Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Hello everyone!

Dear pathfinders,
Version 1.1 is almost here! To get ready for it, we are launching an open beta-test. It is going to run for about a week, and anyone who owns the game can participate. All you need to do is switch to the "betatest" branch and enter the code "Ms0SJWRhSRuo". Find detailed info and instructions over here:

The test will be first available for Windows users, with Mac and Linux joining them in about 3 days. As for reporting bugs, you will be able to do that via a special button inside the game. We are very grateful to everyone who decides to take part in this test and help us make this game even better! Your feedback and continued support are invaluable to us!

One more thing. We keep receiving a lot of questions and suggestions on the Kingdom Management. True, this is a complicated feature! To clarify it our creative director is preparing the big post describing the kingdom mechanics and some future improvements we are planning to implement in the upcoming releases. This post is under proofreading now and will be available in the beginning of the next week.

Please, be aware of the plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • The dialogue with Tristian didn't work correctly at the Capital after the "Betrayer's Flight" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • The special event which started the second Tristian's quest "Saving Grace" could not be triggered on the Global Map. Resolution: fixed.
  • "An Amusement for the Nobles" quest couldn't be completed correctly if players chose Evil or Chaotic options in the dialogue with Jamel Visser. Resolution: fixed.

  • Kassil Aldori and Shandra Mervey could disappear if Neutral option (alliance with both Jamandi Aldori and Natala Surtova) was selectged during the "Hour of Rage" quest. They also could disappear in some cases after the Capital was upgraded to the "stone" state. Resolution: fixed.
  • The final dialogue with the Stag Lord could not be started if the main character was too far away from the place the Stag Lord died at at the "Stag Lord's Fort" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • The cut-scene where Linzi introduced her book about Pitax Academy could overlap with the cut-scene of Nyrissa's arrival to the Throne room. Resolution: fixed.
  • The romance with Regongar could get stuck in some cases and players couldn't leave the Capital Square or the Capital Tavern. Resolution: fixed.
  • In some cases the party could exit to the Global Map while still being in combat mode. Resolution: fixed.
  • Story events teleporting the main character from the Throne Room could break subsequent cutscenes which led to the game locking up at a later point in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
  • Certain Athletics check didn't work at the Pitax Royal Palace cellar. Resolution: fixed.
  • Clicking on the table in the Throne Room at certain specific moments could break a cut-scene. Resolution: fixed.
  • The dialogue with Hargulka could be missed in some cases in the beginning of the "Troll Lair" area. Resolution: fixed.

  • Project to increase Relations rank to 8th didn't appear on the Triumph resolution of "The Wrath of Sevenarches" event. Resolution: fixed. Project is available for the players who missed it.
  • Choosing one of the options in the dialog leading to 9th rank of Arcane led to the broken dialog for 10th rank. Resolution: fixed, players who experienced the broken dialog will be able to replay it.
  • Upgraded buildings didn't provide the stats they should. Resolution: fixed.
  • Special buildings like the "Nethys' Library" weren't considered as corresponding basic building in the building requirements. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics
  • Dazzling Display, Dreadful Carnage and Cornugon Smash did not apply effects from the Thug rogue ability Frightening. Resolution: fixed.
  • A companion dialogue could be initiated with the party members under certain control conditions such as "Prismatic Spray". Resolution: fixed.
  • Madness Domain abilities were multiplied after loading a save. Resolution: fixed.
  • Improved Unarmed Strike ability disappeared after party participated at the "Drunken Melee" event at the "Rushlight Fields" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • Cleave, Vital Strikes and other similar abilities still required to go into melee range with the target, even when the wielder was using a reach weapon. Resolution: fixed.
  • Buffs could stay on the characters forever in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
  • Effortelss Armor did not work right after casting it and required reequipping the armor to gain the benefits. Resolution: fixed.
  • Archon's Aura did not work. Resolution: fixed.

  • Gyronna's Amulet had Mirror Image issue. Resolution: Mirror Image buff is applied on combat start and ends on combat finish.

  • The mass loot UI could make the party get stuck in an area in some rare cases. Resolution: fixed.

All fixes from this list will be applied to Release 1.1.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Hello Pathfinders,

on a short note, tonight we'll stream Pathfinder: Kingmaker with James Jacobs, Mark Moreland, Creative Director Alexander Mishulin and Arseniy Deriglazov. Drop by and watch it:

When? 9 PM MSK, 7 PM CET, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PT

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - oleg_sh
Dear pathfinders,

While working on the Release 1.1 version we continue to pay close attention to the issues you keep posting to us (we can't miss the opportunity to say one more time how much we appreciate your help!). As we promised, in this hotfix we are addressing the most critical issues we have solution for by now. It's highly likely that we will have one or two more hotfixes before 1.1 version is ready to go live. The 1.1 version is scheduled for release between November 12th and 16th. We plan to have it available in Beta branch on the next week (we will soon post the detailed instructions on how to play the Release 1.1 Beta).

