a full body drawing!!! Could you be something more awesome? Just look at the current drawing of the units and imagine yourself as one of them! All with a high-quality drawing printable in big poster format!

So here, in Numantian Games, you can get them. The payments are managed by the Humble Store. You will receive the Steam Key and wallpapers by email immediately. For the other rewards you will receive additional instructions.

The Beta Program

First let us remind you the game schedule:
- Fall 2017: Preview beta access to the Survival mode from our website.
- Spring 2018: Steam Early Access with both improved Survival mode and Campaign.
- Sometime later in 2018: Steam Full Launch.

First step done! The beta access to the Survival Mode has been active for a while but because of the overwhelming community response, we have limited the beta testers for now. We need time to work on the beta to get a very polished one, without bugs or hardware compatibility issues. Until then, we will limit the beta access, and once the game is the state we wish, we will continue with the beta program from our web and on Steam Early Access. Can be some weeks, but we will try to have it available the sooner as possible.

Gameplay Video!

Here we have the first gameplay video from our friend MasterofRoflness:


From Numantian Games we would like to give you a BIG THANKS for all of your support. We really hope you enjoy the game. We are eager to listen to your thoughts and feedback!

We have created a new subforum branch for the game owners. There you can post all topics related to the beta. Please share your scores with us! We are sure you will surpass the developers very soon! :)

They Are Billions - Numantian Games

Greetings! Today we would like to talk more about the Survival Mode as you will be able to play it very soon.

The Survival Mode
As many of you already know, They Are Billions will have two main modes: Campaign and Survival Mode. The campaign will be an epic story with many challenges. You will have to reconquest a large territory from the infected and at the same time discover the truth behind the origin of the infection.

The Campaign mode is the main game for They Are Billions. This mode will take several more months to be completed. On the other hand, the Survival Mode is a fun and short game (about 2-4 hours) which consists of surviving in a randomized world for a period of time. We could say that the Survival Mode is just about 25% of the game, but since it is fun and addicting enough, we wish to offer that experience to the players interested in They Are Billions. For us, those playing the Survival mode will be a very valuable source of feedback and testing that will enhance the campaign mode development.

The Survival mode is still in live development stage and will be expanded in many ways. Indeed, we are working on adding new interesting features. So this mode will be improved with time and will be much deeper and complex when the game is officially released.

World Setting and Difficulty

When you start a new game, you can select some options that will change the difficulty of the game:

Map Type
There are four types of maps: The Dark Moorland, The Peaceful Lowlands, The Frozen Highlands and The Desolated Wasteland. Only one is enabled by default. When you win a game, another game type will be unlocked. Each map type has its own geography and special parameters. For example, in the Frozen Highlands, all of the buildings consume 30% more energy because they need to be heated in the cold weather. Worlds are randomly generated, with their own events, geography, and special elements.

Infected Population
It controls how many infected are in the world and the size of the swarms.

Game Duration
The default is 100 days. You can select 80 or 120 days. The longer the game, the easier it will be because you will have more time to build and evolve the colony. Additionally, the infected swarms will take more time to reach the colony.

When each game ends, a Score Factor will be computed and multiply your final score depending on the choices you make.

Saving and Loading Games
The Survival mode of They Are Billions will be in Ironman mode. What does it mean? Death is permanent. The player cannot save or reload previous games. Instead, the game will automatically save their state when the player exits the game. So the player can exit the game and continue at any time until the colony is destroyed.

Why is it so hardcore?
Allowing to reload games negatively affects the tension and mood of the game. Also, it makes a lot of game features to be useless and very easily exploited. For example: the map exploration. Exploring the hidden maps of the game can be very dangerous. Sometimes as you can call the attention of infected groups that can be attracted to the colony. But at the same time, it is vital to plan the colony expansion, discover resource sources, Villages of Doom, or picking resources from ruins. For exploring the map, you have several means: you can invest in more army units, especially Rangers, or create a structure that can watch very far like the Lookout and Radar Towers. Obviously, if you can reload, you would be able to explore the surroundings, and then reload without any consequences.

