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Soldiers of The Universe Full Release Notes

Hi everyone,

We have released Soldiers of The Universe on September 14th 2017 on Steam Early Access with the plan of shaping the gameplay with your feedback. We evaluated every little feedback from our community and tried to put them in good use with the limited time and resources at our hands. In the past 78 days we've released 3 updates and today (30.11.2017) we transitioned to full release on Steam.

So what did we do in these past 78 days?

• With the optimization work, framerate has been boosted.
• Various bugs in the gameplay mechanics has been fixed.
• Weapon recoils has been reworked.
• Ability to throw grenade has been implemented.
• Sliding mechanic has been implemented.
• We've added 2 main weapons per level to main character.
• A new weapon has been added.
• Ammo stations has been added to the levels.
• The “camera shake” when you take damage has been tweaked.
• Various sound effects has been tweaked.
• A new enemy AI has been implemented.
• Main gameplay system (FPS) has been reworked.
• Settings menu has been reworked.
• Friendly AI has became more aggressive with every update.
• Various bugs on cinematics and subtitles has been fixed.
• Co-op system has been implemented.
• New operation map “Idlib” has been introduced (co-op only)

Players feedback was the most helpful thing for us throughout the early access period. With your help we were able to better understand; the bugs that occured on different hardware configurations, bugs on various gameplay mechanics, different perspectives on our storyline, how you adopt our general gameplay and many more topics.

We tried to keep our promises that we gave to you guys through early access period and now we're on full release stage. But we will continue to refine our game further.

We thank all of our early access supporters from the bottom of our hearts. You guys rock!

Rocwise Team

Oct 30, 2017
Soldiers of the Universe - Rocwise
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Soldiers of the Universe - Rocwise
• A new AI system (alpha) has been implemented.
• AI placement on the levels has been revised.
• Framerate has been boosted after the optimization work.
• Supported screen resolutions updated.
• "Main Volume", "Music Volume" , "Speech Volume" and "SFX" sliders has been added to options menu.

• In character controls:
you can get into prone position by pressing "Z" key
you can throw grenade by pressing "G" key
you can toggle ADS by clicking "middle mouse button"

• Weapon sounds has been updated.
• From now on players will start to the levels with 2 main weapons an 1 sidearm.
• From now on players will start to the levels with a full armor (grey bar) Armor will be replenished at the start of each level.
• Dont forget to contact us on Facebook about bugs that you find! Keep those feedbacks coming! {LINK REMOVED}
• We're planning to include a new operation and co-op feature on the next big update.
Soldiers of the Universe - Rocwise
• Weapon sights should be working as intended now.
• The camera shake when you take damage is balanced.
• The blur effect when you take damage is balanced.
• Weapon recoils rebalanced
• Running energy is increased
• Added Arabic voiceovers
• Added extra checkpoints to Cizre
• Air Strike on Cizre map has been temporarily removed.
• A rework has been done on night vision (N Key) on Operation Al-Bab.
• Now you can slide by pressing "Left Alt" while running (W+Shift).
• You can also combine slide mechanic with jumping (Space) to reach upper floors and balconies of buildings.
• You can get extra ammo from Vulture
• If you come across any bugs, you can always use "last checkpoint" option.
• Dont forget to contact us on Facebook about bugs that you find! {LINK REMOVED}
• Next update will include a better optimization and a better AI! Keep those feedbacks coming!
Soldiers of the Universe - Rocwise

According to the feedback from our players, we created a 44-day development calendar for the optimization, bug fixing, implementation of co-op system and new content. During this 44 day schedule, we're planning to release 3 different updates and the first one is just around the corner! After these 44 days, we will schedule a new development calendar and share it with you. You can support our early access development with a continous stream of feedback.
Soldiers of the Universe - Rocwise
After finishing concept, design and story elements in February 2017, development process of Soldiers of The Universe (SoTU) finally came to an end. Initially, we were planning to release SoTU in July 2017. But to make a smooth launch and more importantly, to get face to face feedback from the players, we decided to postpone our release date to match with the first day of GameX 2017 International Digital Gaming and Entertainment Expo.

We were planning to add auxiliary characters with patches after the early access launch. But after the changes on our release date, we were able to add these characters to the game and players will be able to experience a more refined gameplay. But we still have time and we're working day and night to make co-op mode available at launch too.

So... What we will do after early acces launch? We will be working on co-op mode (if we can't include in early access launch), evaluate on player feedbacks, adding new game mechanics, new operations, map optimizations and much more...

We would like to invite you to our booth at GameX 2017 Digital Gaming Expo on September 14th-17th 2017. Soldiers of The Universe will be available as a Steam early access title on September 14th 2017. On the first week of launch you can get our game with %25 discount on Steam. Also you can get your %50 discounted Steam Keys from our booth at GameX 2017.
See you at GameX 2017.

GameX 2017

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