Please, be aware of the plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • One of the arguments to convince Jaethal not to sacrifice her daughter during the "Reveal My Destiny" quest was missing if the player chose to "destroy Urgathoa ritual" while talking with Taneka during Jaethal's "Chase My Shadow" quest. Resolution: fixed. If this argument is the decisive one for those players who tried to convince Jaethal, failed and then chose "attack Jaethal" instead, the quest result will be changed. Jaethal will appear at the critical point at the House at the Edge of Times area and act as if she was convinced to let go of her evil ways.
  • Tristian could be missing at the "Abandoned Keep" area in some cases which made it impossible to complete the "Betrayer's Flight" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • The "Blood Calling" quest did not update in some cases if dialogue with Gwart was interrupted incorrectly at the "Flintrock Grassland" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • The "Hour of Rage" quest did not finish after completing the "Flintrock Grassland" area in some rare cases. Resolution: fixed.

  • Players couldn't interact with Ivar at the "Littletown" area after the battle. Resolution: fixed.
  • The direct transition by portals between areas didn't work in the last chapter (players could only move through the "Camp at the Capital Gates" area). Resolution: fixed.
  • The "Oleg's Trading Post" area in the final chapter couldn't be completed (the dialogue with Kesten Garess didn't start) if Jhod Kavken died during the "Season of Bloom" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • Tristian could become uncontrollable after visiting the "Candlemere Tower" area in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
  • Characters couldn't move at the Capital Inn area after the romance event with Regongar and Octavia. Resolution: fixed.
  • Tsanna attacked the party at the "Shrine of Lamashtu" area in the final chapter even if players befriended and assigned her as one of the councilors. Resolution: fixed.
  • Players couldn't leave the "Capital Square" area in some cases because of the Pitax bard NPC which got stuck in one of the cut-scene. Resolution: fixed.
  • Epilogues finished abruptly at the certain endings of the game. Resolution: fixed.

  • The project "Research into the Nature of Curses: Armag" did not become available in some cases after Armag was defeated. Resolution: fixed.
  • The project "Research into the Nature of Curses: Davik Nettle" did not become available when Nettle's quest was successfully completed. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Warden Needs Your Advice" event couldn't be finished and project to rank up Stability stat was not given if certain answers were selected in the corresponding dialogue. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Magister Requesting an Audience" and "Regent requesting an Audience" events remained active after the meeting with the advisors. Resolution: fixed.
  • "A Mysterious Letter has Arrived at the Castle" event (letter from Linxia, "Deal With the Devil" quest) could not be completed. Resolution: fixed.
  • The game could get stuck if the "Coronation" event intersected with Hell Knight's investigation (the "Deal with the Devil" quest). Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics
  • Sorcerers with Sage archetype bloodline still could not select School Power and had the bonus automatically assigned by the fix. Resolution: fixed.
  • Saving throw wasn't counted successful after natural 20 roll. Resolution: fixed.
  • When alchemists had Gear's Rule equipped their bomb charges were restored every time players saved a game. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fighter's "Weapon Training (Crossbows)" was giving bonuses to attacks and damage with bows instead of crossbows. Resolution: fixed.

  • The Crown disappeared after the use. Fixed: the Crown no longer vanishes once it was used and it can be used twice per day now instead of once.

  • Several Chinese and Russian localization typos were fixed.

  • The game could crash because of the memory lack when loading saves in the final chapter. Resolution: RAM usage is reduced while loading save files.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Dear pathfinders,

Starting from this hotfix, we are changing our development approach. We have got more than one thousand bugs exterminated by now in the 1.1 version of the game. All of those are waiting to be checked and released. To release the 1.1 version we have to refocus the team effort from making frequent hotfixes to working on this big patch. It would take a whole week at minimum to test every aspect of our complex game. That means we need to reduce the frequency of hotfixes and the amount of fixes they consist of during the next 1-2 weeks (although we will definitely attempt to address the most critical issues whether they arise).

Once the Release 1.1 version will be close to stable, we plan to make it available for everyone in special beta branch. We would welcome those players who are interested to check the new version before it released. The detailed instruction how to play the Release 1.1 beta will be available soon.