The experience is much better this way as it feels more realistic. All the decision matters, and it makes the game even scarier, as you never know what lies beyond the darkness...

Furthermore, losing in this game is really fun. When you cannot stop the infection in the colony and everything is lost, just stop, and enjoy yourself as you watch the devastation of your colony collapsing. It is a real show! :)

End of the game & Final Score
When you finish the game, win or lose, you will be given a final score that will depend on the amount of time the colony has survived, the difficulty, and many other parameters.
Winning the game is very hard, even in the easiest difficulty. After all, that's the seal of our company Numantian Games. Indeed, even the developers struggle to win the game with the default difficulty settings!

So just have fun surviving in this apocalyptic steampunk world. Try to increase your survival score and share your experiences with the community!

Game Schedule
In the beginning, we planned the Early Access launch of Fall 2017 (October, November or December). The Early Access will only have the Survival Mode until we finish the Campaign. We would then release the full game several months later. The schedule originally looked like this:

- Fall 2017: Steam Early access with Survival Mode (beta)
- Spring 2018: Full game Steam Launch with finished Campaign.

But later we decided that the Early Access must have the full game, otherwise, we take the risk of having players complaining that it is a half finished game, which is understandable.

So we changed the schedule in this way:

- Fall 2017: Preview beta access to the Survival mode from our website.
- Spring 2018: Steam Early Access with both improved Survival mode and Campaign.
- Sometime later in 2018: Steam Full Launch.

We know there is much hype about this game, but we have to be sure that it is high quality in all aspects. They Are Billions has been in development for almost two years and we want that it be the best game possible. So please be patient!

The Survival Beta Access
In the next update (in about one or two weeks), we will introduce our backing page on our official website for They Are Billions. Everyone interested in playing the beta with the Survival mode can purchase it there (a Steam key will be given) and some other nice rewards for all the ones that wish to back the project further.
Also right now there is a youtuber playing They Are Billions and creating the first gameplay video and will be published at the same time as the next update.

See you soon!
They Are Billions - Numantian Games

Today we are going to talk about building and managing the colony. Managing the colony is one of the most important aspects of They Are Billions. What you build and where is key for the success of the colony. So let's talk about the main aspects of city-building in They Are Billions.

Where to build...

When you start a game, you will have the Command Center already built. This is the main building of the colony. You can start building structures on the available free cells surrounding it. Most buildings cannot be next to other buildings as you need to have at least one cell in between. But there are special rules for different buildings. For example, colonist dwellings can be placed next to each other up to two rows. Tesla Towers, walls, traps, towers can be built next to any other building. In contrast, some buildings must be separated by a specific distance to properly operate like Mills, Warehouses, Markets, Banks...

A very important aspect of the game is that you can only build structures inside the energy coverage of the colony. The Command Center has energy coverage radius of 10 cells. If you wish to expand the colony you will have to build Tesla Towers to extend the available area. If the energy network is broken because a Tesla Tower has been destroyed or infected, the buildings affected will be disabled until the energy supply is restored.

Because of the threat of the infected, you have to be very clever on where you place your structures. You have to factor in the environment geography and the energy coverage of your colony. Sometimes you won't even have physical space for a specific big building, so you have to expand the colony further than you'd like. That is often very risky and dangerous... Don't waste space! And at the same time, you have to take into account to have fast access to roads for your soldiers, otherwise, when you need them to defend the colony, they will waste a lot of precious time running in a maze of buildings.

Storable Resources

These type of resources can be produced or collected and then stored in the colony. They are five: gold, wood, stone, iron, and oil. These resources are produced daily, working time of eight hours (in game time). They are spent when you build or repair structures, train soldiers... Also, most of the buildings have a permanent gold cost (the salary of the workers inside). Some of them, like the Power Plant, require a permanent input of wood and stone to produce energy.

