BOXVR - FXR.Krispy

Hey Champs,

FitXR here to help you with your long weekend (if you're lucky enough to get one of those) and what better way than to attack the day with some BoxVR.

Starting from today, BoxVR will be FREE to play over the weekend until Sunday 1st September 8pm UTC, so if you've had your eye on BoxVR for some time and want to give it a swing, this weekend is your chance to do so.

And that's not all. If you feel like sticking with your newfound VR Fitness regimen, purchasing over the weekend will get you 35% off the usual purchase price.

Have yourselves a great weekend.
BOXVR - FXR.Krispy

Hey Champs,

As we race into the Summer and the heat begins to rise, why not work up a bit more of a sweat than usual by picking up BoxVR for 35% off the usual price as part of the Steam Summer Sale, or as a gift for a friend who you want to join you in the Multiplayer lobbies.

There is also the chance to win an Oculus Quest (and a copy of BoxVR) if you take part in our Twitter competition that is currently running: #TheQuestForScores

For full details on how to enter and have a chance at winning the prize, please follow this link
BOXVR - FXR.Krispy
Hey Champs,

Today we release a patch for the PC versions of BoxVR to fix some issues that were reported to us from the community and to make some small changes. Please read on to see a list of the changes in this release.

  • Replaced the icon pack that was previously used with the intended selection of avatars.

  • Fixed the music processor - it should now process .m4a and .ogg files correctly as well as .mp3 files
  • Fixed the folder/file view in ‘My Workouts’ reverting to the default view, it will now remember to return to the previously used folder to make things easier when adding multiple tracks.
  • Fixed the ‘Weekly Calories’ counter on the Main Menu from resetting on a daily basis.
  • Fixed the stats of the previous profile from remaining on the Main Menu after changing to a different profile.
  • Fixed the multiplier in older environments so it now correctly informs you of which multiplier you have during a workout - previously it was stuck on 1x
BOXVR - FXR.Krispy

Hey Champs,

It’s here! The end of Early Access as we bring you the long-awaited update to BoxVR for PC. In this update, we hope BoxVR feels like a new and fresh experience for you to achieve your fitness goals while also having a fun and immersive time doing so. Read on to find out more about what’s new in BoxVR.

New Locker Room

Starting up BoxVR you will be presented with the new Locker Room, now with added music playing in the background (or is it a class that is already taking place?) helping you to get yourselves ready and in the mindset for some kcal burning. You’ll also notice a re-design of the Main Menu that will allow you to quickly get to any section you desire via the Menu buttons on the left-hand side.

New and Improved Workouts

With this update, we are happy to bring you 15 more workouts to BoxVR, totaling the number of workouts to 45 across various timeframes and intensities. You’ll also notice that there are no longer ‘Rest Periods’ during a workout, these have been replaced with what we refer to as ‘Active Rests’. During these Active Rests, you’ll notice the intensity of the workout reducing for an amount of time before returning to a more complex and intense workout. This will help keep your heart rate up and active while also providing a few moments to catch your breath.

New Environments

After choosing your workout, you’ll notice three new environments to choose from:
  • the Day Gym
  • the Night Gym
  • the Future level
Some people enjoy working up a sweat during the day while other nighthawks prefer the solitude of night, and then there are some who are looking towards the “future”. Whichever person you may be, now you have a new selection of Gyms to choose from as well as the previous themed areas we have provided in the past.

New Music Tracks

With a bunch of new workouts being added, it was necessary to fill those workouts with some new music tracks for you to bop and beat the cues to. With these new tracks in BoxVR, bringing the total number to 110, we’re sure you’ll find a new favorite. On top of that, all the tracks provided in BoxVR can be used in the ‘My Workouts’ mode (the new name for ‘Training’) where you can place them into playlists

All Workouts in Multiplayer

Previously in BoxVR, there was only a selection of workouts to be used in Multiplayer lobbies. With this new update, you will have access to all available Workouts that we have created to be used in Multiplayer, so if you're looking for a quick session with friends or going for a full 60 minutes and challenging each other's top scores, you'll have a wealth of workouts to do so with now.
BOXVR - FXR.Krispy
Hey Champs,

We have an important update for you all about BoxVR and its current Early Access form.

In summary, we will be leaving Early Access on May 21st and bringing you the fresh update you've been waiting for.

To read all the details, please follow this link here
BOXVR - FXR.Krispy
Hello all,

As you may have seen, we released a version of BoxVR on the PS4 system yesterday (Apr 30th). At this point in time you might be thinking “Wait a minute, why don’t we have the update? We were here first.” which is completely understandable.

This version will be coming to the PC platform on both the Steam and Oculus stores shortly as we finalize some of the features which are slightly different to what is currently live on PlayStation.