Please, be aware of the plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • "The First Crown" quest couldn't be completed if players didn't talk to Salim Ghadafar before all crown parts would be found. Resolution: fixed.
  • "One Thousand and One Questionable Stories" could start earlier than intended. Resolution: fixed.
  • There was (one more) problem with Tristian romance not progressing after the dialog with him in the Abandoned Keep area. Resolution: fixed. Affected players should load the save file prior to this dialog and get a special romance option in it ("Let me take you home.")

  • Storyteller couldn't craft "Tiger Armor" and "Star Gauntlet" artifacts. Resolution: fixed.
  • The game could get stuck when leaving the throne room after completing the kingdom event regarding Annamede Belavarah performance at the Capital Square. Resolution: fixed.
  • Characters could leave the ruined basement part of "House At The Edge Of Time" area with irremovable "Wild Energies" debuff. Resolution: fixed. For effected saves where party are still at the "House At The Edge Of Time" area, players have to visit the ruined basement part and leave it again to remove the debuff.
  • The Defaced Sister at "Barbarian Camp" area can now count to three and provide a correct line depending on how many of her sisters the player has saved / killed.
  • Vendors are added to the "Pitax Town" area after conquering the city.
  • After leaving the councilor post Jhod Kavken could disappear from the Capital Square forever. Resolution: fixed.
  • Bokken didn't trade with the players during the "An Ancient Formula" quest. Resolution: fixed.

  • In rare cases, Sartayne could start coming every time the player enters the throne room. Resolution: fixed.
  • Events for Divine VIII and IX Rank ups as well as Arcane VII and Arcane IX could get stuck in some cases. Resolution: fixed. Projects for respective rank ups are given as intended.
  • Events for Community IX and X Rank ups could get stuck. Resolution: fixed. Projects for respective rank ups are given as intended.
  • Culture X Rank up event will start properly.
  • There were incorrect numbers in the Loyalty stat reward in a couple of Pitax Influence events. Resolution: fixed.
  • Region upgrade cards are correctly removed now when you finish upgrading the region.
  • Bald Hilltop events such as "Creeping Death", "Battle for the Bald Hilltop" and "Hunting the Wild Hunt" correctly complete respective quest objectives now.
  • Linxia stops attacks on denizens of your barony properly.
  • No entry points on Pitax city map. Resolution: fixed.
  • Quest objective "Upgrade any region" in the "How to Build a Kingdom" quest can be completed correctly now.
  • Quest objectives in the "Region Upgrade" quest can be completed correctly now.
  • Rank up time reduction project did not work. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics
  • "Secret of Hooking and Summoning" killed any creatures, not just summoned ones. Resolution: fixed.
  • At 15th level of Arcane and Sage bloodline Sorcerer the characters received School Power - but were unable to select the school that would receive a bonus. Resolution: Sorcerers can now select the school properly. The game will try to select the favored school for sorcerers that are already past level 15 (the selection is based on the other school related feats and the spell selection of a sorcerer, favoring schools with spell focuses and higher level selected spells).
  • Weapon enhancing abilities of Magus, Paladin and ranger archetypes Stormwalker and Flamewarden did not affect unarmed attacks. Resolution: While the rules were ambiguous, we decided that there is no need to limit player selection in this case and made them affect unarmed attacks as well as weapons.
  • Alchemist counted as a divine class for the requirements of Mystic Theurge. Resolution: fixed.
  • The caster level check was incorrect for "Bloodbird" removal (37 instead of 26). Resolution: fixed.
  • "Overwhelming Presence" worked incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
  • Whenever any character had two identical metamagic rods equipped on his belt the charges were spending on both. Resolution: fixed.
  • Paladin's archetype Divine Guardian could only use Lay on Hands as a move action on himself (while he should have also been able to use them as a move action on the target of his Divine Troth ability). Resolution: fixed.

  • Linzi didn't disappear after death if she died with active polymorph effect. Resolution: fixed.
  • Chinese localization bugs in Recipes are fixed.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Hello everyone!

Please, be aware that there are plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • "A Simple Favor" quest could not be completed under certain conditions. Resolution: fixed.
  • "The Door to Nowhere" quest could not be completed in rare cases. Resolution: fixed. Jubilost will correctly spawn at the "Tavern" area.
  • Players couldn't talk to Fredero Sinnet while doing the "Shelyn's Chosen" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • The "Amiri Wants to Talk" kingdom event could get stuck in some cases and the "Reforged Blade" quest didn't start. Resolution: fixed.