Gold is mostly generated by the colonists. The more colonists in the colony, the more gold that will be produced. Better houses generate more gold. Also, some special buildings like the Command Center, Bank, Market or even quarries with access to gold deposits can generate gold too.

Wood is produced by the Sawmills while stone and iron are produced by the Quarry. These buildings have a collection radius and can only obtain resources from the cells inside that radius. For example, the Sawmill gets wood from surrounding trees. The more trees inside its radius, the more wood it will produce. When you build this type of structures, a message will appear, telling what the production value will be if you build it in that place. Two structures cannot be built too close that their gathering radius is overlapped.

Oil is a special and very valuable resource that can only be obtained by placing Oil Platforms over oil fields. However, these usually are very scarce and often very far away from the colony.

Resource sources don't ever end, provided that they have their needs covered (workers, salaries, energy...), the building will produce resources forever. BUT the colony has a limit to store resources. That limit depends on the number of warehouses you have built. The excess resources will be wasted if the storage limit has been reached unless you have built a Market. In that case, excess resources will be automatically sold, providing the colony extra income in gold.

Supply Resources

These resources are an integral part of your colony:
- Workers: Most buildings need workers to operate. The more complex the building, the more workers it will need. Also, you need workers to train soldiers for your army. Workers are provided by the colonist dwellings.
- Food: Every colonist will consume one food unit. Also, some soldiers need extra food units. You cannot build houses or train soldiers if you don't have the available food required. Food can be produced by some buildings like the Hunter Cottage, the Fisherman cottage, Farms... In the same way as the resources buildings, they have a production radius that will determine how much food they will produce depending on the surrounding environment. The Hunter Cottage prefer woods and fields to find food. The Fisherman Cottage needs sea/rivers. Farms prefer grassy fields.
- Energy: Most buildings require energy to work. Build Mills or Power Plants to provide energy for the colony. To extend the coverage reach of energy to your colony, build Tesla Towers.

Army Buildings

There are two buildings to train/create units for your army: the Soldier Center and the Engineering Center. Every unit takes some time to train. You can create as many of these buildings as you need.

Researching Buildings

In the beginning, you will only have some basic structures and units available to you. There are three special buildings that let you research new units and structures. They are the Wood Workshop, the Stone Workshop, and the Foundry. They are very expensive to build, and every research has a high cost. However, through all of your research, you will be able to evolve the colony with more sophisticated buildings and units. Deciding which new technology to research is key for the colony’s progression.

Other Special Buildings

There are special buildings with special features that affect the surrounding buildings. For example, the Market reduces the food consumed by the nearby colonist dwellings. The Warehouse improves the resource production in all surrounding resource producing buildings. The Banks increase the gold collected from the nearby colonists.

The Three Pillars of They Are Billions

As you can see, there a lot of decisions to make when building a successful colony. There are three main pillars in the game that must be well balanced because they are equally important:
- The Colony Management: Economy, resources, colonists...
- The Colony Defense: See the last update :)
- The Colony Army: The colony cannot progress without an army that can clear the infected from the areas that you wish to colonize, for getting resources, reaching better defense environments or just to have enough space to expand the colony.

This has been a long post, but don't be afraid of the complexity of the game. Indeed when you play, everything feels very natural and intuitive, and most importantly - fun! :)

Beta Incoming

We are still polishing the beta and solving some nasty bugs. We have finally found a mysterious bug that can crash the game after an hour of playing. It seems the culprit is the sound library... Several days of development has been lost because of that bug, but it is OK because that is part of game development. We expect the next update for the end of October to be about the beta release and the gameplay video - cross your fingers!

See you soon!
They Are Billions - Numantian Games

First, we'd like to show off the main theme that our composer Nicolas de Ferran has created for They Are Billions. As you can see in the video, the theme is played during the main menu of the game. We have called it: "An Ocean of Doom". Hope you like it!

Today, we will talk about one of the most important parts of the game which is defending your colony from the infection. We are sure every player will follow their own strategy, so we won't tell you what to do but instead, tell you what you can do. Most of the strategy techniques must be researched first in the workshops so you will have to think carefully on which of them you invest in. There are a lot of tactics and combinations. Experiment with all and have fun!