Within the PlayStation version of BoxVR you are able to unlock Trophies relating to your performance and progress, we want to bring these same achievements over to PC so players don’t feel left out and also have something other than just your fitness goals to aim for. It is possible that we may have to add these in a later update if it will take more time than we desire to get this new update live. We aim to keep you updated regarding this.


Right now, the ‘Survival’ mode is not available in the PlayStation version of BoxVR as we came to a decision that it can give the wrong message that we are trying to convey. We aren’t trying to overexert anyone and an ‘endless’ mode can lead to that. However, since Survival is currently available on Steam and Oculus, we feel it would be insincere of us to remove features that we have made available previously. There are a few more changes needed for it to correctly function in the new environments and HUD.

Profile system

In the PlayStation version, profiles are directly tied to the system profiles which is not the case on PC, where you can create multiple profiles. At this moment in time there a few bugs surrounding this part of BoxVR that we want to eliminate before release purely from a polish and feel perspective.

Once we have eliminated these issues and it has passed our quality assurance tests, both the Steam and Oculus store versions will be updated to the new version. It has been a while since we released an update to these platforms so we thank you tremendously for your patience while we worked on this update and look forward to hearing what you think of all the new features, workouts and tracks.


BOXVR - FXR.Krispy
Hey Champs!

We've all been there, we make some New Year's resolutions, tell ourselves we are going to stick to them...and then we start making little compromises, reasons to not stick to these resolutions as intently as we planned.

Put down that candy bar and pick up that headset!

We've scheduled our Multiplayer slots for the month of January so you can join the FitXR team at set times and get those punches pumping with other new workout partners. You can see a full list of the proposed times and dates by following this link. You can even add these to your own Google calendar individually to keep yourself notified and on track of when they are happening around your schedule.

If you haven't joined one of our sets before, it's very simple. Just before the start time, we will be opening a lobby dedicated to a single workout, when the lobby is open and joinable you will see the Multiplayer button flashing on the Main Menu where you can then join. The Workout sets typically last around 30 minutes but not in one go, we break the workouts up to allow people time to grab a drink or a quick breather if needed.

If you're unable to join us at these times, why not try opening your own Multiplayer lobby when you are free? You never know, you might make a new workout friend...or rival.

Let's hit those goals together, and hope to see you in there!

BOXVR - FXR.KrispyPidgeon
Hey Champs,

BOXVR is having a very special weekend, starting right now!

BOXVR is having a Free Weekend here on Steam, so if you have a VR headset, get in here and get swinging. (The Oculus version will also be having a free weekend - Starting on Friday 5th October 18:00 BST)

We're excited to welcome more people to BOXVR who are looking to use VR as a way to get more active, without needing to leave the comfort of your own home.

With that said, we are also having a 25% discount sale on BOXVR, if you purchase it within the Free Weekend, so you can keep that fury burning, as well as those calories once the Free Weekend is over.

Don't think you have to go the distance alone though. We have organized some scheduled times over the Free Weekend for Multiplayer sessions, so you can face off against others and compete for the top score in your workouts. For more information, please check this announcement thread or please visit our Discord server here

We are excited to welcome more of you to BOXVR, please do let us know in the comments and forums what you think of BOXVR, and we hope to share our future changes with you soon.
BOXVR - FXR.KrispyPidgeon

Hello Champs!

Today we are launching our official Discord channel, the 'FitXR Fitness Club', which we hope will serve you, the players, with a nice new area to congregate, talk about all things fitness and BOXVR while also providing you with a destination to meet new workout partners for multiplayer sessions within BOXVR. The official Discord will also give you a chance to ask questions directly to the developers and opportunities to join them for a multiplayer workout!

Early Access is always an exciting time, it gives us the opportunity to hear from our players as we continue to build upon BOXVR and to gather your feedback from the changes and updates we make. It is vital that we are hearing from all of our champions, no matter where they play BOXVR which is why we created the 'FitXR Fitness Club', to bring together our Steam, Oculus and VIVEPORT friends into one place, rather than having you dotted around the internet.

Each week we will also be organizing Weekly Workout sessions, where members of the development team will be jumping into the Multiplayer lobbies at specified times to get a little sweat on! Keep an eye on the #weekly-workouts channel on the Discord each week to be notified of when we'll be getting the lobbies ready. Hope to see you in there!

We can't wait for you to explore and utilize this new part of BOXVR and FitXR. Make sure to say hello in the Discord.

To access the FitXR Fitness Club, please click this link:
BOXVR - yotesw
This update has been released mainly to fix some issues and to restructure code to allow us to develop the game faster and easier for the future.
  • Fixed an issue where right stance stopped triggering in some of the workouts.
  • Fixed text not displaying in certain parts of the game.
  • Fixed percentage meter not working in Workout Mode.
  • Improved game loading time.
  • Updated Tutorial text to be more descriptive.

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