  • Lootboxes in the "River Blades' Camp" area could not be looted. Resolution: fixed.
  • There interface to enter the Capital's sub-location was absent in some cases. The players could enter the "village-state" Capital Square instead of the available "city-state" one. Resolution: fixed.
  • NPCs at "Pitax" area said incorrect phrases in the dialogues after Pitax conquest. Resolution: fixed.
  • One of the key character could die during the final fight resulting in the incorrect ending (part of the dialogue options could be missing). Resolution: fixed.

User Interface
  • Party roster wasn't saved correctly when players enter and exit the Capital. Resolution: fixed.
  • There could be duplicated and missing portraits in the saved games. Resolution: fixed.
  • Dead companions couldn't be selected in the Inventory and Character Interface if they died in the area different than the current one. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics
  • Alchemists who lost their bomb ability due to an issue should have it back.
  • "Fighting Defensively" counted "Mobility" ranks with a dexterity bonus when determining whether to give a +2 or +3 bonus. Resolution: "Fighting Defensively" counts only ranks now.
  • There could be issue with characters lost their "Weapon Proficiencies". Resolution: fixed.

  • There could be issues with save files if players exited the game while a save file was being written to disk. Resolution: the game will exit only after completing the save procedure.

UPDATE: We have got a report last night about the issue that the game could get stuck while loading the save files at the last chapter. We don’t want to leave this bug open for the upcoming weekend. So here is a speedy hotfix (just this issue).

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Right before the spookiest night of the year Owlcat Games and Deep Silver would like to say thank you to all the fans who played the game so far and take this opportunity to announce a free DLC for Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The “blood on characters” will add more realism to the game as the faces of your trusted companions and awful enemies are stained with red and their clothes will be soaked in blood during the fight.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Hello everyone!

Please, be aware that there are plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • There were no characters near Pitax Academy during Linzi's "A Bard's Calling" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • One of the choices could incorrectly interrupt the dialogue with Nyrissa in one of the later chapters. Resolution: fixed.
  • "The Lonely Hunter" quest didn’t complete correctly if the player picked an option to kill Ivar at "Silverstep Grove" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • The "Hand of the Technic League" quest wasn't marked as failed at the start of the second chapter. Resolution: fixed.

  • Interface to chose sub-location to enter was missing at Capital Square in some cases. Players could enter "village-state" Capital Square instead of the available "city-state" one. Resolution: fixed.
  • Dialogue with Stefano Moskoni didn't work correctly at "Rushlight Fields" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • Some characters could remain uncontrollable in some cases (for example, Amiri could be broken after Flintrock Grassland bugs). Resolution: fixed.
  • "Test of Loyalty" event could work incorrectly for Tristian and Jaethal under certain circumstances at the "House At The Edge Of Time" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • Puzzle with three chests didn't work at "Pitax Royal Palace" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • Trolls, goblins or other unintended creatures could appear at "city-state" Capital Square after Coronation event. Resolution: fixed.
  • The dead companions could be incorrectly resurrected with the "Raise Dead" spell during the "Test of Loyalty" event at the "House At The Edge Of Time" area. Resolution: fixed.

