Band of Defenders - Corwin8

Hello Defenders,

finally, we released big content patch that brings that one more feature that we really needed to make our game whole!
Endless mode together with leaderboards will provide endgame fun (but you can try it anytime, just remember that best results will be achieved with the best equipment) and challenge for our players.
There are also other additions and we are already working on the second content update that will bring some things that didn't make it to this version.

What's new in version 1.15?
  • Endless mode - infinite survival mode with brand new map with a lot of space for building and unique atmosphere
  • Leaderboards for Endless mode
  • New characeter - Aliyah - with customize items for her
  • Two new weapons (Tesla rifle and laser shotgun called Boomstick) for endgame
  • Rebalance of difficulties (Medium is now a little bit harder and Hard a little bit easier so you won't have to be on Medium for too long))
  • Less grind! We lowered amount of experience points to get obtain new levels so you won't have to grind that much to unlock new weapons etc
  • Fixed most of the issues that resulted in enemies not appearing which destoyed your game
  • Tons of other bugfixes and balancing

Next update will bring new map for classic game, new cool grenade launcher and ton of other stuff. We hope to deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support!
Band of Defenders - Corwin8
Hello Defenders,

we just updated the game on Steam (without maintenance break this time as it is smaller change) and we would recommend you to restart Steam client to force it to update the game. :-) It will fix issues when players got stuck in Loading Screen on between 80-90%. It may also fix infinite number of other issues with the game that could be caused by the same bug.
Band of Defenders - Corwin8
Hi Defenders,

we prepared one fast patch that fixes all errors we could find and most of all fixes city map that had big problem with "invisible" enemies. We did the best we could in very limited time and manpower (stupid weekend :-) ) so there are still problems we know of and this patch may not fix your issues with the game, but overall it is significantly better version. :-)

  • City map fixed
  • Many bugs fixed
  • Difficulty balance - mostly for medium difficulty that was too hard with more people (scaling was pretty off, sorry about that)

Hope you like it, we appreciate your support!

PS: We are also preparing bigger content patch that will be released 2 weeks from initial launch of the game. In the meantime, we will monitor issues with game and if we manage to fix something major, we would like to release another smaller patch too so you don't have to wait for the release of the big one. :-)
Band of Defenders - Corwin8
Hello Defenders,

after yesterdays problems with server, it looks like situation is stable and we are working on fixes to the issues with actual game - we will release the patch today and it will focus on:
  • better difficulty balance to make game more enjoyable
  • Crossroad map - it is really broken, we are sorry for that
  • various bugfixes for problems that could be creating any number of problems from enemies not appearing to being disconnected from the game

    Thanks for your support, we work hard to not let you down!
Band of Defenders - Corwin8

it should be really fixed now. We will monitor the situation for next peak in concurrent players that will test our solution. :-) Thanks for your patience!

you probably know that our server is not performing very well today. While we managed to keep it alive somehow (with occasional clinical deaths), it is not sustainable for now - we will do bigger changes and for that reason, we started maintenance so the game will be unavailable for a moment.

Please, give us a little bit more time to fix this for good. Thank you!
Apr 5, 2018
Band of Defenders - Corwin8
Hello everyone!

game is running now, sorry for trouble!

no one can get to the game it seems, we are trying to figure out what happened - something with our server probably. We will fix this ASAP, sorry for inconvenience!
Band of Defenders - Corwin8
Hello Defenders,

game is now available on Steam for everyone to enjoy. :-) Thanks to all participants in our beta, we are confident that game is quite polished, stable and most of all fun! We are already preparing first content update that should hit Steam in about 2 weeks - it may be a quite a long time but there will be extreme amount of goods in it. :-)

Major things planned for first content update:
  • Endless mode - this will be games "endgame" with leaderboards, special map and neverending frustration of trying to overcome your previous results
  • New player character - Aliyah, because we know that pretty girls are one of two things that make apocalypse bearable (other is glowing alcohol)
  • New customize items - there is never enough of them
  • New weapon(s) - we can promise one, but we will try to bring you more
  • New (more) sets of waves for more variable battles
  • New (city) map

Thanks for your faith in Band of Defenders, we hope it will meet all of your expectations!
Band of Defenders - Corwin8
Hello Defenders,

a time for real apocalypse is near and the first nuke will hurt all our betatesters - we will be disabling all standard beta keys (ones that were obtained on our web). So if game says that validation with steam didn't work, it is probably because your key was already disabled - there is still time to play, we just wanted to let you know few hours before that.

Version 1.0 (actually 1.1, but it's not such a nice number...) will be released in roughly 16 hours, but by then there will be no access to the game other than with different keys (for press, content creators and our internal testing). This version will bring a new map and many bugfixes, or more time to build/repair/craft after each wave.

After the release on April 5, 4pm PST, we will email every betatester with in-game rewards for their help. :-)

We are extremely thankful to all of you and we are excited to show Band of Defenders to everyone very very soon. When that happens, we will also tell you what other features and content we are working on in detail.
Band of Defenders - Corwin8
Hi Defenders,

we are getting ready for the release of the game. This version doesn't bring anything new, except for new intro. But this version is important stepping stone to release that will happen next Thursday. We had to wipe all accounts but a good thing is, that there won't be next wipe so if you play now in beta, you will be able to continue with your progress if you buy the game after it is released!

There are a lot of bugfixes in this version, we worked really hard to make this release happen, so we believe, that you will enjoy this version. :-)
Band of Defenders - Corwin8
Hello Defenders,

we are presenting you one of the last updates for beta. Full version is very close, releasing on April 5. This version brings most of the content that should be in the final game with exception of one map, some sounds, intro and a lot of bugfixes.


  • Perks - in Band of Defenders, these are items you start with so as you level up, you won't start only with pistol but with more weapons, medkits, more money etc
  • Tables - ammo table, healing table and workbench will grant you some cool advantages - ammo on demand, healing and repairing 100% on one hit of a wrench
  • Repairing without built workbench is slower now (20 % on one hit) to really "sell" this new feature and strengthen something that could be called planning and strategy
  • Localizations!
  • Tweaks to weapons and turrets (try mortar, it is really useful now!)
  • Many new sounds
  • Too many bugfixes

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