Dec 31, 2011
Community Announcements - Instinct
Happy new year everyone!

An exciting year for all fans of MoW is ahead of us!
Dec 29, 2011
Community Announcements - Instinct
<a href="">Men of War: Assault Squad</a> is 75% off and all DLC, and 25% on the latest Skirmish DLC!

Grab it for yourself and/or for friends now!
Dec 24, 2011
Community Announcements - Instinct
Merry Christmas and enjoy the Men of War: Assault Squad bonus mission!
Dec 19, 2011
Community Announcements - Instinct
<a href="">Men of War: Assault Squad</a> and DLC are 50% off, so grab them now!

On top of that a new and free bonus mission has been released for everyone who owns <a href="">Men of War: Assault Squad</a>, so launch up your game and enjoy!
Product Release - Valve
Skirmish Pack 2, new content for Men of War: Assault Squad, is now available on Steam!

Receive a full set of 5 new skirmish missions, 1 for each faction, USA, Germany, Soviet Union, Commonwealth, Japan.

Community Announcements - Instinct
The latest Skirmish Pack is now available!

<a href="">Get it here!</a>

Dec 9, 2011
Community Announcements - Instinct
Community Announcements - Instinct
Stats for Men of War: Assault Squad have been reset, on top of that we are announcing a special competition:

The top 10 players in the hall of fame by the 15th of January 2012, will receive a 1C Complete pack!

We are also announcing a new patch for Men of War: Assault Squad which is due to release soon! You can check out the <a href="">Change-Log here!</a>

Enjoy and happy hunting!
Dec 4, 2011
Community Announcements - Instinct
Quite a few things will happen soon!

Firstly, we are going to have a ranked stats reset, that includes all player statistics. On top of that, the initial ranked score will be set to 0 instead of 500 as it was before. This assures new players aren't punished for losing some games early on.

Secondly we are going to release a new patch that provides some fixes and resource distribution changes. These include interesting and challenging gameplay effects.
Change-log will be available soon.

Thirdly, we are going to release a second Skirmish Pack. This one features last man standing/behind the enemy lines gameplay. No unlimited resources anymore, but new units and weapons, as well as a medic call-in! More about it soon!

Lastly, there will be a Game Of The Year edition for Men of War: Assault Squad not far from now! It will include all DLC as well as all previous patches and will be released on all major platforms soon! A singleplayer demo will be available too!

Even more to come during the holidays, so stay tuned!
Nov 23, 2011
Community Announcements - Instinct
Men of War: Assault Squad and all DLC are 75% off today!

<a href="">Get it now!</a>


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