  • "Pitax wins" event will no longer appear in the finished events deck after players defeat Pitax.
  • Assassins, monsters and bards kingdom events could still be active after defeating Irovetti. Resolution: fixed.
  • Lander Lebeda, Shandra Mervey and Kassil Aldori could appear at the capital regardless of the players decisions. Kingdom events to rank up the "Population" stat could work incorrectly if Lander Lebeda was appointed. Resolution: fixed.
  • The kingdom rank up event to improve "Loyalty" stat up to X didn't finish correctly (related project couldn't start properly too). Resolution: fixed.
  • The Baron's animation could be broken after the "Pitaxian Crowd Awaits an Audience" event. Resolution: fixed.
  • The kingdom event could not be completed correctly if it happened at the same time when the related councilor left the post. This issue could concern Espionage, Military and Stability events if Ekundayo or Amiri took the posts. Resolution: fixed. Players have to re-enter the "Throne Room" area - the stuck event should start after players appoint an adviser to the position.
  • Kingdom project "Find Mention of Armag's Tomb" could not be available for the players in some cases. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics
  • Armor stats could have incorrect calculation when loading game saves or changing areas. Resolution: fixed.
  • Swarms and the other monsters of the similar types were incorrectly immune to some area effect spells like Blade Barrier. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Back to Back" feat applied bonuses multiple times. Resolution: fixed.
  • Protection Domain was not giving bonuses to saving throws. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Two Weapon Fighting" feat didn't work if base Dexterity value (without race and equipment modifications) was less than 15. Resolution: fixed.
  • Paladins that use "Lay on hands" charges for channel energy couldn't get "Selective Channeling" feat. Resolution: fixed.
  • Splash weapon (Alchemists Fire, Acid Flask, Alchemist's Bomb) could make sneak damage when missed. Resolution: fixed.
  • Madness Domain "Vision of Madness" ability was unusable. Resolution: fixed.
  • Mastery fauchard was dealing damage even on failed combat maneuvers and was not giving immunity to the forced movement of the spell Tsunami. Resolution: fixed.
  • Vicious weapon quality dealt non-magical slashing damage, causing it to be blocked by damage reduction. Resolution: It deals purely magical damage now that is not blocked by anything except qualities that reduce any type of damage.
  • "Royal Guardian" armor had more Maximum Dexterity Bonus than was mentioned in the description. Resolution: the maximum dexterity bonus was reduced to fit the description.
  • "Grandmaster's Rod" functioned as just "Greater Maximize Metamagic Rod". Resolution: It functions according to the description now.
  • "Great Dreamer's Smile" ring added the Spell Penetration bonus twice. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Mirror Bow" masterpiece second arrow ability did not work. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Undeath to Death" and "Circle of Death" did not work as well as in tabletop - as at the levels you got them you would not get many encounters with enemies that had less than 10 HD that would warrant the use of sixth level spell. They also did not require material components. Resolution: both spells inflict 100 damage on targets with HD higher than 9, but require 10 diamond dust to cast (similar to tabletop in terms of pricing).
  • Activatable abilities stopped working for not active companions (though they were kept visualized as active in the interface). Resolution: fixed.
  • "Weapon Focus" feat applied as bonus feat on the first level of Cleric Crusader didn't work. Resolution: fixed. "Weapon focus" feat will work correctly after the next cleric crusader level-up for the affected save files.
  • Thassilonian Mage couldn't use scrolls and wands without "Use Magic Devices" skill. Resolution: fixed.
  • Skeletons summoned by Jaethal's camping ability didn't disappear after death. Resolution: fixed.

  • One of the vendors at the "Rushlight Tournament" area was selling a unique armor "Ravena's Embrace". Resolution: fixed. For players, who have already bought it, it will remain in the inventory.
  • "Ravena's Oath" shield didn't actually provide some of the bonuses, listed in the description. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Mythslayer", "Perfection", "Sovereign" and "Great Dreamer's Smile" no longer grant Base Attack Bonus, but give Additional Attack Bonus instead.
  • There could be several Briars in Irovetti's inventory. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Acerbic Ring" didn't give 1d6 to alchemist bomb damage. Resolution: fixed. Players have to reequip it to apply the fix.
  • "Dwarven Urgrosh +4" and "Gnome Hooked Hammer +4" had incorrect names. Resolution: fixed.

  • There were issues with "Dreamscape" area lightening. Resolution: fixed.
  • New pack of typos and localization fixes.

  • The Unity could chose to use OpenGL API instead of Metal on Mac platform in some cases which could cause a crash on game start. Resolution: we still couldn't reproduce this case locally but potential fix for this issue was implemented.
  • Other players autosaves can no longer overwrite "Last Azlanti" mode saves. Please, load your old "Last Azlanti" saves at least once to ensure this fix is applied to them.
  • Loading an autosave made while creating a mercenary could break the game. Resolution: the game doesn't make autosaves in this case any longer. Affected saves should be also corrected.
  • There could be issues with cloaks physics simulations on some computers. "Clothdisabled" command line switch was added to help with related game crashes.

Some of the players encountered a bug, which made their alchemist characters to lose the Bomb ability. We are going to fix this issue in the nearest hotfix (1.0.13).
Update: we've just found the nature of issue, which leads to alchemists losing bombs. We are on it right now and the fix should be available tomorrow, but for now, please, refrain from using Acerbic Ring and Gear's Rule items. Moreover, de-equip them from your alchemist characters to avoid losing bombs.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Hello everyone!
Please, be aware that there are plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • The Six Bears Camp was inaccessible during the "Reforged Blade" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • The game could freeze or crash if the party came to the "A Feast of Feasts" quest area without Ekundayo and talked to Ntavi or Elina. Resolution: fixed.
  • The "Door to Nowhere" quest couldn't be completed under certain conditions. Resolution: fixed.
  • The "Varisian Caravan" area ("By Desna's Paths" quest) didn't appear on the Global Map. Resolution: fixed.
  • Irlene didn't start a conversation about her artisan quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • A dialogue with Tristian didn't work correctly in the Capital after completion of "Betrayer's Flight" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • The players could get the reward for the quest at the "City of Hollow Eyes" area more than once. Resolution: fixed.