Mountains, forests, cliffs, lakes, ruins and many other geologic elements are part of the world map. Though you cannot do much with them, you can decide to expand your colony around the most protected terrains. The less exposed the colony, the easier it will be to defend it. At the same time, you will want to be near resources, so deciding where to extend the colony can be the most important decision to survive.

Your Army

The first few units in which you start the game with will be your unique defense in the beginning. Units can patrol between two points and will kill any enemy that they find in their way. The first units can be enough for dealing with roaming infected that come close to the colony, but you will need many more to stop bigger groups or defend against the dreadful swarms. The advantage of the army is clear, they are dynamic. They can move and be placed wherever you need them while all the rest of defense elements are static. If you need to extend the colony, you will have to destroy them and rebuild them again in a new place.
Units can also cure themselves with time, while all other structures must be repaired when they are damaged by spending gold and resources.

Walls and Gates

Blocking all access into your colony with walls is always a great idea. However, walls are not cheap, especially in the beginning. You will have to decide carefully where to build them. Use the terrain to your advantage. Also placing gates will allow your soldiers to pass through and enter and exit your colony. But do not worry, the gates open and close automatically for allies. Your enemies will have to destroy them to enter. Walls are passive defense elements. They block access from the infected. However, the infected can destroy walls while they trying to reach the colony. To survive, you will also need offensive attack elements like units, traps or turrets to kill them. You have lots of strategies here. For example, you can make several walls rings that surround your colony so if the infected reach the colony, they will be contained in the next ring.

Army Towers

Place your units in these towers and they will gain a big bonus to their sight and attack radius. They work perfectly with the walls. Placing a few towers wisely can protect all your colony frontiers without having units patrolling. Towers are a great way to protect your units, as these towers are very strong. The downside is, the same as the walls, they are expensive. When you wish to extend the colony, you will have to destroy them and build new ones. The towers also need units inside, otherwise, they are just big passive walls.


On the ground, you can place traps such as stakes, metallic wired fences, or even mines. Though there can be billions of infected, they are not very smart when deciding their path into the colony. The stakes and metallic traps will damage the infected while they walk over them. If you build many of them, they can destroy large groups of the infected. The downside is that the stakes are also damaged while the infected come though, so you will have to repair them from time to time. The mines are different. They explode and can kill even the strongest infected easily. They are expensive, so use them carefully. Of course, none of these traps can harm your units.
There are a lot of strategies to using traps: place mines in front of your walls, place them in a safe place and attract the infected to them by using your fast rangers, or surround your more vulnerable buildings just in case the infection reaches the colony, it won't spread as fast...

Guard & Radar Towers

These towers allow you to watch from much farther away than with just units or other structures. This is a very big advantage. Detecting roaming groups or big swarms much earlier can make a difference, as you will have more time to move your army or even place traps. Also, they will unveil a big part of the map that surely you have not seen before. This allows you to discover resources or safe places to extend the colony.

Attack Towers

The Great Ballista, The Executor and more... They are very sophisticated and expensive to research and build but they are also very powerful. They have a very large attack range and produce extraordinary damage. But, in contrast with the other structures, they need some workers and energy to operate. Be careful where you place this powerful machine. If the infected manage to break into them, the workers inside will now be infected and your enemy in combat. At the same time, if they lose their access to energy because the infected have infected a nearby Tesla Tower, they won't work at all.

Development and the Incoming beta access

Right now we are working very hard on polishing the Survival mode of the game. Though the game is fully playable and looks very good, there are several small things we want to polish before creating the first gameplay video or releasing the beta. Most of the things are just small issues like some missing sounds, improving the in-game help, adding tips, other cosmetic elements, some optimization, and of course, finding and fixings some mini-bugs. All of these things can take some time, so we expect that the next update in about two weeks will include the gameplay video. Then, perhaps in the week to follow that, the beta will be available through our website.

See you soon!

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