  • It was impossible to talk to Hassuf the vendor at the city-state Capital Square (Neutral Good alignment). Resolution: fixed.
  • The attempt to rest at Capital Square could cause the game to freeze if there were active events in the "Throne Room" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • Poor Bokken could die again after his artisan's quest if players came to the "Oleg's Trading Post" area. Resolution: fixed again.
  • Valerie's quest NPC didn't leave the "Throne Room" area. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
  • To change their selected Deity, players had to start customizing a new character from the beginning. Resolution: fixed.

  • "Problem with Taxes" and "Letter from Brevoy" kingdom events couldn't be completed in some cases. Resolution: fixed. Specific choices are automatically selected to resolve these events for affected saves files (for characters with good alignment - taxes are not collected twice; project for the road construction is available. Neutral alignment - Oleg's Trading Post moved under the jurisdiction of Restov; project to improve diplomatic affairs with Restov is available. Evil alignment - baron's troops are sent to strengthen Oleg's Trading Post; project to improve fortification is available).
  • Upgrading an artisan's shop doesn't disable the artisan any longer.

Classes & Mechanics
  • Players could get two animal companions from different classes. Resolution: the animal companion players got later do not appear any longer. Its levels were added to the first animal companion.
  • Non-Aasimar characters could select Wings as a feat after 10th level. Resolution: only Aasimars can select the Wings feat now.
  • Clerics with Sun domain did not get any domain spells. Resolution: fixed.
  • There were issues with the visualization of critical threat range and critical multiplier bonuses for equipped weapons. Resolution: fixed.

  • “Chilly Midnight” was not working correctly, dealing physical damage instead of dexterity damage. Resolution: fixed. The item has to be reequipped.
  • “Gear's Rule” didn't add 1d6 to alchemist bomb damage. Resolution: fixed. The item has to be reequipped.
  • The “Downfall” bow didn't work. Resolution: fixed.

  • New pack of typo and localization fixes.

  • Performance improvements for the Global Map with the area names turned on.

We know that a lot of players experience a bug with Linzi's "A Bard's Calling" quest - there are no characters near Pitax Academy. Our first attempt to fix the issue didn't work for all the cases, unfortunately. As soon as we find a general solution we will release a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Hello everyone!
Please, be aware that there are plot spoilers in the descriptions below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • "Assemble a Militia in Varnhold" could be started before the player was able to enter Varnhold. Resolution: fixed.
  • Not all the guards were triggered into aggressive state while completing "Intervene in Varnhold" objective, making the quest impossible to complete. Resolution: fixed. For players, who already encountered this issue, Tirval has a new dialog to complete the objective.
  • Amiri's sword repair didn't count in the companion's quest ("Reforged Blade"). Resolution: fixed. Affected saves files have also been corrected.
  • Valerie's first companion quest was easy to miss - its starting event was active for 10 days only. Resolution: the active period of the starting event was extended.
  • "Search for poachers somewhere in the Narlmarches" objective could not be completed due to the chance that the related special encounter didn't happen. Resolution: fixed.
  • The dialogue with Eimar could be interrupted ("The River's Justice" quest), making the quest impossible to complete. Resolution: fixed.
  • Romance with Tristian didn't continue in some cases after events at the "Abandoned keep" area during the "Betrayer's flight" quest. Resolution: fixed. Unfortunately, the affected saves couldn't be fixed. Those players who want to continue romance with Tristian have to use saves before "Betrayer's flight" quest completion.
  • Players could use the rule posts after the debates ("Inconsequent Debates" quest), which led to Jubilost becoming a frog permanently. Resolution: fixed.
  • Dialogue with Alondi ("A Bard's Calling" quest) was interrupted after the first phrase, making the quest impossible to complete. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Impatient Pirates" quest didn't finish in some cases. Resolution: fixed.

  • Pitax Wardens had their Combat Expertise bonuses multiplied every time players saved the game. Resolution: fixed.
  • Dialogue with Nyrissa could not be finished in some cases at "Abandoned Keep" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • It was possible to do the "Shrewish Gulch" book event more than once. Resolution: fixed.
  • Party could be teleported to a random area after the Book Event at "Castle of Knives" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • There was a chance to get the second copy of Briar at Pitax King Palace. Resolution: fixed.
  • There was incorrect entrance into "Empty Skull Rock" area. This area couldn't be found by perception check on the Global Map. Resolution: both issues are fixed.
  • There was incorrect entrance into "Middle of Nowhere" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • Dialogue with Salim Ghadafar was triggered every time after loading at "Castle of Knives" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • There were several issues with navigation at "Castle of Knives" area (some loot chests were unreachable; no collisions for some models). Resolution: fixed.
  • Players couldn't loot dead Darwen at "Brineheart". Resolution: fixed.
  • There were two areas for Amiri's companion quest with the same names ("Six Bears Camp") which confused players. Resolution: fixed. The outdated area changed its name now.
  • Under certain conditions, quest NPCs could not appear at "Flintlock Grasslands" area infused by the First World (the last chapter). Resolution: fixed.
  • Bartholomew could be missing at "Wizard's Laboratory" area when players tried to return his whip. Resolution: fixed.
  • Amiri could keep immortal state after completing events at "Flintlock Grasslands" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Shallow Gulch" area doesn't require perception check on the Global Map anymore.
  • One of the areas had incorrect type and visualization on the Global Map. Resolution: fixed.
  • The dialogue (Merchant in Distress) didn't work correctly if players resolved the event with fey-pranker peacefully. Resolution: a new dialogue option has been added.
  • Dialogue with goblins located behind the Lamashtu statue was not available. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
  • Characters in Inventory could become black-and-white in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
  • HP-bar is improved to indicate correctly Hit Points left.
  • Interaction and exit area markers got stuck in the game frame sometimes. Resolution: fixed.

  • Pitax final kingdom event didn't start. Resolution: fixed.
  • Brevoy councilor didn't appear at "Throne Room" area and Kingdom development couldn't progress. Resolution: fixed.
  • The project to get rid of Lander Lebeda's spies was not available. Resolution: fixed.
  • Kingdom could be destroyed without triggering the gameover dialogue in some rare cases. Resolution: fixed.
  • The kingdom event "A Mysterious Letter has Arrived at the Castle" (the letter from Linxia; "Deal With the Devil" quest) didn't finish correctly. Resolution: fixed.
  • Building tooltips have numbers of the kingdom stats which are upgraded by the specific building now.

Classes & Mechanics
  • Players who strayed from their prescripted alignment as divine classes and lost their spells asked us to provide them with a way to atone for their transgressions. Resolution: Jhod Kavken and Arsinoe sell Scrolls of Atonement now. Using that scroll returns you to the alignment you selected during character creation at the start of the game which in turn should help characters if they lost their spells.
  • There was empty description for the buff that caused 50% chance of a spell failure due to the First World influence in some areas. Resolution: fixed.
  • Warpainted Skull of Duthica disappeared after use and did not summon two barbarian spirits. Resolution: Warpainted skull can be properly used once per day and summons two barbarian spirits.
  • There could be two copies of Grimoire in Blakemoor's inventory. Resolution: fixed.
  • Companions who died from the Disintegrate spell disappeared from the party. Resolution: fixed.
  • Jaethal and Linzi became invisible if they died from the Disintegrate spell. Resolution: fixed.
  • Vital Strike inflicted extremely low damage. Resolution: fixed.
  • Bokken's masterpiece didn't work. Resolution: fixed.
  • Lawful Neutral Inquisitors and Clerics of Torag could not cast spells. Resolution: fixed.
  • Enchanted shields no longer give double bonus when equipped (some extraneous enchantments may still remain in older saves).
  • Animal Companions that Druids got from Animal Domain did not scale properly off druid level (while the animal companions that Inquisitors and Clerics got from the same domain were doing just fine). Resolution: fixed.
  • Hospitalers and Empyreal Sorcerers could not select Selective Channel and Extra Channel. Resolution: fixed.
  • The Energy Source ring did not give additional Channel Energy charges to Hospitalers and Empyreal Sorcerers. Resolution: fixed.

  • There was an issue with one of Nyrissa's animations. Resolution: fixed.

  • Zip library is upgraded to fix some rare save corruption issues. Unfortunately, affected saves files can not be corrected.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - TheZeisonSha
Hello everyone!

Please, be aware that there are plot spoilers in the descriptions below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • It was impossible to interact with Mim while being on top of "Talon Peak" area, so the quest couldn't be finished. Resolution: fixed.
  • Shaynih'a's quest couldn't be completed. Resolution: fixed.
  • Some players reported having extra doom-counters at the end of the game which might lead to the incorrect game over. Resolution: fixed.
  • Talking to Eobald the Insightful cut-scene didn't work correctly during Linzi's "A Bard's Calling" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • A cut-scene didn't work correctly if players visited Elina without Ekun first and then returned with him. As a result, "A Feast of Feasts" quest couldn't be completed. Resolution: fixed.
  • Some players could miss the quest item during "Guiding Beacon" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • A cut-scene didn't start in some cases after the battle with cultists during Tristian’s first quest ("Kingdom of the Cleansed"). Resolution: fixed.
  • "Honor and Duty" quest didn't start after the Kingdom Event with the same name. Resolution: fixed.
  • "Lost Relic" quest didn't finish correctly. Resolution: fixed.

  • It was possible to do the "Ruined Tower" book event more than once. Resolution: fixed.
  • One of the rooms in Pitax palace was inaccessible. Resolution: fixed.
  • Jamandi Aldori mentioned Lander as the envoy at "Flintrock Grasslands" , whether or not it was true. Resolution: fixed.
  • Companion's death at any area of the last chapter caused an endless death-resurrection cycle. Resolution: fixed.
  • Players couldn't change their party because they never got a prompt to choose your party at "Camp at the Capital Gates" area exit. Resolution: fixed.
  • Party couldn't move at the beginning of the "Illthuliak's Lair" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • АoЕ spells like Elemental Wall and Acid Fog could break a cut-scene with Castruccio Irovetti at "Pitax Royal Palace" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • Some choices didn't work correctly in dialogue between Linxia and Darven at "Brineheart" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • One of the "Leather Scrap Covered in Ancient Runes" items was missing at "Armag's Tomb" area. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
  • Memorized spells UI area became inaccessible if the Spellbook was closed while working with Metamagic. Resolution: fixed.
  • Several visual issues were fixed in Vendor interface.

  • Region upgrades are now unlocked once the capital has been upgraded to city-level.
  • New city visual: as soon as your capital is upgraded to city-level, it boasts a new look.
  • Community rank up to 8th level project didn't start. Resolution: fixed.
  • Cut-scenes for Divine rank-up events up to 6th level didn't work properly and, as a result, the rank-up projects didn't start. Resolution: fixed.
  • Consequences of the decision made at 7th rank-up event of the Economy tree are properly applied to the kingdom now.
  • Consequences of the decision made at 8th rank-up event of the Culture tree are properly applied to the kingdom now.
  • Auto-managed kingdom will now check that important projects are done in time to progress within the game.
  • Kingdom event signalizing the failure to complete Ekun`s second companion quest could trigger even if this quest was completed. Resolution: fixed.
  • If the kingdom is about to be destroyed, the game will offer the player to turn on the Invincible Kingdom mode.

Classes & Mechanics
  • Restoration didn’t remove all of the temporary negative levels. Resolution: fixed.
  • Finesse Training didn't work with Two Weapon Fighting. Resolution: fixed.
  • Reuse of the "Summon Monster" class ability (Monster Tactician inquisitor archetype) didn't delete the summons from the previous cast. Corpses of summoned Monitor Lizards could be looted. Resolution: both issues are fixed.
  • Some players could get an additional animal companion during level-up in case the current animal companion was dead. Resolution: the issue is fixed. Effected saves is going to be fixed in the nearest hotfix.

  • Linzi's ring (Shelyn's Clemency) didn't work properly. Resolution: Linzi is teleported to the Capital after her death.
  • New pack of typos and localization fixes. Missing CN characters (踝豹鹤) are added.

  • Sometimes Steam Cloud Sync could overlap with save loading, resulting in bugs and possibly corrupted saves. Resolution: fixed.

This hotfix happens to be a big one – more like a patch, in fact. A big and important feature comes live in this version: from now on, you can choose between different Kingdom region upgrades - which become available together with the new state of your capital, the city outfit.

Finally, there is one more thing we at Owlcat wanted to talk to you about.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to the speed with which we solve newly-found issues - to be completely honest, it doesn’t leave us enough time to test all of the game thoroughly after each fix. It takes a whole week at minimum to test every aspect of our complex game, so delivering 2-3 hotfixes each week leaves our team only enough time to check fixes locally. Still, we know this is no excuse for issues that persist in the game, as well as those that are added with some of the fixes. Every bug report we receive literally tears us apart with the feeling of guilt for not finding and solving the issue before the game went live. As such, we want to be open with all you Pathfinders, so that you understand our philosophy and our current pipeline. Right now we feel it is more important to keep fixing critical issues as quickly as possible, rather than to stop releasing hotfixes for about 2 weeks and focus on a big patch.

Once we are sure all major problems have been addressed, we will get back to a more stable, "patch-oriented" development approach.

Thank you for your patience and your support! That is what keeps us alive and kicking.


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